Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Devil Dawg Donnelly's Chapter Five

 "Breath it in boy's" Max Donnelly proudly proclaimed, standing there with his hands on his hips as he inhaled the fresh clean woodland air of the Devil Dawg Compound.
Max watched as Carl McGregor, his two boy's Billy and JD and of course Baxter Whitmore the boy he viewed as much a son as his own biological offspring, started unloading all the supplies and equipment they had brought from the beds of the two trucks they had just arrived in.
It was late afternoon when they finally pulled into the compound, about a 3 hour drive from the Marine base located in Albany to reach the compound in the rolling forested hills a short distance from Macon.
Half an hour of that drive was after they turned off the main road down the solitary gravel topped red clay based road that wound through the dense forested hills to reach the remote and very isolated Devil Dawg compound.
They had pulled up right in front of the large rustic log cabin style communal lodge building.
The structure was oblong in shape, about 70feet in length and 40 feet in width and its steep slate roof reached a nearly 25 foot height.
Inside, it had a large communal room with a massive stone fireplace on one side.  Huge log rafters stretched side to side across the upper walls to a central row of log pillared support beams that cut down the entire center of the room.
Large caste iron chandeliers with about 5 kerosene lamps each, hung about every 8 feet apart down this central row and served as the main source of lighting for the building when lit.
There was only one main common room and it took up almost 3/4ths of the length of the building, the far right end, the one that faced the lake, held the kitchen, larder and pantry.
This was a structure meant for large meetings and gatherings. Billy, JD and Baxter have all been inside the place many times with their dad and Carl, but in all the years they have been coming here, they had never seen or been part of any gatherings or get-together's that would have required the use of such a large facility.
They did know that from time to time their dad, Carl and even uncle Hank would travel here to take part in such gatherings, but that was for adults only, according to their dad.
They didn't know how many people showed up for these events (Billy guessed he was going to find out before the end of the month) but the building could easily hold a large number of people, well over a hundred maybe more.
Billy noted that the parking area that they were now unloading was big enough to handle at least 20, maybe 30 cars, so he guessed these functions could get rather large at times.
There was a path that started at the far left end of the parking area that went beside the left end of the lodge and went back a ways into the woods where the cabin the always stayed in was located.
Like the lodge, it was built log cabin style with a front porch that spanned the entire front length of it.
As you entered the cabin you came into the largest room, a stone fireplace directly on the opposite wall, with two leather coaches juxtaposed to each other sideways right in front of it.
The cabin had two loft style rooms that you climbed crude hand cut wood steps to reach on either end; those served as the sleep areas with room enough for two twin beds each with a small dresser between them for any clothes they brought.
Under the one loft was a simple kitchen with an island between it and the main room and often served as a bar or serving area from the kitchen, on the opposite side was a large round table where everyone would gather for meals or card games.
Kerosene lamps mounted on the walls served as the evening/night time lighting, there are no electrical or plumbing fixtures anywhere in the compound other than some hand pump wells from which they got fresh water, there are several outhouses and even a water tower that collected rain water and had a couple of large shower heads with a chain that opened the flow of water when you pulled on them out in front of the structure, completely open air.
Billy fondly remembered how as kids they seldom even wore clothes the entire time they were here, most of their time was usually spent down by the small stream fed lake either hanging out on the large dock, cooking out on charcoal/wood grills or fishing  and of course to dive off of into the cool clear waters; several canoes where stored in a small shed close to the lake shore and even while canoeing they seldom if ever wore clothing.
The only time clothing was actually necessary was times like now, when they'd be mowing and using the weed eaters, or cutting wood, but when the chores were done, Billy was sure every one of them would strip down and head for the cool refreshing waters of the lake and he'd bet good money that they stayed off for the rest of the evening and night.
Billy helped his dad and Carl unload the riding mower from the back of Carl's truck, while Baxter and JD carried the coolers, grocery's and duffel bags to the cabin.
Billy couldn't help but notice how quite JD had been all afternoon after he said goodbye to Timmy, he'd noted how JD had even walked him out to his little red jeep and talked to him privately before Timmy drove off to head on home; dad had invited Timmy to come along, but Timmy was certain his parents would never approve of that, just spending what time he did with JD was hard enough to explain since he knew they definitely would not approve of him hanging out with him, especially after the local gossip mill had spread and of course embellished ever lurid detail of JD's indiscretions last fall.
Billy had also noted Baxter's pensive mood, he seemed off, not his usual cheerful self at all and Billy wondered if he was still upset about not being able to attend his coming of age ceremony to be held in three weeks.
He hoped Baxter didn't blame him for that, he had no say in it after all, if there was anyone he'd want to be there it would be Baxter, he was still having a hard time accepting it as well.
Billy made a mental note to make sure he brought that up to Baxter later, maybe reassuring him would help change his mood, then again Billy was only guessing, maybe something else was on his mind, either way, once they had some time alone he'd do his best to get him to talk about it.  There was no one more important in Billy's world than his life long friend and best bud Baxter, they always told each other everything, no secrets meant no regrets and no judgements. Open door, open book, it's what made their friendship what it is today.
It was that line of thought that made him realize, he definitely needed to talk to him about what happened today, he was sure Baxter would get totally grossed out that he had gotten a blow job and fucked a fag today and even weirder, that his dad and uncle Carl were cool with it, remembering Carl had even said that his dad had had sex with guys before, that blew Billy's mind the more he thought about it and the way his dad was treating Timmy? He didn't even want to go there with that mental image.
He just had to make sure that he reassured Baxter that in no way shape or form was he any kind of fucking queer, he was just a really horny guy tired of using his own hand and it wasn't like he'd be repeating that very often, he wouldn't be going anywhere near any faggot after his 18th birthday, after that, it was big firm tits and wet pussy only for him and any queers could just fuck the hell off, though he had to admit doing Timmy was pretty awesome, but he didn't need to tell Baxter that part.
By early evening most of the general area had been mowed and trimmed around the cabin and around the lodge itself, there was still the areas surrounding the parking lot to do and of course any usable shoreline on this side of the lake still needed trimmed, but the biggest areas yet needing mowed and trimmed was the path that led to the large clearing that held the ceremonial structures and around the structures themselves.
The ceremonial grounds always held a large mysterious fascination for Billy and all the other boy's growing up, they would often go there to hang out and dream about what secret rituals and rites that were performed there, always imagining the most grand pagentries or just to scare each other with lurid frightening tales of animal or human sacrifices, envisioning brutal gladiatorial combatants squaring off in savage displays of violent and bloody masculine supremacy.
The structures themselves lent to their mysterious adolescent imaginations and speculations.
The six foot wide stone paved path that wound through the dense shrubs and trees ended about 100 yards into a large low, flat grassy valley with hills on three sides, forming like a natural bowl shape in the center.
The entire flat area was stone paved and the path cut through a semi circle four step stone amphitheater.
On the opposite side was the tallest of the foliage and tree dense hills reaching a maximum height of about 40 feet.  A large square stone arch, about 14 feet high jutted out near the base of the hillside, the structure seemed to cut right into the hill itself but the arch had 10 foot tall 8 foot wide large metal doors that had several large metal locks that prevented anyone from entering.
Six stone steps, about twenty feet wide led down from the entrance onto an oblong stone dais that had two twelve foot stone pylons (about two square foot wide at the base) that were perpendicular and about 6 feet apart. The inside surface of the pylons facing each other had two large metal rings about a foot off the ground and another set roughly about 6 feet from the ground. On the front and back side of the stone pylons, metal torches protruded eight feet up, the scorch marks above them attested to their use.
The front of the elevated dias descended about 6 more steps before giving way to the stone paved ground, at the center of the amphitheater is a large circular fire pit, which was obviously used for large bonfires.
Taken in whole and to the casual observer, it was quite impressive if not more than a little ominous and daunting in appearance, especially to young impressionable minds rife with overactive imaginations.
As the sun began to dip below the tops of the trees, Max Donnelly signaled a stop to the yard work for the day shaking his head with approval at the work so far accomplished.
"Let's get the equipment cleaned up and put away for the night" Max barked then continued with a big smile, then lets get naked and jump in that lake and cool off and clean up before we fix some chow." The last two parts enlisted hardy cheers from his makeshift work crew.
"Did I forget to mention? Max paused for effect: "Beers all around tonight boys!"  That brought more than a few hoots, fist bumps and grunts of approval.
After dinner Max Donnelly sat, still naked on one of the two leather couches and watched admiringly as Carl, who had just finished collecting all the dirty paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils and empty beer cans into plastic garbage bags, now proceeded to haul his and Max's duffel bags up to the far left loft, as he ascended the steep rough honed wood steps, Max couldn't help ogle his lifelong friend and companions ample dirty blond, fur covered bubble butt. Max especially enjoyed the dense thicket of pubic hair between his tight crack, a site that never failed to make his cock stir and plump up.
Max absentmindedly fluffed his own big hairy balls and reached for his expanding cock before catching himself, suddenly remembering who was there with him and willed his dick to go down, no need shocking the boys any more than he had already today, but he knew the time was coming when that cat would claw its way out of the bag.  Max knew with both Billy's and Baxter's upcoming ceremonies and both ceremonies being so close together, that a lot of things that they have thus far been protected from, would come bursting to the surface, but oddly enough, of the two, Max worried more about Baxter.
Ever since the boy was 12 and entered puberty, both Max and Carl's senses confirmed what they had often speculated about the boy.  Long before puberty they could see the way he looked at Billy, but once puberty hit the pheromones kicked in and it removed any doubts they had as to what Baxter was feeling, the smell at times, especially in close quarters could be overpowering, Max often mused that Carl was secretly appreciative of the effect the boys raging hormones had on Max's libido, a libido that Carl often vicariously benefited from.
But they also couldn't help notice that Billy was completely clueless about it, but they knew that was about to change, once Billy claimed his Heritage on his 18th birthday, that secret will out itself, if what they suspected about Billy pans out to be true and they were both absolutely certain it was, then they still felt, at least on Billy's part, there would be no problem. No, they both agreed the biggest hurdle will be keeping them apart until Baxter undergoes his own ceremony, then the natural order of things will sort them out, but letting nature take it's course meant it was going to be imperative they keep Billy and Baxter apart after Billy's ceremony until Baxter goes through his, Max and Carl were already working on a plan for that and Max just had a few minor details to work out and of course get Baxter's mothers approval, then keeping them apart shouldn't be to big of an issue, because neither would suspect that that is what was happening.
But right now, Max was a little concerned with what he was picking up from Baxter and he worried that Baxter might be on the precipice of doing something that could complicate things.  It was only a minor worry, he and Carl both agreed that after all was said and done, the problem would resolve itself.  But if Baxter's internal turmoil pushed things too far, it could make things a bit unnecessarily hectic for a while at least until the two boys have both come into their Heritage.  But Max was hoping his little machinations would forestall that from happening, he didn't want to see either of the boy's go through an emotional rough patch that would temporarily strain their relationship.

