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Devil Dawg Donnelly's: Chapter Eight


While helping Cpl. Atticus Walker and his men load the last of the provisions and equipment into the M1165 troop transport vehicle he had Atticus pick up this morning, Carl McGregor couldn't help but give a lustful look over at Msgt. Max Donnelly. For Carl, seeing Max standing there in his dress blue "D's" was close to a strong dose of Viagra. The way his tan, short-sleeved, well-pressed shirt outlined his very muscular torso and clung to him like a second skin, triggered all sorts of signals. All of them X-rated, but not nearly as X-rated as the way Max's huge cock strained against the crotch and down the inside seam leg of the dark blue and the blood red pinstripe dress slacks. It was obvious Max wasn't wearing underwear, not even one of his usual bursting-at-the-seams jockstraps he seemed to prefer.
"Get your men loaded corporal!" Carl instructed Atticus as he broke away and walked toward the man he'd shared most of his life with so far.
"Being a bit obvious this morning aren't we?" Carl stated, casually looking back at the group of men now jumping into the back of the transport carrier, making sure no one saw him as he reached down with his right hand and lovingly palmed Max's big cock through his pants.
"Unless you want me to fuck you right here in front of these men, I suggest you stop doing that right now." Max growled, the lustful glare in his eyes leaving absolutely no doubt in Carl's mind that he would do exactly that.
Despite Max's threat, Carl reluctantly let Max's hardening cock go, though he knew deep down it wouldn't bother him at all if Max wanted to put on a little show for the squad. But he had his orders and Marines, if nothing else, Marines are good at following orders.
"So, who's that for?" Carl queried, glancing down at the very significant and obscene bulge in Max's trousers, which was now stretching halfway down his thigh. Knowing Max wouldn't be suited up in his "D's" and putting on this "display" if it wasn't for a reason.
Max's face twisted into a lecherous sneer. "I'm meeting with Gunny as soon as I leave here."
Carl just rolled his eyes and shook his head. "So, you're in that kind of mood today huh?"
Glancing over at the truck and watching as Atticus was securing the last of his men into the transport carrier, Max responded: "Not at all Carl. Just tying up a few loose ends."
Carl laughed."I'm betting you actually mean that literally."
Max smiled at him and reached down with his right hand and stuffed his fingers into the front of Carl's BDU's, hooking his belt and pulled Carl's crotch to his. "It won't be as much fun as it was last time without you there!" Carl could feel his own cock stiffen at the memory as Max released his grip on his trousers. "If everything goes as planned today..."Max continued, the intensity of his gaze burning into Carl's eyes. "Expect someone to join you and the team Friday before twelve hundred hours."
Before Carl could question what Max meant by that, Atticus called out they were good to go.
Carl twisted his head sideways, giving Atticus the thumbs up before returning his focus to Max. But before he could frame his questions Max cut him off. "You have your orders Marine hop to it."
Carl's brow furrowed as he resisted the urge to posit a response. As Carl shrugged his shoulders and turned to join the team, Max grabbed his left bicep, drawing his attention back to him and softly said: "After the new arrival Friday, leave Atticus in charge and return home for the weekend understood?"
Carl grinned ear-to-ear, wanting nothing more than to lean in and give Max a kiss. But Carl knows Max would think that inappropriate behavior in public while on duty. Instead, Carl just gave him a naughty wink and headed over to hop in the passenger side of the MTVR.
Max stood there and watched as the unit pulled out and was completely out of sight before jumping in his truck and heading over to the armory where he had a meeting with Gunnery Sgt. Brock Gryzinski. As Max approached the armory, he swung around to the back entrance and parked, knowing that Brock would be waiting there for him in the back storage room the Gunny had set aside for their secret rendezvous.
As Max entered and headed down the dimly lit corridor, he could feel his cock begin to once again engorge with blood, stretching down his trouser leg and strain against the blue fabric of his slacks.
There was no sign of any other personnel, just as Max knew it would be, the remoteness of the backroom had been a carefully secured location set up by Gysgt. Gryzinski. Max paused briefly, switching the briefcase he carried to his left hand, before reaching up and knocking on the locked metal door three times.
Max could hear the jostle of the deadbolt lock as it released. Max purposely waited a moment, with a huge grin on his face, before grasping the knob, twisting it, and swinging the door inward.


