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Devil Dawg Donnelly's: Chapter Nine


Max Donnelly sat at his desk; he had just returned after releasing Brock Gryzinski after their little morning rendezvous and ordering him to get cleaned up and meet him here in his office within the hour. Normally Max wouldn't and didn't involve himself in the personal lives of those he worked with, preferring to keep a professional distance. But he and Brock weren't just friends; they became more than that. GySgt. Gryzinski had become a valuable resource and ally as well as a pretty damn good piece of ass.

He was one of the chosen few who were fully aware of the Heritage while not being part of it. But Max, like a growing number of others within the Heritage, were coming to realize and feel that the Heritage Codex, the rules that those of the Heritage lived by, something that they had followed for untold centuries, had been twisted into something self-serving and exclusionary, exclusionistic even to those the Heritage had a long-standing connection too; men like Brock.

Max pondered the numerous times he, Carl, Elder Danal Cornelius, and several others heavily debated these things and how they had all come to the conclusion that things needed to change and as Max has observed so often, it always came back to that age-old axiom, time and time again: "Change is the only constant in the universe", and that axiom is what brought Max where he is today. With that thought in mind it was what he was now going to force GySgt. Brock Gryzinski to face today. Max knew that the Gunny was stuck. He had boxed himself in and could no longer evolve beyond where he was at, where Max and all the others that depended on him, including Brock, needed him to be, depended on him to be. Brock Gryzinzki needed change and Max had decided to be the instrument of that change by doing what the universe does to spur it on; Max was going to introduce chaos into the Gunny's life, the chaos he couldn't hide away from or pretend would go away or deny the existence of.

Max sat at his desk waiting for him, ready to push the button, to shove Gunny over the precipice into chaos and the inevitable liberation that would result and free him from the mess his life had become. A mess he forced not only on himself but by naive association, those closest to him.
Max was contemplating the small plaque on the wall by his desk inscribed with the Latin words: "Verum Tuae Sui", or “To thine ownself be true” when the knock came on his door.

Max straightened himself and adjusted his shirt, composing himself for what was to come. "Enter," Max called out and watched as GySgt. Gryzinski entered his office, clean and crisp dressed in his normal fatigues.

"Gunnery Sergeant Brock Gryzinski reporting as ordered Master Sergeant." he announced taking the customary stationary drill stance.

"Take a seat, Gunny." Max said pointing toward one of the chairs in front of his desk. Max got up and walked over to his office door and locked it, then returned to the front of his desk, leaning his ass on it, crossed his ankles, and folded his arms over his chest.

Without a word he reached down and unzipped his fly and hauled out his genitals, letting his flaccid 8-inch uncut cock drop to hang pendulously between his thighs, over his big hairy balls now nestled in the crook of his crotch.

Studiously watching as Brock lustfully stared at his groin and absentmindedly licked his lips repeatedly, Max leaned forward lifting the young Gunny's chin forcing their eyes to meet. "Do you remember what I said to you before I left you in that storage room this morning Gunny?" Max's tone was firm and leaving no doubt he expected a response.

Brock gulped. "Yes Master Sgt." Max could see the longing behind his eyes, the troubling fear of potential loss. "Did I do something wrong, Master Sgt?" Came the expectant plea Max knew would come.

Max pointed to the plaque on his wall, "Do you see that plaque Gunny?" He demanded, staring intently into Gunny's eyes.

"Yes Master Sgt." was his simple, soft-spoken reply.

"Read it out loud." Max said, his voice louder, firmer, and more commanding.

"Verum Tuae Sui." came the timid response, a confused expression crossing his face as his eyes returned to Max's.

Max glared at Brock, the intensity cutting right through him. "Do you know what it means Gunny?"

Max watched him intently, watched as he now cast his eyes first toward Max's huge limp cock and then to the floor, then, almost whispering: "To thine own self be true." His eyes looked up into Max's, eyes that begged him to stop, fearful of the outcome if he didn't.

Max proceeded calmly, confident of his decision to help this young man: "Get on your knees." he commanded, pointing to the spot right in front of him. The Gunny instantly dropped down, his face mere inches from Max's prodigious endowments, licking his lips both nervously and from a deep, hungry, aching lust. Despite his fear, the sense of being trapped and cornered, Brock felt his cock swell to fullness in his fatigues, straining against the crotch of his desert camo pants.