Billy was getting a little worried about his friend, Baxter had seemed pensive all afternoon, even distracted, definitely not his usual self, He also couldn't help but noticed, that while the rest of them were running around (as usual while at the compound) completely naked, Baxter had slipped a pair of shorts on, something he had never done when they were kids, that was one of the things they use to really like doing as soon as they got here, both enjoying the sense of freedom that came from running around butt ass naked, it always had felt quite liberating.
As JD went up in the loft to unpack his duffel bag, Billy seized the opportunity to nudge his best friend saying: Hey bro, follow me."  as he jumped up from the porch step they had been sitting on and ran down the path toward the Lodge.
Billy kept looking back to make sure Baxter was following as he ran full out in an unissued challenge to his best bud to catch him.
As hard as he tried Baxter was a few feet behind Billy as their race ended at the dock with Billy throwing his hands up in victory, jumping up and down and proudly proclaiming: "And the crowd goes wild, at the humiliating defeat of Baxter Whitmore by the undefeated machine that is Billy Donnelly!" Billy cheered himself with his hands raised in the air dancing around when an unamused Baxter pushed Billy into the dark waters of the lake.
"There's your reward" Baxter mockingly laughed, while doing his own side step shuffle dance then shaking his ass at a very wet Billy and laughingly joked: "kiss this Billy."
"Get your ass in here Whitmore and I'll do a lot more than that" Billy laughingly goaded.
Baxter whipped off his shorts and jumped in cannon ball style within a couple of feet of Billy, splashing then dunking him almost simultaneously.
For the next 15 to 20 minutes Billy and Baxter splashed, raced, dunked each other and wrestled in the cool night time waters of the lake, just like they did so many times as kids until finally, out of breath and muscles beginning to ache slightly, they hauled themselves from the water and lay side by side on the dock staring up into the star filled night sky until their heart rates dropped and their breathing became less labored.
Baxter finally sat up staring off across the lake, Billy could sense him tense up again and just as he was about to reach out to touch his friends shoulder and ask him if something was wrong, Baxter stood up and started searching for his discarded shorts.
After finding them and slipping them back on he turned to Billy and said they should be getting back, that he was tired and they had a long day tomorrow and he wanted to get some sleep.
Billy knew something was up, and with the way he felt Baxter was acting he suspected that it had to do with something about him.
Had Baxter caught on about what happened yesterday or this morning? Did he suspect or did he overhear something someone said, maybe his dad and Carl had discussed it and Baxter overheard.
Billy wracked his brain about the possibilities.
Baxter had already begun walking back in the direction of the cabin, and Billy jogged to catch up with him, but continued to ponder what to say to his best friend, how he could broach the subject, but ultimately they just both walked back to the cabin in silence, neither speaking, deep in their own thoughts.


The next day things remained pretty much the same between them.
By lunch time they'd mowed and trimmed almost 2/3rd's of the ceremonial grounds and had stopped for a lunch break consisting simply of cold cut sandwiches and chips.
Billy noticed that Baxter didn't come over and sit with him as he usually would but instead went off on his own and sat on the steps leading up to the dais with the pylons,
Billy went over to the ice chest and grabbed a couple of bottles of water and went over to his best friend, his concern mounting.  It was time to have that talk Billy thought to himself, he hated keeping things from Baxter and he just knew Baxter could somehow sense he was and was now upset with him for it and as Billy saw it, how could he blame him, he should have told Baxter what he found out about JD and Timmy, even before he lured and maneuvered Timmy into giving him a blowjob.
Billy was also consumed by guilt, twice he had lied to his friend, something he had never done before; he had lied when Baxter messaged him after he caught JD and Timmy together, telling Baxter that they weren't doing anything.  
It's not that Billy didn't want to share his plan with Baxter, he was more afraid Baxter woud be repulsed and think Billy some sort of fag instead of just some super horny guy who just wanted to get off, no Billy didn't tell him because he was more afraid Baxter would stop him and Billy really wanted that blow job!
The second time he lied to Baxter was the next morning when he called him and told him he couldn't work out that day because he had work to do around the house, when in fact he was meeting with Timmy.
Billy had always planned to tell Baxter, and he was now sure that the fact he hadn't was somehow now coming between them, it was a problem that Billy intended to rectify right now, as he walked over to his friend and shoved a bottle of water under his nose: "Drink" he simply stated: "You gotta stay hydrated."  Baxter accepted the drink and gave Billy a simple smile and a nod as he sat down next to him, close enough to feel the heat emanating from his body but still enough space that their skin didn't touch.
Baxter's thoughts raced almost as fast as the heart within his chest, he knew he had to do this, he had to tell Billy how he felt, prove he had a back bone and face him and in so doing free himself.
"I got a confession" Billy blurted out, just as Baxter was about to speak.
"I lied to you" he paused trying to look his friend in the eyes but let his gaze drop to his feet before adding; "Actually I lied twice."
Baxter's head was swirling, one moment he had built himself up to reveal everything to Billy and the next Billy was babbling about lying to him. Baxter was confused and was trying to clear his mind and focus and redirect his previous thoughts on what Billy was now saying.
Baxter listened as Billy told him he had lied about what he found out about JD and that he lied to him a second time when he canceled their work out session at the gym the next day.
"Dude" Billy said pleadingly:  "I was thrown for a loop and I just wasn't ready to discuss it right then" he frowned at the confused look on Baxter's face, knowing he was going to have to be more forthcoming than that.
"I'm confused" Baxter said, shaking his head, still trying to refocus from his previous train of thought. "You, lied to me?" he said pointing to himself while looking quizzically at his friend.
Billy felt he had to pick up the pace before he lost the courage to say what he felt needed saying.
"Timmy's a fag and I think my little brother might be too" he blurted out, all hushed like, so no one else could hear him, no one but Baxter that is.
Baxter felt the blood drain from his face and his heart skip a few beats as he heard the vehemence in the way Billy said "fag",  but also curious how he came to think that his brother and his friend Timmy were so inclined.
Billy quickly laid out the course of events from the time he spied through his brothers window to the next day right up to the part where he fucked Timmy's ass but he cut short of telling him about their dad catching them or how much he had really enjoyed the experience. When he was done, he stared into his friends now pale face, who just sat there staring at the ground and saying nothing...
Billy panicked, taking Baxter's silence as disapproval, maybe even rejection or worse yet, judgement. Defensively he quickly spat out: "I swear man, I'm not a fucking fag dude" he said pleading his case, Baxter noting there was almost a hint of desperation in his voice.
"You know I'm not!" Billy insisted before adding: "I'm no more a fucking queer than you are" he concluded sounding more like a supplication than a statement of fact.
Baxter stood up and took a couple of steps, his thoughts racing his heart sinking heavily in his chest now thankful he hadn't confessed what had been eating at him, any thought of making that confession to Billy was now gone.
Baxter came to the brutal realization, one made from self preservation, that the guy he had so long thought of as a brother, the best friend who would always have his back, the one person he believed and hoped would at least understand, maybe (as he had fantasized so many times) in some small part even share, in fact felt the exact opposite.
Baxter turned and looked Billy in the eyes as if seeing him truly for the first time and not liking what he saw.
In that moment, seeing the supplicating, near desperation in Billy's eyes, Baxter did what he had always done, the mental cages that held the beast back within his mind got slammed shut, and pushed back into the darkest recesses of his consciousness.
Baxter smiled at Billy, a smile as fake and as superficial as Baxter now thought his relationship and friendship with him had always been.
No, he wasn't blaming Billy, he was exactly as he had always been. What has now suddenly changed is Baxter's perception of him, the recognition that he and Billy were actually polar opposites. He also saw more than a bit of self grandiosity, riddled with toxic veins of superficial sexual superiority stemming perhaps from some weak masculine insecurity and a false sense of entitlement.
He was in fact, just Billy, a guy like any other guy and they were (as Baxter now recognized) just buddies, two guys who just shared a couple of similar interests, nothing more than that.
Billy saw his friends smile and jumped to his feet and threw his arm over his shoulder, feeling happy he had gotten all that off his chest and cleared the air between them, certain that they were squared and back on track, barely noticing Baxter shrugging his arm off before turning and punching him on the shoulder.  
"Hands to yourself fag" Baxter taunted as he dashed away from Billy, who just laughed, then chased after him catching up and began a playful shoving match between the two of them as they rejoined the others.
Billy was happy he had cleared the air between them, thankful his friend, by all appearances was back to his fun, playful self.
Baxter knew what was expected of him, he had played this part for more years than he cared to recall, but mentally he was busy burying all the emotions he had always carried for Billy, accepting and inwardly embracing the death of those feelings, knowing they were never shared and never would be.  On the inside, Baxter felt like a light had gone out, a light that used to warm him but now was cold and dark, a light that would never shine again.

