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Daily Porn...Master Trains His slave

This is the real deal..a gay Master with his gay slave.
Not that homophobic bullshit from Kink video.
I know a lot of guys enjoy that crap, but to me, it has de-evolved into a bunch of in house str8 bois paid to abuse gay men or more like the occasional gay man.

Bois Night Out Pt. 7

Bois In Service

Former anti-gay Virginia governor Bob McDonnell living with a gay priest

From Pink News:
Former governor Bob McDonnell was known for opposing marriage equality and anti-discrimination laws while in office.
In one of his first acts as governor, he removed a order signed by the previous governor meant to protect Virginia state workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation.
McDonnell and his wife are currently facing charges that they conspired to use McDonnell’s governorship to gain money and gifts.
McDonnell used as a defense that the couple’s marriage is in shambles, meaning they were incapable of conspiring because they were not communicating.
To prove that point, he said he is currently living with Catholic priest Wayne Ball, who is also aiding in his trial defense.
Ball was arrested in 2002 for “frequenting a bawdy place” after he was caught in a sexual act with a man, according to police.

The charges were eventually dropped after he completed the terms of a plea deal.

Maybe they can pray the gay away together.

Judge Richard Posner Rips Away The Tradition Of Marriage Argument

Posner destroys Samuelsons traditions arguments against gay marriage, he blast through the bullshit defense of the state arguing against same sex unions and demands evidence of the harm same sex marriages would cause the state, which Samuelson could not give or list.
Posner does however state their intended reason:
"It's based on hate, isn't it?"
Here's the almost hour long examination, but it's the first half of the hearing where Judge Posner takes Samuelson to task, the exchange is well worth a listen:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daily Porn...Raw Fuckin' Str8 Bois


Bois Night Out Pt. 6

Eat More Ass Tuesday

Mouth Piece For Satan, Pastor Michael V. Williams, Wants Gays Sent To Prison Because He Fears Us

A Christian conservative pastor has called for a constitutional amendment outlawing gay sex.
Pastor Michael V. Williams asserts in his Preaching Politics internet program that “homosexuals are becoming increasingly intolerant” of Christians, despite their increasing tolerance “of homosexuals.”
“Whereas homosexuality used to be a felony in every state – referred to as sodomy – it has now been decriminalized, and homosexuality is allowed to be openly expressed in public,” Williams told his online audience. “While Christians are becoming increasing tolerant of homosexuals, homosexuals are becoming increasingly intolerant of us.”
“It's time for Christians to resume obeying God and his word, and to re-criminalize homosexuality, outlaw it again. The only way to do this and keep it beyond the reach of activist judges and unaccountable bureaucrats is to create a constitutional amendment.”
Williams' amendment proposes: “The practice of homosexuality in the United States of America and in all its territories and possessions, and in all its States, Counties and Cities shall be a felony punishable by ten years in prison at hard labor.”
Williams calls on viewers to promote his proposal to lawmakers by making “such a pest of yourself that they're willing to do anything just to shut you up.”
“We're in a fight for survival and only one side can win. Let's make sure it's our side,” he concludes.

Today's fun fact...No where in the Bible does it use the word *sodomy* in reference to man on man sex.
Go ahead, doubt me and look it up for yourselves.
These phonies and liars make up their own version of the Bible and just spew lies to control their covens, knowing they are to fucking lazy to read the book themselves and will believe anything they say, so long as he's not saying they can't go home, guzzle beer, over eat, beat their wives, fuck their daughters, rape a cow or smack little Johnny around to make a man out of him...then they are okay with it.
Personally, I think they should declare religious fundamentalism as a psychological disorder, unlike homosexuality, it really does meet all the criteria.

Reagan Appointed Federal Appeals Judge: Gay Marriage Bans Are 'A Tradition Of Hate'

Arguments used by lawyers defending gay marriage bans in Wisconsin and Indiana received a cold shoulder on Tuesday from a 3-judge panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.
Both states are defending marriage bans struck down by lower federal courts in June.

According to the AP, more than 200 people showed up to witness arguments in the legal challenges.
Judge Richard Posner, a Ronald Reagan appointee, scolded Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Timothy Samuelson's assertion that such bans were based on “tradition.”
“It was tradition to not allow blacks and whites to marry – a tradition that got swept away,” Posner said. Laws excluding gay couples from marriage, he said, are “a tradition of hate … and savage discrimination.”
He also asked Indiana Solicitor General Thomas Fischer what benefits to society could possibly outweigh the damage the bans inflict on the children of gay and lesbian couples.
“All this is a reflection of biology,” Fischer answered. “Men and women make babies, same-sex couples do not … we have to have a mechanism to regulate that, and marriage is that mechanism.”
Also considering the challenges were Judges Ann Claire Williams, who was appointed to the bench by Bill Clinton, and David Hamilton, who was appointed by President Barack Obama.
Panel members were kept under wraps until Tuesday. And when they were announced, marriage equality advocates cheered, with progressive blog declaring that supporters had “just won the lottery.”
While rulings in two other appeals courts considering similar challenges have been split, all three Seventh Circuit judges appeared to express skepticism over arguments presented in support of the bans.

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Daily Porn...Lovers Fucking

Bois Night Out Pt. 5

Muscle Pussy

NOM's Robert George Thinks Apples Are Oranges, Because He Says So

Robert George, a co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), argues in Conjugal Union that gay and lesbian couples cannot marry because, like 12-year-old's, they are disqualified from marriage.
In the book, co-written with Patrick Lee, George, who co-authored the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) in 2001, equates age and gender restrictions in entering marriage

“Just as the distinction between eighteen-year-old's and twelve-year-old's is relevant to the purpose of marriage – because the former but not the latter are actually able to form the union that is marriage – in the same way, the distinction between opposite-sex couples and same-sex partners is relevant to the purpose of the marriage statute, because the former but not the latter can actually form the kind of union that marriage is,” George writes.
“Two people of the same sex cannot truly be married, any more than a pair of twelve-year-old's can be married – they are unable to form the kind of union marriage is: a conjugal union.”'s Jeremy Hooper responded: “It is the height of arrogance for Mr. George to suggest that my husband and I – tax-paying adults who are way past eighteen, legally married for many years (and together for many before that), with a daughter to whom we are exceedingly committed, as we are to each other – are no more qualified than a pair of sixth graders. It's also gallingly arrogant for him to suggest that two eighteen-year-old's are more qualified by the sole virtue of being heterosexual.”

Trying to redefine the word conjugal isn't gonna cut it Mr. George:
Word Origin and History for conjugal
1540s, from L. conjugalis, from conjunx (gen. conjugis) "spouse," from conjugare "to join together," from com- "together" + jugare "to join," from jugum "yoke"
I think that pretty much describes something even second class, minority citizens are capable of.
The NY Times described this man as the "Conservative-Christian Big Thinker"
If this is any example of  his cognitive abilities, sorry it comes off a little more like this"


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Daily Porn...Fucked By A Big Raw Dick


Bois Night Out Pt. 4