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Devil Dawg Donnelly's Chapter 11:


"Is that even possible?" queried Elder Heinrich Voigt, he knew from experience that blending two different plant species was possible, he himself crossed various different orchid strains together, but even then the outcome was usually unpredictable trial and error, and if he was going to commit the amounts of funding this woman was seeking to continue her research, he needed far greater assurances of her success than just her saying so, he wanted proof.

Monaca Donnelly was finding this all extremely tedious, she had far more important things to do than be paraded around by her benefactor Ryker Von Krause to every self grandiosing moron who didn't know eukaryotes from monotremes, seriously this man was even more arduous than that buffoon her ex-husband Max endlessly subjected her too, Danal Cornelius who was every bit a smug knuckle dragging neanderthrallic prick as her faggot ex husband Max was.

Someday soon, she would be free of these misogynistic ass-wipes, but right now, her work was at a crucial stage, she needed them for now, or more precisely she needed their money to continue her research, so she just bit her tongue and smiled like some cankerous whore speaking as one would to a child: "My studies have been tracking what are called "jumping genes" these jumping genes are actually small pieces of DNA that can copy themselves throughout a genome and are known as transposable elements, do you follow me?" She knew he didn't, none of them ever did, but she played the game: "What I am attempting falls closer to cross species hybridization, I have found that cross-species transfers, even between plants and animals, have occurred frequently throughout evolution."

While all that was true, she smirked inwardly knowing she was leaving out the cross sex/gender aspect of her experiments, knowing full well these two were deeply vested in their "boys only club" misogynistic mentality, which was at the heart of her research.

She was fed up with men like these, men like her husband who brainwashed impressionable young idiots like her children. Children, that was a joke; she didn't have children. She was infected by a self absorbed monster and used as an incubator for its progeny.

If it was the last thing she ever did, she was going to remedy that, but for now, she played their game, just not by their rules: "Basically Elder Heinrich, what I am doing is best described as cross-species transmission, also called interspecies transmission." she paused trying to keep it as simple as possible but concise enough to sell this dunderhead: "It's a matter of finding the right vehicle to host jump, or spillover by finding the right virus or viral grouping I hope too introduce this virus into an individual of a new host species, to infect that individual and spread throughout a new host population and permanently alter it's DNA.

Again she left out the second part of her plan, to simultaneously create a viral vehicle that would eradicate specific genomes, like the one these idiots had coursing through every cell of their bodies. God how she would love to see the look on her husband's face when she unleashed that on him and his precious kids and that insufferable bitch of his Carl.

"I think you'll agree Elder Voigt" Ryker Von Krause interjected: "That Monaca's work for us has vast potential."

"Yes" Heinrich agreed, it did have potential: "It does have merit and I could see how it could benefit us, but on the other hand it could be a devastating weapon against us in the wrong hands."

Monaca frowned, maybe this one wasn't as stupid as she originally thought, but she could still pull this off: "Then it would behoove you to sponsor my work Elder, it would be foolish to believe that I'm the only one in the world working on something like this."

"Precisely" Ryker ran with her train of thought, just as she knew the moron would: "We need to get there first, be prepared for any contingency, I think it boils down to the old axiom: "Rule or be ruled" He paused for dramatic effect: "I for one choose to rule, I refuse to bend to any man's will but my own!"

Elder Voigt now addressed Monaca directly: "If we grant you the funds what is your projected timetable to a viable application of your treatment?"

YES, she had them, she did a mental high five with herself knowing she had played them for the fools they were: "We are very close, even now I'm extracting more samples as we speak!" she raised her hand toward the large window above the control panel in front of her, two test subjects strapped down to reclining medical chairs with IV's connected to their arms pumping out their blood into the collection bags beside them while interns monitored the flow.

"I'm inclined toward believing you Ms. Donnelly" Elder Voigt said softly, looking at the handsome young blond Marine strapped into the chair on the right: "Especially knowing that one of your test subjects is your very own first born son!



"I'm tellin' ya it'll work dude" Davy Turner was adamant his plan would work, JD looked to Jason Dunne to back him up, but the normally level headed, down to earth big guy had a look behind his eyes that spoke to a hunger JD had never seen in him before: "Seriously Pee Wee you ain't really thinkin' this is a good idea are ya?" JD knew his voice held a hint of desperation behind it but couldn't help but feel that Davy's plan could totally backfire on them or blow up in their faces and right now, with his dad already pissed at him over his recent past indiscretions, he really didn't want to add to the list of negatives where his dad was concerned.