Carl McGregor was finishing cleaning the grill they'd used that evening to cook the steaks and potatoes they had that night. He'd enlisted Baxter to help him in the attempt to lift the boy's mood.

Max and he both had observed Billy and him talking at lunch that afternoon, and while outwardly he seemed to be more upbeat and even playful with Billy and JD, they had sensed a change in him; obviously imperceptible by Billy, who seemed to accept the sudden mood change in his friend. But it didn't fool Max or Carl. Underneath it all, they both sensed a deep sadness veiled by a very thin veneer of fake frivolity. The boy was hurting inside, and even without their superior senses, they could perceive the difference from this morning to this afternoon.

It further flummoxed them that Billy was so blind to it. For the last 20 minutes, Carl had tried to get Baxter to open up and talk to him while they cleaned everything up after their meal. But Baxter was being stubborn; and with each gentle nudge Carl issued, it only seemed to make Baxter withdraw within himself even more, causing Carl to think that what Max and he had feared the most might happen, had indeed transpired. It seems the only chance that could now resolve this issue between them was still weeks away.

"He's in pain." he shared with Max as they stood together later, leaning over the island counter in the kitchen, watching the boys noisily play some card game while finishing their first beers of the evening.

"That's obvious," Max groaned, his eyes never leaving Baxter. "We both know what the problem is;" he continued. "But there's little either of us can do about it until they've both gone through the ceremony."

Carl knew he was right, but knowing that didn't make it any easier to accept, let alone watch.
Max could feel his long-time companion's stare burn right into the side of his peripheral vision.

"Dammit Carl," He said curtly, "I know what you want me to do and you also know why I can't!"

Carl cast his eyes downward before responding: "I know, I'm sorry." He brought his hand up and gently touched Max's arm "It's just so frustrating watching this happen when I know what he's feeling right now..."  

Max turned and looked Carl squarely in the eyes. "It will resolve itself after the ceremony; we both know this." Max nodded his head in the direction of the boys. "We both know that right now all we can do is some damage control until then."

"Is there any way we can push up your plans for Baxter and extend them until right before his ceremony?" Carl mused, knowing the distance and different surroundings might help ease some of Baxter's hurt.

Max smiled at Carl, "You're like a mother hen, ya know that?" he whispered with a huge smile. "I'll talk to his mom when I take him home tomorrow okay?"

"Somebody has to keep an eye on them and keep some semblance of order around here." Carl said jovially: "If it was left up to you, they'd all be running around feral and out of control."

"Quit your bitchin'," Max growled, "You know you love it!" he stated matter of factually before smacking Carl's naked ass and giving it a playful squeeze.

"Hey, hey! None of that in front of the kids!" Carl grunted before pulling away, wiggling his ass suggestively as he walked away from him.

"Keep doing that bitch, and I'll take what's mine right here and now in front of them!" he muttered under his breath, admiring the bounce of the twin melons that passed for Carl's hairy muscular ass.


Sunday morning, they finished up what yard work they had left before noon. After a quick swim and a cold cut sandwich lunch, they decided to pack everything up and head back to civilization. Carl could tell the strain of keeping up a happy facade was beginning to wear on Baxter and he wasn't the least bit surprised when he climbed into the passenger side of his truck instead of JD for their journey home.

"You don't mind if I ride with you, do ya?" Baxter asked, "I've got a bit of a headache and just need some peace and quiet for a while." he offered as an explanation.

"Not at all," Carl smiled. "I could use some of that myself after almost three days of Max."
Carl knew the real reason Baxter wanted to ride with him; it was because he didn't want to be so close to Billy right now, trapped in a long-distance ride in such close quarters was just too emotionally taxing for him right now.

Billy was hurt that Baxter would choose to ride alone with Carl instead of him, his little brother, and his dad. He was about to say something to him when his dad tossed his truck keys at him and told him he was driving back; he was riding with Carl.

"What the hell?" Billy said aloud but silently wondered what was going on. His dad never let him drive his truck on his own.

No one was more surprised than Baxter when Max opened the passenger-side door to Carl's truck and ordered him to scoot over; he was riding with them.

Awkward didn't cover it for the way Baxter felt, sandwiched there between the two large, muscular, adult males as Max instructed Carl to get his ass in gear and they pulled out, leaving Billy and JD to follow behind them.

They mostly rode in silence as country music played softly on the cab radio. As they hit the main road and started the return trek down the highway, Baxter felt Max move his arm behind him and his large hand began absentmindedly stroking the neck and the back of Baxter's head. At first, it felt uncomfortable, like an invasion into his personal space. But after a few minutes, he found himself starting to relax and not long after that he began to find it comforting.

Despite what had transpired with Billy, he knew deep down that it didn't and wouldn't affect his relationship with Max; not unless he wanted it too. Right now, at this moment in time, he was beginning to find his presence and the warmth of his touch comforting; and before long, his head eased over sideways and rested upon Max's strong shoulder and Baxter found himself drifting off into a dozing half-sleep.


As always, the trip back home seemed to go a lot quicker than the trip there, and before long they found themselves pulling into the Donnelly residence driveway. It was still mid-afternoon, and as Max and Carl unloaded what they needed from Carl's truck, Billy, JD, and Baxter unloaded the stuff from Max's truck and hauled it into the trailer.

Billy was about to suggest to Baxter that he stay the night; he wanted to spend some time alone with him because he was getting an uncomfortable feeling that maybe things still weren't right between them and he wanted, no needed, to make sure things were good.  He needed Baxter to understand, needed him to know that there was nothing or no one in his life more important to him than his best friend. But before he could suggest it, his dad came in and told him and JD to go with Carl and help him unload the mower at his place while he took Baxter home; that he needed to talk to him and his mom about something.

Baxter looked questioningly at Max, who just nudged him off in the direction of the front door, reassuring him there was nothing wrong and they'd discuss it along the way. Billy just stood there, wondering what that was all about and more sure than ever that something was going on with Baxter that he didn't know about. He was definitely going to make it his mission to find out though, one way or another. If Baxter had a problem, then he had a problem and he'd move heaven and earth to help his friend with whatever it was!


Baxter Whitmore sat fidgeting in the passenger seat of Max Donnelly's truck as he drove down the road in the direction of Baxter's home not five miles away, wondering what was up, or more importantly if he did something he shouldn't have.

"Quit squirmin'. " Max chided him with a big smile on his face as he concentrated on the road.

"Did I do something wrong?" Baxter asked questioningly, the worry thick in his voice.

Max laughed out loud: "Boy, I can't think of a single time you've ever done anything wrong."
Max wasn't exaggerating. "Why do you think I like having you around Billy so much?" He posited: "You keep him grounded, and he's a better person when he's with you." he stated as a matter of fact before continuing: "You mean more to him than anyone else in the world Baxter. Surely by now, you get that don't ya?"

Baxter suddenly felt awful, finding himself wishing he'd never gone on this three day weekend. Still though, Max's words changed nothing. He didn't know what he knew; hell, none of them did, not even his mom; and after yesterday's conversation with Billy, he knew Billy understood him least of all.

Max could feel he wasn't getting through to him, but he hoped he had at least planted some seeds of doubt to the dilemma in his head. Max hoped that Baxter would go for what he was about to propose. If he didn't, he didn't really know what he could do; at least not until he came into his Heritage; go through his ceremony as Max had promised his dad he would.

Max made one more attempt: "Baxter I hope you know you can talk to me about anything," he paused before continuing: "I promised your dad I'd keep an eye on you, to protect you and your mom."  

Baxter bowed his head, at the mention of his father.  "I'm not going to push you right now Baxter, but only if you make me one promise..." again he paused waiting for some sort of acknowledgment from Baxter, who briefly lifted his head and gave him a quick glance, eye to eye and nodded his head slightly. "All I ask Baxter is that you make no drastic decisions between now and your birthday without talking to me first. Can you do that?" Max asked almost pleadingly.

