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Facebook Allows Anti-Gay Religious Terrorist Assault Against Gay Users

A Christian group have posted on Facebook a bizarre video starring an ‘ex-gay’ man advocating dangerous ‘conversion therapy’.
In the expensively produced video set to twinkly inspirational music, Becket tells his story about how he came to identify as straight.
The advert was released by Anchored North, an evangelist group releasing media to spread the word of the gospel.
They used Facebook’s algorithms on the sponsored post to reach adults in the United States with an interest in ‘Gay Pride’. It has over 200,000 videos at the time of publishing.
Facebook’s advertising policies restricts against illegal content (conversion therapy for minors is illegal in six US states and 11 cities) and must not contain discriminatory material based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
Conversion therapy does not work and any attempt to ‘cure’ your sexuality is considered widely harmful to a person’s mental and physical health. It has also been widely condemned by every mainstream health and psychiatry organization in the world.
Because Anchored North intended to specifically reach LGBT people with this advert, many of the comments oppose the video’s existence.
‘This is the kind of content that literally kills people,’ one said.
‘This is the same ideology that my parents used against me for years, and almost killed me. Disgusting “advertising” if you’d even call it that. I feel bad for this man, thinking he can’t believe in God and be gay at the same time.’
Another said: ‘Wow, Facebook, fuck you for suggesting a conversion therapy testimony on my news feed. Fag for LYFE!
And one more argued: ‘You cannot pray the gay away. With enough brainwashing and a church full of people telling you that you’re disgusting and must deny yourself love and attraction and the threat of eternity in hell, of course this guy gave up his identity.
‘How absolutely sad to see someone that desperate for acceptance. Imagine hating yourself that much.’

SSA Judge Says His Religious Rights Are Being Violated Because He Can't Publicly Hate Homo's On The Job

A Social Security Administration (SSA) judge in Texas claims that the requirement to watch an LGBT diversity video creates a “religiously hostile work environment.”
According to The Washington Post, Judge Gary Suttles cites his First Amendment rights and religious protections under the Civil Rights Act in a lawsuit against his employer filed Thursday in federal court.
Suttles is asking a judge to bar his supervisors from taking any disciplinary action against him at least until a review by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in mid-March is completed.
“The agency has wholly failed to work in good faith to reasonably accommodate Judge Suttles' sincerely held religious belief against watching” the video, the suit states.
Suttles' complaint also claims that the SSA violated his rights “by discriminating against him on the basis of his religion” and “creating a religiously hostile work environment,” and that the agency “retaliated against him” when he sought the religious accommodation.

The agency proposed Suttles read a transcript of the video, but Suttles refused, saying in his complaint that he objects to the video's message, not the medium.

No one retaliated, it was a job requirement, he failed to comply with those duties, no one stopped him from going to church, or praying to himself, or holding any beliefs.
Just another bigot trying to say he hates homo's.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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Same Sex Marriage Coming To Finland Despite Homophobic Based Recount

The Finnish government has stopped an initiative seeking to block marriage equality at the last minute.
On 1 March, Finland will become the last Scandinavian country to open marriage to same-sex couples.
Parliament had originally voted on marriage equality in November 2014.
It was a close vote, with 105 to 92 votes in support of same-sex marriage.
But an anti-gay petition led to a ballot measure, which forced Parliament into debating – and voting on – the matter once more.
About 100,000 people had signed a petition by the ‘Association for the Real Marriage’, which is inspired by anti-gay French organization Manif pour Tous.
They thought after the last election in April 2015, which saw the power shift and a party formerly opposed to same-sex marriage gain ground, they would have a chance to stop the law.
So on Friday (17 February), less than two weeks before the law was set to come into force, MPs voted again.
And contrary to what the homophobes hoped to achieve, marriage equality received even more support than in 2014.
120 MPs voted in favor, with only 49 voting against; two members abstained and 29 people were absent.
A majority of those who voted against the new law are members of the right-wing Finns Party (Perussuomalaiset, formerly True Finns).
They hold 37 seats in parliament and support ‘traditional family values’.
Apart from same-sex marriage, the Finns Party also opposes same-sex adoption and in vitro fertilization for same-sex couples or single women.
Almost all MPs representing the Green League, the Left Alliance, and the Social Democrats voted in favor.
In the lead-up to the elections, prime minister Juha Sipilä had already announced he wouldn’t stop the law.
Since 2002, gay and lesbian couples can enter civil partnerships.
The introduction of same-sex marriage was delayed so all necessary follow-up changes to any other laws could be implemented first.

Homocon Troll Out Trolled By His Own Basket Of Deplorable's Resigns Post At Breitbart

Simon & Schuster on Monday canceled a $250,000 book deal for gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos.
The move comes less than a day after a video surfaced of Yiannopoulos allegedly condoning pedophilia.
The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) also took action, rescinding Yiannopoulos' invitation to speak at its upcoming annual conference, CNN reported.

In the video, Yiannopoulos appears to defend such relationships.
“In the homosexual world, particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men – the sort of ‘coming of age’ relationship – those relationships in which those older men help those young boys discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable, sort of rock, where they can’t speak to their parents,” he said.
“It sounds like Catholic priest molestation to me,” an unseen person responds.
“But you know what? I’m grateful for Father Michael. I wouldn’t give nearly such good head if it wasn’t for him,” Yiannopoulos joked.
Yiannopoulos goes on to argue that his definition of pedophilia would only apply to young people who have yet to reach puberty.
In a Facebook post, Yiannopoulos claimed that the video had been “selectively edited.”
“I do not support pedophilia. Period. It is a vile and disgusting crime, perhaps the very worst. There are selectively edited videos doing the rounds, as part of a co-ordinated effort to discredit me from establishment Republicans, that suggest I am soft on the subject,” he wrote.
Yiannopoulos added that he was talking about his own relationship when he was 17 with a man who was 29. “The age of consent in the UK is 16,” he wrote. But during an appearance on The Providence, Yiannopoulos stated that he was 14 at the time. He also said that he was sexually active.

In a second post, Yiannopoulos chided Republicans, whom he blamed for the uproar. “Sad to see establishment types collapse into the same tactics as social justice warriors: name calling, deceptively edited videos, confected moral outrage and public shaming. This is why they deserve to burn – and why they are burning.”