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Devil Dawg Donnelly's Chapter One:

Billy Donnelly killed the engine of his Boom 125cc motorcycle right before he made the turn into their driveway.
Since they've moved five miles away, Billy was forced to use some of his hard earned summer job, save for college money to buy this cheap motorcycle, just so he and his best bro Baxter could still work out on base in the gym weight room.
Ever since their dad, Sgt. Max Donnelly, had made the decision (because of his stupid, horny little brother) to move off base and down the road about 5 miles, into an old 3 bedroom trailer.
His dad and his buddy Carl had set the trailer up on a small plot of land he bought right off the main road, Billy had made it his personal duty to keep tabs on his 16 year old brother JD, since it was his fault their dad had made that call.
Not that base housing was really any better than what they had now, but it was a lot more convenient using on base facilities, especially the gym, where he and his life long best bro Baxter Whitmore could just walk the 10 minutes it took from the Donnelly residence.
True, he used to have to go pick Baxter up, since he lived off base with his mom, but that was just a couple of streets down from the side gate they used going to and from each other's houses.
Though Baxter was a Marine Corps. brat through and through like Billy, after Baxter's dad was killed in Afghanistan, back when Baxter was 9 years old, he and his mom had to move from base housing to a civilian home a couple of roads down from the base and Billy would have to meet Baxter at the side guard gate so he could bring Baxter on base as a guest on his military dependent ID card; guess being a gold-star Marine brat wasn't enough to warrant continued access to on base facilities after his dad died; Baxter never complained though, the death benefits his mom got pretty much paid for their home, with enough money left over for his mom to put aside a modest college fund for him, that is if they survived their upcoming senior year of high-school and their senior year state wrestling standing and hopeful championship.
It was just the beginning of summer vacation, but Billy was getting very suspicious of his brothers coming and going with his new bestie Timmy Anderson.
What made Billy suspicious is the fact the two of them had absolutely nothing in common either socially or academically. Timmy was a full year older than JD, he was roughly the same age as Billy and would be a senior this year as well and he was one of the schools best gymnasts, even placing very highly in the state gymnastic competition this last year and a grade "A" student academically.
Even more odd, Timmy came from a very religious conservative civilian family and from Billy's perspective, the guy was the polar opposite of his brother; where as JD was extremely brash, crude and outgoing, Timmy was bashful, quite and one of the most socially backward persons he knew of, his strict family upbringing sheltered him from the exposure to the diverse social structure that Billy, JD and their older brother Mike had grown up with just from being military brats.
It was almost comical how many different shades of red Timmy's face would turn just spending 5 minutes listening to JD boisterously swear his way through whatever ludicrous scenario crossed his mind, mostly lurid gossip he'd garnered from his jock buddies on the school football team.
Timmy was way to naive and innocent, he could barely look you in the eye without blushing and averting his own, but right after the "Incident" late last fall and their dads decision to move them off base, JD just kind of latched onto Timmy and just seemed to revel in seeing how many different ways he could embarrass and make Timmy blush.
It's not like JD was purposely trying to torment the guy, they were just that different from each other, but for some strange reason, that Billy had yet to determine, they had become almost inseparable and from what he knew, their friendship was very much on the down-low from Timmy's family, Billy doubted his parents even knew they hung out almost every single day. JD just being himself would probably totally mortify the Anderson's, especially if they knew their angelic, poster child perfect baby boy was besties with a trash talking Marine Corps brat, chiefly someone of JD's scandalous reputation, for the most part after word of mouth got around about JD's blow up "Incident" last year.
Billy still seethed at his little brothers unbridled stupidity, their dad gave them a lot of leeway, especially since their mom seemed to have abandoned them back when Billy was just seven years old, it was a hard thing to deal with for him and his brothers, even Mike their older brother, who was ten at the time, couldn't recall things being bad enough for her to just up and split, without even so much as saying kiss my ass before up and leaving, yeah, she and dad would argue about stuff, but they always seemed to make up pretty quickly and she never let on or gave any indication that things were so rough or terrible for her that she needed to get away from dad, it's not like he ever (not to any of their knowledge anyway)threatened her and he never physically harmed her, that was something she really couldn't have hidden from them, mainly their older brother Mike, he and their mother were always particularly close, but even he was (maybe even a little more so) surprised she just up and left, without so much as a goodbye.
Even worse was the fact there was never any further communication from her. All three of them were certain that dad knew more than he was saying, but they all pretty much assumed he did so out of concern for them; Billy always felt his dad was protecting them from her real motives and the fact she hadn't, not even once, tried to contact any of them, always reinforced that feeling, at least from Billy's perspective. Mike on the other hand, as he grew older, seemed to emotionally distance himself from their father, it really came to a head right after his 18th birthday, it wasn't long after that and as soon as he graduated, he joined the Marines himself and moved away only coming home twice since then, once after boot camp and then to say goodbye when he got stationed in Germany.