"I'll try sir," Baxter responded barely louder than a whisper.

"Do more than try, Baxter" Max insisted before proclaiming: " I've already lost one son because he wouldn't talk to me; I'll be damned if I lose another, do you hear me?"

Baxter could hear the emotion in that voice and he knew that he was talking about Michael, his eldest son. But it also warmed Baxter's heart that Max thought of him as a son, as his son.

Baxter tried to straighten up, lifting his head and facing Max head-on. "I promise sir, I won't do anything stupid without discussing it with you or my mom."

Pulling into Baxter's driveway and stopping, he reached over and ruffled Baxter's hair playfully.

"You've grown on me kid and I like having you around." Max beamed a grin as wide as his face, a grin so infectious that it couldn't help but lift Baxter's somber mood. Max opened his door and stepped out of his truck. "Let's go talk to your mom; I have a mission for you, and we're gonna need your mom's permission first." Baxter, not for the first time that day, looked questioningly at Max and wondered what the heck he was up to.


"What do you want for dinner boys?" Carl asked as he pulled out of his driveway after unloading the riding mower and putting it away with the rest of the lawn equipment in his garage. Carl lived off-base in a ranch-style two-bedroom home situated back in the woods by itself away from the main road, about a mile or so past the base.

As he headed into town to pick up some food, he sat patiently waiting for a response to his query. Billy sat silently, staring out the passenger side window of his truck tapping his index finger on his right hand against his front teeth. This was something Carl had noticed many times over the years, that he did when he was deep in thought, while JD busily typed out messages to his "friend" Timmy, letting him know they were back and wondering if he could come over later.

"Earth to boys," Carl grumbled, attempting once again to get their attention. They both looked at him simultaneously with the same dumb expression on their faces.

"Food, dinner, and where?" Carl reiterated, "and don't say pizza!" he quickly added, realizing he was talking to two teenage boys.

"How about tacos?" JD casually suggested, his attention already back on his phone as he responded to another text.

"Crunch wrap supreme sounds good to me," Billy said, not really giving it any thought before drifting off again.

"Can we get Timmy something just in case he comes over too?" JD asked, his vision never once leaving the screen of his phone.

Carl just sighed. "What does he like?"

JD gave him a side glance, shrugging his shoulders before responding: "How should I know? We've never gone to Taco Bell before."

 "Well of course not. What was I thinking?" Carl mockingly sighed before he moaned out loud to no one in particular: "Teenagers!"


Baxter Whitmore watched from the dining room in his house as Max Donnelly and his mom chatted outside on the back deck of their small two-story home. Max had told him that he had something he wanted him to do but needed to talk to his mom first, mainly to see if she not only approved but to get her input as well. Baxter had no clue what they were discussing and wished right now that he could read lips. He knew Max and his mom talked frequently; she often turned to him for advice, especially about Baxter; and he also knew that she was aware of this Heritage ceremony that Max, Carl, and others talked about.

His mom had assured him that it would be what his father wanted since she knew he had undergone such a ceremony when he was eighteen, right before he joined the Marine Corps. It was while he was on his first tour of duty in Afghanistan that his dad met up again with his old squad buddy Hank Bauers, who he had served with in Kuwait, when everyone in their squad, except Hank and his dad, had been killed; that was all years before he met his mom. Hank was the one who introduced him to Max and Carl. His dad had been so impressed with them, he even put in for a transfer so he could move here after his first tour because his dad wanted to join Max's squadron.

Baxter noticed that Max was doing most of the talking and occasionally his mom would look at him through the window and give him a faint reassuring smile. Whatever Max was saying seemed to agree with his mom, as she kept nodding her head in agreement with whatever he was saying. After about 20 to 25 minutes, they came back in and asked Baxter to sit down so they could talk to him.

"Baxter," his mom started out, "Max has made me aware that Hank Bauers, one of your dad's closest friends and old squad buddies has decided to retire and move here to Albany in a few weeks." she paused to let Baxter take that in, looking at Max and then letting her continue,

"Hank's coming into town in two weeks to stay for the week of Billy's 18th birthday so he can attend his Heritage ceremony."

"What's that got to do with me?" Baxter asked; "I'm not even allowed to go." A fact Baxter was still a bit miffed about and was sure that it came across in the timber of his voice.

Max ignored Baxter's almost accusatory tone and continued: "Well, after the ceremony, Hank will be returning to North Carolina to finalize his retirement and will be packing up to move here."

"Billy's already told me that much," Baxter said, wondering again what this had to do with him? This time his mom took over the conversation. "Well honey, as you know, Hank was a real good friend of your father, and he has asked if you'd like to go back with him for a couple of weeks after Billy's ceremony?"

Baxter looked from one to the other, wondering what the deal was. His mom continued: "I know that you have expressed an interest in following in your father's footsteps in joining the Marines when you graduate, and when Hank extended his invitation, "I..." she paused; "No we," meaning Max and her, "Thought you might like to go to Camp Lejeune and look around." she paused again before explaining further: "That's where your father went to boot camp."

"Plus," Max added, "Hank could use some help packing up and getting his stuff ready for the movers."

Baxter pondered for a moment before responding: "What about my birthday ceremony?"

Max smiled, "Don't worry Baxter; Hank knows he has to have you back here on time for that; and just so you know, he and his son Jake will be attending your ceremony. Hank was one of your dad's best friends Baxter, and I think he's looking forward to seeing you through your ceremony as much as I am."

That made Baxter feel better, and the offer did intrigue him. Plus it would get him away from here for a while, give him some breathing room to figure out where his head was at and would have the chance to talk to someone who served with his dad before he had married his mom when he was Baxter's age.

That thought alone sold Baxter.  "I'm in" He smiled thoughtfully.

Max hugged him. "You're an amazing young man, Baxter," he said, before holding him an arm's length away, looking him right in the eyes, "Don't ever let anyone tell you differently, you hear me?"

Baxter could hear the sincerity in his voice. He may not think so much of Billy right now, but he still very much looked up to Max and would try to do his best.


Timmy Anderson wracked his brain for some excuse he could give his parents for going out.
He so wanted to meet up with JD, it had been two, almost three whole days since he and JD had last been together, and he was really missing him. No one made him laugh as JD did; and though JD teased him relentlessly, he knew he secretly loved the attention and he knew that JD realized it too. Yeah, JD could be really aggressive, but Timmy had come to accept that he liked that too. Truthfully, he liked it a lot. He had especially enjoyed it when JD and his big, hot, muscular brother had spit-roasted him together; that and his brother's big dick. Just thinking about that thing made Timmy's hole twitch in anticipation. God, he had been fantasizing about that cock for the last two days, hoping he would get another chance at that big thing.

Timmy also thought about their dad, he knew it was crazy to think so, but he was sure their dad was flirting with him and had to admit that he was the hottest, most masculine man he had ever met. Just the very thought of that man made his boy parts grow bigger; it made his hole tingle at the possibilities as well.

There was a knock on his bedroom door and Timmy quickly answered it. He was greeted by the stern countenance of his overbearing father.

"Timothy, can you come downstairs; your mother and I have something to discuss with you."

His father spoke softly and Timmy sensed that something was wrong and he feared what that something could be.

After his dad had delivered his proclamation, he turned and headed back down the hall and the stairs, looking back only once to make sure that he was following him.

Timmy joined his mother and father in the living room, his mom looked like she had been crying, not unusual to see; she seemed to cry a lot. Timmy was sure it was just her natural defense against everything, unless she and his father were raving about some godless heathen or whore they haplessly landed on while searching for something good and wholesome to watch on TV, not an easy task according to his father who was hyper-critical about almost every show that was currently on it. Even at the age of 18, they still wouldn't allow Timmy to watch anything that was above a "G" rating. His dad told him to sit down, indicating the chair opposite the pristine, plastic-covered, white couch his parents stiffly sat on.

"We have some sad news," his father began, his mother thrusting a tissue under her nose right on cue to stifle a sob.

"Your grandmother Ericson," meaning his mother's mother,  "has fallen ill and has become bedridden and she's wanting your mother to come stay with her for a while." He frowned and shook his head slowly side to side as if he thought this news should be devastating to Timmy. Timmy not being stupid, feigned an "Oh no, will she be okay?"

Timmy knew his grandmother did this routinely; it was her way of forcing her children to come visit her when everyone knew that what was usually wrong is she drank too much of that cooking sherry she kept hidden in her bedside nightstand, and probably too many Xanax, her drug de jour. His dad continued after what Timmy knew he thought was the appropriate amount of time had passed so as to not to further upset his mother's delicate sensibilities even further.

"I've already notified work that I'll be taking a few days off to immediately take your mother to tend to your sick grandmother." He paused again, reaching his hand over to pat his mother's.

Timmy was already moaning inside, certain what was coming next, meaning he'd be expected to pack his bags and miss his workout routine every day for the next week just so they could go fawn over his grandmother so she didn't write them out of her will.

