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Devil Dawg Donnelly's Chapter 12:


"Good of you to finally join us McGregor." The voice of Staff Sergeant Paul Lakatos boomed arrogantly as Carl entered the parking lot, having just ran there from the compound's ceremonial grounds.

As Carl assessed the situation, he noted the other two men with Paul now standing threateningly close, on either side of Cpl. Atticus Walker, who defiantly stood his ground in full attentive parade rest. Carl also took in the very tense posture of the other 11 men Carl had brought with him. Though off to the side, they looked very much like they were ready to attack at a moment's notice in defense of their comrade. Carl smiled inwardly, realizing the ridiculousness of Lakatos's arrogance.

"Might I suggest you have your men step back and stand down from my Corporal before I move them for you First Sergeant?" Carl demanded, making sure that the timber of his voice conveyed the seriousness of his intent.

Before Lakatos could respond, his weaselly second hand man Sgt. Remy Deveaux, with the smarmiest, most contemptible expression he could have mustered in his Cajun tinged drawl spat: "Dat would take more d'an you fils de pute."

Carl smiled coldly looking squarely into the young Marines dark brown eyes: "Didn't they teach you how to count back in the bayou or were you to busy sucking your mothers tit to go too school?" Carl hand signaled his men and they all moved as one to stand right behind Atticus, Remy and the large blond Lance Corporal that stood threateningly on either side of him.

"Order your men to stand down NOW Sergeant! Paul Lakatos bellowed, now staring icy daggers at Carl.

"You first asshole!" Carl shot back, moving to stand directly in front of the man, until only two to three feet separated them and returning his icy glare with his own.

A now very pissed off SSgt. Lakatos stepped up until he was nearly nose to nose with Carl:

"Max Donnelly may tolerate your insolence but I assure you, I won't!" Lakatos growled, the icy stare now one of pure fire, his face a snarling grimace full of malice.

From his peripheral vision, Carl could see his fist clenching and unclenching at his side and knew he was mere seconds away from throwing down with this belligerent, bloviating peacock of a man.

"Then perhaps you should take that up with Max himself Lakatos!" Danal Cornelius mused walking slowly toward the pair, a cocky half grin on his face, his bluish gray eyes full of mischief with an underlying tone of purposeful menace.

Without so much as a sideways glance, his eyes still boring into Carl's, Lakatos shot back: "Stay out of this old man, this is between me and this disobedient mongrel."

Danal was now less than four feet away from them: "Exactly what is it you think you'll do if I make it my business boy?!" Danal's voice was calm and measured but the timber of his words and manner in which he emoted them, left no doubt that Paul was perilously close to biting off more than he could chew, a fact Carl would have asserted happened the moment he stepped foot on the compound grounds.

Paul Lakatos instantly pivoted toward Danal, roughly brushing passed Carl to stand directly in front him: "I demand to know why you, an Elder of the Council of Greges and Green Father of the Southern Devil Dawgs is allowing this travesty..."Paul's left arm extended out, his left hand sweeping accusationally at Atticus and the young Marines standing behind him, his voice full of contempt and disgust: "They have no right to be here and I insist they leave right now!"

Carl couldn't ever recall a time he had ever seen his old friend and mentor truly mad or angry before, these weren't emotions that came easily to Danal, who he knew to always be a man of measured, thoughtful and often contemplative foresight especially before imparting a response; but the age old adage that there was a first time for everything, right at that moment became demonstrative as Danal Cornelius's corneas flashed for the briefest of seconds a bright blue just before his right hand shot up, with a speed that belied his age and backhanded the 6' 1", 215 pound muscular Marine with such force that it slammed him to his knees with spittle and blood splashing the pavement below him.

Carl watched with more than a bit of shock but a lot more admiration as Danal turned his now stern, commanding countenance to Paul's companions: "On your fucking knee's NOW!"

Carl knew that Danal's command was solely intended for Paul and his men, but with a flick of his wrist, both he, Atticus and all the other young Marines knelt on one knee facing Danal, heads bowed and not surprisingly so did Paul's men.

