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Devil Dawg Donnelly's Chapter Ten:


Max Donnelly had just showered and slipped into his favorite pair of USMC PT silkies and grabbed his first cold beer of the day from the frig; as he opened the can and went to take a swig, he heard the message ding of his phone and went to check it, knowing it couldn't be Carl because they didn't have cell service out at the compound, he also knew that Billy was over at his new friends house and was having dinner there, so that only left one real option.
"Dad, coach is taking us all for pizza, won't be home till later, JD." Max smiled to himself, he loved his boys but this was one of those rare moments that he would actually have some time to himself, no Carl, no teen boy drama, just him, a cold beer and a comfy couch calling out his name.
But of course, he had no sooner stretched out when he heard a vehicle pull up out front; for a moment or two he thought about just pretending no one was home but as he heard the footsteps on the gravel drive approach his front door he already knew who it was, the strong scent of honey and fresh earth preceded him...
Timmy had been clothes shopping in town and decided, since it was on the way home, he would chance dropping by and see if JD had made it home yet from baseball practice, as he came down the driveway he noticed Max's truck in the carport and hoped that meant his dad had picked up JD and he was indeed home, he could already feel his cock begin to stir and his hole began to get that certain itch at the thought of spending another evening with JD, of course the possibility of seeing his incredibly virile, hunky dad wouldn't exactly bother him either.  Timmy hadn't stopped thinking about JD's dad's enormous cock and those huge hairy balls and he couldn't stop fantasizing about what might have happened if he hadn't gotten that phone call from Carl right when he did and how Max had taken the call to his room and came back out a few minutes later totally dressed virtually signally an end to any possibility of Timmy getting his hands on that magnificent tool of his.
With his imagination still full of visions of that big cock still lingering in his mind, Timmy raised his right hand to knock on the front door to the Donnelly trailer; he was startled by the door opening abruptly and now found himself blushing as the person he had just been fantasizing about now stood before him, dressed only in a loose pair of olive drab silk shorts, which did nothing to conceal the near perfect outline of the large appendage dangling bulging underneath the sheer fabric.
"Uh hum!" Max's deep voice breaking the momentary silence: "My eyes are up here" he stated with a cocky half grin and pointing to his dark blue eyes, embarrassingly refocusing Timmy unconsciously staring at his crotch, to meet his eye to eye.
Timmy felt like crawling away and hiding somewhere, ashamed at his blatant ogling of Max's obvious endowments.
"I'm so sorry Mr. Donnelly, I just stopped by to see if JD was here" he finally managed to stammer out the words but still fighting the impulse to caress Max's bulge with his eyes.
"He just called a few minutes ago saying he was going out to eat with his coach and his team" Max paused briefly: "But you're more than welcome to come inside and wait for him" Max stepped aside and practically ushered Timmy inside before shutting the door.
 "Sit!" Max said with a gesture of his hand to the couch, the word sounding more like a command than a request as he headed toward the kitchen: "Would you like something to drink?" He asked while pulling another beer from the frig for himself.  "A Coke would be fine" Timmy stated meekly, still feeling very nervous and more than a little intimidated by the man's mere physical presence; for Timmy, Max was everything he thought a man should be, strong, confident, sure of himself; lump all that in with his incredible body, handsome masculine features and of course his prodigious endowments, made Max Donnelly his near perfect ideal vision of manhood.
As Max casually sauntered back over to the couch with a beer in one hand and a Coke in the other Timmy couldn't keep his eyes away from the large limp phallus that flopped and bounced against the silky fabric of his very thin shorts, his hand almost trembled as he tentatively took the proffered can of soda from Max's large hand before sitting himself next to him on the couch, close enough to feel the heat radiating off his body, near enough to smell his clean natural masculine musk, a scent that only addled Timmy's thoughts and composure, a composure further rattled by Max's next comments: "You know..." he paused a look of contemplation crossing his face: "In many ancient cultures people like you were considered a third sex." Max could see the question forming by Timmy's expressions before he even spoke: "People like me?" he asked, trying to focus his thoughts now, anywhere except between Max's legs.