Imagine Timmy's surprise when his father said "your mother and I understand that you have obligations to your coach, your gymnastics team, and to maintain your workout schedule. So, we've decided to trust you to stay home by yourself, so long as you promise to not have any guests over while they were away. Especially girls," his dad added and cautioned sternly: "I know how you young boys are." he scolded, "Every pretty girl turns your head and makes you think impure thoughts. But we have agreed to trust you," he went on, "since you've shown so much dedication to your academics, and of course, your sport."

His dad stood up and patted Timmy on the shoulder (the single most affectionate thing his dad has done since he was like 13). "We are already packed and will be leaving shortly.'' he announced as he helped his mother to her feet and guided her back to their bedroom.

"I would appreciate your help son in loading the luggage out to the vehicle." which Timmy knew actually translated into he expected him to carry it all out there and to load it all into their SUV for them. Timmy did this ecstatically, barely able to contain his jubilation and unexpected good fortune.

As they pulled out, Timmy fought the urge to jump up and down with joy as his parent's car disappeared from sight. Timmy raced into the house to his phone and begin deliriously typing a message to JD:

"I'm on my way stud!!!"

Monday, September 28, 2020

Devil Dawg Donnelly's Chapter Four:


JD looked at his phone, it had been at least an hour since he left Timmy alone with Billy and JD was heading back now, if everything had gone according to plan, then his brother should have gotten what he wanted.
JD hated the thought of turning Timmy over to his sibling, he was afraid he'd hurt him, yeah Timmy liked it kinda rough, but he also liked to cuddle too and make out before and after and JD just couldn't see his big badass bro doing any of that except the rough part.
Worse yet, JD feared Timmy would hate him for this, that he'd blame him for it (which was kinda true) but JD knew, that the only thing his brother wanted from Timmy was sex, he'd use him abuse him and toss him aside, he'd never make out with him, would probably never cuddle with him he'd never do any of that other stuff, he didn't know Timmy like he did, he's never seen him doing his gymnastics, how graceful and talented he truly is, no, all his brother would ever want from him would be to use him for sex, just a wham bam get the fuck out until I need you next time.
As he was heading back, JD dreaded what he'd find, a bruised and battered Timmy was his biggest fear, how would Timmy explain that to his homophobic parents. No, Billy didn't care for Timmy, he hasn't sat with him while he cries about how hard it is for him at home, how his parents are always on him to do better, be perfect, like some kind of programmable robot, living their lives vicariously through their 18 year old son, expecting him, no insisting he be all virginal and chaste and save himself for his future wife, a wife they would help him pick.
Timmy lived in constant fear his parents would find out he's gay, that somehow, someway he'd slip up and they'd find out and send him away to some fix the gay group.
Not that everything was hopeless for Timmy, he did have a sort of plan, be as good as he can with the gymnastics, win a scholarship and go far, far away to college and never look back, get a good education, find a good job and fall in love with some hot guy and live his life openly without shame and free from his family's emotional shackles.
JD quickened his pace, he needed to get back there, he needed to make sure Timmy was okay, make sure his brother hadn't hurt him, but most of all he needed Timmy not to hate him, he really did care for him, it may not be love, but JD was sure it was more than just friendship that they shared, which was way more than he felt for that bitch Andrea or any of her viper squad, all those girls knew damn well all he ever did with any of them was a couple of make out sessions, never anything below belt, never, not until that stupid pre Halloween party Blake Riley had thrown, and Andrea and her entire viper squad was there with her, how she kept handing him beers and then rubbing on him constantly, if it wasn't her it was one of the others.
He'd learned later on from one of his other buds, that Andrea and her nasty bitch friends had laced the beer they were passing out to select jocks, with viagra and it was Andrea's plan to get one of them to knock her up, she didn't really care who and JD was the poor unfortunate sap that fell afoul of her nefarious plans.
Seems poor abused (yeah, that's sarcasm) Andrea was fed up with mommy and daddy constantly trying to tell her what to do, she wanted to make a statement, she wanted to do the one thing that would piss them off the most and she got what she wanted, JD fell for it, he didn't listen to his dad, he directly did exactly what his dad had told him not too, and to make it all the more worse, he realized that that made him no better than Andrea, hell, JD wasn't even that interested in girls, he'd had his eye on Timmy Anderson for quite some time, he just hadn't worked up the balls to do anything about it.
Now his dad was always mad at him, and with good reason and he had his brother and Baxter and even his uncle Carl constantly breathing down his neck.
That's why JD had been trying to take it all in stride and play it cool and low key, but then that opportunity with Timmy arose, kind of like they were being thrust together, stars in alignment sort of thing and they hit it right off and it was like they couldn't keep there hands off of each other, yeah sure it was mostly just lust but there was something else there too, but now, JD was afraid he'd thrown it all away, whatever "it" turned out to be...