Billy was almost bemusedly assisting Gavin Hollis with the leg lift machine at the base gym, trying to be as encouraging as he could after Gavin had agreed last night to come with him this morning to work out. JD and Timmy had also come with them, but had finished up a little while ago and had headed out to go swimming at the base pool.
As Gavin finished up with the last of his reverse leg curls, he just lay on his stomach across the incline bench, moaning how much that hurt until Billy smacked him hard across the left cheek of his plump little bubble-butt.
"Ouch!" Gavin yelped, pushing himself up into a sitting position. "What was that for?" he asked, turning to look up at Billy who just stood there grinning down at him.
"It's called motivation, little buddy."Billy laughed and offered Gavin his hand as an assist in helping him to a standing position.
"Little buddy?!" Gavin quipped. "What is this, Gilligan's Island?"
"Yeah" Billy chuffed. "It's just like Gilligan's Island, and you know who that makes you don'tcha?"
Gavin smiled and retorted: "Not the big fat one?!"
Billy bellowed with laughter as he reached over and mussed Gavin's hair. "Alright smart guy," Billy pulled Gavin to his feet.  "Time for some more stretching."
"Again, we did that already?" Gavin moaned as his shoulders slumped.
Billy grimaced, his tone more serious. "That was the warm up. Now that we're done for the day, you have to do your cool-down stretches or you could start cramping."
Gavin just shook his head and followed Billy over to one of the mats. "I think you just like torturing me."
"Smart guy like you just figuring that out now?" Billy chortled and began running Gavin through his stretch routine.
As Gavin sat on the floor, legs spread and leaning forward to touch his toes, Billy leaned in tight to his left ear and whispered, his reassuring hand flat against his lower back. "Look at it this way, the sooner you're done, the sooner you get the added bonus of seeing me naked in the shower."
Gavin moaned louder this time. "I was right, you are a sadist, Billy Donnelly."
Billy just smiled and then quietly guided Gavin through the cool-down stretches, allowing his thoughts to drift back to the events of the previous night