Carl could hear the deep growl building in Lakatos's chest, knew without looking he was on the verge of losing control and unleashing a violent response to Danal's actions, the air around them seethed hormonally with his building rage.

From his peripheral advantage Carl observed Paul begin to rise, his eyes burning blue, his teeth bared and snarling, his entire face twisted into a deep crevasse of vitriolic fury, every muscle taut and coiled ready to propel into action when Danal's right hand shot forward and caught him by the throat, his extended finger tips digging tightly into his pharynx, spots of blood dripping where Danal's fingernails dug into his flesh: "I've had enough of your insolence pup!" Danal's voice was low and hard, dripping with authority as he forced Paul Lakatos back to his knees: "Submit or I will rip your fucking throat out right here, right now!"

Carl couldn't help but smile inwardly as he sensed the fight drain from Lakatos, he beamed with delight as the man was forced to bow his head in deference and as quickly as it had all escalated, a strained, controlled calm settled in and Danal slowly removed his hand from Lakatos's neck, a few rivellettes of blood ran down his sternum and soaked into his tight desert camo fatigue blouse: "Get up and follow me" Danal commanded Ssgt. Paul Lakatos, before looking over in his direction: "You too Carl"

As Danal headed toward the Lodge, he stopped momentarily to look at Remy Deveaux and the tall, burly, handsome Marine with him: "Be good little pups and get back in your vehicle and wait until I'm done with your owner" Carl watched with continued amusement as the two Marines wide eyed and more than a little shaken, bowed their heads respectfully and immediately turned heel and headed directly toward the truck they had arrived in.

Always full of surprises, Carl watched as Danal walked up to Atticus and reached down and groped his groin, openly fondling his balls through his fatigues: "Those are some mighty big balls you've got son" Atticus didn't even flinch, just smiled back at the man and gave him a quick nod and a playful wink; Carl almost laughed out loud when Danal leaned in and said loud enough for both he and Paul to hear: "My money would have been on you if Carl and I had taken our time and stopped to pick some flowers on our way to join you." Carl almost wished he'd had his phone out to capture the exuberant expression of pride that crossed Atticus's face at that moment and now, more than before he realized just how accurate Max's assessment had been about this young man, making a mental note to bring it up later when he had time to discuss it with the young Marine.

Paul just huffed beside Carl, turning his head away, completely dismissing the comment.

"Return to your duties Corporal." Carl commanded and watched with no small measure of gratification as Atticus nodded and immediately began barking orders to his unit.

The mischievous smile faded from Danal's face as he returned his attention to the two men before him and waved them forward toward the Lodge.

As they entered the building Danal turned to Carl: "There is a first aid kit in the kitchen, please be so kind as to retrieve it."

As Carl headed in that direction he heard Danal instruct Paul to remove his shirt: "I'm fine" the large Marine insisted: "I'd much rather just leave..." his voice nearly dripping with bile: "That is if your done trying to humiliate me for the day!"

Carl could clearly hear Danal's response as he headed toward the kitchen: "If it was my intent to humiliate you, I would have pulled your pants down and taken my belt to your bare ass before fucking you right there in front of your men." Danal's wickedly playful side returned: "Then again..." He paused as if he was truly considering it: "The day's not over yet and you do have one really nice looking ass."

By the time Carl made it back, Paul had obviously relented and removed his shirt and now sat on one of the wooden benches that proliferated the room, topless.

Despite his animosity toward the man, Carl couldn't help but appreciate his physicality; he wasn't as hairy as Max, but he not only was close to the same size as Max, they had very similar builds; Carl doubted the man had an ounce of fat on him and despite his earlier bravado, he definitely wouldn't have desired squaring off with him, Carl was certain he wouldn't have fared well in the exchange, no more than he would have with Max.

