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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Devil Dawg Donnelly's Chapter Thirteen


"Man, it really looks like they did a number on 'em" JD said, looking down on their baseball coach Tuck Pullman, still splayed out on top of his desk with a baseball bat still stuck halfway up his ass, his head dangling over the other side, looking very much like he'd just gotten royally screwed, which in fact he just had.

JD wasn't sure what his friend Jason Dunne was thinking, he stood there staring down at the coach, having positioned himself between his legs; more precisely JD was sure he was staring at the bat sticking out of his ass, but JD did recognize that glassy eyed look, it was the same he knew himself to have every time he was alone in his room and Timmy would wiggle his magnificent ass at him invitingly.

As he moved toward the desk, JD had thought about helping the coach get up and just as he was about to reach down and see if he could run his arms under Tuck's and haul him into a sitting position, the man's left hand snaked up between JD's legs and started fondling his crotch: "Damn..." JD moaned, automatically pushing his groin closer to the coaches face, his cock already hard from the show earlier: "I think he wants more!"

As Tuck groped his boner through his pants, JD looked up to meet Jason glowering intently back at him, looking from JD's face to Tuck's spread, upturned ass as if debating on his next course of action.

JD observed his friend's large hand slowly outstretched toward the handle of the baseball bat, his eyes became riveted to it. He watched as Jason's fingers wrapped around it and silently observed in amazement as the 6'4" jock began to slowly withdraw it, surprisingly to the very erotic moans of the man below them: "Please..." Tuck groaned, his hand now desperately clutching and pulling at JD's turgid cock lifting his head to look directly at Jason and begging: "Fuuuuck me!"

It was next to impossible for JD to read Jason's expression but he could see the beads of sweat that had formed on his forehead, he could tell his friends breathing had grown more labored and by the large tenting bulge running down until obscured by the desk below them. JD wasn't surprised when Jason yanked the bat out of the coaches ass and tossed it on the floor: "I don't think we'll be needing that anymore" Jason murmured, his voice thick and heavy as he brought both hands up to clasp both of Tuck's firm round buttocks in his hands and squeezing them like a baker kneads bread dough.

"Man..." Jason now moaned: "That's one big wet, juicy hole ya got there coach" Jason looked up into JD's eyes, the glower had now turned completely into lust: "You gotta see this JD", his eyes once again riveted to the object of his ever increasing desires: "It almost looks like a chicks pussy" JD bent forward at Jason's urging and indeed, Tuck's outer hole was now so swollen wet and stretched, that what once must have started out as a tight ring now flopped open, engorged.

As if to emphasize his observation, Jason moved his hands toward the gaping hole, placing his thick thumbs on either side and pulled it apart like the labial folds of a vagina, revealing the deep red undulating delicate tissue inside, followed by what was assuredly Matt's cum oozing out thickly, dripping in a steady stream down the crack of Tuck's ass to puddle on the desk in a viscous pool of sperm and semen.

JD continued to lean over the coach, entranced by Jason's manipulations of his twitching anus, he felt Tuck's arms encircle his waist, his hands clutching JD's ass and pulled him down closer to his face until he was practically laying on top of him.

JD could feel the coaches lips and teeth chewing at his member through his sweatpants, he could even feel his tongue lapping at his crotch, running up and down the full length of his swollen phallus.

"I think someone wants some more cock" JD mused smiling, looking up at an equally grinning Jason, now smiling ear to ear: "Like a bitch in heat wanting to gnaw your bone dude."

Jason continued to use his thumbs to rotate around Tucks gooey hole, tracing the outline of his loose anal folds when suddenly he slid his index and middle finger into the oozing gash and began finger fucking him.

"This feels just like how I imagined pussy would feel" Jason mused, ogling his fingers slowly penetrating Tuck's hole in and out slowly, twisting and turning with each inward outward stroke, completely mesmerized by how hot, wet, soft and yielding the orifice was.

"It's like finger banging warm jello" Jason concluded, not really caring who was paying attention to him or not, his head swam with only one lascivious thought as he reached down and began stroking his own burgeoning dong through his pants.

"If you're gonna fuck him..."JD had started to say, but no sooner had the word fuck passed his lips than Tuck began moaning below him almost begging: "Please fuuuuck meeee" and like a call to action, began tugging at JD's sweatpants, trying to yank them down.