"Don't look at me man" Matt Brewer said putting his hands up defensively: "All ya'lls know I ain't no homo, but dayam' that video was off the wall" He paused for a moment his mouth pulled into a sneer and his left eyebrow raising: "I'd kinda like to see him do that up close ya know?"

Fidgeting and anxiously shifting his weight from one leg to another Jason proclaimed: "Fuck that man, I wanna do way more than watch!" emphasizing his point by grabbing the large bulge in his crotch and giving it a lurid squeeze.

JD couldn't believe that his buds really wanted to use the video Davy had recorded to blackmail their baseball coach into "performing" live for them and JD didn't think for one minute that it would end there either if they did.

Davy had been trying to convince them since the coach had brought them all back to the school in the small van the team used to transport in; it had taken JD and Jason to convince him not to show the video to the entire team, but ever since their other teammates had left, Davy was dead set on having his on way going through with his hair brained little quest and now with both Matt and Jason siding with him, both for different reasons, JD was feeling the odd man out.

"Fuck it man, I'm dong it!" Davy spat, heading down the sidewalk to the rear gymnasium entrance with Matt Brewer flat on his heels, stopping only long enough to turn back to JD and Jason and motioning them to join them before running to catch up with Davy.

"I can't believe you're up for this Jason" JD scolded, looking at his large friend apprehensively as he fished into his pocket for his phone, thinking he'd either call Timmy or his dad to come get him and leave these idiots to their mischief.

"Look at me Donnelly" Jason responded imploringly: "Do you know the last time I got laid?"

JD looked Jason up and down, wondering what the hell he was talking about, now that Arliss Gundarsun graduated, he was like the prize bull of their football team, everyone knew Jason was the undisputed replacement for Arliss's position as fullback on the team, the guy was freaking huge, at least 6'4" 220 pounds and almost all of it pure muscle, there wasn't a guy on the team that could take him down and JD was absolutely certain there wasn't a cheerleader on the team that wasn't all wet in the panties for him, he looked like a hairy version of a young Rob Gronkowski.

Ever since he transferred here from North Carolina two years ago when his mom started working at Albany State University as a professor of biology, the team coaches practically begged him to sign up.

It really wasn't until this last school year that he and Jason had even really started to get to know each other and until just now, though new to JD's little inner circle of guys he called friends, JD had always thought Jason as the most level headed and more of a leader than someone who caved to peer pressure.

"What are you talkin' about?" JD queried, looking Jason sternly in the eyes.

Jason walked up to JD, putting his arm around his shoulder, pulling in close: "Dude I know everyone thinks I'm this big stud with the ladies..." He paused, looking after Matt and Davy as they now entered the back door of the gym and headed inside: "But just between you and me, I've never gotten laid before." He stammered, looking down at his feet awkwardly.

JD looked back at him, dubiously skeptical, knowing how many times he'd seen Jason flirt with girl after girl at any of their little gangs get together's, but Jason persisted: "You know why they call me PeeWee don't ya? JD smirked then, knowing that it didn't have to do with his body size or height but from the club he had swinging between his legs, something you couldn't help but notice about the guy when you're in the locker room showers after practice.

Jason blushed: "I ain't lying JD, I've never gotten to third base with any chick before." The look on his face reflected his sincerity but JD grimaced, still finding it hard to believe having seen the way a lot of girls flirted and clung to him: "Jason, I've seen you with more than a few girls hangin' on ya bro." JD stated simply before Jason cut him off: "Yeah, they all wanna see if it's true for themselves..." He paused a pained look in his eyes: "But the truth is, once they see my dick hard they freak out, do you have any idea how fuckin' frustratin' that is?"

JD just looked at they guy, not knowing whether to call BS or to feel sorry for him remembering just a month ago the guys teasing him about leaving a party with a girl he himself had made out with, one of Andrea's slutty bitch friends Michelle Touts and deciding to point that out to him: "I heard you and Michelle Touts left together after a party just a few weeks ago all over each other?"

Jason shook his head, his eyes narrowed, face tinged with a touch of anger: "Yeah I did, she was all over me saying she wanted me" he fumed: "Then when we got somewhere alone and private she got me all worked up and talked me into letting her take a picture of my hard cock" HIs face now red with anger and embarrassment at memory of that night: "After she got what she wanted and I tried getting it on with her, she just laughed at me and said there was no way she'd ever let a freak like me go anywhere near her pussy."