"Yes, your people" Max affirmed: "Homosexuals."
Timmy almost spat out the sip of Coke he had just taken, an action not missed by Max, but not acknowledged either before continuing: "Of course they weren't called that back then, the word homosexual didn't exist until 1868 when an Austrian-born Hungarian journalist by the name of Karl-Maria Kertbeny first coined it." Max's eyes became more stern and a slight sneer crossed his face: "Kind of makes you wonder how the word homosexual got into the New Testament of the King James Bible since it was written in the early 1600's, doesn't it?"
Timmy just stared at Max, his face a blank palette; was what he was saying true, he thought to himself, quickly concluding it had to be or Max wouldn't have known where the word originated; how did a word that wouldn't be invented until over 200 years later now appear in scripture?
Why didn't his parents know this, even worse, why didn't his church's pastor know this? Timmy's mind was swirling now, his ire rising as he recalled all the time's he could remember the condemnation from not only his parents but their church pastor citing Bible verses using the word homosexual wielding those scriptures like swords of eternal damnation, hellfire and judgement against people just like him.  
"Just something to consider" Max mused, the stern look fading from his eyes knowing the weight of the seed he just planted in this young man's mind.
Timmy looked intently at him now asking: "So, what name did they call them in these ancient cultures?" Max stared back at him, contemplating: "That depends which culture we're talking about" he posited then added: "Did you know that there's no Hebrew word for homosexual? he paused letting that sink in: "Nor is there a Latin word, the language the Romans spoke, neither was there an Aramaic word, the language Jesus spoke."
Timmy was baffled, and queried: "Are you saying there were no gay people back then?"
Max couldn't help but smile and give a little chuckle: "No, it's just that they didn't have a word for it, but they did have a terminology"  Timmy's brow furrowed, now more than a little confused, Max answered before Timmy could frame his thoughts into a question: "The terminology was born eunuchs" Max waited a moment before concluding: "Many modern scholars have determined this because of these ancient cultures definition of what a born eunuch is; that being men born without a desire for women" Max smiled broadly again with a hint of mischievousness: "sort of just says it all doesn't it, so simple yet so true."
Timmy just shook his head: "They don't teach these things in public school that's for sure"
Max took another few swigs of his beer before continuing the conversation: "Many men in those ancient cultures actually sought them out" He noticed Timmy's frown, knowing he was thinking the worst, he quickly added: "They sought them out to be guards over their wives, daughters or for their harems"
"Guards for what?" was Timmy's rather naive response: "Guards against other men having sex with them of course" Max chuckled again: "Plus they had the added bonus of being additional sexual partners to those men." Max's smile was nothing less than lecherous and it didn't go unnoticed by Timmy.
"Enough about ancient homo history Max laughed then stated: "I'm getting hungry, how about you?" Timmy didn't really need to think about that: "Yeah actually I am kind of hungry"
Max grinned at him: "Can you cook?" he asked looking him dead in the eye: "A little" Timmy responded, again his face a questioning grimace that Max thought was kind of adorable: "Good, I was wondering who was going to fix my dinner tonight" his eyes burning into Timmy's before leaning back sideways on the couch, his rising legs inching Timmy up so they could take his place as Max nodded his head to the left: "Kitchens that way, let me know when dinners ready."
"You're full of shit!" JD said mockingly, shoving Davy Turner sideways in the seat next to him. His teammates and buddies Matt Brewer and Jason "Pee Wee" Dunne shaking their heads and agreeing with him.
"I swear on a stack of Bibles dude, I saw it with my own two eyes!" Davy insisted.
"Then you need fukin' glasses" Jason admonished in his deep baritone voice, his huge hand taking a playful swipe at Davy's blond haired head from across the table at the Pizza Hut coach Tuck Pullman had taken them too.
Moments before Davy Turner had told them about what he'd seen this morning when he arrived early at their highschool gym at 11am, his mom needed to drop him off early because she had a doctor's appointment to get too by 11:30.