Max snapped his fingers and the Gunny's eyes jolted back to Max's intense gaze: "Before you is your truth Gunny." Max paused letting him take in his now growing cock, until he was almost completely transfixed to it. Max reached over and grabbed his phone and began recording a video and pointed it down at the young Gunny. "Look up at me!" He commanded, his voice thick and full of authority: "Beg me for it faggot!" Brock knew he was videoing him, but he was torn between obeying him, to give in to his near insatiable hunger or refusing. Instinctively he knew if he chose the latter, Max would never let him have it again, would never fulfill his deepest desires, satiate his unrelenting voracious hunger.

Max smiled lecherously as the young Gunny whimpered and stuffed the massive bulbous head of his half-hard schlong into his mouth and ravenously sucked on it like a starving calf on its mother's teat. Max slapped him, hard, the blow dislodging his dong from his mouth, spittle flying everywhere. "I said BEG!" Max's voice near a growl.

Brock returned his attention to Max's dick, looking upward, their eyes meeting, "Please Master Sgt." he paused, his voice quivering, "Please let me suck your dick, Sir!"

"I only let cock-hungry faggots suck my dick boi." Max snarled: "Tell me what a cock-hungry faggot you are."

Brock's head swam with lust, he had to have Max's big dick back in his mouth, he didn't just want it, he needed it. "Master Sgt., please let this cock-hungry faggot suck your perfect dick Sir...please!"

A large lecherous grin stretched across Max's face as he reached down and patted Brock's head: "That's better faggot. It's all yours!"

Brock Gryzinski didn't waste time. He devoured the huge knob and forced it into his oral cavity, his lips sucked convulsively, his tongue undulating against the frenulum; he knew what Max liked and he was determined to give him the best blowjob he had ever given, forcing the bulbous tip of his swollen glans against his uvula, his jaws expanding to encompass the bloated dick meat. Two years’ worth of jaw stretching exercises assisting the expansion of his throat muscles as he gulped the entire length of Max's monster down his gullet like a snake devouring its prey. Cocksucker tears poured from the corners of his eyes as his lips stretched and strained to their fullest until they nestled in the coarse thick bush of dark pubic hair.

"Okay, that'll do Gunny!" Max suddenly announced, turning off the camera on his phone while pulling his wet dick out of Brock's mouth. He leaned back against the desk, stuffed his half-hard dick back into his slacks, and zipped up.

Brock just knelt there, wondering what had just happened, his mind trying to clear away the webs of his lust and refocus on the man against the desk, the source of his confusion. "Get up Gunny." Max's voice full of controlled calm authority again. Brock frowned, as the questions formed on his face as fast as they formed in his head. "I have all I need now," Max concluded as if that should answer all the questions now swirling in the Gunny's brain.

Max toyed with his phone, turned it around showing it to a very confused Gunny, the image of him kneeling, looking up into the camera appeared, Brock's face flushed as he heard and saw himself say: "Master Sgt. please let this cock hungry faggot suck your perfect dick Sir...please!" Max smiled and hit repeat and shoved the phone closer to Brock's face.

"Wuh...wah..what are you doin'?" Brock pleaded, his eyes now denoted the impending panic building behind them.

Max's face took on a stern calm as his eyes drilled into Brocks. "I'm showing you your truth, Gunny." he paused and added: "This is who you are. You are not the fake, phony, liar you show everyone else." Max hit repeat again: "Master Sgt. please let this cock hungry faggot suck your perfect dick Sir...please!"

"STOP IT!" the now panicked Marine yelled at him, his hands balling up into fist his body tense and nearly trembling from fear and anger.

Max hit repeat again: "Master Sgt. please let this cock hungry faggot suck your perfect dick Sir...please!"

Brock lunged at the phone, intending to rip it from Max's left hand, as his fear gave way to anger his anger gave way to action. Max deftly avoided his grasp and his right hand shot up smacking squarely into Brock's chest with just enough force to topple him backward onto his ass, Brock's anger now turned into blind rage and fury and he jumped to his feet and launched himself full-body at Max.

