Friday, October 2, 2020

Devil Dawg Donnelly's Chapter Six


Anna Whitmore sat with her son Baxter at their kitchen table enjoying the evening meal she was having with her son and even more the somewhat happier mood and tone their mealtime conversation had taken. Anna could tell her son was still troubled by something. But since she and Max Donnelly had suggested going to North Carolina for a couple of weeks next month with one of his fathers oldest and best friends, she couldn't help but note that her son's mood had improved. While she could sense the building excitement and enthusiasm he had for the idea, she was also considering Max's other request; to perhaps take Baxter away on vacation somewhere for a couple of weeks.

She knew she had plenty of vacation time accumulated from her job as chief librarian at the local community college; and it was summertime, what better excuse for her and Baxter to get away for some mother-son time? It had been a while, and with what Max had filled her in about the troubles between Billy and Baxter, Anna was forced to agree with Max about it being best to keep the two apart for a while.

For quite some time, Anna had suspected her son felt more than just friendship for Billy Donnelly. Being both a mother and someone who'd loved before, she could see how her son looked at him, hung on his every word and always wanted to spend as much time as he could with him. But she also had noticed that something had recently and fundamentally shifted or changed in Baxter. She had suspected it had to do with Billy (who else could it be?), and after talking to Max, she was just as sure as he was what was wrong with him and her heart ached for him.

She wasn't as sure as Max that it would all resolve itself after both Billy and Baxter had undergone their Heritage ceremony. But she had no basis for comparison. Her husband had indeed explained everything about himself before they married, even warned her that no matter how many children they had they would all be boys. She understood the science and history behind his claim, he had even told her what to expect as their child/children reached maturity. It was all very exciting and scary for her, but she had seen for herself with her own eyes what to expect after her son goes through his Heritage ceremony.

She was simultaneously both excited for her son and more than a little bit terrified; especially if Max and Carl were correct in what would or could happen with both Billy and subsequently Baxter. Especially if it turned out to be true.

After dinner, while she and Baxter were cleaning up the dishes, as usual, her washing him drying, she decided to implement the second phase of their plan; one she had mentally dubbed  "Operation Distract Baxter."

"You know Baxter..." she began, as if she had just thought of it:  "I was just thinking when was the last time you and I went on vacation?" she questioned, turning to look at her son.

Baxter stopped drying the plate he held for a moment as he contemplated before answering: "I think the last time was when I was fifteen when we went to visit grandma and grandpa on their farm in Alabama." Baxter smiled at the memory his sudden recollection of that visit brought. The fun he had fishing with his grandfather and the incredible pies his grandmother made.

Anna smiled back at her son, "Why don't I see about taking a couple of weeks off from work tomorrow and we go to some nice beach in Florida for a few days and then go visit your grandparents for a week or so?" she suggested, looking at her son, hoping for his approval.

Anna was thrilled by the sight of her son's huge, broad smile. At this moment she couldn't help but notice how much he looked like his father; the auburn hair, his broad, muscular chest and shoulders, his narrow waist, the way his scruff grew on his face, his deep green eyes, and his rather large, thick lips, and that adorable little pug nose set between his high cheekbones.

There was absolutely no doubt how handsome her son was and that he was his father's son, one of her biggest regrets was that she and her husband had only had the one son; she knew Baxter would have made an amazing big brother.

Anna was thrilled as her son snatched her up in his arms and practically twirled her around like a rag doll in his large muscular arms, obviously overjoyed at her suggestion.

"I take it you approve?" She mused, not needing any more confirmation than his already overzealous response indicated.

"Are you kidding?" He said giddily, "When can we leave? What beach are we going to? Can I call grandma and tell her?" It was obvious Baxter was happy, and Anna said a silent thank you to Max Donnelly for suggesting it.

JD was thrilled to see Timmy's red Jeep in their driveway as they pulled up in Carls's old truck. Carl would have called it "vintage", JD couldn't wait to get him alone in his room, lock the door and rip Timmy's clothes off. "Maybe with my teeth," JD thought to himself, he was so horny.

He'd been exchanging messages with Timmy since they got back and he was almost as thrilled as Timmy seemed to be when he messaged him to let him know his parents had left town for a few days. JD intended to take full advantage of the situation, his dick already half chubbed and wanting immediate attention. JD couldn't help notice that even Billy seemed to perk up when they got out of the truck and saw Timmy stand up from where he had been sitting on their front porch, waiting.

He was only wearing a pair of skin-tight, very short, gym shorts that hugged his huge muscular bubble butt like a second skin and an old thin sweatshirt that had been cut off right about the mid-waist. JD especially enjoyed the light blond hairs of his treasure trail as it disappeared into the low cut waistband of his skimpy shorts.

"Good god" JD thought, he could just lick him all over like a lollipop right here, right now.

No sooner than Carl had ushered all the boys into the trailer and was passing out paper plates to everyone at the kitchen table, Max walked through the front door. Billy had half hoped Baxter would be with him, but he had kind of guessed he wouldn't be. He was still feeling a lot of angst over Baxter and was having a hard time thinking about anything else. He desperately wanted to know what Baxter and his dad had discussed and waited for the opportunity to speak to his dad alone.