He had seen that the coaches truck was there and he had headed in through the back entrance to the gym where the coaches office was, thinking he'd see if he needed a hand getting the day's equipment out and set up on the baseball field and in the dugouts.
He'd poked his head in the coaches office and though the lights were on, the coach wasn't in there, so he decided to just go take a quick whizz in the locker room before he headed out to the field, thinking that's probably where the coach was, but when he got to the locker room he could hear a shower running and figured the coach was probably taking a quick one before the team got there; normally he would have just headed back outside, but he really had to piss so he decided to see if he could just sneak passed the shower room entrance and hit the head real quick without disturbing the coach, but as he got closer to the shower room, he could hear someone moaning real low the kind of moans guys make when they are having sex.
Davy kind of grinned wickedly and told them he thought the coach had his ol' lady in there bangin' one into her so he had gone full stealth mode so he could take a peek.
They'd all started bro punching him on the shoulder calling him a perv: "Like all you guys wouldn't have done the same thing." he taunted, everyone snickered because they knew it was true.
"Anyway..." he continued: "when I got there what do I see, ain't nobody with the coach, but he's naked and pounding his pud right there in the shower" they all just looked at him in disbelief especially after he told them the second part of it.
"I'm tellin' ya, it was nuts, I ain't ever seen nuthin' or heard of nuthin' like it!" his eyes wide as saucers talking excitedly, his face flushing red at the recollection: "He was sitting his ass on a baseball bat!"  it was then that JD had called bullshit.
"Nah' dudes" Davy now insistently continued: "At first I just thought he was just resting against it, then I saw him ease back with the bat handle wedged against the floor and wall and I watched him lower his asshole down on it like about 4 inches or so" he paused letting that visual sink in: "I'm thinking how the hell could ya get something that size up your butt-hole that far and not split yourself in two, but he didn't stop there." He paused again trying to catch his breath before going on: "I know ya ain't gonna believe me, but I shit you not, the coach sort of squatted, reached between his legs and using both hands on the handle of that Louisville slugger, slid it up there at least three quarters of the way, everything except where his two hands was holding it."
All of them laughed at Davy, absolutely certain he was totally full of shit now, making the whole thing up.
"I knew you guys wouldn't believe me!" he stammered, knowing his pride was on the line now, he pulled out his phone and pulled up a file on it and hit play, and there it was, a video of their coach in the shower fucking his asshole with a baseball bat, not just a little bit but just like Davy said, he was practically shoving the whole thing in and out of his ass and almost more impressively, without even touching his dick, they watched as he rammed the bat in and out as fast as he could, he groaned real loud and started spraying jizz all over the shower room floor.
They all just sat there, faces red and flushed, but all agreeing that if Davy hadn't recorded it, they wouldn't have believed it possible, even after seeing it, they still couldn't believe someone could take something that big up their butt let alone take almost the whole damn thing, even more astonishing that the person doing it was their macho, married, redneck baseball coach.                                                                 

"That wasn't bad at all" Max Donnelly moaned, scooting his chair back from the kitchen table and patting his stomach having stuffed himself with the spaghetti Timmy had made them for dinner.
"Sorry it was just meat sauce and not meatballs, but that would have taken a lot longer to fix" Timmy was still smiling from Max's compliment.
"Meatballs wouldn't have changed the taste any, I even enjoyed the salad" Max smiled widely and leaned toward Timmy and whispered: "But don't tell Carl that or he'll be making me eat rabbit food every night."
At the mention of Carl's name, Timmy's head slightly bowed and he toyed with the fork he still held in his right hand: "Can I ask you a personal question?" his eyes only briefly looking into Max's: "Shoot" Max simply stated, before taking another swig of his beer.
More awkwardly than he would have liked, Timmy asked: "Are you and" Max interrupted: "A couple?" the half grin on his face denoting the humor he felt at Timmy's bashful discomfort.  Timmy couldn't bring himself to look up at Max, a fresh wave of embarrassment flushing across his face, Max responded as best he could without revealing too much: "What Carl and I have goes beyond that, but what I really think you want to know is..." He paused, a huge wicked grin conveying more than his words as he reached down and lewdly groped his bulging phallus through his silkies, practically shaking it at Timmy: "You're sitting there wondering if Carl would object to me pounding your ass tonight."