He did occasionally shoot Billy and JD a short email, but it was always the typical "everything's fine, doing great" kind of stuff, just enough to let them know he was still alive.
Billy's mood continued to sour dredging up all these bad memories as he first glided, then dismounted and pushed his bike down the S shaped driveway that curved through the trees on the gravel that paved their road, to the back where their trailer was, hidden from site of the main road.
Just as Billy suspected, he saw his brother's bike and more importantly Timmy's little red Jeep Wrangler parked near the front of the trailer.
It was 1:36 pm, and JD was supposed to be at baseball practice from noon until 3pm, or so he had told Billy and his dad this morning before their dad left for work.
Typical, he still hasn't learned his lesson, but then again, JD for the last two years has seemed determined to get on their dad's last nerve, like what he's done already wasn't bad enough and brought the wrath of Sgt. Max Donnelly down on both their heads.
Their dad wasn't a man you fucked with and Billy would have thought that was now crystal clear after the punishments dished out by their very angry father when he found out JD broke the golden Donnelly rule that had been repeatedly laid out by their very intimidating, no bullshit tolerated father.
Now to the casual observer, you would think this was a minor boy's will be boy's infraction, but the truth is, JD broke the trust their father placed in all his boy's when it came to following his non contestable golden rule: No girlfriends, no dating until we graduated high-school and moved out on their own.
They all knew his reasoning, being a Sgt. in the Marine Corps, their dad has seen boy after boy, who couldn't control their raging hormones, ruin their lives by getting girls knocked up.
As a matter of fact, as he laid it out to all of them, almost half the guys coming through his doors to be trained on how to kill and break things for the United States Marine Corps, were there because they bred some high-school girl because they were to stupid or selfish to wear a condom and were either trying to escape the responsibilities of fatherhood or were now trying to pick up the pieces to their shattered lives, while any dreams of college or other future ambitions were ruined, or like so many had promising sports careers now laid wasted by unwanted fatherhood or impending fatherhood.
No girls, period, until you were eighteen, on your own supporting yourself!
Yes, Billy hated the rule just as much as JD did, and he suspected Mike shared their sentiment, Billy's best bro Baxter did as well, seeing as their dad, having known Baxter's father for many years, took up the mantle of male role model and authoritarian and if necessary disciplinary figure (something Baxter's mom very much encouraged) made it all to clear to Baxter, the rule extended to him as well.
The upshot, though hardly compensatory to their raging, red blooded, always horny teen libidos, dad gave them carte blanche to beat their meat anytime they wanted too, to any porn mags usually laying about the place (Playboy, Hustler etc.) not to mention the free porn vids available online using their phones and he kept them supplied with bottles of lube and to be fair, their dad never brought chicks home to bang, yeah there were times dad would come sneaking in late at night or messaging them stating he was going to be out all night.
No, he didn't flaunt the fact that he was this 6'2" muscle hardened, dark haired, furry, well trained machine that dripped masculinity and testosterone and could probably have any woman he wanted to flaunt in their faces, no, Sgt. Max Donnelly was a man who knew about self control and attempted to lead his sons by example.
Apparently though, that wasn't enough for JD.
Billy knew he should have suspected something, he knew JD was sometimes sneaking out at night, but it was usually because one or more of his football bros would come knocking on his bedroom window and try and convince him to go raid the officer quarters outdoor beer machines on base and bring it to them so they could go party, Billy knew this because his brothers room was and still is, right next to his and he could hear them beg and whine until either JD got pissed off and told them to fuck off or, more times than not, capitulated and snuck out and left with them in tow.
Still, despite how intimidating their father could be, too late their dad discovered that JD apparently was hounding after several girls throughout base housing.
Billy use to think that his brother sneaking back in at night or early morning as the case maybe and his brother hitting the showers was to wash away the beer smells, knowing their dad had this very acute sense of smell, like, he could literally find a bag of potato chips anywhere in the house just by sniffing it out, but in hindsight it was to wash away the smells of teen girl perfumes and other bodily scents.
Billy didn't know exactly how serious things had gotten or exactly how incredibly stupid and reckless his brother was being until all hell broke loose on an early November late afternoon when their very enraged father practically burst through the front door, Billy knew his dad as this imposing strong figure, one that was both feared and respected by the men who served with him and those few men whom he called friend and made part of their extended family dynamic, but Billy had never seen that kind of fiery rage behind his fathers eyes before and it had sent a shiver of fear down his spine and another when his dad, almost growling the words asked: "Where's your brother?"