Timmy was licking his balls again, Billy just moaned and let him, it felt so good, even though he'd just shot the biggest load of his life less than ten minutes ago, he was already boned up again, rock hard and droolin'.
Billy was kind of holding off however, he knew his little brother would be back soon and he didn't want to start something they might not have time to finish.
This was a good thing, he didn't want to spoil it, or push his luck, and he didn't want to replace JD in this kids affections, he knew that much when after they had recovered enough and their breathing was back to normal, that Timmy had moved up his body (licking his way up that is) and tried to kiss him.
Billy stopped him of course, he didn't love this kid, yeah what they did was mind blowing and extremely fun, but this was no love story and he wasn't looking for a boyfriend, nor did he want Timmy to think he did, nor did Billy want to ever be accused he led him on, no Billy thought it best he nip that right in the bud before it started, this was just about getting off for him, nothing more, he'd leave the romance to his brother, he got the distinct feeling there was something going on there anyway, in the beginning stages he'd bet, but it was obvious JD felt something for him, he hadn't quite made up his mind about Timmy though, since he just tried to kiss him, but he'd leave that to JD and Timmy to figure out, it had nothing to do with him.
Billy heard the front door open and could tell by the footsteps it was JD, he could see the shadow of someone's feet underneath his door and he hollered at JD to come in.
JD wasn't surprised seeing Timmy licking Billy's big hairy balls, he was surprised that Timmy didn't stop, just turned his head slightly, smiled up at him all the while continuing to lap his big brother's ball-sack. lick it like it was a big ol' lollipop.
"Ya might be back just a little early bro" Billy said, smiling down at Timmy and cupping his chin in his hand and stroking his cherubic cheek with his thumb.
"Why can't he just join us?" Timmy said, smiling like a cheap slut while looking hopefully back and forth between Billy and JD.
"Wuh?" Billy groaned unhappily: "You gonna suck us both off at the same time, you could barely fit my dick in your mouth by itself?"
Timmy giggled, and blushed slightly before looking back at JD: "there's more to having fun than just blowjobs." He reached over to JD and pulled him in by the waistband of his sweats, JD just smiled, thinking to himself: "Well at least I know now he ain't mad at me."
Billy watched as Timmy crawled over to the edge of the mattress and pulled JD's sweats down and swooped in gobbling his half hard dick into his mouth right down to the balls and started sucking, keeping his cock buried balls deep in his throat and stayed there for a good thirty seconds before he backed off and let JD's now spit soaked dick plop out and loudly smack up against his six pack abs with a very wet thump.
Billy kind of envied his brothers smaller dick or at least less thick dick, Billy wouldn't call 7 inches small, but JD's dick was probably a normal thickness, then again, he was only 16 all that could change over the next couple of years, it did for Billy, shit, he thought to himself, he was still growing and he was almost 18.
Billy huffed: "And exactly what am I supposed to be doing while you blow my little brother, because that ain't doing anything for me?
The smile and look that swept over Timmy's face was anything but innocent, lecherous was a word that came to Billy's mind, lecherous in a cute and totally disarming way of course, he thought, laughing to himself.
Timmy looked up at JD before saying, as he reached for his balls kneading them before wrapping his fingers around his dick and saying: "You up for it stud?"
JD smiled back at him, knowing exactly what Timmy wanted and he also knew it would probably weird his brother out, so yeah, he was up for it he grinned inwardly, just loving this side of Timmy.
Timmy looked at Billy, grinning lasciviously before turning back to JD, turning his head up toward him and opening his mouth wide with his tongue out, Billy watched with fascination as His brother tilted his head, looking right into Timmy's eyes before parting his lips and letting a huge stream of his spit drip from his mouth right into Timmy's, who then turned back to Billy, crawled up between his legs once again, looked up into his eyes opened his mouth, with his tongue cupped but slightly extended and showed Billy the big wad of his brothers spittle he held in his mouth, then closed his lips bowed his head and took Billy's swollen cock-head into his mouth and swirled his brothers mucous all over his glans, pulled back briefly, and allowed it to flow down his shaft, before stuffing his member back into his mouth and took about an inch pass the glans coronal ridge and started swirling the mucous around his member with his tongue, making Billy moan deeply with desire.
Billy watched his little brother move behind Timmy, who now had his legs spread wide ass up, jutting backwards toward him.
Billy watched as JD ran his hands up and down Timmy's strong muscular back, caressing his tight sinewy muscles from his hips to his lats, then back down to his bulging bubble butt.
Billy gave a bit of a jump when JD suddenly raised both hands open palmed and smacked them down hard onto Timmy's twin globes he watched as his brother smiled, bent over and kissed Timmy's butt at the top of his ass crack and slowly ran his tongue from the base of his spine right up to the back of his neck and then back again, just as slow, Billy felt the tingle clear down to his toes as Timmy moaned deeply around his throbbing shaft from what JD was doing to him.
Billy placed his right hand behind Timmy's head and moved up into a kneeling position and then ran his large left hand down Timmy's spine and into the top of his crack and back up to his lats. all while JD massaged the bulbous mounds of Timmy's muscle taut ass.
Billy ran both his hands down Timmy's back, leaning forward, driving his dick further into Timmy's mouth, pressing slightly passed the uvula, as Billy's hands came to rest on Timmy's twin mounds, Billy repeated his brothers earlier actions and smacked Timmy's ass with a loud :"THWAAAP", which forced Timmy further onto Billy's throat invading cock-head.
Timmy gagged, but tried to fight it, gulping like he did so many times while impaled on JD's dick, but Billy's dick was just so thick, the head so large that it not ony filled the back of his mouth it expanded and stretched it, Billy could feel the gagging, it actually sent waves of pleasure through his glans down his shaft right to his balls.
"Come on fag boi, you can do it" Billy groaned, then cautioned: "Don't make me do it for you, I won't be as gentle as you."
With that said Billy gave him another really loud whack on both cheeks of his ass, hitting so hard they left two large red hand prints.
JD just smiled, knowing Timmy loved this, he loved being dominated, not so sure about pain, but he liked when guys took control, so he knew he was loving this.
Billy let go of his ass, and returned to his upright position, on his knees and locked his fingers behind Timmy's head and pushed his cock to the back of Timmy's cock-sucking mouth.
"You're gonna take it all, you fucking queer or I'm gonna make you, just like last time" Billy paused momentarily letting it sink into Timmy's mind before he sank the large, blood engorged knob of his big fat dick into the entrance of his throat.
Timmy's lips felt stretched, his tongue forcibly flattened by the massive girth of Billy's invading prick and concentrated as hard as he could to relax his gag reflex and allow the burgeoning phallus to invade his constricted throat, with sweat running down his forehead and into his eyes he was able to finally pop the bloated, lemon sized glans into his expanding, over stretched throat.
Timmy squirmed, fighting the urge to gag, suppressing the need to cough the invader free, repel it, to unsheathe this fleshy pole. But Timmy fought it, he suppressed it, and like the other muscles in his body, he controlled it, mastered it (to an extent) and began gulping Billy's big dick back into his throat cavity almost into his esophagus.
Billy moaned, grinding his balls into Timmy's chin, rotating his hips in tight circles to help grind the last fraction of an inch into Timmy's hot sucking mouth.
Billy eased back after a few seconds, this wasn't going to be like last time, he intended to enjoy these new sensations, make them last before drowning this little cocksucker like he did before.
Timmy pushed forward slightly and sort of gurgled and moaned at the same time and Billy looked up from Timmy's face where he had been concentrating and enjoying so much of his pleasure, to see that his little brother had dropped down behind Timmy, the majority of his face hidden below Timmy's buttocks.
Timmy continued to moan louder even as he stuffed Billy's big cock-head back into his throat, enveloping it like a silky wet glove, plunging with lust all the way down to his hairy groin.
JD's forehead appeared over the crown of Timmy's twin moons, he looked right into his brothers eyes before spreading Timmy's twin peaks and slipped his face between them, Billy couldn't believe what he was seeing, was his brother kissing this fags ass cheeks, his crack?
No, it wasn't that, just then JD looked into his brothers eyes, with such pure wanton lust, his eyes glazed over, deeply ensnared by passion and his tongue crested the uppermost part of Timmy's magnificent crack.
"Damn" Billy said out loud, but noted to himself that his brother was indeed licking another dude's ass, that was simultaneously the grossest thing he has ever seen and the hottest.
"Eat that faggots ass", Billy moaned not being able to take his eyes off his little brothers mouth as it slid back down his crack and thrust forward..."Yeaaaaah" Billy snarled: "tongue that faggot's pussy."
Billy subconsciously licked his own lips, he didn't know whether it was because his lips suddenly went dry or he was vicariously helping his brother munch this queers bunghole.
Billy didn't know if he could ever do that, having only ever thought about eating a girls pussy before and how hot that would get him, but his brother sure looked like he was loving it!
"Damn bro" JD moaned, his voice thick with lust: "You should try it, faggot pussy is the best pussy" Then smiled wickedly and almost sang: "Faggot pussy is so good to eat I eat it everyday" Then added: "and for every meal, then have it for dessert and a midnight snack."
Billy chortled: "I take it ya kinda like faggot pussy bro?"
JD laughed too and they both high fived each other, an action that drove Billy's dick back to the balls in Timmy's throat much to his own delight.
"Ya wanna try it dude?" JD asked inquisitively: " Nah dude I'll pass right now, but who knows maybe later" he added.
JD took that for what it was, for Billy this was all new, he was still experiencing things on that level, JD knew that he'd be singing a different tune soon, but for now, he decided he was really gonna go for gold and give his brother something new to think about.
JD stood up and got behind Timmy, Billy watched intently as JD palmed the head and part of his shaft in his hand and began letting large wads of his spit drop onto the glans, which he smeared down to the base of his cock several times until his dick was slick and wet, then he placed the throbbing head against Timmy's tight pucker and began pushing slowly into his clenching little hole.
Timmy groaned loudly and Billy just stared in disbelief as his brother sheathed his rock hard rod into Timmy's hole.
"Geeeesus fuuukin Christ dude, are you fuckin' him?" Billy queried, still not sure he was believing what his eyes showed him.
JD smirked and answered: "Your damn str8 bro, it's twice as good as real pussy and take my word for it, only a fraction of the bother and trouble girl pussy brings ya."
Billy had no basis for comparison like his brother so he'd just have to take his word on it, but right now he was ready to really ram this queers tonsils, and began thrusting his fuckpole in and out of Timmy's slurping wet mouth pussy.
It took a little while, but eventually Billy and JD worked out a rhythm together and had Timmy see sawing back and forth between them, both his holes slurping up hard driving Donnelly dicks, moaning continuously in absolute ecstasy.
As their breathing and rhythm synchronized JD looked at his sweaty brother and said:" Ya wanna switch?
Billy didn't know how to answer having never done it before, he had difficulty believing his big dick would ever fit in such a tiny hole.
"Dude", JD pushed: "You are gonna love it!" JD pulled out of Timmy's ass and motioned for his older brother to move back with him.
Billy withdrew from Timmy's hot sucking mouth and scooted off the bed and joined his brother behind Timmy.
Billy watched with fascination as his little bro, slid back in, then slowly withdrew his dick from Timmy's hole, watched intently as the tight little pink ring clung to his dick and the actual "pop" sound it made when JD's plump cock-head plopped out and his dick smacked wetly up against his groin.
"Damn that looks hawt" Billy moaned.
"Feels even better bro" JD beamed: "You are so gonna love it!" He added, his grin almost as wide as his face.
"Wait right here dude" JD huffed as he ran out of the room, returning in only a few seconds later with a bottle of lube in his hand.
He popped the cap and squeezed a generous amount onto his brothers huge pecker and told him to spread it around with his fist, which Billy obediently did.
When his dick was practically dripping in the slimy cold goo, His brother reached over, but both hands on either side of his brothers hips and guided him into position.
Billy almost jumped out of his skin when he felt his brothers warm strong fingers wrap firmly around the base of his throbbing cock and eased him forward until the tip of his bloated knob touched the soft velvety tissue of Timmy's anus.
JD held his dick tight, got behind his brother and used his hips to help ease his brothers swollen cock-head into Timmy's tight hole.
Billy watched, his mouth hanging open as the lips of Timmy's hole pushed inward and began to part and slide over his glans.
His heart raced as he felt Timmy push back, trying to will his hole to open and accommodate the huge invading member.
With both JD and Timmy pushing equally hard, one of them forward the other backward, they were finally able to get the pulsating head of Billy's cock to pop through the sphincter into the tight confines of Timmy's clutching, over stretched hole.
Billy threw his head back in absolute ecstasy as Timmy continued to slide more of his turgid, steel hard pole into the depths of his now overstuffed rectal cavity.
Timmy felt almost virginal again as Billy's fat schlong stretched his hole beyond what it had ever been stretched before, about 3/4 of the way in Timmy felt it hit a barrier in the depths of his hole, he reached back between his legs and grabbed Billy's dick and tried shifting it around until he felt the bulbous tip of the glans hit a spot, that though small had some give to it, Timmy knew that was his inner sphincter, and was beyond where JD was able to reach, his dick not being long enough, but Billy's was and now Timmy was determined to lose this last refuge of his virginity to Billy's prodigious fuckstick.
Timmy pushed as hard as he could, trying desperately to will the inner sphincter open, until he was practically bouncing as hard as he could against it, but Billy's cock-head was just too big, his cock just too thick.
JD saw his frustration and saw the look of bewilderment on Billy's face, who was just all smiles and drunk with passion and sexual ecstasy, to realize what was needed, just the right amount of force at the right moment, and that moment was right now!
JD raised his foot, put it on his brothers rock hard ass cheeks and thrust his brother forward as hard as he could, Timmy cried out in pain as Billy's fat dickhead ripped its way through his inner sphincter and the last couple of inches claimed the last of his virginity, It was in that moment that Billy lost all sense of reality, his full weight collapsed on top of Timmy pushing him into the mattress.  Billy's powerful arms wrapped around his waist forcing Timmy's hips upward, embedding every last fraction of Billy's pulsating, spasming dick into the furthest reaches of his now obstructed bowels, to Billy it was pure heaven, he instinctively ground his pubes against Timmy's anal ring and began to hump rapidly and tightly using only his hips like some wild animal in rut.
"Fuuuckin' that Puuuuusy, fwwwuuukin it" Billy growled deep in his hairy chest and for the next two minutes that's all he said, over and over before he practically roared in a deep animalistic bass howl and his body began to spasm and twitch uncontrollably as his huge cock blasted Timmy's insides with hot molten sperm, Timmy's eyes rolled back in his head as his own 5" cock exploded with ropes of jizz blasting onto the covers of the mattress under him.
JD saw Timmy's mouth wide open in ecstatic joy so he decided to take full advantage of it and rammed his dick down Timmy's throat and joined the duet in carnal, orgasmic passion, spewing ropes of jetting cum down Timmy's gullet as his older brother kept chanting, grunting and humping:  "Fwwwwuuuking dat pwwwuuusssy" over and over until he collapsed sprawled out full weight on top of Timmy, who just laid there, with the most happy, stupid grin on his face as JD pulled his still oozing cock from his mouth and began wiping it on Timmy's face, when he saw him, from the corner of his eye, their dad, hands on his hips standing in Billy's bedroom doorway.
JD's jaw dropped as both Billy and Timmy turned their heads in slow motion, a look of horror painted on their faces as they realized who it was!
"When you bois are done playin' with your friend" he calmly declared, a big smile on his face: "I brought home some pizza for lunch" they looked at each other in shock as they watched their dad turn around and head back up the hallway, whistling like he didn't have a care in the world.