As they all sat down for dinner at the small round table in their kitchen, Billy couldn't help but notice that Timmy positioned himself between his dad and JD. As the meal progressed he watched with casual interest as his dad and Timmy continuously flirted with each other. Timmy kept batting his eyes at their dad and with what could only be described as a giggle, did so at every lame dad joke Max made. Timmy also constantly kept touching their dad's arm, lingering there far longer than what anyone would deem appropriate.
Billy noticed, even Carl giving the duo the side-eye at the almost comical flirtation exhibited by the pair. By the end of the meal JD was getting visibly annoyed, but it didn't end until Carl stood up and announced he was tired and going home.

Billy sensed he was kind of put off too by the constant flirtation between dad and Timmy. Carl's sudden decision to head home seemed to be the catalyst that finally spurred their father to end his exchanges with Timmy, as he also rose to go after Carl, who was already heading out the front door. Billy observed out the kitchen window where he sat and watched as his dad caught up with Carl just as he got to his truck. He saw his dad's right-hand raise and move around Carl's body to the top of the truck door and held it shut, preventing Carl from opening it. Carl just stood there, with his hand still on the truck door handle, while Max talked to him from behind. Carl finally turned around, when Max placed both hands on his shoulders.

Max talked and Carl listened. After a while, Carl's head bowed and he nodded a few times before Max let him go and he climbed into his truck and started it. Billy watched as his dad headed back to their front door, "Hey boy's I'm going over to Carl's for a while, we have a few things we need to discuss and work on. Don't expect me back until late." he shouted. He then turned and headed back to Carl's truck and got in.

"Dammit," Billy thought to himself, miffed that he hadn't gotten the chance to talk to his dad about Baxter and as his thoughts once again began to dwell on his friend. His mood soured and he got up from the table and headed for his room, leaving JD and Timmy to fend for themselves. Billy picked up his phone and tried to think of some way he could approach the topic via text message with Baxter, but frustratingly couldn't think of anything that didn't sound completely lame. So he just called it quits and decided he'd just hash it all out with his buddy after their morning workout at the gym the next day.

Having decided on a course of action, Billy decided to strip and hit the shower and just turn in early. As he crossed the hall naked to the bathroom, he couldn't help but notice JD and Timmy had already locked themselves up in JD's room. Billy kind of mentally kicked himself for not at least thinking far ahead enough to at least have gotten a blowjob off Timmy. But then again, he had some pretty important stuff on his mind distracting him.

After his shower, Billy just flipped his a/c on, climbed under the sheet of his bed, and allowed himself to drift off to a bit of restless sleep. It must have been sometime after one in the morning when he heard his bedroom door open. In his lighter than normal sleep mode, he was instantly aware of its opening, and he was certain of who it was and exactly what he wanted.

His dick knew what he wanted too, as it began to instantly expand and engorge with blood. It was fully erect in seconds, waiting for what it knew was coming. Billy felt the shifting weight of someone climbing onto the foot of his bed, felt the sheet lift over his feet as that person moved under it and up to his body between his muscular hairy legs. He moaned as wet lips found his cockhead and a wet tongue swabbed his hooded glans, before sucking his foreskin into his mouth, forcing the tip of his tongue into the folds and wetly drove the tip of his tongue into his already leaking piss slit.

Billy didn't speak; he just moaned as the hungry wet mouth began to devour his thick 9-inch cock. He felt it stop as the bulbous head of his dick poked at the back of Timmy's throat, trying to force the thick mushroom-shaped knob to move past his uvula to penetrate the warm silky wetness of his throat. Frustrated with the cocksuckers hesitancy, Billy reached down and interlocked his fingers behind his head and rammed his throbbing cock to the balls, grinding his nads against their chin, enjoying the sensation of the choking and gagging as his pole smoker struggled with his prodigious member.

Billy completely dominated his cocksucker's mouth, pulling slightly back but not letting the lemon-sized head of his uncut dong slip past the entrance of his throat.

"Breath through your nose, bitch," he whispered gruffly, "cause my dick ain't leaving that throat until I say so."

As if to accentuate the veracity of what he was saying, he slammed back balls-deep and ground his hairy testicles against his chin refusing to let his cocksucker pull back even a fraction of an inch. Billy just held him there, could feel the increased choking, the desperate hands trying to push him away, even the convulsions that made his throat muscles undulate as he tried to vomit his fleshy sword from the recesses of his impaled orifice. After a minute or so, Billy backed out just a couple of inches, still leaving the swollen head of his cock inside the throat just past the uvula.

"I told you to breath through your nose, bitch." Billy swore as he rapidly micro humped his glans into his oral cavity in his attempt at throat fucking his captive cock slave's throat hole to loosen it and allow his cocksucker to gasp air around his invading member.
Slowly, through trial and error and more than a little desperation, necessity forced the throat muscles to loosen and expand around the thick cock-head, allowing for the briefest wisp of air to come sucking around his fat glans. The sensation was exhilarating to Billy and added a new dimension to the oral molestation of his cocksucker's mouth pussy. Billy redoubled his assault, ramming harder and harder into those wet dick smoking, cock gobbler lips and throat as Billy could feel his much-needed orgasm build to a crescendo, before finally releasing the torrents of molten sperm into the hungry waiting depths of his cocksucker's esophagus.