"Ain't no "if" about it dude" Jason sneered glaring right into JD's eyes with a hunger and lust JD was all too familiar with.

JD smiled knowingly at his bud, while simultaneously struggling to maintain his balance as Tuck practically ripped his sweatpants down freeing his 7" drooling dick and began slobbering all over it, trying to capture it between his cock hungry lips.

JD gasped as Tuck's mouth found his straining cock and pulled it into his cavernous maw, gobbling his manhood to the nads and began devouring it like a hungry man who hadn't eaten in days.

He'd always thought Timmy was an amazing cocksucker, but he didn't hold a candle to coach Pullman, the man brought pole smoking to a whole new level, with his dong buried to the hilt, Tuck's tongue slipped passed his lips and began tonguing JD's egg sized balls, washing wetly over them while constantly tightening and constricting his throat around the head of his schlong, milking JD of more and more precum and guzzling it down like it was the sweetest nectar.

No longer able to support himself leaning over the coach, JD rose up and began earnestly fucking his mouth: "Man bro, this dude has a mouth like a vacuum hose" he joyously proclaimed, grabbing both sides of Tuck's head and riding it in long strokes, grinding his balls against the coaches nose on each inward plunge.

Jason watched intently, his own carnal desires building to a feverish pitch, he didn't know why he was feeling the way he was, he didn't know if it was his actual desire to fuck for the first time of the fact that it was something he was sharing with his bud JD.

Jason had admired JD for quite some time, he liked his outgoing personality, the way he handled himself in any given situation and was always the one he could count on when he was feeling down to cheer him up or at least try too.

JD was the first real friend he'd made after he and his mom moved here from North Carolina, his mom was always working back in those days, her job at a research facility in applied genetics at a privately owned company there, almost consumed her every waking moment, that and they lived far and removed from most populated areas, his mom always saying she needed the peace and quiet, which was fine for her, but left him often feeling like an outsider looking in.

Being a bit of a scrawny bean pole as a kid, didn't help, that and his mother didn't really like him bringing friends home, not that he had that many to begin with; she didn't even like him spending the night over at a friends house, always insisting in knowing exactly where he was and who he was with and what they'd be doing. It wasn't until he started hitting puberty and his body really started to change that his interest in sports in particular often led them to argue over whether he could pursue his interest in athletics; she had even gone so far as to set up his own home gym in the hopes of allaying his consistent protest about how isolated and alone he felt most of the time.

The happiest day of his life came when some government agency took interest in the company she worked for and that if she continued working there she would be working with a military liaison, something his mother always tried to avoid and was why she ended up taking this teaching job here at Albany State University.

From an early age his constant queries into who his father was, seemed to pain his mother the most. Often, after he would push her for more info, she would just clam up, her mood would become more morose and sad, it was after one particular row when he insisted on knowing who his dad was and demanding to meet him, she had just totally shut down and locked herself in her room. That night, while he laid in bed, unable to sleep, still wondering and imagining what kind of man his father was and why she wouldn't talk about him, he could hear his mother crying. It was that night, when he was barely twelve, that he gave up asking her, he couldn't do that to his mom, but he vowed that someday, when he was on his own, he'd get the answers he sought, for good or bad, he'd find out who his father was.

"Earth to Jason!" JD's voice broke his momentary distraction and revelry: "I thought you wanted to get laid?" JD said, his voice full of roguish mirth and masculine bravado, looking from Jason's face to the hungry moist hole right in front of him: "Ya know..." he continued, the huge grin on his face belaying the seriousness of his intent: "holes don't come with written instructions, ya just gotta go for it dude!"

Jason looked down at Tuck's hole, still filled with his probing digits and slowly removed them.

JD watched intently as Jason's hands moved to the waistband of his sweat pants and started pushing them downward over his throbbing erection until it lurched free and smacked with a loud thud against his abs: "You weren't fuckin' kidding!" JD gasped, his eyes going momentarily wide at the prodigious appendage now palpitating and drooling a steady stream of clear fluids from its enormous glans, sticking nearly perpendicular to his washboard stomach.

Blushing slightly at the awkwardness of JD's leering gaze, he boldly clasped the base of his rotund mammoth 11 incher and waved it at the awestruck youth.

JD marveled at its size, not only its length but at how thick it was. Up until then. the biggest dick he'd ever seen was his brother Billy's, but Jason had that beat by a considerable bit, it was almost as thick as the baseball bat he'd just moments ago removed from the coaches abused hole.