JD just shook his head, now angry for Jason: "Yeah, dude, that sounds just like her" remembering his own encounter with her and other members of Andrea's bitch squad.

Jason squeezed JD's shoulder drawing him closer: "As bad as that was dude..." he paused, again shaking his head: "I found out the next day she had shared the pic with all her bitch ass friends."

JD frowned, turning to look at Jason square on: "Don't you see dude, Davy and Matt are basically doing the same thing to coach?"

JD could see by the ponderous look on Jason's face that he was torn between something he hoped for and doing what was right before shrugging his shoulders, and grabbing JD's arm hauling him toward the rear exit door of the gym: "I guess we better go stop those two dumb-asses before they freak coach Pullman out."

As JD and Jason entered the hallway and rushed down toward the coaches office hoping to catch up with and stop Davy and Matt from showing that vid to coach, they could hear the slightly raised voices of their two friends and knew they were already to late, that they had already cornered and confronted the coach.

JD grabbed Jason's wrist stopping him right outside the open door to the coaches office, wanting to approach with a little more caution instead of just plunging right into the thick of it: "What the hell do you and Brewer want Turner!?" They heard the coach blurt out, his voice a mixture of anger and fear.

JD and Jason peeked around the open door to the coaches office, seeing him sitting behind his desk while Davy Turner had his phone stuck outward in his hand facing a very pale Tuck Pullman, Matt Brewer stood at the end of the coaches metal desk with his arms folded on his chest, legs apart a lecherous grin across his face: "Your gonna do whatever we want coach" Davy spat, pulling his phone back and stuffing it back into his sweat pants pocket, then rubbing his left hand over the tenting mound protruding from his crotch.

"Listen, I don't have any fucking money kid!" coach Tuck spat, his eyes going nervously from Matt's wicked grin to the hand Davy groped himself with, gulping several times.

"We don't want money coach," they heard Davy say, his voice a lustful low groan.

Coach Tuck's eyes were glued to Davy's bulging crotch now, he watched as Davy continued to rub, grope and fondle his tenting mound, now openly licking his lips and swallowing heavily, before timidly responding: "What do you want then?" JD could tell his voice was lower, thicker now and JD couldn't help wonder to himself: "Is this turning him on?"

JD watched as Matt crossed over to the far corner of the office and picked up a baseball bat, holding it in one hand and slapping the thick end into the palm of his other hand while walking back over to the desk, his eyes smoldering with lustful, malicious intent: "We wanna see you fuck yourself with this!" his wicked smile turning into a lecherous toothy grin: "Right here on your desk!"

JD could feel Jason's hot breath on his neck as he peered over his shoulder, his chin practically resting on his right lat, trying to watch everything going on in the coaches office.

"If I do what you want will you delete the video and promise never to say anything about it again?" Tuck's voice was barely above a whisper, his words coming nervously as he continued to look between the two very horny teens.

"Yeah yeah, wuhtever" Davy cooed, grabbing his erection through his sweats and shaking it at his coach: "So long as you do everything we want ya too!"

They watched as Tuck Pullman arose from behind his desk, his own bulging crotch now coming into view, obviously as turned on as the two teens confronting him, eyeing him up and down like some sort of prize they had just won.

"Strip" was the one word booming command of dark haired Matt Brewer, whose sweatpants now bulged even bigger in front than the one in Davy's pants, which now had a very large wet spot spreading where the head of his cock would be.

JD watched as their 22 year old baseball coach began to pull his T-shirt over his head.

Tuck Pullman had just started on the coaching staff at their school, being the new guy and having the least amount of tenure had landed him the summertime gig of baseball coach.

JD noted he had to be at least 5'10" and about 190 pounds of solid muscle, damn near hairless, even discerning his shaved armpits and clean shaven face highlighting his rustic good looks. Though his light brown hair was close cropped, he wore it like a spikey crew cut on top and oddly had kind of bushy eyebrows framing a beautiful pair of deep grayish green eyes.

Still going unnoticed by the coach, Matt and Davy; JD and Jason continued to spy on the throuple as Tuck kicked his shoes off and began tugging his sweatpants down and off, leaving him standing there in only his old worn out jockstrap.

"Hop up here and lay on your back" Davy instructed patting the top of the coaches metal desk, after pushing everything on top to the far end.