Not long after their encounter with Blake and his minions, recalling how Gavin, Melissa, and he had sat there excitedly going over the whole thing, laughing not only at how stupid Blake was, but how clueless the rest of his group had been. They were, of course, laughing at themselves and the way they'd each reacted as well.
At one point, after Gavin excused himself to go take a leak, Billy had found himself, for a few moments, alone with Melissa. He recalled how she smiled at him and listened intently to everything he was saying. How she would ever so casually place her hand on his forearm when she was making a point or just to emphasize something, How soft and warm her touch was. He also remembered the smell, not exactly like the one he perceived from both Timmy and Gavin, but very very similar. The scent of honey and fresh dug earth, but tinged with something else. It was harder to distinguish because, like most girls, Melissa bathed, powdered, and perfumed herself with all sorts of scented things meant to mask one's natural musk.
But it was still there, underneath it all, just like it was with Timmy and Gavin. He also was becoming aware of just how much that scent aroused him, but it also confused him, because it was such a familiar scent. It wasn't something new he was just beginning to smell, it had been there all along or at least for as long as he could remember. But just like the other night with Gavin, or at different times with Timmy, he couldn't place exactly where he had encountered it before and more importantly, why it seemed only recently he had started to notice it.
Carl's hand on his shoulder had broken that train of thought. He was sitting there close to Melissa, listening to her soft gentle voice go quiet as Carl sought his attention. "Walk me out?" Carl's tone left no doubt that he fully expected Billy to follow him. Once outside, Carl went to his truck, Billy was following sheepishly; he knew what was coming.
"I'm not going to lecture you." Carl started, looking Billy sternly in the eyes, compelling Billy to meet his gaze. "I'm a firm believer that the worst vice is advice." He continued: "You know the Code and you know how important it is to your father." Billy held his hand up.
"I'm just talking to her uncle Carl." Billy noted how it sounded more like he was trying to convince himself as much as Carl.
Carl got into his truck with the bag of food he bought, shutting the door, and while hanging his head out the side window, he said: "I said I wouldn't lecture you, and I'm not. But a blind man could see what you were feeling just now in there."
Billy bowed his head, knowing it was true as Carl added: "All I'm saying Billy, is think how disappointed your father would be if something did happen, especially this close to your Birthday."
Billy met Carl's eyes again. "I promise it won't." he stammered. "Please don't say anything to him." Billy had pleaded.
Carl sighed heavily. "You know I won't lie to him Billy!" He paused, seeing how Billy's head bowed and his shoulders sagged. "I won't bring it up, but if he asks..."
Billy beamed, jumping over and threw his arms around Carl's neck and hugged him through the truck window.
"Thanks uncle Carl! I promise to keep the Code; I won't disappoint him"
Carl had smiled at him as Billy pulled back, and as he started his truck up, he had instructed Billy: "You and your friend escort that young lady home and don't be out too late."
Billy had watched him pull away before returning inside to get his friends. After chatting for a while together, Billy suggested to Gavin that maybe they could give Melissa a ride home, which Gavin happily agreed too.
Melissa and Billy had both gotten a kick out of how nervous Gavin was going through the main gate of the Marine base. It was especially funny when the guard stepped up to his driver side window and asked for his ID card; Gavin handed him his drivers license.
They could barely contain themselves when he looked at them with wide eyes after the guard impatiently handed it back and said: "Military ID card, sir!"
The look of sheer panic on Gavin's face was priceless to Melissa and Billy. But Melissa was the first to crack and handed over her military dependent ID to the guard who checked it and had handed it back to her and motioned them through.
"You assholes!" Gavin yelled. "I almost had a heart attack!" They all laughed teasing back and forth all the way to Melissa's house. They dropped her off with the promise they'd all get together again sometime to hang out.
Billy remembered how he had watched her walk up to her front door, well, more specifically, how he watched her ass as they pulled away.
"Somebody's got it bad!" Gavin teased.
Billy huffed and bro-punched Gavin's right shoulder.
Gavin smiled and added. "You do know she was checking you out too right?"
"Bullshit!" Billy quipped. "She's like one of the hottest girls in school."
Gavin roared with laughter. "Do I really have to have the whole hot conversation with you again?!" he exclaimed.
Billy had just shook his head smiling at the recollection but not biting Gavin's goading.