"That's fucking huge bro" JD stammered, unable to take his eyes off Jason's enormous hooded pole: "I can see why chicks would be scared of that thing" he smiled lecherously back at Jason, who also noted JD couldn't take his eyes off his throbbing erection and the way he absentmindedly licked his lips, somehow gave Jason a sense of pride for the first time in his substantial endowment causing the burly youth to wag it at him, peeling the foreskin back and milking a drooling river of precum from the pulsating, helmet shaped, enormous glans.

Jason didn't know which he liked more, the idea of finally getting to fuck an all to willing hole he was certain could handle his big dick or the all to apparent fascination of a nearly hypnotized JD, whose blue eyes now followed his now stroking hand up and down the length of his cock, for whatever reason, that just seemed like icing on the cake for Jason, he realized, on some level, he really liked how impressed his friend was, he also couldn't help but remember, just a few moments ago, how he held JD close to him, rubbing that same monster dong against his pert young ass and how JD had let him caress his hard, warm muscular body as they watched Matt and Davy have their way with their baseball coach.

Jason had never thought about being with a guy before, had never even considered the possibility, even now, he wasn't turned on by the coach, but by the idea of just being able to fuck for the first time, but he couldn't just shake off the fact that out there in the hallway, with JD, it was something more than just the idea of actually getting to fuck that turned him on, he couldn't help but think that maybe in part it had to do with who he was with and how that made him feel.

Either way, he was losing his virginity tonight and he looked down at the gaping, twitching wet hole in front of him, begging to claim its virgin prize.

As if in slow motion, JD watched intently as his huge friend pushed his big cock downward until just the tip of it prodded against the loose folds of Tuck's cavernous gash and began rubbing around in small circular motions, smearing the ever leaking precum drooling from his cock-head all over it adding to its moistness.

It was at that moment that a studious JD was struck by an idea: "Wait dude..." a somewhat startled Jason halted abruptly, his eyes pulled back to JD's handsome face: "This is your first fuck bro!" He stammered excitedly, reaching downward and fumbling to find the pocket of his sweatpants now shoved down to his knees, until finally whipping out his phone and holding it up, brandishing it victoriously like it should hold some great significance to a questioning Jason.

"It ain't everyday you lose your cherry bro..." JD's enthusiasm had Jason completely perplexed, wondering what his excited friend was going on about.

"Don't worry dude, I won't show your face" JD offered as explanation as he held his phone out and hit the video record: "What kind of bud would I be if I didn't preserve this momentous occasion?" He jovially queried: "Just think about all the fun we'll have watching it over and over again later!" JD finally concluded, urging Jason to continue.

Jason just shook his head, smiling at how comedic the whole thing seemed but also taking mental note that JD had said "we" when saying they'd watch it later and how much fun they'd have; Jason couldn't help but wonder what kind of fun that might entail, his mind raced at the possibilities of that open ended declaration.

As he began video recording Jason's first time fucking, JD leaned forward to get a closer look driving his own dick as deep as it could go in their coaches sucking mouth and to Jason's surprise he watched as JD reached forward with his free hand and wrapped it around his turgid pole. The sensation of his friend's warm hand rippled through not just his shaft but clear down into his gonads causing his cock to spew out even more precum than before. Jason watched in silent reverence as JD began smearing his cock-head against the already saturated cavity, then looking impishly up at him still firmly grasping his shaft and gently stroking it: "Do it bro, fuck this pussy with this big fuckin' beautiful dick."

Spurred by JD's eagerness and the warm lurid touch of his clutching hand, Jason pushed forward easing his prodigious glans into the loose gooey folds of Tuck's manhole causing not only a gasp to escape his lips but whimpers of approval from the coaches cock filled throat.

"Dayam that friggin' feels amazing!" Jason moaned as the head of his cock popped through the sphincter into the anal cavity.

Jason loved the way the delicate velveteen tissues of his anal lining wrapped around his penetrating shaft and glans, reveled in the firm grip of JD's hand at the base of his dong continuously urging him forward into the silken depths of Tuck's sloppy dick ditch.