Tuck paused for a moment, studying and assessing the situation and staring at the bat Matt held in his hands, then leaned over pulled open one of his desk drawers and retrieved a bottle of lube and looking at Matt: "You doing the honors or am I?" Tuck asked, holding up the bottle of lube.

They watched as Tuck lay across his desk front to back his head hanging over the front side as Matt moved into position sitting down in the coaches chair and pointing the bat vertically erect as he flipped the cap of the bottle of lube and began squeezing out a generous portion onto the smooth wooden surface before wrapping his large fist around it smearing the cool, viscous gel over its entire circumference and most of its length.

Almost mesmerized and as if the whole scene played out in slow motion, they watched as Tuck pulled his knees to his chest, Davy grasping both his ankles and wrapping his armpits around his shins, presenting Matt with his desired target: "Spread his buns dude" Matt ordered Davy, who leaned forward clasping Tucks twin melon shaped hard mounds and split them apart as instructed.

They watched in spellbound fascination as Matt brought the blunt end of the bat up to Tuck's hole: "Hold up dude" Davy excitedly spoke: "Ya need to lube his hole too dude!"

Matt gave him a look of disgust: "I ain't sticking my fingers in another dudes crapper dipshit."

Davy impatiently snatched the lube bottle sitting beside them and started squirting out the contents into his right hand, still holding Tuck's shins between his armpits: "I'll fuckin' do it ya big pussy" Davy spat, seemingly annoyed at Matt's prissy hesitancy.

JD could feel Jason push closer to his back, trying to gain a better vantage point to the show that was taking place just a few feet away from them, he could feel the heat of his his chest press against his upper back, Jason's hot breath still beating down on his right shoulder and neck, the tightening grip of his right hand on JD's right deltoid.

Matt watched as his blond friend poked the tips of his first and middle fingers at Tuck's anal ring, almost mesmerized as the two digits gently spread the tight ring, parting it as they sank into the warm depths of their coaches hole: "Damn bro!" Davy practically cooed: "This feels just like fingering a pussy dude, except tighter!"

A wicked grin spread across Matt's face as he raised the blunt end of the bat back to Tuck's wet hole, shoving Davy's probing fingers aside and pushed it against the wet round circle of coach Pullman's now juicy anus: "It ain't gonna be tight for long buddy!" Matt sneered forcibly shoving the end of the bat into his anal orifice about two inches.

"Oh fuuuuuck!" Tuck Pullman gasped: "Go easy kid or you'll rip me up inside."

Matt's face turned into an evil grimace: "Ya mean like this faggot!?" he practically growled, shoving another six inches into his coaches straining, over-stretched hole.

Davy could feel their coach struggle to raise up and used the weight of his entire lower body to keep him pinned to the desk, his thighs squeezing his head and muffling his cries at the sudden forced intrusion: "FUCK YEAH bro tear that cunt up" Davy's voice was now thick with lust: "Quit squirming bitch!" Davy spat, smacking the coaches exposed ass as hard as he could as a pain-racked Tuck tried to twist and buck out from under him.

Matt took his left hand from the bat using only his right to hold it in place while he grasped the coaches jock bound nuts in his left hand and gave them a firm squeeze: "Stop fucking kicking bitch or I'm gonna yank your fuckin' nuts off!" he snarled between clenched teeth.

JD and Jason watched as the struggling coach forcibly controlled himself, his pleas muffled between the tightening vice of Davy's thighs: "Can't you shut him up dude?" Matt complained, the timber of his voice denoting his annoyance.

"I got just the thing" Davy mused as he moved his body upward, his knees on either side of the desk next to the coaches head, as he shoved his sweat pants down, freeing his six inch rock hard drooling dong: "Open your mouth faggot" Davy commanded, his normally boyishly handsome face now twisted into a lascivious mask of pure lust as he poked the head of his precum oozing dick at Tuck's tightly closed evading lips.

Davy watched as his life long friend Matt tightened his grip on their coaches nads and squeezed them hard and just as the coaches mouth flew open to cry out his pain, Davy rammed the entire length of his cock into the mans oral cavity, grinding his balls against the coaches nose and eyes: "If I feel your teeth so much as scrap my dick fag..." Davy paused, letting his threat sink into Tuck's head along with his dick: "I'm gonna chew on your fuckin' nuts, now suck my fuckin' dick!"

They could feel the fight go out of their coach as he gasped for breath around Davy's six inch member, gurgling around the embedded schlong sending waves of pleasure through Davy's dick, balls and groin.