As the waves of his orgasm abated into an oozing pulse of thick cum, Billy yanked his cocksucker off his dick by the curly short locks on the crown of his head. Timmy gasped for air, gurgling around the thick mucous and copious amounts of sperm and semen that still obstructed his throat cavity. As Billy shoved him backward, forcing himself between Timmy's legs, grasping the base of his still very erect pole, Billy used the tip of his still sperm drenched glans to find Timmy's already puffy hole and rub his gooey essence around the lips of his anal folds. As Billy leaned forward, burying his face in Timmy's muscular neck and gently biting into the flesh below his left ear, Timmy dug his heels into Billy's ass. Billy rammed the full length of his turgid pole balls deep into Timmy's tight entrails.

Timmy would have cried out in pain if Billy hadn't swiftly covered his mouth with his left hand, muffling his cries as Billy began to punch fuck Timmy's guts with his engorged organ. At first, Timmy's anal ring clung to the flesh of Billy's dong, but as Billy continued leaking large amounts of semen into his anal cavity, the sloppy foaming soup that formed eased his invading passage and Timmy's hole loosened and allowed easier access to Billy's rampaging prostate poker.

With each push and pull of his dick, the coronal ridge of Billy's glans mauled Timmy's prostate, making Timmy gasp and moan like a slut in heat. Humping his upturned muscular ass into Billy's driving pelvis, the wet, sloppy, sucking sounds of Timmy's ravaged hole drove Billy into making deep guttural groans as he ruthlessly pummeled Timmy's anal orifice.

Timmy could feel it deep in his anal cavity, as waves of pleasure pulsated from his battered prostate throughout his whole body. His 5-inch cock jumped and throbbed, and with a silent scream of orgasmic pleasure that erupted from his own cock, sprayed his and Billy's chest and abdominals with copious amounts of his sticky ball juice.

Timmy's orgasmic bliss made his anus spasm and undulate, his anal ring clutch and squeeze at Billy's rampant dick, triggering his own seismic orgasm, which erupted from the pulsing head of his cock like a firehose, spraying Timmy's guts with his thick, hot manly juices.

Sweating like a prized racehorse after a winning race, Billy collapsed on top of Timmy. Timmy absentmindedly kissed and licked the sweat from Billy's neck as Billy just lay there trying to catch his breath. Unable to move a muscle, he just lay there letting his half-hard dick dribble into Timmy's wet sloppy hole. Without even saying a word as Timmy stroked the muscles of his sweaty back with both his hands, Billy drifted into a deep sleep.


Billy found himself in a dark pool of swirling water. He didn't know how he got there, only that it was dark. The only time he could see anything was by the ever-increasing frequency of the flashing of the lightning storm that raged around him.

Gale force winds pummeled him and forced him to tread the murky dark waters that splashed against his face relentlessly. With one huge flash of lightning, Billy saw Baxter reaching out to him, to his immediate right pleading for Billy to take his hand, which was mere inches away from his. He could see that Baxter was being pulled towards a watery vortex and was trying to swim toward Billy, but was gradually losing ground.

Billy fought as hard as he could to close the distance between them, desperately trying to clutch Baxter's outstretched hand, their fingers barely making contact. Billy kept screaming Baxter's name over and over. But the current of the whirlpool kept pulling Baxter from his grasp and he watched in horror as he was slowly sucked under.

Time and time again, begging Billy to save him. The absolute terror and desperation on his face and in his eyes wrenched at Billy's heart and soul as Baxter was dragged beneath the roiling dark surface never to rise again.

Billy wailed uselessly at the raging storm, powerless to save the one person who meant the most in the world to him. He surrendered himself to despair; and as the dark waters consumed him in his anguish, the cacophonous explosions of lightning left a deafening ringing in his ears...
Billy woke with a start to the loud, persistent buzz of his alarm clock. His chest heaved at the vague recollection of his dream. Billy had set his alarm for an hour earlier so he'd have plenty of time to get ready and head to Baxter's house with enough time for him and Baxter to have a moment to chat before they headed over to the base gym to do their morning workout.

Billy noted that Timmy had vacated his bed at some point last night. Billy was kind of grateful for that; he really didn't want any distractions this morning. Billy quickly showered and brushed his teeth. He had just finished getting dressed in his room when his phone dinged with a new message. Billy looked at it knowing at this early hour, it had to be from Baxter.

It was...

"Hey bro, gotta cancel today. Mom and I are working on something today...fill ya in later."

"Dammit!" was all Billy said. He was really disappointed now; he was so looking forward to finally getting to spend some time with Baxter alone and figure out what was eating at his best friend.

"Sumthin' up dude?" came the question from his little brother, who was now standing in his doorway.

"It's Baxter; he's canceled on me today." he responded, still staring at his phone, not sure what to say back. "He's been a bit off recently and I think he's upset about something." He looked over at his brother, leaning against his door jamb dressed only in a pair of sweatpants.

"Well, he's probably upset you didn't give him a kiss before he left with dad yesterday." JD said, taunting his brother.

"Baxter and I aren't like you and Timmy." Billy said, giving his brother the finger.