With a speed that completely caught the young Gunny off guard, Max's right hand shot out lightning-quick, his fingers digging into the Gunny's muscular throat, and hoisted him one-armed into the air. For the briefest moment, Brock could have sworn Max's irises flashed a bright blue, but there was no mistaking the predicament he now found himself in. Desperately trying to gasp for breath against the steel-like grip of the man dangling him a good foot off the floor. Brock’s hands clutched at Max's forearm, clawed at his rigid fingers, helplessly trying to extricate himself, his need for oxygen growing by the second as his face flushed red and his hazel eyes bugged out.

Max shoved the phone in his face once again and hit repeat: "Master Sgt. please let this cock hungry faggot suck your perfect dick Sir...please!"

"This is who you are!" Max growled, daring Brock to disagree with him, forcing him to face his reality... to face the truth, his truth... "Verum Tuae Sui."

All the fight drained from Brock, and as his body went limp. Max lowered him to the floor and eased him back into one of the chairs, where he sat slouched over his elbows resting on his knees and his face planted in the palms of his hands as the tears began to flow from his eyes. Max knelt in front of him, tossed his phone into the other chair, and brought his right hand up to gently stroke the right side of Brock's head. "You’re gay, Gunny." Max's voice, now deep and soothing, but full of truth. Max's resolve almost melted as this strong, young man began to sob. Arms reached out to him, Max pulled Brock to him, his strong powerful arms encircling and comforting him and softly stroked his back, neck, and head, allowing him the time to face his truth, to accept it, and move on. That's what real men do, that's what this Marine needed to do. To become a man and face his fears head-on, to face the chaos head-on and allow it to forge him into something new, something better, to claim his heritage. His heritage as a man and a Marine.

They stayed like that for a while until Brock gently began to pull back, wiping the tears from his face. Max reached over and pulled some tissues from the box sitting on his desk and handed them to Brock. As he composed himself and sat up straighter in his chair, his hands clutching at the moist tissues he held in his lap, Max returned to his seat behind his desk, adjusted his shirt and sat down.

"What do I do now?” Brock moaned, his voice still thick with the parade of emotions that continued to wash over him.

Max glared at him sternly, forcing his eyes to meet his. "You're going to own it, Gunny, and become the man you were meant to be!"

Brock's face grew sullen. "What about my family, they'll never accept this? My parents are very religious, my brothers..." His eyes became saucers. "Dammit, what about my wife?!!"

Max leaned back in his chair and contemplated for a second. "She doesn't have a clue, does she?" Max had met her before at squadron dinners and other social functions, an attractive woman if not a bit naive. Max's brow furrowed but he had to ask: "I've always wanted to know something. You being married to a woman and being gay and all..." Max's voice trailed for a second, not sure how he wanted to frame his train of thought. "I assume since you've been married for four years, at some point the two of you have had sex."

Brock bowed his head. "Yeah, but not that often..." He thought for a second calculating: "Maybe a couple of times a month, sometimes more. Usually I don't even cum." he concluded.

"Damn" Max groaned, shaking his head: "No wonder you're always so.. how shall I put this...enthusiastic." Max smiled and noticed the faintest of grins at the corners of the Gunny's lips: "Clarify for me..." Max said pausing briefly, "What all do you do together, in the bedroom that is?”

Brock shrugged his shoulders slightly: ”We fuck...well, at least we fuck for as long as I can maintain an erection that is."

"Nothing else?!" a look of surprise crossing Max's face before Brock responded:

"Well, sometimes she will suck me a little. But I don't think she likes doing that very much."

"How about you?" Max asked, truly fascinated now.

"What about me?" Brock asked not sure he understood the question.

"Do you ever go down on her?" Max queried and almost laughed at the look of disgust that momentarily washed over the young Gunny's face.

"" he half-whispered looking down at the floor.

"Never!?" Max exclaimed incredulously staring at Gunny.

He didn't need to answer. Max knew the answer, Brock’s entire body language said he was repulsed by the idea. "That poor fucking woman!" Max sighed. "That's it, we're through talking." Max exclaimed and stood up glaring at Gunny.

"You know what you're gonna do Gunny?!" Max was in full command mode now, the timber of his voice leaving no doubt whatsoever that GySgt. Brock Gryzinski was going to do exactly what he was about to order him to do. "You're going to go home right this minute and drag that poor bitch into your bedroom. You're going to sensually strip her down and sit her at the foot of your bed. You’re going to lean her back, spread her legs, and you’re going to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening eating her fucking pussy. You’re gonna lick, lap, and suck her clit and drive your tongue as deep as you can in and out of her snatch and slurp up all her pussy juices. You're going to eat pussy and make your wife cum over and over again until she can't take it anymore and begs you to stop!”