Matt slowly released the coaches balls and returned to his main interest, fucking the coaches ass with the thick baseball bat.

Davy watched in renewed fascination as Matt drew the bat back a few inches, grabbed the lube bottle and applied more of it to its shiny wooden surface: "Get ready bitch, 'cause here it comes!" Matt snarled one hand clutching the handle of the bat the other shoving it from the very base, his palm pressed tightly against it, driving half the length up their coaches upturned ass.

Davy's eyes practically rolled into the back of his head as the muffled screams of their coach made his throat undulate against the sensitive flared glans of his throat embedded cock sending spasms of pleasure throughout his entire body, making him grind his dick against the coaches straining tight lips: "Yeah bro, fuck that faggots pussy dude, ram the whole thing up his cunt!" Davy moaned, sweat beginning to pour from his face onto his sweatshirt.

As intrigued by the throuples coupling, JD feared things were getting out of control and just as he decided to intercede on the coaches behalf, he felt both of Jason's large strong hands grip his shoulders, holding him back: "Watch JD, he's loving it!" he heard Jason's deep voice whisper into his right ear and indeed as JD focused his attention on Tuck, he could hear the former cries of pain now give way to moans of pleasure and observed wide eyed as Tuck began thrusting his hips upward to meet Matt's slow but steady thrust as he had begun fucking the bat in and out of his upturned buns, pulling it completely out then sinking it back in half way over and over again, going faster with each thrust, what was now also apparent was the rock hard bulge in the coaches jockstrap pouch, something that didn't go unnoticed by Davy: "This fuckin' queer is loving it dude" He smirked, slapping Tuck's hard dick through his jock: "Give 'em more dude" Davy's eyes burned into Matt's trying to mentally coerce his buddy into doing his bidding.

But Matt didn't really need any encouragement, the wicked toothy grin returning to his face as he thrust the bat deeper into Tuck's already abused, stretched hole, going well passed the halfway mark, until only about six inches remained sticking out of their coaches quivering hole: "DO IT FUCKER!!!" Davy growled as Matt snarled, palming the very base of the bat with both hands and thrusting the last six inches into Tuck's manhole until only the very base of the handle protruded outside the stretched almost gasping, twitching ring.

Davy lowered himself, spreading Tuck's buns, his thumbs on either side of his twitching hole and unfurling the orifice, the slightly swollen lips of his anal ring opening up like a blossoming rose, as it continued to gulp at the base of the fully sheathed baseball bat like a sucking mouth, mirroring the incessant gulping chugs of his impaled phallus in Tuck's cock hungry, ever sucking mouth.

As he lifted his head to look at Matt, who now just stood there panting, chest heaving arms to his side, fist clenching and unclenching, his head bowed and eyes glazed over in the same near primal lust that seemed to fill the room, their eyes met, digging like two daggers into each others souls. Davy lowered his eyes stopping at Matt's bulging crotch, noticing for the first time the large shovel shaped glans of Matt's hard cock protruding from the top of Matt's waistband, a rivulet of clear precum drooling down the front of his sweats.

Almost as if hypnotized, Davy reached up, digging the tips of his fingers into the elastic waistband and gently pulled Matt's sweat pants down until the full length of his 8 inch circumcised cock plopped into full view, surrounded by his thick, near black bushy pubic hair and two tight bloated furry gonads.

Davy looked down at the tip of the handle of the bat and clasped it between his fingers and slowly began to unsheathe the massive anal invader, watched with fascination and devilish delight as the anal ring stretched around the wider circumference as he slowly withdrew it, enthralled by the way the now loosened ring clung tightly to the slick wooden surface, pulling the loosened ring almost in inch away from his body, now sex swollen and a puffy shade of pink and red, he could feel the gasp coming from around his palpitating dick as Tuck's body reacted to the thick anal invader as it finally popped free and was casually laid beside him, his hole still pulsating and quivering, gulping convulsively for its return.

Davy once again looked upward into the face of his friend Matt, whose eyes glared into Davy's, a burning hunger seethed behind his near glassy eyed stare.

Davy looked down again at Matt's twitching, member, which now stood almost completely vertical to his abdomen, precum bubbling from his glans orifice like an oozing fountain of seminal fluid, he reached forward with his right hand and clasped the base of the now throbbing phallus between his thumb and forefinger, gently pulling it downward until the swollen knob touched the velvety wetness of coach Pullman's quivering quim, with his free hand, Davy wrapped it around Matt's waist and firmly clasping Matt's taut left muscular butt-cheek and urged his hips to move forward.