JD was first to notice as their coach began trying to thrust his hips upward so his hole could claim more of Jason's anal intruder: "I think he wants more" JD mused, looking once again up into Jason's now glazed over eyes before finally releasing his shaft and reaching behind Jason to firmly grip his right muscular buttock and pulling him forcibly forward even further into the chasm that was Tuck's anus.

As the giant organ penetrated deeper JD could feel Tuck now gurgling around his dick head, his throat desperately trying to vocalize his desire for more but only being successful at further thrilling JD's entrenched schlong.

"Fuckin' coach is trying to gargling with my dick juice dude" JD swooned, the sensation driving him to pay less attention to Jason and more to drilling his own dick in and out of his sucking oral cavity.

If Jason heard him, it didn't show, JD observed he now had his head thrown back, sweat started pouring down his forehead as he just stood there transfixed by the new sensations surrounding his slowly sheathing dick.

Then, without a word of warning Jason growled from somewhere deep inside his chest and clutched Tuck's hips between his large hands and rammed his mammoth cock balls deep into his body with such force it nearly threw JD backward dislodging his dick from Tuck's sucking mouth.

Like a man possessed, JD watched in awe as Jason wrapped his bulging arms around Tuck's strong legs, hauled them over his shoulders and began thrusting brutally in and out of his hole, driving with such vigor that the sound of their flesh impacting reverberated off the walls with a loud thumping, thwacking noise that reminded JD of the sound one's boots made trodding through thick mud.

JD turned his phone off and slipped it back into his pocket, moving back in position looking down into their coaches now grimacing, contorted face: "That's a real big dick fuckin' ya coach" JD mused, not even sure if the man was even aware enough to grasp what he was saying let alone articulate a response as Jason continued to pummel his hole like a jackhammer: That's gotta be better than some ol' baseball bat up your twat" JD meant it in a jovial, non-malicious way of course, not that Coach Tuck Pullman cared to notice in the moment, instead, as JD delicately ran his fingers over the coaches thick wet, saliva moistened lips their eyes briefly met and the coach began to mutter something, imperceptible at first, because of the jarring, rocking actions of Jason's hammering thrust, but soon the same words drooled passed his blubbering lips: "Big dick fuckin' me."

JD almost laughed at the obviousness of the simple declaration: "Yup, big dick fuckin' ya..."JD repeated then added: "I'm betting your pussy ain't ever gonna forget this night." He concluded by patting Tuck's face, who just kept muttering over and over again: "Big dick fuckin' me" that is until JD stuffed his cock back into his mouth silencing him and joined Jason in fucking the man further into debauched senselessness, matching the huge powerful jock thrust for thrust. JD looked up and found Jason staring at him, their eyes locked and a kind of mental bond forged between them, it was almost as if they became one person driving compulsively in unconstrained rapture into the fleshy receptacle below them, sheathing their meaty swords simultaneously and repeatedly into the willing consuming flesh of their baseball coach until they reached a feverish crescendo and hovered there together, eyes locked, mind to mind, moving as one before finally succumbing to the inevitable, glorious conclusion and both, in complete synchronicity erupted in torrential waves into the siphoning abyss of coach Tuck's ravenous holes spewing thick jets of jock sperm deep into him from both ends to the point of overflowing.

As the tidal forces of their orgasms subsided JD collapsed on top of Tuck's sweating body he was joined shortly by Jason's on top of his.

They laid there like that together over the desk, their sweat intermingling, their chest still heaving from their carnal exertions.

Moments passed as JD was still enjoying the afterglow and the warmth of being pressed between two hard bodies that he felt Jason's strong callused hands begin to gently stroke his thighs from behind, rubbing them methodically, circling gently but perceptible higher until the tips of his fingers found JD's buttocks and softly stroked his muscular buns.

At first JD thought it felt nice, especially after the intimacy of what they just shared, the connection he knew they both felt when they seemed to lock together into one of the best orgasms he had yet known.

JD had never experienced anything like that with Timmy, yeah the sex was always good and he never once got bored by it, but he couldn't help feel what he was experiencing now was something different, he didn't know what that difference was, nor could he explain it and what troubled him even more, was the fact he was, for the second time this evening, enjoying Jason's caressing touch: "Man you guys stink like sweaty socks" JD announced, shrugging himself upward encouraging Jason to lift off of him as he himself in turn lifted off Tuck.