Timmy's eyes shot up immediately, his mouth practically hanging open, once again shocked at the man's boldness, that and knowing he wasn't wrong. "How does he do that?" Timmy thought to himself.
"You didn't answer me" Max's voice a bit firmer now: "Do you or do you not want me to pound your hole until it looks like a fuckin' pussy?"
Timmy had to gather all his strength just to meekly mutter his one word response: "Yes."
Max smiled again, loving how he affected this beautiful young man, he could smell the sexual pheromones just gushing from Timmy, so much so he could practically taste them, he could hear the sound of his increased heart rate, feel the rising heat emanating from his skin as he flushed with sexual desire, the scent of honey and freshly dug earth, this is what people like Timmy smelled like, it was a lot like the scent that women give off but when coupled with the testosterone that infused his masculine body it becomes almost intoxicating, irresistible to those like Max, the need to possess and dominate crashing against the thinly veiled wall of their self control.
Max had to wonder to himself, if this young man knew what was about to be unleashed on him, if he had a choice before it went that far, would he still be sitting there or would he have bolted from him, gaining as much distance as he could hoping they'd never meet again?
No, Max concluded, the waves of passion now radiating from Timmy would never allow someone such as him to flee, they craved, hungered for what men like Max could give them, the fulfillment they could never find anywhere else, a fulfillment Max noted that came from wisdom, a wisdom that can only come with age or experience, a fulfillment Max now knew worked both ways.
"What is your interest in my son?" Max suddenly queried his voice thick, almost demanding.
Timmy sat there, no longer able to avoid the intensity of Max's gaze, his desires growing, stretching outward longing for the gratification that he knew instinctively he could only find with a man like Max Donnelly: "I don't know" he answered simply, honestly.
"You don't love him, that much I do know" Timmy heard the truth behind Max's words, he didn't love JD, at least not in the sense Max was referring too. He did however deeply care about him. For Timmy, JD was like the proverbial knight in shining armour who had saved him from the evil dragon that had threatened to consume his life, but Timmy had also come to realize, that JD had become his safe space, the person who makes him feel good about himself, lightens his day and makes his existence bearable.
But Timmy also knew that for all those wonderful things that JD is, he's still a boy; a beautiful, smart, funny, energetic, exuberant breath of fresh air, but underneath it all, still a boy, fumbling to find himself.
"I don't want to hurt him." Timmy finally managed to moan, his beatific face now marred by worry and a growing angst.
"He's not for you" Max spoke calmly, but firmly insisting: "My son's path lies in another direction, one regrettably forged by his own hand" Max paused, not wanting to go into too much detail about his sons fate, a fate he will be faced with in just a couple of weeks and one Max hoped he had successfully bargained and prepared for, one he hoped his son could grow into and salvage himself from the wreckage of his own making.
Timmy sensed the sadness in Max's voice, but he also sensed hope there as well.
"He needs someone who'll love and care for him." Timmy whispered but his words were resolute.
"Then we both want the same thing for him" Max's tone was softer now: "If I told you he will have that opportunity, will you accept what I say without further question?"
Timmy heard the sincerity, he wished he had had a father like Max growing up.
"If you promise me you'll keep your hands off my boy from now on..." That lecherous grin returning to Max's handsome face, reaching down and pulling the left side leg of his shorts to the side revealing his massive genitals to Timmy's startled but all consuming stare: "I'll promise to satiate you in ways neither he or anyone else ever could!"
Timmy looked up to meet Max's lusty glare, eye to eye, matching his boundless passion with his own unquenchable thirst: "Deal!"                                                         

"" Gavin Hollis moaned, his swollen puffy lips still firmly wrapped three quarters of the way down the still fully erect phallus of Billy Donnelly, whose still pulsing dick head still oozed his thick testicular juices into Gavins hungry mouth.