Staring wide eyed with sexual fervour Davy guided the head of Matt's dong against the sticky wet ring of Tuck's swollen anal tissue, captivated by the way it parted, slopping the dripping glans against the plump circle of dilated rectal tissue, mesmerized as the lips of the hole extended suddenly outward like a gulping hungry mouth trying to consume the turgid flesh of Matt's throbbing boner, wrapping thickly around his glans and sucked at the shiny knob until it had completely consumed it.

Davy suddenly felt the hands of his friend clasp his shoulders for balance as he shoved forward thrusting his schlong balls deep inside Tuck's gulping hungry hole, Davy simultaneously reaching up and cupping Matt's hairy tight balls in his hand and gently fondled and kneaded them between his fingers and palm, eliciting a thick strangled groan from Matt: "Dayaaam" Matt cried out: "That's one hungry pussy."

"Yeah fuck this fags cunt bro" Davy urged staring intently at Matt's slick, gooey dick as it pulled back until only the tip of his glans was still wrapped around the quivering folds of Tuck's clutching manhole.

Without further prodding, Matt began a slow rhythmic seesawing into the coaches sucking guts, Davy's face drew nearer and nearer, hypnotically captivated by the pistoning phallus, the smell of sex wafting so pungently from the coupling that Davy felt he could almost taste it until Matt missed a stroke and his dong plopped out smacking Davy wetly on the chin.

Instead of yanking away in disgust as Matt thought he would, Davy instead brought his other hand up and grasped Matt's throbbing wet dick in his hand, guiding it back to Tuck's loose open hole and ran the head all around the now loose lips of his anus, while also jerking his cock in his strong grasp, milking a torrent of drooling precum from the tip of his dick and smearing it all around.

It was at this moment JD thought to reach into his pocket and pull out his phone and hit the video record, he could hear Jason's moan of approval as he aimed the camera and focused it up close on Davy's face and Matt's hard wet cock.

As the action unfolded before them JD was slightly startled by Jason's large hands leaving his shoulders and caressingly journeyed down his sides, gently but firmly massage him through his clothing, he was even more surprised when Jason leaned further into him, his hard muscular thighs pressing into the back of his own, it was then he felt the thick tube of turgid flesh straining against Jason's sweatpants upward and as his hands came to rest on JD's hips, he felt Jason ease the bulge between JD's butt-cheeks, thrusting his hips forward as he pulled JD back toward him, his hands leaving his hips and wrapping around JD's waist and clutching him closer, their body's glued together only separated by the clothing they both still wore.

Just two weeks ago, if any guy had tried to do this to him, they'd be walking away with a busted lip and few missing teeth, but for some unfathomable reason JD just froze, letting Jason fondle and massage his body, let him hump his fat bulging cock between his ass crack, he could even hear himself gasp as Jason's lips touched the nape of his neck: "Keep filming JD" Jason groaned into his ear, the tip of his wet tongue dredging slightly across his earlobe.

Confused and more than a bit bewildered by his own body's response to Jason's groping and fondling, JD tried to refocus his attention on recording the trio in front of him.

Matt couldn't see what Davy was doing through his head, but he could see it bob downward and by the moans of approval coming from their coaches dick stuffed throat, Matt surmised Davy was tongue fucking his fag hole.

A deliciously twisted thought occurred to Matt, knowing Davy still held his cock just an inch or two from Tuck's wet hole, Matt decided to thrust his hips forward, embedding the glans of his dong into his pussy right alongside Davy's deep probing tongue.

To Matt's surprise, Davy didn't come up spitting and sputtering as he expected him too, but instead now found his life long friends tongue now swirling all around his bloated knob, the tip digging into his piss slit, scooping out dollops of his thick precum and fucking it into their coaches open hole along side his throbbing schlong.

Even more surprising he watched as Davy lifted his face to stare eye to eye into Matt's glassy glare before wantonly slurping Matt's fat shovel shaped cock-head into his mouth, his tongue cupping under his frenulum applying a tight wet suction to the highly sensitive area.

Matt didn't know which got to him the most, the suctioning of Davy's cupped tongue right at the flanging split of his throbbing cock-head or the continuous fondling and massaging of his hairy ball bag or was it the long strokes of Davy's fist wrapped around the girth of his schlong. What Matt was sure of was the outcome that all three in unison had.

