Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Pat Robertson: You can get AIDS from towels

New York Times columnist apologizes for speaking at anti-gay group’s fundraiser

From Pink News:
Ross Douthat, a right-wing columnist for the popular newspaper, spoke at the ADF’s “The Price of Citizenship: Losing Religious Freedom in America” event last week.
The ADF argues that same-sex marriage is meaningless because gay couples cannot reproduce without a third person, and has offered free lawsuits to anyone dismissed from their job because of “their support of marriage”.
The group claims to uphold ‘Christian values’ but opposes even the most basic gay rights, including partnership protections, adoption, employment protections and hate crime laws. It also opposed the Boy Scouts allowing gay members.
Mr Douthat – who has previously spoken out against laws protecting gay people from discrimination – was to be honored at the event, but claims he was unaware of the nature of the event.
He told MediaMatters: “I was not aware in advance that this event was a fundraiser and had I known, I would not have agreed to participate.
“I was invited by an events organizing group, not by ADF directly.
“I understood this to be a public conversation about religious liberty. This is my fault for not doing my due diligence, and I will be declining the honorarium.”
Richard Rosendall of the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance said: “Douthat’s helping ADF raise money is disturbing.
“I am not inclined to jump all over the Times for it, as they feature a range of columnists and a columnist needs some room to say and do the wrong thing, and then be duly criticized for it.
“But ADF does not merely engage in polite disagreement. It is relentless in its attacks on equal protection of gay people and families.

“If this is the company that Douthat is happy keeping, it says unfortunate things about him.”

A more serious question would be, why bother apologizing?
Ross has made his stance well known, he's anti gay rights, anti-gay marriage, why try distancing your connection with this group when you agree with everything they do?
No matter what, Ross is a douche bag, hetero-supremacist and nothing he has done will changed that. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Eat More Ass Tuesday

South Carolina GOP Distances Itself From Homophobe

The South Carolina Republican Party is no longer supporting a candidate who describes LGBTI couples as 'Gremlins.'
State GOP Chairman Matt Moore announced that while candidate Anthony Culler won the primary, his Facebook comments do not represent the state.
'Most people learned in kindergarten not to call other people names,' Moore said, according to Talking Points Memo. 'Our party believes in the conservative definition of marriage, but we also believe in loving our neighbors and treating them with respect. Mr. Culler's desperate attention seeking in no way represents the good, decent South Carolinians across our state,' Moore continued.
In a 14 October Facebook post, Culler railed against marriage equality. 'Same-sex couples that seek to destroy our way of life and the institution of marriage are NOT cute and cuddly but rather (for those of you that are old enough to remember the movie), Gremlins that will only destroy our way of life.' 
Before Moore's announcement Culler posted a Facebook video, doubling down on his theory. 'They're Gremlins,' Culler insists. 'They're these creatures that are so destructive.' In another Facebook post, the candidate promises a statement about being dropped by his party. 'I'll prepare a response to the traitorous comments made by Chairman Matt Moore of the South Carolina Republican Party.'

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Boi Chow..My Simple Recipe

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Fine dining for your boi.

A Bois Diet

Public Accommodation vs. Religious Bigotry...Who Will Win?

8 News NOW

Teacher in Sweden fired immediately after calling a student ‘fag’

The unnamed Helsingborg schoolteacher was asked to take pictures of the new classes earlier this month.
According to Dagbladet, he allegedly shouted at one of the students: “Fag number one, you can stand over here.”
The principal told the paper: “When I found out what the photographer said, I felt that this required immediate action.
“He did not respect our values ​​and offended a student. As an adult, you must think about what you say to students.”
The man, who taught photography at the school, was summoned to the principal as the boy phoned his parents.
On a later meeting on the same day alongside the photography company’s CEO, the principal fired the teacher on the spot.
The CEO said: “He apologized to me but it did not help. I decided he must be let go immediately, which he understood.

“He broke the company’s rules ​​by speaking inappropriately. We can only apologize to the student involved. The matter is now settled.”

And that is how it's done.  Kudos to this Swedish school!