"Ouch dude, that was rude." JD feigned hurt by clutching his heart before responding: "You know, since Baxter can't make it, and I know you've missed a few days of working out..." He paused gauging his brother's responsiveness, "Timmy and I could go with ya and show ya how to do it right?" Then he quickly added: "You have been looking a bit scrawny as of late, just sayin'."

Billy couldn't help but laugh at his little brother, he knew he was just trying to help out. "Ya know, that's not a bad idea and it has been a few days since I've logged some gym time. Plus it sure as hell couldn't hurt you to do so, tiny." Billy chided.

"You're on dude!" He turned to head back to his room: "Let me just rouse Timmy and get his beautiful ass in gear and we can head out."

"I'll whip us up some protein shakes for breakfast; can't work out on an empty tank dude." Billy smiled for the first time that day. Though in the back of his mind he was still worried about Baxter, he welcomed the distraction his brother was offering. He was actually looking forward to seeing Timmy workout; he'd never seen him do any gymnastics before and was kind of curious about it.
The morning went remarkably well, all considered Billy thought.  Turned out that his little brother wasn't such a bad workout partner and Timmy was even better. Timmy was surprisingly able to keep up with Billy as he went through his routines. That's not to say Timmy could match the amount of weight Billy's used too. But he came close enough to impress Billy; especially considering his lighter build and smaller stature. At only 5'8" Billy was completely impressed with how much muscle and muscle control Timmy had.

But where Timmy really shone came later in the morning when he gathered several yoga mats and laid them end to end and started doing his gymnastic stretches, tumbles, and flip routines.
Toward the end of his workout, almost everyone in the gym had stopped their workouts to watch this young and blond Adonis twist, flip, role, and contort his body into almost any conceivable position effortlessly.

His final run had him rolling into a standing jump into the air where he tucked into a ball and rotated no less than three times mid-air. He then landed perfectly into a full split, and without breaking his split at all was able to, in an amazing display of muscle control, raise sideways. His split moved vertically as Timmy twisted into a handstand split position and rotated his entire body in a 360-degree spinning split that culminated into a backward flip right into a perfect straight-legged standing position.

Everyone cheered and applauded him and Billy couldn't help notice more than a few guys there re-adjusting their crotches as they went back to their own workout routines; but continued doing so while constantly side-eyeing Timmy. Billy knew what they were thinking because he was thinking the same thing and also found himself amongst the others having to adjust the growing bulge in his jockstrap, especially when every bit of Timmy's routine only served to highlight and showcase his amazing muscular bubble butt.

As morning gave way to afternoon and Billy returned home by himself. Timmy and JD decide to pop over to Timmy's house so he could get some clean clothes and then go out for something to eat together, leaving Billy alone to fend for himself. Billy couldn't help but notice his dad's truck was still there but knew his dad wasn't.  Which meant he never returned from Carl's the night before.

Billy just shook his head figuring his dad and Carl must have gone whoring last night and his dad got lucky. He knew his dad kept spare uniforms at Carl's house, so there was no need for him to rush home and do the early morning walk of shame in front of his sons.

Bored out of his mind, Billy decided to give his best bud Baxter a call and let him know he was gonna hop on his bike and head on over so they could hang out before his early part-time shift at the local Piggly Wiggly as a stock boy.

Billy still wanted very much to talk to Baxter about the last few days and clear the air between them, discuss any problems, and get them resolved.  The last thing Billy wanted or needed right now, with everything that's been going on and with the pressure of his looming birthday ceremony, was an upset best friend. Someone who Billy solely counted on for moral support and the occasional morale boost. Plus he wanted to tell Baxter about that weird-ass dream he had the night before, as scary as it was at the time, he knew Baxter would probably turn it into something humorous and dispel whatever angst Billy still felt over it. More than ever Billy knew Baxter was always his rock, the one that kept Billy grounded and centered and would always be there for him, no matter what.

Billy picked up his phone and tapped Baxter's icon dialing his number. The all too familiar "Sup dude?" and the calming voice of his life long best friend greeted him.

"Hey Baxter!" Billy practically sighed with relief at hearing his friend's voice. "I'm just calling to let ya know I'm getting ready to head on over to yours so we can hang for a few before my shift."

"Um..." Billy heard the hesitation in Baxter's voice, "Sorry dude, no can do." Billy got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as Baxter continued: "Mom and I are packing right as we speak."

Billy quickly interrupted, concern in his voice, "Is something wrong, do you need my help?"

Baxter could hear that concern, "No bro, mom just surprised me when I got home yesterday." He tried sounding upbeat with Billy, putting him at ease. "She and I are going on vacation and we're leaving here shortly."

"Leaving?" Billy stammered questioningly, his head beginning to swim.

"Yeah, we're going to a beach in Florida for the rest of the week and then to my grandparents, the following week. Ain't that kewl dude?"

Billy didn't think it was "kewl" at all, he felt like was alone all of sudden. He felt like he was sinking and Baxter was drifting away, out of reach.

"Anyway..." Baxter said, sounding a bit distant: "Gotta go, dude, gotta finish packing. Catch ya when we get back."