That was just the nature of men like Paul, Max and even Danal; they exude authority, it was inherently part of who they were, just like their exuberant confidence and tenacity, the difference between Paul and Max and even Danal was exemplified by the way they achieved their goals; men like Max and Danal did so by tempering their expectations with an understanding of the limits of those around them, while men like Paul, younger and less experienced, impatiently demanded those around them live up to unrealistic expectations.

All these things were inherently at the core of what Max, Danal, Carl and others saw wrong with the Codex and it was the fact that far to many were just like Paul, those who unyieldingly codified it, citing worthless litanies like: "Its always been that way" that surmounted any notion of change, change both Danal and Max often noted being the only constant in the universe. One thing Carl was sure of though, nature abhors a vacuum and for men like the ones outside right now, working and hoping for a better future not only for themselves but for many others all over the world just like them, that change couldn't come fast enough and Carl still worried that even if what they were certain and were hopeful for concerning Billy, that even if it turned out to be true, would it be an effective challenge to those determined to keep things like they've always been, maintain the status quo? Not least of Carl's concerns was for Billy himself, would they be placing far to much on his young shoulders?

All these thoughts ran rampant through Carl's head as he held out the requested first aid kit to Danal.

"I'm not so sure he wants me near his throat again do you?" Danal smiled impishly, pushing the kit back in Carl's direction.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me old man!" Carl chided, glancing briefly over at Paul then back to Danal, whose face expanded into a huge mischievous grin: "Look at it this way..." he mused: "How often do you get to paw a young stud like Paul without Max being involved?"

"Can we just get this over with?" Paul demanded, not even looking in either man's direction and definitely not amused by their banter.

"You're gonna smoke a turd in purgatory for this one Danal" Carl huffed before moving over to Lakatos and sitting down in front of him and opening the kit.

Carl opened a pack of cotton swabs and a small bottle of peroxide and began dabbing Paul's wounds and cleaning up the now drying blood that had dripped down his chest.

"Just so you know Danal..." Paul began sternly: "I fully intend to report this to the council."

Danal leaned against one of the post nearest Paul and Carl, his hand gently stroking at his beard: "I'm sure they will be delighted in hearing you confess your insolent behavior to them."

Paul groaned: "You know damn well I meant about what you and Max are allowing to go on here!" He turned his head toward Danal, a bit of his previous defiance creeping back into his voice.

If Danal heard it and Carl was sure he had, he didn't show it, as he continued to contemplatively stroke his beard: "And exactly what business is that of yours?!" Danal cooed whimsically, knowing full well his tone would only exacerbate an already irritated Lakatos.

Carl could feel the muscles in Paul's neck tighten as he grew more tense: "Because I have a right to be here and those men out there do NOT!" Paul snapped, glaring at Danal, the fire building in his eyes once again.

Danal stood erect, turning to face SSgt. Paul Lakatos meeting his defiant glare with a cold calculated temerity: "Let me make this absolutely clear to you boy..." Danal began, walking over, bending until his face was mere inches from Paul's as he stared him directly in the eyes: "You and everyone else, including myself, are allowed here because Max Donnelly tolerates it, that is of course..." Danal paused bringing his finger up to poke Paul in the chest: "You grow a pair and decide you want to challenge Max directly for leadership of the southern region!?"

Carl could feel the tension build between the two men, Danal's face was stone cold, his eyes burned into Paul's: "Shall I issue your challenge and arrange the time or are you man enough to do it yourself!?"

Carl struggled to hold back the chuckle that begged for release in his chest as Paul visibly gulped and averted his gaze: "I didn't say I wanted to challenge Max Green Father" Paul simply stated, his voice far more sedate and reserved than mere seconds ago; Carl did not sense fear in him, but something more like a reserved acknowledgement of Max's authority.

"That's good Paul.."Danal smiled bringing his hand up to muss the younger man's hair: "I'm very fond of your sire and don't really want him to lose his eldest offspring." Danal stood up and stared down at him: "I will however make sure he knows how close that came to happening today by my own hand the next time I talk to him."