Shit meet fan, that's the image that was now dominating Billy Donnelly's every thought.
How the hell was he going to explain this to his dad, in fact, what were any of them going to say?
JD just kept looking at him like he was desperate for guidance, needing his big brother to tell him what to do, while Timmy just whimpered on the bed, looking like he could burst into tears at any moment.
The only real answer that came to Billy's mind, was to own it, what else could they do really?
He turned to Timmy, the one person who seemed to be in more distress than either he or JD, this wasn't his fault, he was here because he had maneuvered him into being here.
"Timmy?"  Billy  spoke softly, get your clothes and go to the bathroom and get cleaned up, and pull yourself together and join us out there, okay?
Billy knew he was terrified, and was trying to be as comforting as he could be under the circumstances.  
"This is my fault" He said: "And I'll take responsibility for it" He reached over and put his hand on Timmy's shoulder, trying to be as gentle as he could be.
Timmy looked into his eyes, looking into his for some kind of hope.
Billy understood what Timmy's fears were instantly: "Don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen to you" he assured him, pulling him toward him, hugging him then pushing him back by the shoulders and repeated what he had said before: "Pick up your clothes, go across the hall and get cleaned up okay?
Timmy cast his eyes downward but silently nodded his head and proceeded gathering his clothes from the floor.
Billy turned to JD who was already pulling up his sweat pants and looking for his T-shirt.
"Guess there's nothing else left to do bro" He said looking at his brother who looked back as hopelessly as Billy felt as he struggled to pull his T-shirt over his shoulders.
"Time to face the music dude"  Billy concluded, pulling on a clean pair of board shorts from his dresser drawer.
Billy turned and was about to head out his bedroom door when his brother reached out and clasped his shoulder, stopping him, he turned back looking at him questioningly.
"Don't you think it's just a bit odd bro?" JD queried then clarified: "Was it just me or did he seem like he was cool with what we were doing?" He paused, then added: "Or am I just being crazy?"
"There's only one way we are gonna find out and it's this way dude" Billy stated flatly and turned back and headed out the door and down the hallway to go face their dad.