Gavin once again, his mouth full to overflowing with Billy's thick hot sperm, languishingly savored the viscous fluids, swirling them around the fat cock in his mouth, enjoying the tingle of his little swimmers on his tongue and the subtle nuanced bouquet of saline, starch and sweetness.
Gavin has been sucking this beautiful member, off and on now for hours, in fact this was the fifth load Billy had blasted into his mouth, each as thick and plentiful as the last. Gavin marveled at his virility, but as he slowly let this load join the others in his belly by gulping it down in spurts allowing him to prolong his enjoyment,  he knew this had to end, his jaws ached, his lips were swollen and puffy from all the suctioning as was Billy's now bloated foreskin, but he never complained, allowing Gavin to satiate himself from all those years of pent up sexual repression, gorge himself passionately on the bountiful feast that is Billy's manhood.
"Looks like someone finally had enough" Billy chuckled softly, his voice thick and dry from hours of moaning as Gavin suckled him into blissful oblivion.
Indeed, Gavin reluctantly allowed the firm turgid flesh to slip from his lips and wetly smack against Billy's abdomen, bending gently down and giving it one more long lick and a sweet kiss on the tip as his tongue swiped into his glans orifice for one more tasty reminder before rising up, stretching and turning to smile gratefully at the man who made this wonderful day possible.
"You really suck" Billy said laughingly, his own head still recovering from the fugue-like state he'd been in most of the afternoon and early evening.
Gavin smacked him on the thigh and stood up, looking down at the mess he himself had made from his own ejaculations.
"Come on dude, we need to get cleaned up" Gavin said offering Billy his hand for assistance in getting up: "My mom will be home soon and she can't catch us like this."
Billy laughed again: "How are you gonna explain them big ol' lips of yours to her?" Gavin rushed over to the mirror above his dresser: "Shit dude, it looks like someone punched me in the mouth."
A large smirk spread across Billy's face: "Someone did, Me!" He said chuckling again: "I've been dick punching them almost all day."
"Ha ha monkey boy" Gavin sneered coyly.
"If I'm the monkey that makes you the organ grinder" Billy's smirk broadening into laughter before offering: "Put some ice on them that should help with the swelling."
"Damn Donnelly that's almost smart, who knew you had a brain inside that thick skull" Gavin quipped lightly punching Billy in the chest.
"Barely" Billy smiled: "I thought you we gonna suck them all out through my dick cocksucker"
Gavin grinned responding: "Okay Donnelly, go get the shower started while I go get some ice for my cocksucker lips" He chortled before adding: "Besides, I don't have time to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person." Gavin ducked Billy's swing as he ran down the hall to the kitchen.                                              

As they pulled into the Devil Dawg Compound Carl McGregor couldn't help but notice the black SUV parked on the far side of the parking lot nearest the paved walkway that led about a hundred yards through the woods into the ceremonial valley section of the compound.
Carl was certain he knew who the driver of that SUV was as well and as the 12 member team disembarked from the MTVR and started unloading the supplies, Carl called Cpl. Atticus Walker over to him: "Corporal, get all the supplies and provisions removed and secured" he ordered, then added: "Seems we have a guest I need to go greet." Atticus looked at him questioningly nodding and acknowledging the only other vehicle in the parking lot: "Do you require assistance Sgt?" He asked, cautious concern etched on his stern rugged face.
Carl smiled disarmingly, waving the young Corporal off with a flick of his hand before turning and walking toward the pathway and saying loud enough for Atticus to hear: "It's just an old friend Corporal, nothing to concern yourself over."
As Carl walked the serene scenic distance to the grounds he found himself slightly irritated with the jostling of the 2 inch circumference red buttplug Max made him use to hold the loads he fucked into him, right now it held back the two from last night and the fresh one Max had pounded into him earlier in the morning before they left for the base.