Gavin's voice took a more serious tone. "Seriously dude, she's into you."
As they approached the gate, Billy handed Gavin his ID card. "Can we just please drop it dude?" he asked timidly.
Billy recalled how grateful he was when Gavin changed the subject asking him if he had any suggestions about what they could do next or if he just wanted to call it a night.
"I could really go for a swim right now." Billy had said halfheartedly knowing the base pool was closed at this hour.
"I know a place" Gavin smiled while adding: "My family uses this boat dock down on the Flint River. No one will be there at this time." The excitement showed on his face. "We could go swimming there, if ya want?"
The more Billy had thought about it, the better the idea seemed to him. Before he knew it, Gavin was pulling down a dirt road that ended close to a small dock with a concrete ramp that disappeared into the waters of the Flint River. There was no artificial light. But the half-moon coming up well over the horizon provided more than adequate lighting as their eyes adjusted to the night.
Billy had watched as Gavin had pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the dock as he waded his toes into the cool water, looking like he fully intended going in wearing the board shorts he had on. He smiled faintly to himself as he had noted the surprised look on Gavin's face as he had completely stripped down butt-ass naked and ran down the dock and jumped into the river. It had taken him a good deal of taunting and teasing to get Gavin to finally strip down to his briefs and jump in with him.
Billy had to fight the urge to rough house with Gavin like he always had with Baxter. Gavin was much smaller than Baxter and Billy feared how Gavin would take it. Still, he did dunk him under a few times and they had the usual obligatory splash battle, before hauling themselves out of the water and laying on the hard concrete surface of the dock to dry off and catch their breath. Billy couldn't help noting how Gavin kept giving him quick sideways glances, most notably to his groin area. Billy was also equally sure Gavin had an erection in his wet, white briefs. It wasn't long before Gavin had sat up with his legs crossed sitting nearly head level to Billy.
Billy knew that position gave him a better view of his naked body and it was easier for Gavin to ogle him more openly without Billy noticing. But Billy did notice. He just pretended not to, deciding to let him look until he had his fill. Billy had tried to make small talk with him, but before long, they just fell silent. Gavin was obviously far more focused on something else. Billy allowed that to continue for a few minutes before he finally decided to confront Gavin head-on.
"Gavin, can I ask you a personal question?" He had asked cautiously.
He heard Gavin sigh in anticipation of his question, with a sense of unease.
But Billy had pressed on. "I know a while back there were those rumors about you and Arliss..."
"They weren't true!" Gavin shot back.
Billy could feel Gavin's body tense up. Billy had turned to face him, keeping his motions slow and as non-threatening as possible. He tried to look him in the eye, but Gavin turned his head and avoided the contact.
"I was just going to say, whether it was or wasn't, it doesn't matter to me." Billy had said trying to sound supportive.
"Can you keep a secret?" Billy had asked him, still trying to get Gavin to look at him.
Gavin just nodded his head and whispered: "Sure."
"My brother and Timmy do stuff together." He paused before adding: "Not sure if my brother's gay. But I know Timmy is."
That had gotten Gavin's attention, Billy had watched as his mouth dropped and he stared wide-eyed at him.
"Wanna hear something even wilder than that?" he had queried. "That guy that helped us tonight..."Billy had paused before adding: "The other night, he stayed the night with my his bedroom."
"Bullshit!" Gavin had said, not believing him.
"Ask my brother." Billy had suggested, then it struck him to ask. " Hey, there's an idea! Why don't you go to the gym with me tomorrow?"
Gavin just looked at him, before letting his gaze drop. "You still want to hang out with me?"
"Why wouldn't I?" Billy had mused, and continued with a tease. "Besides, you could stand to spend some time in the gym, nerd."
That had made Gavin laugh. Billy stood up and offered his hand to Gavin, helping him up.
"Billy?" Gavin's voice went soft again, barely a whisper. "I am, you know..." His eyes had dropped down again looking at the ground, tentatively waiting for Billy's response.
"Well duh!" Billy had said playfully. "I knew that by the way you've been drooling over my big fat dick!"
Billy had to dodge quickly as Gavin swung at his arm. He had begun laughing as Gavin had chased him. "Asshole!" he shouted, nearly giggling.
"Help! Help!" Billy had cried out feigning terror. "There's a big ol' homo trying to rape lil' ol' defenseless me!"
Billy had let Gavin catch him and they tumbled to the ground, laughing until their sides had begun to ache.