Billy knew that he hung up, the silence coming from his phone was almost deafening. His thoughts spiraled and a sinking feeling swept over him as he felt Baxter drifting away from him and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

For the first time since his mother left them as kids, Billy sat on his bed, folding into himself, feeling like he was being abandoned for the second time in his life. As Billy collapsed across his bed with his forearm over his eyes, Billy felt like... crying.


Max Donnelly had just finished giving some last-minute corrections to one of the Lance Corporals under his command and making sure he understood all his instructions to the letter, before calling it quits for the day. Max hated the more mundane administrative aspects of his job as a Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps. The paperwork alone was mostly mind-boggling, anal-retentive bullshit intentionally designed by bureaucrats to over inflate and massage the egos behind it.
Max called them kingdom builders, smug little men with big attitudes, and an even bigger overestimation of their worth and contribution to the Corps. Max was far more the hands-on type of guy, preferring to knuckle down, get hands-on dirty with his men and just get the job done, definitely not a "cross the t's and dot the I's" kind of man, but red tape is what drives today's military and Max reluctantly played the game. It also added to the darker aspects of Max's mood today, but as usual, it often made him more self-reflective as well, something he had been doing all day, especially after the events of the last few days and last night with Carl.
Max hated disciplining Carl, but Max also knew he couldn't allow Carl's little display of disrespect, spurred by petty jealousy yesterday in front of his son's, just go unaccounted for. As he approached Carl's truck, who was dutifully waiting to pick Max up and take him home, he was hopeful Carl was in a better state of mind.  Max didn't want to have to repeat last night's corrective actions.
As he scooted into the truck he couldn't help notice how Carl just stared eyes forward. No greeting. No eye contact. Max wasn't expecting a bubbly reception but he also wasn't in the mood for attitude either. He needed Carl's mind focused, especially with all the upcoming events they still had to orchestrate.
"Still in a mood I see." Max spoke bluntly and to the point. "Carl?" Max tried to control himself and speak more calmly, "I need you focused right now. Not pouting like some jealous schoolgirl." Max was just being honest, trying to appeal to Carl's usually more reasonable side. Still staring straight forward, his hands gripping the steering wheel of his truck.
"Permission to speak freely, Sir." Carl muttered, trying to mask all emotions in the timber of his voice.  Max's eyes flared into laser focus, boring into him before nearly hissing.
"Since when have I ever expected anything less from you?" then quickly added: "And don't push me with that "Sir" bullshit."
Max's hackles were up now and he was not in the mood for games. Max watched as Carl bowed his head and glanced over at him, briefly making eye contact before submissively lowering his gaze.
"Its been a long time since you've taken your belt to me like that Max." He stammered.
"So..." Max countered: "You think just because its been a while, that it was unwarranted?" he questioned, practically demanding a response with the severity of his tone. Max knew what the real problem was and he didn't want to start the evening off with another belt thrashing of Carl's ass. Max reached over and lifted Carl's chin with his right hand and turned his head upward insisting Carl make eye contact.
"Just because I show interest in someone else," he began, this time more softly, "doesn't negate or change what I have with you and you know it."
Carl sighed, "I can't help the way I feel Max, and you punishing me made me think what I feel doesn't matter to you."
Max shook his head, moving his hand to gently stroke Carl's neck, and tried to temper his response, but not backing down: "You know I didn't punish you because of how you feel. I punished you because of how you acted with me and especially the way you acted in front of the boys." Max leaned forward, clasping the back of Carl's head and staring intently into his eyes. "If you don't know by now, after all these years, how I feel about you..."Max paused, choosing his words carefully, "Through all those years with Monaca, the mother of my three children, did I ever neglect you?" Max paused for a response and watched as Carl's head hesitantly nodded side to side, "Have I not included you in every aspect of my life, even in bringing up the boys? Yes, I'm attracted to that kid," Max said bluntly, "But even if I do claim him or just have some fun with him, it doesn't affect us and what we've had; and as far as I'm concerned, will always have." Max had both hands behind Carl's head now, forcing him to stare him right in the eyes, "Use your senses Carl, am I lying to you?"
Carl bowed his head again, he knew he was right, Max was almost always right and he was proving once again how far more level headed he could be when one doesn't let sentimentality and selfishness override reason. At that moment Carl couldn't help but compare what Billy and Baxter were now going through with his and Max's almost identical experiences before their Heritage ceremony. What a mess that was; but Max's sire knew they lacked the perspective they would gain from the ceremony and as it was then, they were both certain now the same perspective would help Billy and Baxter.  
"You didn't have to hit me so hard ya know." Carl mused, a slight grin spreading across his face.
Max growled softly. "You loved it and you know it"
Carl blushed, slightly embarrassed because he knew it was true.
"Now let's get the fuck out of here." Max demanded, waving his hand forward and settling back into his seat.
"By the way..."Max exclaimed, "It's way past time the boys learned to deal with some simple truths." Max ignored the puzzled look on Carl's face, "You'll be staying over tonight. Let's see how they deal with that!"
Carl gulped and thought to himself...this could get interesting.
Gavin Hollis was distracted. He'd just finished correcting yet another re-order number that he had made a mistake on, this only happened when "he" was working. How could he be expected to concentrate with "him" to work with? That "him", of course, was Billy Donnelly. The distracting factor wasn't anything that Billy did. No, it was just his mere presence that was a problem.
The way he moved, the way the light would catch his bulging muscles, the cleft in his masculine chin and his squared jawline. The persistent 5 o'clock shadow, his dark thick wiry and wavy brown hair, and of course that bulge. No matter what he wore, there was always that mound of hidden flesh pushing against the straining fabric of his clothing.
Gavin could remember all the times he'd glance over at Billy in PE period in school, his locker being just across from Billy's. The countless times he would turn just to see him standing sideways, talking to his equally hot bestie Baxter Whitmore, for Gavin, both were the stuff of his lurid teen sexual fantasies.
Yeah, he looked. Who could resist that massive bulge in his jockstrap or his hairy asscrack? Oh, and that butt; big protruding twin mounds of muscle packed flesh stacked on top of massive tree trunk sized thighs.
"Shit," Gavin said aloud, he had entered another mistake, at this rate he was going to lose his job if he didn't get his act together. Actually, there was no real fear of that happening. His uncle was the store manager and Gavin's significant computer skills had proven quite useful to his uncle, helping him track on-hand inventory and a coded program he had written to help one click re-orders. Using handheld tablets like he was doing right now with the stock boy on duty, which unfortunately for Gavin happened to be his second biggest crush, Billy Donnelly, his first biggest crush being that giant, blond, muscle god, and prized fullback for the football team, Arliss Gundarsun.
Arliss made even Billy look small in comparison. Billy being 6' in height and Arliss being at least 6'4". But unlike Billy, who was a very outgoing kind of guy that most people liked, Arliss was often withdrawn and extremely quiet and introverted. They were also kind of polar opposites, Billy's skin tone skewed to the pale side whereas Arliss was very tanned, being a farm boy and spending countless hours outdoors working on his family's farm.
They also contrasted in hair color, Billy's darker brown hair vs Arliss's sandy golden blond hair. Blond hair that covered almost everywhere; his arms, chest, abdomen, legs, and ass, which is thick too, the kind of thickness one was sure their fingers could get caught in. The best part of Arliss for Gavin though was the fact he was so shy and soft-spoken.