For a brief moment Jason and JD's eyes locked once again, JD could still sense their connection along with the somewhat dopey sideways grin painted on Jason's mug that made him almost audibly laugh out loud: "I say we all hit the showers" JD mused, trying to lift the coach up into a sitting position, thankful when Jason joined him and managed to finally rouse him enough to know they hadn't done any real damage, if anything, by the way he continued to look hungrily at Jason's now half hard cock, JD was sure he was more than willing for another round of hide the sausage.

JD reached over and clasped Tuck's chin in his hand turning his face toward him: "No more big dick until we all get nice and clean" he taunted, before adding: "Then we can all have a nice little chat about tonight okay?

Coach Pullman did his best to clear his head and pull himself back into focus, but even as he stood and started looking around for his clothes, JD couldn't help but notice he still kept eyeing Jason's big wet dong, which swayed back and forth pendulously as he gathered up his own clothing before joining JD as he headed out the door toward the locker room: "Whether ya want one or not..." JD whispered at his friend: "I think you just earned yourself a devoted groupie."

Jason looked back toward the coach, smiling: "You kidding, I'm totally ready for round two."

"Maybe later" JD chided, grabbing his arm and redirecting him forward:" I need to get cleaned up and think about how I'm getting home before my ol' man freaks out."

"Oh shit me too!" Jason responded quickly, a look of sudden concern crossing his face: "My mom's probably wondering why I haven't called her to pick me up yet."

As Jason fished through the pockets of the sweatpants he carried in his hands, Coach Pullman walked up behind them: "I can give you boys a lift home if you want" he said smiling directly at Jason, his eyes briefly darting to the big jocks crotch again and absentmindedly running his tongue over his lips as he visually caressed the still half hard dick.

"Sounds like a plan" JD mused: "Showers first" he added before looking back at their coach as he resumed walking toward the locker room: "And for the sake of time, lets keep the soap dropping to a minimum shall we!?"


"Man this really is some set up you got here" Billy noted, peering over Gavin's shoulder as he typed away at the keyboard of his desktop computer.

"Thanks" Gavin bustled before finishing up the last bit of coding he was writing for the program he created for his uncle to track inventory at the store more efficiently, which also would have the added benefit of making both his and Billy's jobs easier as well.

"I built it myself you know" Gavin simply stated, not intending to sound smug, just stating a fact.

"That doesn't surprise me, Brainiac" Billy quipped, ruffling Gavin's hair playfully.

"I think my mom really likes you" Gavin smiled, thinking back to their dinner and how his mom wanted to know all about Billy's athletic achievements and about how well he did last year in wrestling, basically getting all the social amenities out of the way before grilling him about girlfriends, if he was seeing or dating someone.

Her interest really peaked when he told her he'd never had a girlfriend and she shot Gavin a particularly knowing wink and half smile after Billy told her that, causing Gavin to blush several different shades of red realizing exactly what she was implying by it.

Gavin had always suspected his mom knew he was gay, it just wasn't something they talked about, or at least it wasn't something Gavin was comfortable discussing with her.

He knew in her own way she was just trying to be supportive and he was thankful she really made an effort to make Billy feel comfortable being there, Billy certainly seemed to enjoy the conversation and the meal his mom whipped up and thankfully didn't seem to notice the way his mom kept smiling her unspoken approval of Billy's presence.

"Think there are any more of those biscuits left?" Billy queried with a big smile and a wink at Gavin.

"Damn dude, we just ate less than an hour ago" Gavin playfully chided, having not seen anyone put away as much food as Billy did with the possible exception of Arliss.

"Hey now..." Billy said defensively: "I'm a growing boy, besides..."he paused looking around making sure they were quite alone: "Some of us didn't gorge ourselves on protein all day."

Gavin sneered at him before giving him a spirited jab to the ribs with his elbow.

"I take it you still want to see if I can track down your brother Mike?" Gavin taunted, teasing Billy genially.

Billy's countenance immediately switched to serious mode; he and Gavin had discussed his older brother earlier, Billy imparting the fact he had written a couple of emails to him in the last couple of weeks, wanting to know if he could take some leave and come take part in his Heritage ceremony, that and he just really missed his older sibling, but as of that day, he still hasn't received any kind of response from him.

Gavin could see the concern written on Billy's face, knowing his brothers silence wasn't really unusual, that it sometimes took awhile to get a response back, but Billy said it had never taken this long, usually only a couple of days, a week at most, depending on what his brother's duty assignment was.