Max didn't give a rats ass when he saw the color drain from Brock's face and he began looking a bit green around the gills at the thought of what Max was commanding him to do. "If I find out..." Max sternly cautioned jabbing his finger toward Brock's chest. "that you failed to carry out my orders..."

Max let his threat sink in. "No Master Sgt. I won't fail, Sir!" Brock stammered, visibly shaken. Max could see the fear in his eyes. Brock was in no hurry for a repeat of what had just happened minutes before.

Max opened the briefcase on his desk and removed an envelope, two manila folders, and a small oblong box and set them in front of him. "After you've satisfied your wife and probably given her the best sexual experience of her life..." Max paused, once again emphasizing his orders, "You're going to sit her down and tell her the truth. Then you're going to tell her that you're going to immediately petition for a non-contested divorce, granting her whatever she wants of your joint assets." Max wasn't even trying to be diplomatic about it now. "Then you're going to pack some clothes and go to a motel for the night." Max stared right into Brock's eyes. "Tomorrow, you're going to retain an attorney, and file a divorce petition."

Max looked down and picked up the first manila folder: "These are your orders to file with base operations tomorrow letting them know you are going on special assignment effective immediately."

"New assignment Master Sgt.?" Brock's face full of questions he was afraid to ask.

Max picked up the second manila folder: "These are the requisitions you are to file before the end of day tomorrow." Max handed it to the Gunny. "Make sure you get everything in order before you leave."

The Gunny opened the folder and started scanning the contents, a surprised look on his face. "Are these all approved?" he asked.

Max smiled: "Look at the authorization Gunny."

Brock saw the name: "Lt. General Bastian Hartford!" a look of surprise swept the Gunny's face. "A three-star general at that." Brock whistled: "You got some real connections, Master Sgt."

"And you have your orders Marine." Max picked up the small oblong box and the letter handing the last two items over to Brock. "Friday morning at zero nine hundred, you are to depart for the Devil Dawg Compound and report to Sgt. Carl McGregor. He will introduce you to the new team you will be training with." Max had taken him to the compound several times before, a couple of times with Carl.

Max smiled wickedly at the next part. "You will be introduced to Corporal Atticus Walker, whom you will present this envelope too. After he reads the contents, you are to hand him this box and do exactly as you are instructed to do."

Max sat back down pleased with himself and with a wave of his hand dismissed the Gunny. But just as he had opened the door to leave Max called out his name: "Brock?" The Gunny turned to meet the Master Sgt. eye to eye and with a big smile on his face Max said: "Enjoy your first taste of pussy Marine."

Brock left, suddenly feeling very queasy and nauseous, thinking to himself: "It's going to be a very rough night."


"So, how does it feel to be a loser?" Gavin didn't expect Billy to answer that question. It just felt good to be better at something than this big strong jock.

"That's quite the accomplishment, being better at a video game you've played a million times compared to someone who has never played it." Billy retorted.

Gavin feigned indignation: "Do you expect me to believe that you've gotten to the ripe old age of 17 and have never played Mario Kart?" Gavin clutched one hand to his chest and the back of the other to his forehead, sweeping his head upward mockingly: "Lies I tell you, lies!" Billy laughed and reached over and started tickling Gavin's sides. "Stop that asshole! You’re gonna make me piss myself!"

Billy straddled his chest and begin fingering Gavin's armpits, making him squirm underneath him, trying to twist away from the tickle torture. "Go ahead," Billy laughed, a broad grin on his face. “It's not my bed you'll be pissing in."

After the gym, Gavin had asked Billy if he'd like to come over to his house and hang for a while. Gavin didn't have many friends that ever came over to visit, especially any that were as hot as Billy Donnelly. He wondered what his computer geek friends would think if they saw him now, lying across his bed with one of the hunkiest guys in their school, straddling his chest, his bulging crotch mere inches from his face; a crotch Gavin just couldn't keep his eyes off of.

"Are you staring at my dick again, ya big homo?!" Billy sneered playfully.