Entering the small, twelve-feet by fourteen-feet room, Max noted how it reeked with the smell of honey and freshly dug dirt. As usual, kneeling on the floor naked and with his head bowed and arms behind his lower back was Gunnery Sgt. Brock Gryzinski. Max turned and shut the door with a loud clang and twisted the large dead-bolt to the locked position.
Max and Brock had been meeting like this for over two years, not long after he had transferred here. Brock wasn't that old, he was actually rather young at only 26; at least for a Gunnery Sergeant. But he was exceptional at his job. Max would be hard-pressed to find anyone who was equal to, let alone better at firepower logistics than this man. If you needed any kind of equipment or machinery, Brock could get it.
There was just one thing that was holding Gysgt. Gryzinski back and Max was here today to fix that, or at least start him down the right path. This was, of course, the path Max wanted him on. Max walked past him, and appeared to completely ignore the naked figure kneeling with his knees spread wide, fully exposing himself as he was commanded to do per Max's instructions yesterday. Not that this was anything unusual. This was his default position when they would get together.
Max walked to the center of the room to the large crate occupying the space right underneath the single metal dangling light fixture. Max veered sideways and sat his briefcase on top of one of the two metal barrels off to the side of the wooden crate. Max moved to the front end of the large wooden box, swung his left leg over one corner, letting his leg dangle over the front. As he leaned his left butt cheek on top of the crate, his right leg planted firmly on the floor. Max leaned forward, resting his left elbow on the top of his left thigh and clasped his left forearm with his right hand.
"About face boy." Max commanded in his more restrained baritone voice.
Brock immediately rose and turned, executing a 180, now standing and facing Max. Whose face instantly turned into an angry grimace; Max practically roared at the young Gunny.
"WHO THE FUCK TOLD YOU TO STAND FAGGOT!?" Max's voice left no doubt he was livid.  A horrified Brock dropped to his knees, instantly bowing his head, hands behind his back, knees spread wide.
"LOWER!" Max ordered, his arms crossing over his chest and watched as the frightened Marine dropped his head to the floor, ass up, hands clasped together behind his lower back. Max sat there for a moment enjoying the Gunny's submissive position. "Crawl over here on your fucking hands and knees boy!" His voice still booming in the dimly lit room.
Instantly Brock rose and did as ordered, knowing there would be consequences for his previous presumptive actions. Max smiled wickedly as the Gunny crawled on his hands and knees to him, coming to a stop directly between his legs, head bowed and waiting for his next command.
"Sit pretty, faggot." Max ordered, his voice still cool and dripping with icy venom.
Brock returned to his previous upright knees spread position. Max lifted his left shin and parked his foot squarely on Brock's chest. "Hold my ankle, boy." Max muttered, locking his eyes on Brock's face.
The young Gunny grasped Max's left ankle, gently, almost reverently.
Max leaned forward slightly. "Look at how dirty your disgusting floor got the sole of my nice clean shoe." His tone now almost mocking. "It's your fucking fault faggot for being such a dirty little bitch." Max snarled, shoving the toe of his shoe against Brock's lips. "What are you waiting for faggot? Lick it clean!" Max commanded.
Instantly Brock began earnestly lapping the dirty sole of Max's patent leather shoe, his tongue dragging enthusiastically over the full length, heel to toe until the entire sole of his shoe was licked clean and practically dripped with saliva.
"What are you waiting for?" Max spat in his face. "Take it off, then do the other one."
Brock did as ordered even removing his socks and carefully folding and kissing them and placing them neatly into Max's shoes.
Max stood up his hard cock leaving a large, straining, tenting bulge more than halfway down his thigh. He stepped forward slightly rubbing it across Brock's face. "I know what you want boy." Max cooed softly, almost seductively. "It's what all faggots like you want." Max stepped back, his arms hung loosely at his sides. "Go ahead boy. Remove my uniform."
Max stood there motionless as Gysgt. Gryzinski carefully undressed him, being extremely cautious when removing each piece of Max's uniform, folding it neatly, kissing it and placing it reverently on top of the first barrel. Max shoved Brock backwards ordering him to kneel again. Max walked around him slowly, until he came full circle.
Max had always admired how ruggedly handsome Brock was. From the light brown hair on the top of his head to his totally shaved muscular body, Max had made him keep his entire body shaved from neck to toe for the last two years, an order given not long after he started using him.
Max admired the thin-set lips and the low arch of his thick, but well-trimmed eyebrows, his strong jawline, and that small pug nose of his, with it's upward turned rounded tip. Of course, his ever-present dimples in his cheeks and the long lashes of his deep hazel colored eyes also added to the attraction. Then he saw it, glinting at him from the corner of his eye, reflecting the light from directly above their heads.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, YOU GOD DAMNED FUCKIN' BITCH!?" Max snatched Brock's left hand up to his face, slapping the young Marine with his own hand repeatedly.
Brock cowered. In his haste to have everything set up perfectly and get the place cleared for the arrival of the Master Sergeant, the now very frightened Gunnery Sergeant was mortified he'd left his wedding ring on. His Master Sgt. had long ago forbidden him to wear it in his presence and had always threatened to beat the skin off of his ass if he ever forgot.
His lips trembled as he softly uttered: "Please forgive me Master Sgt." Brock tried to yank the ring from his finger with his right hand but Max had intercepted it and twisted it behind his back, before shoving the Gunny to the floor. Max angrily walked over to his briefcase and withdrew a pair of handcuffs then ordered the visibly shaken Gunny to stand and put his hands behind his back. Max locked Brock's hands behind his back and then shoved him face-down on the crate.