"Well, I can try to locate him" Gavin said, before cautiously adding: "But you do understand, I can't promise anything."

Billy understood, he was just thankful that Gavin would even try: "No problem bud, I'm probably just worried for no reason."

They both knew that wasn't true, but Gavin knew Billy was very much concerned and Gavin felt that after all Billy had been doing for him lately, this was the least he could do to show his appreciation.

"First, let's check that base out," Gavin said as he typed the base's name into his search algorithm: "Panzer Kaserne, Blingen Stuttgart" he spoke everything out loud so Billy could follow along.

"I thought you said your brother and his friend were Marines?" Gavin asked, his brows furrowing questioningly, glancing over his shoulder at Billy, who was now leaned over and so close he could feel his warm breath on the side of his neck: "This here says it's an Army base."

Billy chuckled lightly into Gavin's ear: "It is, but they have a Marine contingent there" he said before adding: "The base serves as a Marine launch point for early response for both eastern Europe and Africa as well."

Gavin searched through the base listings until he found that they indeed did have a Marine section listed in the sub-menu: "I always assumed that the Army and Marines had separate bases."

"They do in some instances" Billy observed: "But most bases have a complement of two or more branches, basically sharing the same space."

"I guess that's why you always see Marines on naval vessels then huh?" Gavin posited, still searching through the sites listings.

"This is going to be trickier than I thought" Gavin sighed: "They don't really go that much into base operations here." he paused thoughtfully for a second then asked: "You wouldn't happen to know who his immediate superior is do you?"

Billy pondered for a moment, then hurriedly fished out his phone and began searching: "I'm pretty sure Mike mentioned him in one of his emails to me awhile back."

"That could prove very useful in my search" Gavin remarked, then appended: "You do know, I might have to do something a little shady to get what you want don'tch'ya?"

Billy looked over at his friend, giving him a concerned questioning look: "How shady is shady?" Billy queried.

Gavin smiled deviously: "Like, hack into someone's computer shady." Gavin concluded.

"Aha!" Billy said jubilantly: "His direct commanding officer is Major Anthony Drummond" He beamed, hoping that Gavin could work with that info: "So..." He paused momentarily considering Gavin's previous statement: "Can we get in serious trouble for doing this?"

Gavin's smile broadened as he returned his attention to his computer screen and began typing furiously: "That depends on whether we get caught or not!"


JD couldn't believe he was now playing chauffeur while Jason fucked coach Tuck Pullman's brains out in the back seat of the coaches truck.

Earlier, right after they had finished their shower, that is after they were finally able to pull the coaches mouth off Jason's big dick, they had gotten dressed and as JD hurried them along, knowing it was getting late and not wanting to incur his father's wrath, just as they came up to the coaches truck, he looked at JD and asked if he had his drivers license, when JD assured him he did, the coach tossed him his keys and told him he was driving.

While still partially surprised by the move, it became apparent why as Tuck opened the back passenger door ushering Jason inside before him, only turning for a second to wink at JD before jumping inside with him.

Before JD could even get the drivers door opened and climb up in, he looked back and the coach already had Jason's sweatpants down to his ankles and his head was bobbing up and down Jason's enormous cock-head, the loud wet smacking and slurping sounds only matched by the coaches constant humming grunts and groans.

JD just sat there for a moment looking back at the pair, before meeting Jason's glazed over eyes smiling sheepishly back at him and holding his hands up trying to indicate the futility of his predicament.

Oddly enough, JD reminisced, before they even made it to the shower, they had learned a few things about their coach they didn't know or had wrongfully assumed.

Though it was true he was gay, he wasn't out, at least not at school, being pretty sure he wouldn't have been hired in the assistant coaching position he now held, if Coach Grimmly knew he batted for the other team so to speak.

They had all also assumed he was married, having seen him on more than one occasion with the same beautiful woman and knew the two lived together; but Tuck set them straight (no pun intended) that though they did live together, he and her were just best friends.

They also learned that her name was Claire and she was also gay, or more precisely a lesbian.

They knew people assumed they were married or at least a couple and that played to their advantage so they never bothered to correct those who guessed wrong, after all, what they did in the privacy of their own home was no one's business but their own.

Tuck informed them that his job here was just a stepping stone to gain some tenure before transferring hopefully to a school in a larger metropolitan area where being a gay Phys Ed instructor wouldn't be considered a detriment.