Carl shot the old man a quick look and closed the first aid kit, now finished with cleansing the superficial wounds on Paul's throat and stood to face his old friend: "His fathers going to be the least of his concerns after I report this to Max." Carl chided moving to stand by his old friend.

Danal tossed Paul his shirt, a big grin on his face as he turned and headed toward the door of the Lodge: "Knowing both Max and his sire..."Danal mused: "I would suggest he invest in a big bottle of lube."


Timmy Anderson was beginning to wonder what he'd gotten himself into, after his dinner and chat with Max Donnelly early that evening and they had come to an arrangement about his son JD, Max had promised to satisfy him in ways he never knew he could be.

He vividly recalled how Max had stood up, and escorted him back to his bedroom and slowly striped him of his clothing before shucking his olive drab silky shorts.

He followed Max's instruction to lay on his bed before going to his closet and pulling out a rather large metal military ammo box with a pull top lid that latches on one end and carried it over to the bedside.

He watched in silent fascination as Max pulled out two pairs of handcuffs and secured both of Timmy's wrist to the two metal frame posts of the headboard and then retrieved two leather cuffs with singular metal loops.

Timmy allowed Max to wrap these leather cuffs around his ankles before pulling a shiny stainless steel length of chain from the box before wedging himself between Timmy's legs forcing them up and attaching one end of the chain through one of the metal loops on his left ankle then threaded the chain through a metal loop on the headboard about two feet above his head, before attaching the other end to Timmy's right ankle the effect of which, left Timmy's legs spread eagle, ass fully exposed and Timmy bound helpless on the bed.

"That's one pretty little pussy ya got there." Max said smiling down at Timmy from between his legs, his massive 12 inch cock now laying over Timmy's balls and lower abdomen while Max's fingers caressed his smooth, hairless upper torso.

Timmy watched silently, as Max leaned forward and gently kissed his right nipple and then his left, letting his tongue lightly flick over each one before he brought his hands up and clasped each nipple between his index fingers and his thumbs and began softly squeezing his nubs and tenderly pulling them causing both to stiffen and erect.

Max could feel the goosebumps rise all over Timmy's body, his smile broadening as he continued to stimulate the boys nipples while simultaneously thrusting his fat large phallus between Timmy's tight muscular twin buns smearing the precum oozing from his glans over Timmy's upturned ass crack and anus.

Max pushed forward and brought his face close to Timmy's, their lips just inches away from each other, Max staring intently into Timmy's soft blue eyes: "Open your mouth" Max instructed, his voice low and deep his breath a soft whisper across Timmy's pink, plump lips.

Timmy opened up to Max whose lips then covered his entire mouth, his thick wet tongue darting inward filling Timmy's oral cavity.

Max swirled his tongue around Timmy's as he allowed his spit to flow from his own mouth, down over his tongue and into Timmy's who in turn wrapped his lips around Max's tongue and began sucking on it, trying to extract all the flowing juices into his hungry mouth.

To Timmy's amazement, Max's tongue slipped even further into his mouth, well beyond what he would have expected until the tip of it flicked against his uvula and nearly threatened to invade his throat.

"Like that little trick?" Max said pulling back, a mischievous smile spreading across his face, before sliding down Timmy's body until his face was directly juxtaposed to Timmy's exposed ass.

"Your gonna love this" Max growled before diving his tongue against Timmy's pucker, forcibly pushing into his hole and driving through his sphincter into his anal cavity.

Timmy's initial response was to wince at the speedy abruptness of Max's oral invasion, but as Max observed from between his split buns looking directly at Timmy's face he watched bemusedly as Timmy's eyes grew bigger with surprise as he drilled the tip of his tongue against Timmy's prostate, who in turn ground his ass almost involuntarily at the new sensation.

"Oh my Gawwwd..." Timmy groaned, his arms struggling and flailing, at odds with the chains binding him, stopping him from reaching down and grasping Max's head.