With zero warning, Matt's palpitating cock suddenly grew thicker, harder, the head pulsated and throbbed and as Matt's mouth dropped open a deep snarl escaping his lips as he intently watched the first volleys of ropy sperm erupt from the gaping tip of his sperm spewing dick, right into Davy's wide open mouth.

Matt's eyes rolled back in his head as Davy's lips closed around his spewing knob, groaning passionately as the missiles of thick viscous goo splattered every surface of his oral cavity.

Even after the crashing waves of his orgasm began to dwindle, Matt watched in almost detached, robotic fascination as Davy continued to knead his balls and pump his shaft obviously milking him for every last drop of Matt's pungent, thick seed.

Matt's spent cock plopped wetly downward as Davy let it finally slip passed his lips and Matt watched as Davy's mouth now hovered over Tuck's well fucked hole, acutely now focused on what he sensed Davy was now going to do and smiled wickedly as he observed his friends thumbs now spread Tuck's faggot pussy lips and spit the huge mouthful of thick ropy sperm right into his wide open hole.

Knowing exactly what Davy had in mind, Matt grabbed the baseball bat and brought the blunt end back to Tuck's gaping hole and plunged it back in, deep into his bowels and began rapidly punch fucking his load deep into his maul of a cunt.

Matt watched intently as Davy now fucked Tuck's mouth like he did his girlfriends snatch, plowing it ruthlessly, pounding his pole balls deep into his sucking lips, grinding his nads against his nose as he pummeled his throat relentlessly as Matt pile drived the baseball bat mercilessly into his battered and abused ass pussy: "FUCK YEAH" Davy spat out loudly: "Ram that fukin' queer with that fukin' thing dude, wreck his cunt!"

Matt was startled as Davy whipped the bat from his hands and began thrusting it brutally into their coaches hole, he noticed how his cum had turned into a frothy batter, that slopped everywhere and clung to the shiny surface of the wooden bat: "This is how you fuck a queers pussy" Davy raged, his face now red and wet with sweat, his hips almost a blur of pounding action as he drove his six inch dick into Tuck's mouth and rammed the entire length of the baseball bat in and out of his coaches gooey obliterated gash.

Matt had never seen Davy so worked up before, almost shocked at the brutality of Davy's assault, almost considered dragging his friend from atop their coach when Davy gave out one last howling growl and shoved his hips into Tuck's mouth burying his cock and then slamming the baseball bat all the way into coach Pullman's ass: "Take that load faggot, swallow it all!" Davy roared his hips punching and grinding his course blond pubes into Tuck's orifice as he shot his load down his gulping throat.

Matt shook his head as Davy collapsed on top of their coach, his now deflating dong slipping wetly from Tuck's swollen, battered lips.

JD caught it all on his phone, not really knowing how he had managed to do so with Jason's large hands groping his upper torso, his right hand slipping under his sweat shirt and grasping his right, already erect nipple between his index finger and his thumb, rolling the eraser sized nub between the two as his left hand moved across his abdomen and sliding around his hip to his lower back, his large fingers slipping under the elastic waistband of his pants, his long thick calloused middle finger sliding down the crack of his ass and over his still virgin hole, making JD shudder. JD was barely able to control himself as he shut off his phone just as he felt Jason's large thick lips press against the nape of his neck his tongue snaking out before he began gentling sucking the tender flesh as his hips continuously ground and gyrated his large phallus into JD's lower back and over the hard surface of his ass.

"Jason...?" JD moaned, his hands now clinging to Jason's right arm as his fingers still pulled, twisted and teased his engorged nipple.

JD groaned out loud as the tip of Jason's middle finger now swirled against his hole, gently prodding it but not yet trying to penetrate him, JD was shocked to find his hips pushing back at Jason's strong hand as he continued to suck on his neck, his teeth gently nibbling: "Jason?" He groaned again trying to catch his attention as JD's body continued to betray him and melted into Jason's strong embrace.

"I think their done Jason" JD finally was able to moan coherently enough to momentarily distract Jason and pull away from him, noticing for the first time the huge wet spot in his own sweatpants where his hard dick throbbed in his now bloated jockstrap.

The distraction seemed to work as Jason's once glassy lust crazed eyes seemed to focus back on the here and now.

"I know, I know" Jason stammered, shaking his head trying to clear his thoughts: "We can't let them leave here with that video Davy shot earlier!"