Both JD and Jason promised him that his secret was safe with them and did their best to assure him that they would make sure neither Matt or Davy would be a problem either, letting him know that JD had already deleted the incriminating video from Davy's phone.

It came as no surprise to either JD or Jason that coach Pullman decided to show his gratitude by dropping to his knees in the shower and stuffing Jason's half hard dick down his throat and began sucking it back to a full raging boner.

Which was exactly when JD decided they needed to get the fuck out of there since the shower room was the very same place that got Tuck into this whole situation to begin with.

"Take the long way home JD and drive slow." He heard Tuck grunt from the backseat.

JD watched the action going on in the rear view mirror, he bit his lip nervously as he observed Jason positioning himself between Tuck's raised legs expecting him to just slam his hard cock into his upturned ass, but to JD's amazement he watched furtively as Jason lowered himself even more until his face was buried between the coaches muscular bubble-butt and started lapping at his mantwat, noisily driving his lapping tongue in and out of his swollen hole: "Damn that's some sweet pussy!" Jason gurgled, his voice muffled by Tuck's loud moans.

Coach obviously enjoyed Jason's rimming, having moved both his hands down to clasp his fingers tightly against the back of Jason's head and grinding his ass into Jason's hole sucking mouth.

Both the sights and the sounds of their licentious exchange had JD's own boner straining against his pants and for the briefest moment he considered pulling over somewhere and joining them.

But the butt-munching soon turned into butt-fucking as a now totally lust driven Jason lurched upward suddenly, driving his hips forward and began slamming his mammoth cock, balls deep into Tuck's quivering hole.

For the next twenty minutes JD had to not only listen to their boisterous noisy coupling he could feel it as Jason's pile driving had the entire vehicle rocking back and forth for almost the entire journey.

JD almost sighed with relief as they drew nearer his turn off, that the pair reached their climax and slowly started uncoupling.

They were still pulling their clothes back on as JD pulled into his driveway and parked the vehicle about fifteen feet from his front door right behind Timmy's red jeep.

As JD turned the truck off, he pondered the significance of Timmy's vehicle being there after ten in the evening, for that matter, now that he thought about it, he hadn't heard from him since that morning, which he found equally out of character since they usually conversed multiple times a day either by phone or text.

As JD pondered these things he had stepped out of the coaches truck and without a word started heading toward his front door and was just getting ready to turn the doorknob when Jason called after him.

JD turned in the direction of his voice in time to catch him, jog over to him and climbed the couple of steps up the porch and to his front door.

As he stood there before JD, he could see over his shoulder as coach Tuck climbed out of the back passenger side of his truck and took his place behind the steering wheel and started the truck up once again, obviously waiting for Jason.

"Listen..."Jason said softly, trying to meet JD's eyes as best he could standing there in the darkness: "I hope you don't think that all of that..." he said, sweeping his right arm backward and nodding in the general direction of the coaches truck: "Well.. " He stammered: "I just don't want you to think that meant anything serious to me" JD could feel Jason's large callused right hand clasp his left shoulder and gently squeezing it and despite his following response, JD could feel the goosebumps raise on his skin where his hand made contact with the skin of his shoulder.

"I don't" was all JD said, wondering why Jason was all of a sudden concerned about what he thought about their little fuck-fest in the backseat of the coaches truck while he was forced to play chauffeur.

"I mean it JD" Jason said, the sincerity in his voice didn't go unnoticed, leaving JD feeling a bit awkward and maybe even a little bit flushed, so much so that he turned his head briefly, breaking the intensity of their eye contact before thinking better of it and turning back to face Jason eye to eye.

It was just then that Coach Tuck hollered out for Jason to get a move on.

JD watched as Jason swiveled his head in the coaches direction and said he was coming before turning swiftly back to face JD and with a big grin on his face, leaned in and planted a quick kiss right on JD's unsuspecting lips.

JD just stood there like he was frozen in time and space as he watched Jason sprint away from him and jump into the passenger side of the coaches truck and hanging out the window waving goodbye, yelling out to him that he'll drop by tomorrow so they can talk all while having the biggest shit eating grin JD had ever seen on his face.

Completely stunned into silence JD watched as the truck disappeared down his driveway, leaving JD standing there wondering what the hell just happened and more importantly, why had he liked it so much!?