Max Donnelly stood at one of the counters in the kitchen, fumbling with one of the two pizza boxes he had picked up on his way home.
He had taken off early and had messaged Carl McGregor to join him here and was expecting him any moment. He'd already laid out a handful of paper plates and some napkins on the table, getting things ready for his boy's when they worked up the courage to join him.
Max Smiled to himself, rather amused at the fear he could smell coming from the back bedrooms, that and the smell of sex, sperm, sweat and testosterone.
Was there anything better in life he asked himself, shaking his head no and laughing to himself.
He anxiously awaited his boy's joining him, and could hear them start shuffling their way down the hallway.
He quickly posed himself, arms crossed over his chest, feet apart and leaning casually against the counter with as stern a look as he could muster before his boy's came through the kitchen door.
It took everything Max had not to laugh his ass off, barely being able not to giggle when they came shuffling themselves slowly into the kitchen, heads bowed, looking so forlorn, like they were going to their execution.
Just as he suspected, his oldest stepped forward, his youngest, head and shoulders bowed, looking very much like he was trying to collapse within himself and blink out of existence.
"" His oldest stammered slowly raising his head to meet his father's eyes.
"I... um... I mean we..." God Max thought this was better than anything on comedy central, Max was struggling now, barely able to contain himself from a gut busting, doubled over laugh.
"Spit it out son" Max said as deeply and sternly as he could muster: "I'm waiting?" he added tapping his foot for dramatic effect.
Good god he thought the kid could blow chunks any moment now he was so scared.
" what we did....we, um...Billy trailed off, unable to find the words he wanted to say when just then Uncle Carl came through the back door toting a six pack of beer and a duffel bag, which he dropped on the laundry room floor then came into the kitchen and bellowed: "Howdy all, wuzzup, why is everyone lookin' so glum?"
Max strained now, he knew Carl wasn't up to speed on what was happening and Max decided to see how far he could milk it, this was just too much fun to pass up.
"Do you want to explain to your uncle Carl William, or shall I?" He taunted Billy trying to add to his distress by using his son's formal name, which he only ever used when he was in deep trouble.
Carl didn't know what was going on, but he didn't smell any anger coming from Max, if anything he sensed the exact opposite...what game is he playing at here, the smell of fear coming from both Billy and JD was palpable, that and the smell of recent sexual activity, but not with a female, but with a ho...He let that thought drop for the time being.
Carl looked instead at Billy, the kid looked terrible and his brother looked worse, what was Max playing at?
Carl crossed over to Billy and put his hand on his shoulder, comfortingly: "What's up Billy, you can tell me."
Billy tried looking Carl in the eyes, tried lifting his head, he tried to get his throat to work, his lips to form the words, he just couldn't.
Carl swore he could hear a barely perceptible chuckle from Max and whirled around and confronted him.
"What's this about Max?" Carl demanded, certain now Max was just playing one of his silly games, toying with his sons.
"Dad caught us..." came the small voice behind him, it was Billy.
"Caught you what? Carl demanded taking both of Billy's shoulders in his hands, insisting on a response.
Without raising his face which was bright red from embarrassment and shame he whispered: He caught us with a boy in my room"
Aww, Carl thought to himself, the missing piece...Carl just shook his head and muttered to himself: "Max you asshole."
Carl took his right hand and lifted Billy's chin, trying to look him in the eyes which Billy kept shifting, too ashamed to make contact.
"By caught" Carl mused:" I assume you mean you were having sex with?"
Carl just shook his head as Billy bowed his head even further and just barely nodded and whispered: "Yes."
Carl just threw his hands up and laughed: "Is that all, I thought somebody got hurt or died."
"Bu...but we..."Billy stammered confused why Carl was laughing at him.
"Seriously kid" Carl chuckled: "Your dads banged more than his share of guys over the years, it seems awfully suspicious he's going all puritanical on ya now."
"Boys?!" Carl boomed: "snap out of it, he's messing with ya."
Billy raised his head and stared directly at his dad who just burst out laughing and walked over to him and put his arm around his son and gave him a noogie with the other.
"Damn kid"  His dad laughed: "Relax and quit taking things so seriously"
Billy and JD just looked confused, not exactly sure how to take their dad at the moment.
Carl grabbed one of the pizza boxes and brushed pass them on his way to the table and jabbed Max in the abdomen: "That was cruel, funny but cruel" then he added: "I think you owe your boy's a beer for that prank." as he proceeded to shove a can into first Billy's then JD's hands.
"Sit boy's" Carl demanded as he opened the pizza box and took a slice.
Max came over and sat next to Carl, who high fived him as he sat down, still chuckling at his boy's.
Billy and JD still looked confused, not sure what to say let alone think and right now eating was the last thing they were thinking about.
Max saw this and finally took pity on his boy's and decided to put them out of their misery.
"Boy's!?" He began: "It's okay, I don't care how you get off, so long as you don't violate the code." He leveled a stare at JD, who chafed under his father's sudden scrutiny.
JD so wanted to blurt out what really happened with Andrea and why, but in the end he knew it really didn't matter, he was still guilty, he still broke his father's trust and he knew he'd always be trying to live that down, he just wished he could go back in time and tell himself to stay home that night, and to stay as far away as he could from Andrea Thomas.
Billy picked up on the change in his brothers mood, and ran his hand down his brothers back trying to comfort him, especially after everything else they'd been through today.
"It's okay dude" Billy whispered: "We'll work it out, we're still your family and we always will be!"
"Here Here" Carl added, picking up on Billy's sentiment and raising his can in salute.
"To family" his dad echoed as they all raised their beers and clicked them together before swilling them down and slamming the empty cans to the table.
It was just then that a very timid and pale Timmy Anderson, as quietly as possible entered the room, head and shoulders down, his fingers clutching at each other, fumbling at the hem of his sweatshirt.
Max Donnelly stood up, followed by his right hand man and lifelong best friend and companion Carl and in full parade rest, cheerfully welcomed Timmy.
"Get up boys" Max demanded of his sons: "Have you no manners?"
Billy and JD looked at both their father and at Carl and turned their heads as they rose to their feet to look at Timmy, who just blushed and fidgeted from all the unwanted attention.
He had never felt so awkward and out of place.
Max pulled out a chair right beside him at the table and beckoned Timmy to sit down.
When Timmy didn't move his dad stepped forward and said: "We would be honored if you'd join us for lunch" He paused pulling out the chair next to him and then reiterated: "please Timmy, sit with us."
Timmy shuffled over and quietly sat down, they all watched as Max put his hand on the back of Timmy's neck and started rubbing him, like one does when comforting a child.
"Are you okay?" Max asked him: "I didn't scare you earlier did I?"
"A little" Timmy offered meekly, offering Max only the briefest of side glances.
"Then I apologize, that was not my intent." Max said, still massaging Timmy's neck.
Timmy tentatively looked Max in the eyes: ``You aren't mad about" he said, looking furtively at Billy and JD.
Max beamed, and smiled ear to ear: "Why would I be upset with my boy's for enjoying themselves with someone who is so obviously as beautiful as you?"
Timmy blushed even more, but Max's words had the desired effect, Timmy smiled and Max could feel some of the tightness and tension fade from Timmy's shoulders and neck as he began to relax.
"Do you like pizza?" Max asked Timmy.
"Sure" Timmy softly responded.
Max reached over and grabbed a paper plate and a couple of napkins and set them in front of Timmy and took a slice of Pizza from the box in the center of the table and placed it in front of Timmy.
 "Can I get you something to drink" He offered: A Coke, milk or water?"
"Can I have a beer?" he asked demurely and smiled.
Max roared with laughter: "You got balls kid, I like that!" then turned and grabbed a beer from beside Carl, opened it and handed it to Timmy.
"Thanks." Timmy smiled and then batted his eyes, an action not missed by either Max nor his sons Billy and JD.
"Damn your beautiful" Max almost cooed, as he lifted a finger to the loose golden blond stray locke of curly hair on Timmy's forehead and brushed it back with the others on top of his head, before returning to the back of his neck and massaging his shoulders and neck and even stroking the very short hairs on the back of Timmy's head.
"Ahem." Carl interrupted:  "don't we have something to be discussing right now?" He asked trying to turn Max's attention to other matters (other matters meaning other than fawning over Timmy)
"Right you are Carl." Max's attention seemed to instantly refocus as he withdrew his hand from fondling Timmy's neck to fiddling with his other hand on top of the table.
"The reason I'm home early today" He began: "was to fetch my boy's and of course Carl here and then swing by and pick up Baxter" He looked at Billy who looked at him questioningly: "We're heading up to the lodge this afternoon to stay for the weekend."
Both Billy and JD could barely contain their enthusiasm, letting out a hoot or two and a bro double high five. They loved going up to the lodge and staying in the cabin or even going hiking and camping out under the stars.
"Don't get too excited" their dad cautioned: "We're going for a reason." Both Billy and JD inwardly sighed wondering what that meant.
They listened intently as their dad explained: "It's just three more weeks until young William here, comes into his Heritage and takes up the mantle of manhood." Billy could almost hear the pride in his father's voice and Billy held his head up higher, hoping to live up to his father's expectations, while he simultaneously wondered exactly what this ceremony would entail and exactly what would be expected of him?
He remembered his older brother Mike coming back and how strained things became between him and their father after his 18th birthday, Billy could never find out from Mike what had happened but it was obvious Mike wasn't happy about it and as time passed, became more and more withdrawn right up to the time he graduated, he didn't even wait around a single day after before he was off to boot-camp.
Both Billy and JD felt his loss in their lives and they still missed him being around.
There were still things Billy wanted answers too, and he sincerely hoped those answers would be forthcoming after his ceremony, his dad did promise him that a great many things would become clearer after he came into his Heritage.
Billy had often asked his dad what that meant and he always got the same response, his dad would simply say it wasn't something that could be explained it was something you have to experience.  That the ceremony reveals everything and he promised Billy there was no need to worry, every Donnelly man has gone through it and every single one survived.
Billy turned his attention back to what his dad was saying.
"We are taking some lawn mowers and weed eaters and other gardening tools with us, so we can do some clearing to make way for Billy's ceremony." His dad explaining the what, when, why's for their visit before smiling and adding: "Don't fret boys you can still all go skinny dipping at night and maybe have a little bit of time in the morning to go fishing." he reached over and ruffled both his sons hair as he stood up and said they all needed to finish up so they can get things loaded and head on out.

Baxter Whitmore was busily selecting items from his closet and dresser drawers and stuffing them into his military issue duffel bag, it was his dads at one time and his mom let him have it to use, it was one of the few things that Baxter had that was his dads; every time he took it out to pack with he had this little ritual he'd perform in deference to his dad, he'd trace the letters of his father's last name and then speak his name when he finished W.H.I.T.M.O.R.E. U.S.M.C. Sgt. Russel Whitmore United States Marine Corps.
Baxter knew his dad has been dead for 8 years, but it sometimes still felt like he could just walk right through the front door, a front door he knew nothing about, because his dad never lived in this house, but still, it was there, 8 years later and the memory of his father was still with him, he'd come to realize and accept it always would be, but he also regretted not really getting to know his dad as well as he wanted too, but even more so, he wondered what his dad would think of him, who and more importantly what his son was.
Baxter was certain his dad would be proud of his academic grades (straight "A's") and he was equally certain his dad would be proud of his wrestling skills and achievements, still, there was more to Baxter than those things, they were only part of the whole and no one, not even his lifelong best friend Billy Donnelly or his mom knew everything about him.
There were parts he kept locked away, that no one ever got to see, but to be truthful, it was weighing him down, it sometimes felt like there was a caged animal clawing to get out, one Baxter was certain would rip his life to shreds and destroy everything he has worked for, drive everyone he cared about away from him.
But then there was Billy, there was always Billy, everything in his life seemed to center around him, for as long as he could remember, even when his dad was still around, there was Billy, When his dad died, there was Billy, holding him, crying with him comforting him, reminding him how much his dad loved him, then there were the sleep overs as kids, there was Billy, laying next to him, the smell of his hair, the natural scent of his musk, the way he moved, with confidence, never a moment's doubt in who he was and what he was capable of, and when Baxter was with Billy, he always felt the same way.
Every single moment of Baxter's life the good, the bad, the highs and lows the only absolute, ever persistent constant was... Billy.
Yet, there was a creature that tore at him and clawed to get out, but that creature wanted only one thing; it was the same thing, the same constant that has always been there, it was Billy.
While Billy lives his life basically without fear and Baxter tries for the most part to do the same, emulating his life long friend his self declared brother, the one he's known all along is a lie, because Baxter knows the real truth, he knows the creature, he lives side by side with it every day, sometimes it takes every ounce of Baxter's strength to hold back the onslaught, the fiery tempest that burns within the beast he knows will destroy his life and even more frightening, drive away the one constant in his life...Billy.
There have been so many times that Baxter fought himself over this and every time he has managed to fight it off, reason it away, hold it back, cage it up and take away its voice. silence it. but all this effort, all his strength goes to caging the beast, and Baxter is tired, worn out from the constant never ending more! It was less than three weeks until Billy's 18th birthday, the day his father and the man who has served in his own fathers stead, picking up the mantle in memory and duty to honor his birth fathers memory would guide his best friend into manhood and in less than a month afterward swore to guide Baxter on that same journey, to become a man, how can Baxter become a man when he can't even be who he is, when he's too afraid to tell the person that means the most in the world to him, the truth, how can he stand before the man who would steer him into manhood knowing it was all a lie?
Baxter was tired, tired of lies, tired of holding back, tired of not being wholly himself, tired of not saying the things that needed to be said and said to the people that needed to hear it.
When Max Donnelly contacted Baxter's mom this morning and told her to have Baxter gather clothes for a weekend stay up at their family lodge and cabin right as Baxter was totally focused on how he should proceed with his life, he took it as an omen, that omen being, to set himself free, let the beast out of the cage to reveal him to the one person that deserved to know the real him...Billy.
Now is the time, while he still had the chance to do so before Billy becomes a man, he wanted to do this, no... he needed to do this he needs to face his inner demons and he needed to honor the memory of his father by living it to its fullest, with head held high, no regrets, to look the beast right in the eye and tell him the truth....I love you Billy.