There wasn't a  presumptuous bone in the guy's body; Gavin knew this because they were kind of friends. Well, as friendly as Arliss could be with no social life other than going to school. Football was the only exception his parents made since most of what could be considered spare time to the average teenager was time Arliss spent working on the farm. That, and his parents didn't seem to like having strangers around. They tolerated Gavin because he often helped their son with his schoolwork, which Arliss needed from time to time. Not that he was slower or less intelligent than others, it just boiled down to time and the family farm consumed most of his.
Every day, for the last three years going to and from school, Gavin would help Arliss cram for his classes, which was usually just enough to help him maintain the grade average he needed to still be able to play football. All that was over now, since Arliss had graduated and was now working full time on his family farm.
Gavin didn't know how he was going to handle his daily commutes without Arliss and Gavin was determined to save enough money from his summertime job to buy himself a nice dependable used car so he didn't have to depend on the school bus for transportation.
Being the nerdy type, didn't exactly endear Gavin with the other football jocks on Arliss's team. They tolerated Gavin because they didn't want to piss Arliss off; no one wanted to do that. One defensive back tried one time to make sure Gavin knew he wasn't welcome and shoulder shoved Gavin in the hallway up against his locker. He could have easily passed it off as an accident, but the idiot decided to laugh at him and warn him to stay out of his way, ending it by calling Gavin a nerdy little faggot.
Gavin was sure the guy probably just about pissed himself when Arliss, with one hand, snatched the guy into the air and tossed him across the hallway to smash into the lockers on the other side so hard it dented two of them. Not a word was exchanged, but Gavin never had a single problem with anyone after that. But this year, his senior year, there would be no Arliss there and Gavin kind of worried about how different his life might be when he went back to school in the fall.
"Dammit," his program dinged again, rejecting for the umpteenth time the erroneous order number he had typed in.
"Is there something wrong?"  said the deep voice that came from about two feet away, Gavin was surprised to see Billy; he didn't even hear him come up.
"Yes," Gavin blurted, sounding harsher than he intended, "I keep entering the wrong numbers."
"It's not my fault is it?" Billy asked legitimately thinking it might be his fault because he was the one writing down the product codes from the stock inventory for Gavin to enter into the system.
Gavin chuckled, "I wish I could blame you, but I'm the one screwing up, not you."
"I was just wondering." Billy said rather self-deprecatingly, "Judging by the last few days, it doesn't seem like I can do anything right."
Gavin frowned. "Know that feelin' all too well dude."
Gavin thought for a second, looking at Billy and how he didn't seem to be his usual upbeat self. Not that Gavin was accustomed to working around him. They'd only worked together like three or four times in the last few months. Gavin usually worked in the afternoon instead of early evening hours, but he certainly seemed rather glum today. " Hey, ya know what?" Gavin spoke, it was more of a statement than a question: "Why don't we take a break; we've been at this pretty steady for the last two hours and I don't know about you," He paused pointing a finger trigger at his head and fired, "my brains about fried, how about you?"
Billy laughed. "Yeah, I could go for something cold to drink and a breath of fresh air." Stopping to fan his face with his right hand, "It's kinda warm and muggy in here, especially with these thick overalls we wear."
Gavin wasn't that uncomfortable, but then again Billy probably had a good 75 pounds or more on him, not that Gavin was scrawny or anything. He did try to work out regularly, but he was only 5'7" and about 145 pounds. Not skinny, by any means but nowhere near as buff and bulky as Billy.
"Let's grab a couple of bottled waters and slip out back shall we?"
Out back was where the truckers would deliver and usually contained trailers that had been dropped off that were in need of being unpacked. The entire area was fenced off and unless you worked that section, people were kind of discouraged from hanging around there citing security reasons and employee safety as the reason. But everyone knew they were afraid of employees stealing from the unpacked trailers.
"You sure that's kewl?" Billy questioned.
Gavin smiled, mischievously, "Of course not, but my uncle is the store manager, ya know." he concluded with a wink.
Billy smiled back at him, really beginning to like this guy, "Lead the way boss man." and followed him as they went to fetch some water first before stepping outside into the warm night air. As they settled against one of the loading docks in the back of the building, Billy decided to unzip his overalls down to his waist then peeled it back over his torso, exposing his broad, slightly hairy chest and abs and brought the sleeves of the garment forward and tied them around his hips. Though Billy didn't catch the longing and appreciative sideways glances Gavin gave him, he definitely could see how he started sweating more, something Billy noted first by the smell, a smell somehow vaguely familiar. The scent of something like honey and newly dug dirt. But here, outside, it faded in the warm summer breeze and was quickly forgotten.
It didn't bother him if Gavin looked, he had heard the locker room rumors about him and Arliss Gundarsun, rumors no one with half a brain would even whisper anywhere within earshot of Arliss if they valued breathing that is. Truth be told, Billy found more and more, he rather enjoyed the way people looked at him. He knew it was vain, but so what?  Who did it harm? Certainly not him or the person looking. Then there was a simple truth; he was enjoying talking to someone, it felt good just bullshitting and not fretting over things he had no control over.
He missed Baxter, and yes, he desperately wanted to clear the air between them. But Baxter wasn't here, and if he was being honest, he felt that Baxter was deliberately avoiding him. He didn't like it, but there was nothing he could do about it. So, why not just let it go for now and enjoy the company of someone who enjoyed being with him as well.
As they concluded their break and re-entered the building, Billy started to untie the sleeves, thinking to pull the top of the coveralls back over his torso, when Gavin stopped him, saying since it was so hot and that they were the only ones back there right now and it didn't bother him.
Billy smirked to himself. Of course it didn't bother him, no. Billy didn't know if the rumors were true, but one thing he did know was true; The obvious bulge of Gavin's crotch that hadn't been there before they stepped outside was a big indicator. There was also the increased sweating and the constant sideways glances that seemed to focus on his chest and abs and who knows.  maybe, like his little brother, he could have his own Timmy... That was it! The smell, scent, whatever you wanted to call it, he had smelled it before, even though it was faint, and there were minor differences, Gavin smelled like Timmy! That faint honey and freshly dug earth scent, stronger and now a more pervasive odor here in this static, enclosed environment. Yes, it was still faint, but it was there.
He didn't know what it meant, maybe they used the same type of soap or cologne, but somewhere in the back of his mind he realized that scent had followed him almost his entire life. He found it simultaneously comforting and now more recently, arousing. Billy felt the blood flow start to increase in his groin, gradually filtering it's way to his previously flaccid cock. Billy could feel his dick start to press against the fabric of his overalls. He didn't try to curb or conceal his expanding bulge, instead, he went with it, deciding to test what he was sensing about Gavin. He hiked the fabric of his overalls at the crotch, letting it accentuate his growing member, allowing it to stretch out and tent the front of his coveralls, and it worked! Gavin could barely conceal his roaming eyes, now a bit wider and more insistent. Billy could almost feel his increased respiration, the notable flaring of his nostrils and that scent...
"Hey?" Billy decided to leap, "Got anything planned after work tonight?" he asked almost suggestively, his voice a little raspy, deeper and thick with his mounting desire. He watched as Gavin gulped, trying to convince his lips to move while also trying to peel his eyes away from Billy's bulging crotch and meet Billy's lusty gaze.
"Unfortunately, I do." Gavin stammered, really wishing he didn't right now. "I promised my uncle I'd stop by and go over these numbers when we're done. He's anxious about getting this stock program implemented as soon as possible." he said by way of an explanation.
"Do you work tomorrow?" Gavin half-asked hopefully.
"Yup." was Billy's one-word response
"So do I!" He stated excitedly. "Maybe we could go hang out or something afterward...?"
Billy allowed the question to linger for a minute, not wanting to appear too eager, then responded. "Sounds like a plan."
Gavin's ear-to-ear smile and visible excitement made Billy smile too, as the two boys went about their work a lot more lightheartedly than they had before.