Billy could still remember the cold chill that passed through him with the intensity of his father's glare, a glare that bore right into his very soul and threatened to reduce the entire house to rubble if he didn't like the response.
Billy remembered so well how the escalating intensity behind that glowering gaze magnified as his dad took two steps toward him and repeated his demand. To his recollection, Billy also recalled, just for an instant or by some trick of possible reflective ambient lighting, his father's deep blue eyes seemed to flash a brilliant blue around his corneas.
Barely able to muster the fortitude to respond in words that didn't seem to want to coalesce in his fear restricted throat, he meekly gestured toward his brother's bedroom, while simultaneously wondering what hell he might have just unleashed on his unsuspecting younger sibling.
Like a preamble to a cacophonous thunderhead a sort of eye of the storm effect filled their home as the near imperceptible steps of his towering father reached the door to his brothers room, Billy gasped slightly and held his breath as his father's right hand, almost appearing to be moving in a very cinematic slow motion effect touched the doorknob to JD's room, Billy vicariously and palpably either through intuition or the heightened senses that seemed to slow and enhance his entire surroundings, felt or sensed that the door was locked.
In that instant, time seemed to stand still, before, with a speed and ferocity of near herculean strength he watched as his father almost effortlessly ripped the door and half the framed molding away in an explosion of wood shards and debris, he watched as his father seemed to casually toss aside the remnants of the door to his side as he stepped into the room, almost instantly transposing the distance between the shattered portal of JD's room to his bed, where a startled and unsuspecting JD found himself snatched to his feet from his previous prone position and hurled into the hallway where he slammed to the floor on his hands and knees, completely caught of guard and totally unprepared at the ferocity of his father's strength.
JD flipped to his back, partially supported by his elbows to confront the frightening visage of his enraged father, whose face had become a fiord of snarling, angry facial lines; his usually calm masculine features, squared jawline, dimpled cheeks and even the comely divot in his wide chin and broad, thick lips, which more than casually anyone would find appealing if not outright handsome was completely contorted into a mask of anger, rage and... disappointment?
Billy watched helplessly, as if bound by intense localized gravitational forces to the spot he was standing on when his father, mere moments ago, had disrupted the quiet serenity of this unseasonably warm November evening and ripped his little brother from the very room he once viewed as a sanctuary of privacy.
Billy stood helplessly as his father scooped JD up from the floor with one hand by the front of his sweatshirt, toting him into the air, his legs dangled pendulously, swaying back and forth as they desperately sought purchase to the ground nearly a foot below his feet.
Even from his side view perspective, Billy could see the abject terror etched into JD's face and eyes, an expression that deepened even further as the full force of his fathers vehemence clutched him inches from his face before nearly spitting words so full of anger and disappointment: "You have no idea what you have done" his fathers voice so deep and the near growling sound not only that of anger but tinged with near... anguish?
JD's father shoved him to the floor before nearly spitting the words: "You've ruined whatever future you might have had before." his father's voice almost cracking but continuing: "And for what, a few moments of casual pleasure?"
With a look of confused bewilderment JD barely, audibly mumbled: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Billy watched as his dad's large fingers curled into fist that kept clenching and unclenching at his sides before spitting accusationally: "Sarah Nichols ring a bell, how about Michelle Touts or Rebbecca Wheeler?
JD sat up, bringing his hands to his face forming a mask he intended to shield him from his father's litany of his willful transgressions and lurid liaisons; like a kid caught with his hands in a cookie jar JD's head bowed before haltingly and halfheartedly disavowing his carnal actions off as nothing more than casual fun: "I didn't do anything they didn't want me too" he offered feebly as if it justified his actions and disobedience.
Billy saw his father slowly squat before his brother then quickly snatched him by his shoulders and jerked him forward until their noses were almost an inch from each other, the laser like intensity of his gaze instantly causing his brother to cast his eyes downward in shame and embarrassment of his father's disapproving glare.
"Nothing they didn't want?" his father spat with a snarling, deep almost growling rumble: "How about Andrea Thomas?"
JD shot back, almost defiantly: "We only did it the one time!"
Billy's mind filled with the remembrance of his father's disdainful reproach after shoving his brother away from him and standing, looking down on his youngest son, shaking his head from side to side before almost calmly stating: "Well guess what sport, it only takes one time!"
Billy felt his heart skip a beat, hell maybe a few as the light of awareness went on and spread perceptibly across his brothers now shocked face.
"Yup sport" their dad spat out almost mockingly before bringing the hammer of truth down squarely on his youngest son's shoulders: "Welcome to fatherhood dumb-ass!"

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