The slight discomfort and irritation of the plug now reminded Carl of how its use came into being; years ago, while Max was still with that bitch Monaca and before they had Michael. Carl still lived with Max, in his own room of course.  Max had intended they all share a bed together, but it became quickly apparent that neither Carl or Monaca would ever get along and could barely stand being in the same house together let alone share a bed which of course, relationally complicated things for Max, he hated being put in the middle of their domestic squabbles. Max would often find little ways to display his annoyance with both of them, the one he favored using on Carl was to come to Carl's room right after fucking Monaca, his dick still wet and dripping with her vaginal juices and fuck them into Carl's ass, Max knew how much Carl hated having part of Monaca inside him, probably ever bit as much as her hating it when Max would kiss her with Carl's cum in his mouth.
It was after one such incident Max had caught Carl washing his hole out in the shower right after sex, yes he knew Max always insisted he keep his loads inside of him, but that night had been a particular bad one between him and Monaca, they had bickered, argued and fought all evening and Carl finally got fed up at dinner that night and stomped away shutting himself up in his room even after Max had ordered him to return to the table.  Carl wasn't naive about it, he new Max would punish him for it and of course, that night Max came to Carl, right after fucking Monaca and mounted him, he reeked of her the entire time and after Max rolled off him and started to doze off, Carl slipped out of the bed, no longer able to stomach the idea of Monaca's cunt juices inside of his hole and went to the bathroom and began douching, trying to get her stink out of him, knowing that at the same time he was flushing out Max's sperm as well, something Max had directly ordered him never to do; Max of course caught him in mid act and though at that moment he didn't say anything, Carl knew by the look on his face, he was furious and disappointed in him, emphasized even more by Max saying nothing and leaving his room, slamming his door on the way out.  Too late, Carl realized what a huge mistake he'd just made and knew there would be repercussions for his disobedient behavior.
The next morning Max wouldn't even speak to him, not even during their ride to work, Max just dropped him off at his duty station and left without ever saying a word, leaving Carl the entire day to dwell on it and he did exactly that, but as bad as he felt about what he had done, he still felt justified in doing so, especially after the extra bitchy way Monaca had been acting toward him recently and as the day drew longer and the more he relived the previous few days, the more pissed he got, not only at Monaca but at Max as well and by the time his shift came to an end Carl had become determined to let Max know just how he felt and indeed he did, no sooner had he climbed into the passenger side of Max's truck he started unloading, for almost ten or fifteen minutes he aired his grievances, every perceived slight he had with Monaca and her behavior and concluding with the unfair way he felt Max was letting her just run all over him without saying a word to her and showing her preferential treatment over him; all the while Max just sat there staring ahead, his hands gripping the steering wheel of his truck, silently listening to Carl vent and rant not once turning to look Carl in the eyes, just blankly staring off into space waiting for Carl to finish: "Are you done?!" Max's voice was icy cold but what wasn't cold was the fire in Max's eyes as he turned his head to lock eyes with Carl: "You are such a tight-ass!" Max's tone hard and razor sharp: "You are so blinded by your fucking petty possessive jealousy, that you can't even see what is really going on around you!" Carl remembered how Max's words and attitude cut right into him and just as he was about to let loose his pent up rage, Max turned away, eyes staring out the windshield and simply stated: "She's pregnant Carl."
As he neared the end of the path and the entrance to ceremonial valley came into view, Carl's thoughts still drifted to that day, how after Max's simple declaration obliterated his rage but even worse was the shame he felt, a shame compounded by Max's continued observations and admonishments: "If you weren't such a tight-ass Carl, you would have sensed it for yourself, just as I did two weeks ago." Max's words of truth carved deeply into him and he sat there silently, his head bowed as Max laid it all out:  "I don't think even she knows yet, though I'm sure she suspects, especially now that she's been getting sick in the morning more frequently"
Carl's voice was barely above a whisper: "Why didn't you say something to me, or to her?"
Max's response only made Carl feel even more foolish: "Because I would be stealing her moment Carl, depriving her the right to be the first to know, the first to speak it aloud and share it in her own way and in her own time."
Carl remembered how at that moment he felt like crawling up inside himself, not even wanting Max to look at him: "I'm sorry Max" knowing the words were completely inadequate the moment they passed through his lips.