"You are so going to get what you deserve now, faggot." Max snarled into his left ear. Max reached over to his pants and picked up his black leather belt. "Don't you dare fucking move a muscle or make a single sound bitch!" Commanded Max's deep voice, icy cold and full of purpose now.
Gysgt. Gryzinski waited for his punishment, knowing his Master Sgt. was about to rain hellfire down on his ass. Even before the first blow hit, he gritted his teeth, steeling himself so as not to make a sound. Not even a whimper could escape past his lips or he knew it would be twice as worse for him. The first hit struck like lightning on his naked ass. Brock knew it had instantly left a large red welt. "Count them, faggot!" Max bellowed.
"One Master Sgt." Brock whimpered. "Good god, this was going to be bad." he thought to himself. Indeed it was. Max whipped his ass mercilessly 50 strokes, to be exact, of searing agony. Brock's ass glowed bright red and thumped with a fiery throbbing pain. Silently he wondered how he would explain this to his wife, but he knew better than to mention that to the Master Sgt.
Brock felt Max grip his gold wedding band between his thumb and forefinger and ripped it from his finger. He felt Max lean over him and spoke right into his right ear. "I'm just gonna have to make sure this never happens again huh, faggot?!" It was more of a statement than a question, and Brock knew it. Max suddenly kicked Brock’s legs apart and stepped forcibly between them. He could feel Max press the gold ring against his asshole, and too little too late, he realized what Max intended to do.
Without any lubrication at all, Max shoved the gold band into the Gunny's asshole using his index and middle finger, shoving them and the ring in to the third knuckle and then ruthlessly twisted his fingers, grinding the ring in as far as his digits permitted. Brock gritted his teeth and rapidly hissed his breath through them. His hole now burning almost as much as his ass cheeks.
"If you thought that hurt..." Max growled, positioning the enormous glans of his massive 12-inch unlubricated cock at the Gunny's twitching hole. He then rammed it in to the balls, ripping passed the Gunny's sphincter, tearing through his inner sphincter in one teeth-jarring jolt.
Brock screamed in absolute anguish, trying as hard as he could to twist himself away from Max's maypole. Tears of pain poured down his cheeks as his mouth dribbled spittle between his deafening cry for mercy. Max yanked him to his feet, throwing his left arm around his waist, his left hand clasping the base of his ball sack pulling his testes down tight, protruding passed the index finger and thumb of his fist.
Max held him tighter, and using his right hand, began slapping Brock's tightly stretched balls held securely in his left hand. The Gunny howled in renewed anguish, trying desperately to twist and squirm out of Max's strong grasp. His hole felt like it was being ripped to shreds, his balls began to swell and tighten as Max continuously pummeled them with nonstop rapid smacks.
Max snarled into his ear: "I'm gonna destroy your fuckin' pussy on my dick bitch!"
Brock knew he had to fight past the pain and surrender himself to it and do as his Master Sgt. ordered. Slowly, Max felt the Gunny's hips start to move, felt his hole clutch, and suck at the base of his wrist-thick schlong. Max slapped Brock's balls even harder, each blow making the Gunny's ass pussy quiver, tighten, and release.
"That's it, you fuckin' bitch. Milk that fukin' dick."
Brock howled in agony, thrusting his hips back and forth, ramming his abused and swollen hole against his Master Sgt.'s pubes, grinding himself in tight circles with each downward thrust, trying to capture every fraction of an inch of Max's throbbing monster cock. Max squeezed his balls even tighter, his slapping hand now turned into a tightened fist that smashed into his bruised and battered nads. Brock wailed and screamed, thrusting as hard and fast as he could, actually destroying his hole on his Master Sgt.s humongous rod, when suddenly, he felt the dam within him burst, as the first jolts of his orgasm hit him. Brock's 6-inch cock exploded in a shower of rapid-fire jets of erupting jism, splashing loudly against the far wall and squirting against the ceiling.
His eyes rolled back in his head and his whole body jerked and spasmed, caught in the throes of unimaginable ecstasy. Max's arms now encircled him holding him upright, his cock now erupting torrents of sperm into Brock's battered cunt, filling him to near overflowing, his huge glans expanding and contracting as volley after volley fired like a cannon deep into the depths of Brock's undulating bowels. As their tidal waves of lust and passion diminished and assuaged the savage beats of their hearts, Max and Brock collapsed in a heap on the floor beside the large wooden crate. Max continued to hold Brock, his hands now gently stroked his chest and abs.
Brock spoke first, his throat tight and dry. "That was amazing, Master Sgt. Thank you, Sir."
"Was it what you wanted?" Max queried.
"Yes Master Sgt.; exactly what I hoped for." He sighed contentedly.
Max eased Brock forward and stood up, reaching for his clothes and started to dress. Brock continued to sit propped up by the crate.
"Well, I'm glad you had a great time." Max smiled then his face suddenly grew stern. "Because that was our last time Gunny."
Brock straightened immediately, turning his full attention to Max. He couldn't hide the near panic that washed over his face suddenly.
"Don't look at me like that Gunny; you knew this day was coming." He said matter of factly.
"I just thought..." Brock's voice was soft, almost forlorn. His heart raced anew with a sudden sense of unimaginable loss. Max had practically been his salvation, his oasis, in a life that was nothing but duty and obligation in every other facet of his existence. Not only could Max sense the despair building in the young man, he could smell it.
"Enough!!!" Max ordered, glaring down at Brock. "Get your ass up and get dressed!" he paused before adding: "We've got things to discuss, not least of which is your future Gunny."  