Max had allowed Carl to badger him into doing some grocery shopping at the base commissary before heading home. Not his favorite thing to do, which is why Carl usually did it for him. But he didn't mind so much today. Swallowing his pride a little and allowing Carl this small bit of PDA, and it was PDA, two Marines grocery shopping and pushing a cart around together, was almost the social equivalent of holding hands in public on a Marine base.
He did it telling himself he was just placating Carl's desire to domesticate him, at least a little. Max was fine with that. Relationships could be complicated things and Carl has been very patient, and tolerant over the years, and Max has recently decided that, combined with his alternate duties and position, Carl warranted a few special considerations.
Max knew Carl understood the statement they would be making tonight. With the simple phrase of Carl spending the night, Max meant that it would not be on the couch, as he had sometimes done in the past, but instead this time in his bedroom and in Max's bed. Most of all, he was doing this for Carl. Not because Carl wanted him too, or emotionally coerced him into it, but because Carl deserved it. Carl deserved the recognition and acknowledgment of his position and role in his life.
On some level, he knew Carl was freaking out right now, and Max had to admit to himself, this was as bold a move as he had ever made. But with Billy's approaching birthday and his coming into his Heritage, combined by what both he and Carl sensed about his middle son and what that could mean not only in their lives, but countless others, if it did indeed pan out to be true.
Max thought of the old axiom, "Change is the only constant in the universe." and every one of Max's senses crackled with it. Every fiber of his being told him that things were about to change, evolve, metamorphosize; and Max was determined he would be ready to face it head-on with an open heart and an open mind.