Max pulled back momentarily, grinning wickedly: "Somebody likes their butt clit licked don't they? Max mused, adding: "Let's see what this does to ya!"

Max jammed his tongue back into Timmy's wet hole and churned against his joy spot, undulating his oral appendage against it as his lips wrapped around Timmy's spasming pucker and began heartily sucking on it; the combo proved to much for Timmy, his head shot backward, his body twisted and jerked as his gonads pulled nearly up into his body as his 5 inch dick erupted his pent up load all over his face, chest and abs.

But to Timmy's surprise, Max's oral assault only continued, well after his unexpected but glorious orgasm; if anything, Max's tongue probed harder his suction doubled, Timmy felt as if his entire central nervous system was now centered around Max's suctioning lips and twirling tongue, he was certain his hole was being opened and sucked inside out and repeatedly forced back in by his unrelenting oral invasion.

Timmy knew that only moments had passed since his first orgasm, but just like the previous one Max's skillful manipulations induced a second tidal wave of rapturous splendor, that, just like its predecessor elicited a huge eruption from Timmy's straining cock, which once again bathed him in his own seminal juices, splattering his entire upper torso as his head thrashed uncontrollably side to side, his body bucking and twisting, spasming and twitching overcome by the climatic forces Max was inciting from him.

"Omigawwwd Maaaax...pppplllleeeeez....." Timmy practically screamed through clenched teeth, sweat pouring from his face and body, tense and straining against his bonds.

Max yanked back, his lower face looking like a freshly glazed donut, licking and smacking his lips, smiling deviously at the now nearly exhausted golden haired youth: "What's the matter bitch, so use to the fumbling of boys you can't handle a real man?" he sneered, his wicked smile evidence enough he was in no way shape or form done with him yet: "Remember..." he leered: "You said you wanted this..." Max rose up, thrusting his large shiny glans at Timmy's now puffy, swollen hole and began rubbing just the leaking tip against it, smearing it with the copious amounts of precum drooling from his piss slit.

Max reached down and rubbed his index and middle finger up and down the length of Timmy's still tumescent cock: "Looks like your little clit dick likes what I'm doing" Max chided playfully then moved up Timmy's body, his lips seeking Timmy's right nipple and sucking it into his mouth and began nursing and gnawing on it like a hungry baby.

Max continued doing this back and forth between each of Timmy's nipples, ravenously gorging himself on them until Timmy pleaded with him to stop, noting how sore, sensitive, swollen and puffy each of them had become, but Max only chortled and slid back down Timmy's body and renewed his oral assault on his already bloated, distended hole.

For over an hour Max continued to torment both Timmy's hole and both his nipples, nearly driving Timmy to distraction and at least three more orgasms and Max hadn't even penetrated him with anything other than his tongue.

After his last one Timmy just collapsed, both his nipples were grossly engorged, puffy, red and sore while his butt-hole no longer resembled the tight little circular ring he began with, but now looked inflamed, bloated and distended, he had pleaded and begged multiple times for Max to either slow down or out right stop, but he quickly realized Max did what Max wanted too and Timmy was helpless to stop or deter him so he just moaned, groaned and at times squealed and screamed as Max drove him well beyond anything he had ever experienced before.

Max had indeed reduced his entire body to one huge erogenous zone, his central nervous system surge with endorphins throughout, heightening his pleasure and effectively altering his otherwise limited capacity to a rapturous cacophony of sensations and delights.

"I think that's enough foreplay for now." Max grinned: "Time to turn your ass into my pussy Max sneered, satisfied he'd far surpassed Timmy's limited sexual expectations and boyish fumblings.

Max reached up Timmy's torso, clasping his hand behind Timmy's neck and brought hs head forward, practically bending his body in half as his other hand guided his enormous, tennis ball sized, bulbous glans to Timmy's bloated, inflated, spit dripping anal lips: "I want you to watch closely as I turn your asshole into my pussy." Max murmured softly: "I want you to be a good little faggot girl and watch it happen, okay baby?" His deep crooning voice both comforting and demanding at the same time.