"Bingo, got it in one" JD mused, smiling directly into Jason's large bluish green eyes trying not to stare at the massive bulge protruding off to the left of Jason's hip, poking the fabric of his sweatpants obscenely well passed it.

JD felt Jason's massive left hand clutch his right butt-cheek and squeezed it tightly winking knowingly at JD's surprised expression knowing he'd been caught staring at Jason's huge bulge: "We'll continue this later" Jason smiled mischievously as he pushed passed JD and entered the coaches office.

"Well, well what do we have here?" Jason's voice boomed breaking the now more sedate silence in the coaches office.

Both Matt and Davy whirled around looking kind of shocked at Jason, who was now standing with his hands on his hips right in front of the office door.

JD stepped in with Jason, moving off to the side and eyeing their coach who was still sprawled out across the desk, his chest heaving covered in sweat barely even acknowledging anyone else was in the room.

"Looks to me like we caught two homos sexually assaulting our coach" JD quipped, shaking his finger at his two teammates: "Tsk tsk boys what will the entire team think about that I wonder?" he mused, barely able to contain the smirk that wanted to spread across his face.

Matt spoke up first: "Fuck off Donnelly your just pissed we got here first"

"Your welcome to our sloppy seconds losers" Davy's mocking grin and cocky attitude was beginning to annoy JD.

"Hmm" JD grimaced looking thoughtfully at Jason, who now crossed his powerful arms over his equally powerful chest still glaring at Matt and Davy: "He's got a point ya know Pee Wee" JD stated as he slipped between the two boys throwing his arms around their shoulders before continuing: "Maybe instead of sloppy seconds we should just break the two of you in!" JD looked to Jason who now grinned and winked wickedly back at him: "I mean seriously all it took was a little video of the coach doing something private to get you both laid, wonder what the whole team would do if they saw this?!" JD held up his phone stretching his hand out so both guys could see the video he had just shot of the two of them having sex with the coach.

Davy snatched at his phone, but JD was quicker: "Wait, wait dude here's my favorite part!" JD held the phone out as a close up image of Davy sucking Matt's cock while jacking him off and fondling his hairy balls while cum shot into his mouth played across the screen.

Davy was red with rage now and Matt not far behind. JD could see the thought processes running through Davy's mind like his skull was completely transparent, debating his chances if he decided to charge JD and looking to Matt to see if he was thinking the same thing.

Jason stepped forward coming right up to face them both: "Listen dudes, we ain't out to trash ya, all ya gotta do is delete the video ya made earlier and they'll be no worries."

"Fuck that noise" Davy spat: "I ain't done with that fag, not by a long shot!" Davy's eyes shot daggers in JD's direction and back at Jason.

Jason smiled ear to ear and began to laugh before cutting it abruptly short and snatched Davy into the air by the scruff of his shirt, his fiery glare shooting fear into Davy's eyes: "I think you're under the mistaken impression I was asking instead of ordering!" Jason's cold calm voice sending chills down both Davy's and Matt's spines as Matt visibly backed away: "Delete the fucking video dumb-ass" Matt stammered.

"Okay dude, dayam..." Davy bluffed: "I was just joking around bro"

Jason dropped Davy unceremoniously to the floor: "Good, we can all be friends again just as soon as you do!" Jason glowered at him watching as Davy fished into his pocket and pulled out his phone. JD scooted up next to him and snatched it from his hands: "I'll do that bro, just so no one can accuse you of any funny business later" he posited, searching Davy's vids and deleting the one of the coach, then handing it back to Davy.

Matt stepped forward, his hands up: "Are we all kewl now?" he queried, still looking a little leary at Jason, letting it be known he didn't want any part of facing off against his team mates.

JD spoke before Jason could comment: "Everything's kewl so long as the two of you drop this and don't bother the coach anymore."

"Agreed" Matt flatly stated, looking over to Davy for his response: "It's not like I got anything on him now does it!?" Davy pouted, shoving his phone back in his pocket and headed for the door: "You comin'?" he directed at Matt, who looked first at JD and then Jason, shrugged his shoulders and headed out toward the door to join Davy turning around before they exited and asked quizzically: "What about him?" Matt nodding his head in the direction of coach Tuck Pullman.

Jason didn't even turn around to answer him, just headed over to the desk and stared down at the coaches nearly naked sweaty body and at the handle of the baseball bat barely sticking out of his swollen, puffy ass lips.

"I think the big guy's got that covered" JD winked at Matt ushering his two teammates out the door before closing it and locking it shut.

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