 "Ya know, I could just go home and take a shower just as easily." Gavin bemoaned trying desperately not to gawk at a now nearly naked Billy Donnelly.

"Dude, did you or did you not ask me to help you get stronger and teach you how to defend yourself last night?" Billy stood there only two feet away from Gavin, stripped down to his jockstrap,  hands on his hips, and from Gavin’s point of view, looking more like a wet dream come to life instead of a self-defense instructor. "Here!" Billy said shoving a towel in Gavin's hands, knowing exactly what the problem was. "Wrap that around your waist and strip ya big pussy."

Billy was right of course, partially.  Gavin wasn't used to being naked around anyone, let alone those that happened to be a bunch of very fit, healthy, young Marines. In other words, Gavin's dick was as stiff as a railroad spike. Thankfully Gavin had gotten so nervous realizing that Billy wasn't taking no for an answer, that his boner had subsided to a mere semi-chub. Be that as it may though, and even with the towel wrapped securely around his waist, Gavin still blushed about 10 different shades of red, all of which Billy found immensely amusing as he timidly slid his underwear off. Billy, of course, didn't understand Gavin's lack of self-confidence. Gavin wasn't a bad looking guy. Billy thought he looked kind of cute in his glasses, glasses he only wore when he was reading, so it wasn't like he wore them all the time; and yes, he was shorter than most guys Billy knew, standing at about 5'7", but he had a nice solid build and a cute little bubble butt that kind of jiggled when he walked.