Timmy offered no resistance, he lacked the will or capacity to do or say anything contrary to what Max desired of him, he was an empty vessel waiting to be filled, to become whatever he wanted or needed him to be, so he tried to focus and do as he was commanded and center his thoughts on that singular action as Max gently pushed forward the blunt helmet shaped tip of his cock-head, the glans orifice until it kissed the lips of Timmy's turgescent folds and began parting them.

Max tilted Timmy's head back carefully, until their eyes met; Timmy felt as if he were staring into his body, his mind and soul and for the briefest moment he could have sworn Max's corneas flashed a brilliant blue, drawing Timmy in ever deeper, losing himself completely in Max: "Do you want to be my good girl?" Max droned, the sound of his voice hypnotic and surreal to Timmy, as he feebly shook his head yes, unable to do anything more than dribble spittle from the corners of his mouth and groan in ecstasy: "Do you want to be my little faggot princess?" Max cooed bringing his lips forward and caressing them lightly over Timmy's trembling lips, his hot breath filling Timmy's nostrils, making him whimper and moan the faintest whisper: "Yes."

"Then listen carefully!" Max grunted, pointing Timmy's head downward at his torso, Max's fingers released his dick and reached upward to run over Timmy's extremely bloated nipples: "These are your titties, your breast...your boobs!" His voice still soft but firmly insistent: "Men have chest and pec's, faggots have breast!" Max asserted before tracing his fingertips caressingly downward until they ran down the length of Timmy's 5 inch hard dick: "This is your clit, men have dicks, faggots have clits." He emphasized his point by rubbing Timmy's frenulum eliciting a strangled groan from Timmy: "Do you understand so far?" Max's voice was calm and soothing, speaking to Timmy as if he were speaking to a child, instructing him in the ways of the world as his fingers returned to clutch his massive drooling erection and rubbed the tip against Timmy's wet hole: "This is your pussy, your twat, snatch or cunt" Max emphasized the last word by thrusting forward with the power of his hips the fully engorged head of his schlong driving forcefully into Timmy's hole nearly ripping it to shreds as its mammoth girth split the folds of his anal opening, and with a nearly audible pop, penetrated past Timmy's over stretched sphincter, eliciting a strangled cry from deep within Timmy's throat and chest in sudden pain, he tried jerking away from Max, but Max wrapped his arms around him, his full weight crashing them backward on the mattress as Max held his position letting Timmy's convulsing, spasming anal ring adjust to the wrist thick circumference of his manhood and the protuberant size of his throbbing glans.

Timmy's eyes watered and tears of pain dripped down his cheeks, his arms pulled desperately at the handcuffs restraining them, his powerful legs jerking at the metal chain and leather straps secured to his ankles all to no avail, his hole felt like it was on fire, stretched beyond all reason causing it to undulate convulsively against the massive intruder barely secured beyond his quivering sphincter until his anguish gave him voice: "Pull it out..." he sobbed, his whole body jerking against Max's, who just calmly held him tightly against him, refusing to budge an inch as he patiently waited for the initial shock of penetration to settle, for Timmy's spastic convulsions to abate.

Max hated this part, with each new partner there was always the inceptive pain of first penetration, first with Carl, then with Monaca and later others such as Brock; the list wasn't as vast as some might think. Max could count them on two hands and not all ever took to it like he knew Timmy would, once the initial shock wore off. Max knew from past experience, it wasn't the anal part that was the hardest it was the oral that proved the most challenging, but over the years, through trial and error, Max had devised a method to even accomplish that as well, the biggest factor was the willingness of the recipient, their need and desire to accommodate and please him. He knew through those experiences that Timmy was that kind of individual, he needed to please, his desire to satisfy, but most of all his innate, exigent craving toward submissiveness. Some would wrongfully think Timmy's superior athletic skills came from a place of sportive aggression, when in truth it was his way of pleasing others with a skill-set uniquely his own, his slavish devotion to it evidential of the desire to initially impress and please his parents and later those instructing him, always seeking to improve himself, push beyond their expectations and exceed them, their pleasure at his accomplishments is what drove him to excel and Max knew he would do so now.