"Don't be sorry, be better!" with those words still burning in his ears, Max had slammed the truck into gear and peeled out of the parking lot and off the base, a look of total determination on his face, driving them silently into town only to pull up at the only adult store in town.
Max had parked the truck and got out ordering Carl to stay put, it was cold and wet out that day and it was already getting dark; it was less than ten minutes when Max returned holding a small cardboard sheet with a plastic bubble wrapped 2" circumference red butt-plug.
Max opened the truck's passenger side door and ordered him to get out, Carl could see the focused determination in Max's eyes, he knew the time for any discussion was over, that Max was giving him no options, no choice, demanding only absolute obedience: "Drop your pants NOW!" Max commanded, his voice almost a growl, and despite the fact they were in an open parking lot just a few feet from the main road in town, Carl did as ordered, knowing he didn't have any other choice but to obey and no sooner had he done so and stood there bare ass to the whole world, Max turned him around, his ass facing him and shoved Carl over the seat of his truck his ass sticking out, his feet firmly planted on the pavement.  Carl could hear Max ripping the packaging that held the plug open and within seconds he was jarred by Max kicking his legs apart exposing his hole to the cold evening air: "Let this be a reminder to you!" Max's voice dripped with authority as he placed the tip of the cold latex plug against the opening of his anus: "Don't be such a tight ass bitch!"
Carl remembered the pain he felt as Max shoved the plug into his hole without any kind of lubrication, shoving him into the truck after he pulled his pants up and pulled out of the parking lot and headed home: "That only comes out when you have to take care of personal hygiene, then it is to immediately go back in, is that clear!?" Carl had only nodded his head and thankfully that had been enough for Max at the time: "I expect that hole to be open 24/7/365 is that understood!?" Carl knew that was more a declaration than question and didn't really require a response, just compliance and that is exactly what he has done all these years; he couldn't remember the last time his hole had ever been closed, couldn't even recall how that even felt, not that he missed it, this, in so many ways pleases Max and Carl had learned long ago, after way to many incidents like that one, that Carl could only be happy when he knew Max was.  Carl smiled as he approached his destination still reminiscing and knowing he had, on so many occasions, been a difficult student in his studies of the book of Max, but fortunately for him, Max was a patient teacher who never gave up on him or let him give up on himself.
As Carl's reverie of his shared past with Max faded, Carl found himself at the base of the stone steps of the dais. From there he could see that one of the large steel doors to the reliquary stood partially open, confirming to Carl who was inside; only two people possessed a key to enter, Max being one and the other being Danal Cornelius, his and Max's old friend and mentor, also their districts Green Father and Elder of the Council of Greges.
Carl ascended the steps and entered the reliquary, which was cut into the side of the hill.
Carl always enjoyed looking at all the faded old tapestries that lined the rough honed stone walls of the long vestibule leading into the main room of the reliquary, what he didn't enjoy was the musty old smell of ancient books and scrolls that filled the many bookshelves of the main room.
Just as he surmised, there sat Danal, his back to Carl, seated in the center of the room at the large wooden table pouring over the old manuscripts and books before him, one single kerosene lantern situated nearby, his only source of light.
"Well, are you just going to stand there staring at my ass or are you going to come say hello McGregor?" Danal's lilting gruff voice disturbing the silence.
Carl stepped forward, moving toward the old man: "At your age you should feel honored anyone would want to still look at your old gristly ass." Danal stood, turned and embraced Carl warmly hugging his body to him.
"I see Max still hasn't taught you any manners" Carl catching the jovial twinkle in the old mans still very keen gray eyes: "What can I say, he likes me sassy, says it adds spice to his otherwise dull life." It was Carl's turn to smile mischievously.
Danal laughed out loud hearing that: "One of the last things I would ever expect to hear about Max Donnelly is that he's led a boring life." still smiling ear to ear, Danal eased Carl away, his right hand still on Carl's shoulder: "Next time I see him, I'll make sure he knows you need more excitement in your life" his face covered in his most wicked grin was followed by a very hard resounding smack to Carl's left butt cheek.