"It's hard not to when it's practically shoved right in my face, ya big prick tease" Gavin laughed and tried harder to push Billy off his chest.

Billy rolled off him and lay down beside him, both of them now lying sideways across Gavin's bed, their bare feet on the floor. "Do you really think that?" Billy said, his expression a little more serious now, turning his head to look at Gavin eye-to-eye.

"I didn't mean anything bad by that Billy!" Gavin's face showed his concern, thinking he had crossed a line and offended Billy by his comment, quickly adding: "It wasn't a complaint." Gavin bowed his head slightly and blushed a little: "Truthfully, I kinda like it."

Billy thought for a moment, bringing his arms up to lace his fingers together behind his head. "I don't tease you because you’re gay, ya know, right?!"

Gavin twisted sideways and propped himself up on one elbow looking at Billy's strong handsome face. "I know that dude, but...: He paused for a moment before adding: "This is just all so new to me and sometimes..." He let his thoughts drift for second thinking how to put his feelings into words, "I am gay and you’re like.." He gulped, too afraid to say what he was thinking.

"A hot stud muffin you can't take your eyes off of?" Billy goaded and chuckled trying to break the somber seriousness of the moment.

Gavin smiled back at him and poked him playfully in the ribs. "It's just that I've never... you know, I've never done..."

Billy sat up putting his hand on Gavin's shoulder. "You mean you're a virgin bro?” Gavin turned away, not wanting Billy to see him blush now, "Seriously dude, you've never done anything?" Billy asked, laying back down folding his hands behind his head again.

"No" Gavin smiled faintly.

"Not even a kiss...nuthin'?" Billy was kind of surprised, but not surprised at the same time, thinking back at how awkward and bashful he'd been, even about being naked around another guy. "So you've never even seen a dick up close, have you?" Billy queried, honestly wondering if today had been the very first time Gavin had seen one relatively up close like he had today in the shower earlier. Gavin bashfully looked back at Billy, their eyes barely connecting, and shook his head no.
If there had been a bulb over Billy's head it would have lit up and probably exploded at that moment compelling him to ask: "Would you like too?"

Gavin just looked at him questioningly, confusion by Billy's question written all over his face.

Billy clarified: "Do you wanna see my dick up close?" Billy almost laughed out loud, but glad he caught himself after seeing the deer in headlights expression that now dominated Gavin's surprised, shocked face. "Yes or no dude? It's not that difficult a question."

Gavin heard the sincerity in Billy's voice, and though he was still more than a bit shocked by the question, he heard himself timidly respond: "Yeah."

Billy sat up briefly, pulling his sweatshirt off and tossing it on the floor, before returning to his previous hands behind head position. "There...that's better. Might as well get the full show while we're at it." Gavin continued to sit there not knowing where to begin staring at Billy's now exposed muscle-bulging chest and rock hard 8-pack abs.

Billy noted his hesitancy: "Pretend it's Christmas and you’re unwrapping your Christmas present." He said mischievously, grinning ear to ear. Gavin's eyes were still trying to take it all in. He had seen Billy with his shirt off before, but not like this, not so close and on display solely for his enjoyment.

"Can I touch your abs?" Gavin asked, almost breathlessly.

Billy giggled slightly, amused by Gavin's timidness: "You can touch anything you want."

Suddenly Gavin felt like a kid in a candy store; he didn't know where to start. He brought his right hand up and placed it palm down in the center of Billy's abdomen and caressed the hard, bulging mound of his belly, enjoying the feel of Billy's light brown fur. His fingers traced the valley's and crevasses of his abdominal muscles, slowly moving upwards to the twin slabs of rock hard flesh that comprised his pecs. Gavin's fingertips stroked the line between them as Billy flexed them slightly, making them grow tauter. Gavin was amazed at the detail of the striations as they rippled underneath his stroking digits.

Gavin turned his attention to Billy's quarter-sized areolas and the pencil eraser sized nubs of his nipples and without thinking, he bent his head down and licked one before realizing what he'd done and jerked back looking concernedly up at Billy who just smiled back at him.

"It's okay bro. You can touch, kiss, or lick anywhere you want..." Billy paused then added: "Anywhere but here." he pointed to his lips. "I'm not that keen on kissing another dude right yet." He laughed making light of his one restriction.