Just as predicted, Max could slowly feel Timmy's body relax beneath him, his hole loosen around his invading dong; the tightness and vice like grip was still there, but the spasming of his sphincter lessened.

Max pulled his torso back a bit, until he could look into Timmy's eyes, noting the terror and pain had subsided from his expressions and were slowly being replaced by one of acceptance which Max knew would soon change again by Timmy's inner desire to please and accommodate: "Don't worry princess, I'll soon have this pussy nice and loose." Max smiled as he began to thrust another couple of inches into Timmy's clenching hole, eliciting another grimace from Timmy as his hole expanded and elongated to tightly encompass his member like a new sword being sheathed in its equally new scabbard.

Max held off at the halfway mark, letting Timmy's cunt adjust again, while still pulling back slowly letting the flare of his coronal ridge dredge against his prostate evoking a tremor and shudder of renewed pleasure emitting from Timmy's anal clit throughout his body.

Max grinned devilishly as Timmy moaned and whimpered beneath him as he began rotating his hips slightly grinding his glans against Timmy's and noted how Timmy's hips responded in kind.

That was the signal Max had been waiting for, as he lowered his head to Timmy's ear, at first to gently kiss and lick at the sensitive skin at the nape of his neck before biting down hard against his flesh while simultaneously driving the full length of his monster cock balls deep into deepest recesses of Timmy's tight twat.

Timmy's body went rigid as his eyes bugged out and his face contorted into a mask of shear agony as Max's flaming phallus ripped passed the tight confines of Timmy's lower bowel.

Max again held him tightly, but this time began to thrust the throbbing head of his dick in and out of Timmy's inner sphincter, pushing it beyond its elastic limitations, forcing it to stretch to accommodate its prodigious girth, relentless in its to and fro assault.

Timmy's entire body convulsed and twisted against his restraints once again trying to buck Max from him and expel his invading member. Max rewarded his efforts by raising up into the push up position and slowly began withdrawing his schlong from the clinging walls of Timmy's overstretched gash until the enormous flair of Max's coronal ridge ripped free of Timmy's sputtering twat.

Max poised and hovered above him, looking down into Timmy's gnarled scowl before ramming the full length of his giant dong balls deep into Timmy's gash and ruthlessly began thrusting the full length of his dick in and out of Timmy's convulsing hole.

Slowly, just as Max knew he would, Timmy's scowl and shrieks of anguish transformed, at first subtly then like a tidal wave, into cries of passion and then to pure stuporous lust: "Fuuuuck meee" came Timmy's initial guttural pleas rapidly followed by a crescendo of lilting squeals and torid grunts: "Fffuck my pussssy....fuuuuck it." became his battle cry, one that drove Max finally over the edge as his bloated dong erupted volcanically into the deepest depths of Timmy's pussy, impregnating the delicate lining of his bowels with molten jolts of spraying jism, flooding his chute with his virile masculine juices. Timmy's own clit dick erupted spewing watery dregs of seminal fluid from the pit of his seminal vessels completely draining the last of his reservoirs until his dick was dry heaving and his shrunken balls ached from overuse.

As Max's own orgasm subsided, as he felt Timmy go completely limp underneath him, his lips quivering his mouth sputtering incoherent gibberish as drool flowed down the corners of his lips and puddled on the covers of Max's bed.

Max reached down and twisted Timmy's face toward him, Max noting with proud satisfaction Timmy's eyelids fluttering his eyes still rolled to the back of his head unable to focus on anything other than the residual waves of tortured ardor that continuously washed over his profusely sweating and sporadically twitching body.

Max was unsure of whether Timmy could even hear him or not, let alone understand what he was saying as he bent down towards Timmy's ear, softly biting his earlobe: "Better buckle up princess, that was only round one."

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