As Billy turned into his driveway, he couldn't help note that Carl's truck was still there. It was after ten and Billy thought it rather odd he would be here this late since it was a work night. He was happy to see that Timmy's Jeep was there and he hoped he could get a repeat performance like he had the night before, especially after that trip home on his bike, which vibrated his crotch all the way and made him even hornier than he was before leaving work and saying goodnight to Gavin.
"How's it going guys!" Billy called out as he entered through the front door.
"Over here kiddo" he heard his dad say from the direction of the kitchen, where he and Carl sat, Carl on his laptop surrounded by some papers laid out on the table. "Ya caught us working on your birthday stuff." his dad mused, looking like the cat that caught the canary.
Carl looked up briefly and asked, "How do you feel about roasting a pig for your birthday meal?"
Before Billy could respond his dad corrected, "You mean pigs as in plural."
Billy looked quizzically at his dad, "Why so much? I don't know that many people?"
His dad leaned back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest and responded with: "Because there will be a lot of people there. Some you know, some you have met over the years, and quite a few you have never met."
Billy looked at his father, puzzled by his response. "If they've never met me then why are they invited?"
His dad's eyes took on a more menacing look, "Because they must be there and bare witness!"
Billy wasn't so sure he wanted to know what his dad meant by that, so he just let it drop, "Pig sounds good to me." he said, attempting a half-smile as he said it.
"There's a plate of lasagna and garlic bread in the oven for you." Carl cut in, effectively ending the birthday conversation and concluded with: "I think we're done for the night." he added, closing his laptop and reaching for his beer.
"I'm going to go wash up first, then I'll eat." Billy said as he headed down the hallway in the direction of his room. As he passed JD's room, he noticed that the door was slightly ajar and that Timmy and JD were lying on his bed, side by side, with controllers in their hands playing some video game. He noted Timmy wink as he passed by and Billy knew that that somehow confirmed he would be getting another visit that night, which made Billy smile. After taking a quick shower and throwing on a pair of shorts, Billy headed back to the kitchen for his food.
He couldn't help notice his dad and Carl had moved to the couch in the living room and were watching some documentary on the History channel. What was of special note to Billy though, was that they were sitting rather close together and that his dad had his right hand on the back of Carl's neck massaging it casually. Billy sat at the table and began eating his dinner.
"There's pop in the fridge if you want one." Carl stated, his eyes still glued to the tv.
'Yeah." His dad added with a playful moan. "There are all sorts of stuff in the fridge and freezer. Carl held me at gunpoint and made me do KP duty at the commissary!" laughingly, "Who knew there were so many different types of milk?" He then quipped: "How do they get milk out of almonds anyway? I didn't even know nuts had tits!"
Carl just moaned and elbowed Max in the abdomen. It was at that time Timmy came bouncing in and plopped himself down right next to Carl, followed by JD, who sat down right next to him.
"Can Timmy stay the night?" JD asked his dad who continued to stare intently at the TV as he responded: "Ask Carl. Household matters are his purview now."
JD didn't know what to think. At first, he just stared at his dad, then he looked over at Billy who just sat there staring back with the same dumbfounded look he had. Then they both looked at their dad, then to Carl, who just gave Max this stern sideways glance, who in turn continued to ignore all of them. When it was clear that Max had no intention of answering JD, Carl turned to him and said it would be fine, just so long as they didn't stay up too late.
JD looked back over at his older brother questioningly. Billy just shrugged back at him being just as confused as he was; what was clear though, was their dad was being quite sincere. Then, just like he had done it a thousand times before, their dad rose, looked down at Carl and announced it was time for bed, and stood there until Carl got up to join him.
Billy and JD watched wide-eyed as their dad placed his hand on the small of Carl's back and escorted him back to his bedroom. Before shutting his door, he turned and bid them goodnight, leaving his sons with their mouths open and heads spinning.

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