"That's kewl." Gavin smiled, still considering himself the luckiest gay virgin in the world right now getting to do all this with one of the hottest studs he has ever met. Billy watched as Gavin refocused his attention, moving his hands down tentatively to the waistband of Billy's sweatpants, He watched with interest as Gavin hooked his thumbs into his sweats and began easing them down slowly.

As Gavin got up and moved between Billy's muscular thighs and pulled his sweats down, Billy lifted his hips off the bed allowing Gavin to draw them down over the growing bulge of his overstuffed jockstrap and slide them down his legs removing them completely.

Billy's cock began to engorge with blood, expanding the already obscene bulge of the jock pouch, stretching it outward, straining against the elastic yielding fabric. He watched as Gavin slipped his fingers over the bugle extending up to his waistband and began slowly pulling it down over his growing erection until it popped out and flopped heavily and with a thumping noise against his belly. Having removed Billy's jockstrap, Gavin focused his attention on what he considered to be the grand prize: the huge throbbing piece of meat between Billy's legs.

Gavin marveled at it, his tongue absentmindedly flicking wetly across his lips, his mouth suddenly watering at the impressive organ. He let his hands roam over Billy's thighs ever upward toward it, drawn like a moth to flame his right hand finally touching it, his fingers slowly encircling its pulsating girth, lifting it to stand vertically upright.

Billy moaned deeply, a resonant sound that came deep within his chest as Gavin began to peel away the thick foreskin from his bulbous, lavender-blue shiny glans. Gavin brought up his left hand and gently cupped the two large, furry, egg-sized balls that dangled loosely between Billy's hairy spread muscle taut legs. Awed by the sheer weight and density of them, the aromatic musky smell that wafted upward into Gavin's nostrils further intoxicating his senses with pure animalistic lust.

Wanting to fully savor the moment, Gavin leaned in and hesitantly kissed both cum swollen testes, feeling like an acolyte worshiping at the altar of Billy's manhood, relishing the pure masculine aroma that was uniquely his own. With eyes glazed over, his tongue slipped between his lips almost subconsciously and swabbed the moist and salty flesh. Gavin adoringly enjoying the strong, sapid flavor of male virility.

Not wanting to ignore the main focus of his lustful journey, Gavin flattened his drooling tongue against the base of Billy's monumental phallus and slide it upward in one long continuous stroke ending at the cleft between his glans then swirling the tip of his tongue against his frenulum coaxing a low and guttural groan from Billy. Not wanting to interfere with Gavin's explorations, Billy was doing his best to not reach down and seize him by the hair and force his aching boner down his throat and deposit his load. But Billy didn't know how much more he could take before his libido overrode his need for release.

Gavin lifted his head over Billy's palpitating, bulbous glans, wrapped both hands around the thick shaft, and pumped gently up and down marveling at the shiny, smooth, velveteen flesh of his blood-engorged knob. He watched wantonly as a large, clear, pea-sized, droplet of seminal fluid oozed from the gaping urethra. Staring up into Billy's lustful blue eyes, Gavin pursed his lips and sipped the viscous fluid into his mouth and savored the saline sweetness of masculine secretions for the first time. With hunger and passion he'd not known existed within him before, Gavin devoured the helmet-shaped mushroom head and stuffed it deep into his oral cavity, slurping and sucking like a wanton cock hungry whore.

Billy's groans grew louder, his hands shot to Gavin's shoulders gripping them tightly, thrusting his hips upward, trying to push more of his dong passed Gavin's pursed, siphoning lips before his gonads launched the missiles of his pent up load, blasting like a rocket into Gavin's lip locked suctioning orifice.

Gavin did not expect the sheer volume of sperm that blasted into his mouth, let alone the speed and force in which it jetted into the back of his throat. He gulped and choked, gobbled and guzzled hot molten jizz, his head dizzy with passion. His eyes rolled back in pure carnal lust, realizing too late his cock was exploding into his underwear and shorts, his orgasm spurred by the satiation of his primal hunger for cock.

As the waves of their passion subsided Billy's right hand lifted and gently stroked the side of Gavin's face. Gavin softly looked upward, still somewhat in his lustful fugal state, happily sucking and swallowing the last bits of dick dribble still oozing from Billy's member.

Billy grinned as their eyes locked. "Damn dude! I'm gonna have to let you win at Super Mario Kart more often!"

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