His sandy-colored hair was kind of floppy and always looked a bit wild and out of control, something that probably contributed to people's perception of his nerdiness. But he had a cute face, high cheekbones, a smallish nose, and a rather small mouth with pouty lips. Billy also noticed how nearly hairless his slim body was, that more than anything made him look deceptively younger than his 17 years indicated.

As they entered the shower area of the locker room, Billy herded him toward the back. The showers there had dividers between them for those wanting a little more privacy than the main showers offered. Billy guided him to the very back one and turned it on, adjusting the water to a comfortable level. Seeing the relative privacy did start to allow Gavin to relax a little; that is until Billy whipped his towel off and entered the stall, beckoning Gavin to join him.

Billy noted Gavin's hesitancy: "Dude if you don't get your ass in this shower right now," Billy moved out of the shower to stand in front of him with his hands on his hips. "I'm gonna throw you over my shoulder and haul you out to the public showers and hand wash you top to bottom in front of anyone who wants to watch!"

The way Billy said it left no doubt to Gavin he'd do just that. Reluctantly, Gavin hanged his towel up and stepped under the warm shower spray, his hands covering his crotch. Noting Gavin's apprehension and bashfulness, Billy decided to counter it with a little of his temerity. "Turn around." Billy said, dispensing some soap into his hands. Uncomfortably, Gavin slowly turned to offer his back to his muscular new friend.

Billy placed his now soapy hands-on Gavin's upper back, smearing the soap and gently massaging and washing Gavin's skin. Despite his apprehension, Gavin started to relax, enjoying the way Billy's strong fingers stroked his body, cleansing away not only the sweaty grime but his tension as well. As Billy finished with his back and rinsed the foaming soap away with his hands, he handed the bottle of liquid soap around to Gavin. "My turn bro!" he practically whispered into Gavin's ear as he turned to offer him his broad back rippling with muscles.

Gavin turned to face him, squeezing some of the bottle's contents into his hand before setting it on the tiled shelf of the shower stall. His hands trembled slightly as he touched the naked flesh and burgeoning muscles, massaging Billy gently, exploring the vastness of his back. Gavin noted the dichotomy between the softness of his skin compared to the hardness of his back muscles all the while, right below him, was the large, lightly furred mounds of Billy's muscular bubble butt, the effectual cause was made quickly apparent by Gavin's now fully erect 6-inch cock.

As he finished, he tried to turn far enough away to hopefully conceal his erection from Billy, mortified that Billy would ever see such a blatant display of the sexual arousal he felt for him, completely embarrassed by his body's lustful betrayal.

"Dude, it's okay," Billy assured him softly, his large hand now grasping his shoulder and slowly turning him around to face him. Gavin felt his entire body was blushing and was wishing nothing more than to be anywhere else instead of so blatantly displaying his carnal desires to his friend.
Billy reached up with his left hand cupping the right side of Gavin's face, his thumb stroking his cheek gently, affectionately. "This is bullshit ya know." Billy groaned. "It's okay to feel what you feel dude." Gavin hazarded a quick glimpse into Billy's bright blue eyes. Those same eyes stared back at him, soft and gentle, the smile on his face genuine, not mocking, as Gavin feared he'd see.
Then to his surprise, Billy stepped back and brought Gavin's right hand up to the center of his chest and held it there, covered in his own. "Go ahead bud, look and touch all you want." his voice deep and soft like velvet. "It doesn't bother me at all that you’re perving out on how hot I am!"

Gavin punched him in the chest as they both burst out laughing.

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