Massaging his now smarting butt Carl grimaced: "Well you still haven't lost your delicate touch old man, I thought you Green Fathers were supposed to impart wisdom and guidance not bruises and welts."
Danal waxed rhapsodical: "Who's to say we can't do both or that one is mutually exclusive to the other?" Carl noticed Danal sniffing the air, his nose raised upward, looking almost whimsical: "I see that you brought a part of Max with you." eyeing Carl's ass, his toothy grin seeming almost lecherous if not so intentionally comical: "Did you happen to bring the rest of him as well?"
"No" was Carl's simple response.  Danal Cornelius wasn't born yesterday, he knew there was more behind that simple utterance than a mere response to his query: "Care to elaborate my son?" Danals tone firm but empathetic.
It never ceased to amaze Carl how easily Danal could slip from old friend engaged in simple light banter into a learned mentor who, like a skilled surgeon, could cut right to the heart of ones psyche, getting one to talk and divulge their innermost thoughts and feelings.
Carl's reluctance spurred Danal on: "What has he done this time?" Carl knew Danal meant Max and he also knew that Danal expected a response, also realizing how relentless he would be if he didn't get one, but still Carl just bowed his head slightly, not meeting Danal's piercing gray eyes: "I see" Danal smiled slightly as he brought his left hand over to touch Carl's: "The ever recurring theme between you two, who is it this time?"
Carl felt his cheeks flush, ashamed that Danal thought he was so predictable, but then again, he wasn't wrong either: "He's taken interest in a friend of JD's" Danals eyes dropped momentarily at the mention of Max's youngest son, but pushed it aside just as quickly to address him: "Is it serious and you know what I mean by serious?" Carl didn't have an answer for that, he just knew Max interest more times than not led to action, for all he knew, Max could be taking that action even now as they spoke:  "I gather you partially feel your presence and his absence now are  in part due to this interest?" Danal paused briefly contemplating Carl's physical reactions, knowing he had reached to the core of Carl's angst: "Have you addressed your feelings to Max?" Carl lifted his head and looked into his mentors inquiring gaze: "That's just it, we have discussed it, and Max..." Carl fumbled in how he could convey his confusion: "Right after we discussed it, he had me spend the night with him, at his place with the boy's there" Danal's left eyebrow raised, his eyes glinting as he began to smile: "But that's not all" Carl was quick to add: "He put me in charge of his household, even told the boy's they had to run things pass me." Carl knew Danal could hear the confusion and tension in his voice and he stood there expectantly, his eyes searching Danal's for  answers: "Carl..." Danal's tone was soft, his hand now squeezed Carl's reassuringly: "Max has always loved you, he may not always show it in the way you expect or want, but your entire history together is replete with his insistence that you be part of his life, share in his joy's, like when his son's were born." Danal stared intensely into Carl's eyes: "And even more than that Carl, you are the one he has always turned to when things have gone bad, like when Monaca just up and left them..."Danal paused briefly letting that sink in before continuing: "And Michael, who did he lean on through all the struggles he went through with his first born, who was able to calm him over what his youngest has done?"
Carl knew the answer to all those questions, knew Danal was right, and it did help having someone he admired, someone who actually knew Max longer than he had remind him.
"So, He put you in charge of his household huh?" the playfulness returning to Danal's eyes: "For a man like Max, that's like slipping a ring on your finger and carrying you across the threshold like some virgin bride..." the twinkle in Danal's eyes full of mirth and mischievousness: "... Right before he rips your clothes off smacks your ass and ravages you just the way you hoped he would!" Carl joined him in hearty laughter not because it was particularly funny, but because, like usual he was absolutely right.
Carl was still chuckling when Danal raised his hand abruptly silencing Carl as his bearded head craned upward, nose sniffing and the short gray hairs on the back of his neck stood up: "I think you need to get back to your young charges!" Carl could vaguely sense it now too: "Seems we have more visitors and they don't seem to be taking kindly to your team being here."
Carl saw the concern in his eyes and heard it in his voice as he quickly dashed down the hallway running toward the parking lot.

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