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Right Wing Anti-Gay Marine Le Pen Wins Enough Votes To Be Second Presidential Candidate In France

From Pink News:
Far-right French politician Marine Le Pen, who has pledged to abolish same-sex marriage, may have won the first round of voting alongside one other candidate.
Some had said a four-way battle of the most popular candidates for the French presidency was too close to call, but now Le Pen may face off against Emmanuel Macron in a run-off.
Projected results say Mr Macron won 23.7 percent of the vote, compared to Le Pen’s 21.7 percent.
The pair saw off Francois Fillon and Jean-Luc Melenchon, say projections on French TV.
A run-off will take place on 7 May.

France went the polls on Sunday to elect a new President to replace outgoing Socialist François Hollande.
Of the eleven candidates, four were all near-tied with around 20 percent of the vote – centrist Emmanuel Macron, scandal-plagued conservative François Fillon, far-left Eurosceptic Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and the far-right Le Pen.
The candidates are all polling within the margin of error of victory with unpredictable turnout, meaning no outcome could be confidently predicted.
Of the four, only Mr Macron and Mr Mélenchon had voiced strong support for equal rights.
In a recent manifesto Le Pen promised to create an “improved” form of civil unions in the country to “replace” the equal marriage law passed under the current Socialist government in 2013.
The policy plan specifies that the changes would “not be retroactive”, sparing Le Pen the legal headache of trying to unpick or downgrade thousands of existing same-sex marriages, but the replacement plan would close same-sex marriage to new couples – meaning gays would once again only be able to enter civil partnerships.
It would be a return to the former status quo for France, which only permitted same-sex couples to enter a contractual form of civil union (PACS) from 1999 until 2013.

Russian government-controlled outlets previously published homophobic smears aimed at Macron, who is often touted as a ‘unity’ centrist candidate, reporting a “persistent rumor that [Macron] is secretly gay and living a ‘double life’”, and also accusing him of being in the pocket of a “very wealthy gay lobby”.
The politician, who has been married to his former school teacher Brigitte Trogneux since 2007, attacked the smears in his Têtu interview.
He said: “Two things are vile behind the implication: to say that it is not possible for a man living with an older woman to be anything other than a homosexual or a hidden gigolo is misogynistic. And it’s also homophobia. If I had been a homosexual, I would say it and I would live it.”
Incredibly, polling by gay hook-up app Hornet last month found that despite Le Pen’s pledge to scrap same-sex marriage, she is still popular among gay men.

I see this as not a victory of  the right wing movement, but an abysmal failure of the left to at least acknowledge the growing fanaticism of Islam in most major countries.
Ms Le Pen's large showing in France is reflective of US right wing gains.
She has a large and growing number of gay supporters, even though she fully intends to do away with gay marriage equality and eliminate any discussion on gay adoptive rights.
To many in the LGBT community, they see globalization and the EU as a growing bane around their necks, add the lefts total denial of the ever increasing anti-gay, anti-woman violence committed by an ever growing Islamic population...well, let's just say self preservation makes social issues take a back seat.               

Scottish UKIP Politician Wants To Make Scotland Great Again

Scottish political hopeful Gisella Allen believes the LGBT community should no longer exist.
In a bizarre comment in the The Clydebank Post, Allen said being LGBT is ‘none of anyone’s business.’
As a member of the right wing UK Independence Party (UKIP) Allen also has some other terrible proposed policies.
She would like to reintroduce the death penalty, saying: ‘It doesn’t necessarily need to be hanging.
‘You could have the guillotine,’ she suggested.
‘I think the public is entitled to protection, she added.
Allen believes China and India are the greatest dangers in the world, and the educational system in Europe is collapsing.
She wants to abolish golf courses, plastic bags, sex education and free bus passes, as well as increase the age of retirement to 70.
Bizarrely, she wants horse riding to be a popular thing for children.
She writes: ‘I will support riding stables – it’s very important children work with horses and ride horses.’
She also believes nurseries for children shouldn’t get financial support and women should stay at home.
Allen wrote: ‘Women with small children should stay at home and look after their own children.’

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Robron...Aaron Get's Arrested For Shooting Robert

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YouTube Lifts Restrictions On Gay Content

YouTube said they’ve fixed the Restricted Mode that blocks some LGBT content.
The filter, which blocks content deemed not be ‘family friend,’ came under fire a few weeks ago for blocking seemingly harmless content.
Gay YouTuber Calum McSwiggan turned on the family filter and discovered all of his videos except for one disappeared.
Other YouTube personalities noticed the same thing, with content discussing LGBT sexuality filtered out.
But in a statement released on Friday, YouTube said: ‘We fixed an issue that was incorrectly filtering videos.’
It continued: ‘We want to clarify that Restricted Mode should not filter out content belonging to individuals or groups based on certain attributes like gender, gender identity, political viewpoints, race, religion or sexual orientation.
‘Now 12 million additional videos of all types — including hundreds of thousands featuring LGBT content — are available in Restricted Mode,’ the statement clarified.
YouTube said they spoke with creators to come to a conclusions about what to do.
They said: ‘Starting today, we’re providing a form to allow creators and viewers alike to give us feedback about this.
‘We will use this input to help improve our automated system going forward,’ the statement read.
YouTube breaks down what is deemed ‘restricted’ under the established guidelines, including drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, mature subjects or profanity.
The guidelines are still quite subjective, but this latest clarification offers transparency to the social media platform.

Restricted Mode: The backlash

After users discovered the oversight in the video platform, many attacked YouTube for it’s double standards.
When Tyler Oakley and Gigi Gorgeous addressed the issue, the hashtag YouTube Is Over Party trended on Twitter.
YouTube issued an apology for the oversight, but users weren’t impressed by the lack of action.
A YouTube spokesperson tweeted: ‘We regret any confusion this has caused and are looking into your concerns.
‘We are so proud to represent LGBT voices on our platform – they’re a key part of what YouTube is all about.’
But one user replied: ‘‘Thanks for telling hundreds of thousands of gay kids and teens that their existence is inappropriate and offensive, YouTube.’

Aaron Hernandez May Have Committed Murder To Hide His Sexual Orientation

From Pink News:
The sexual orientation of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez could be linked to why he killed his friend Odin Lloyd, authorities have said.
Hernandez was found hanged in his jail cell on Wednesday before daylight at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Massachusetts.

He was convicted of shooting an killing Lloyd, who was a semi-professional football player, back in 2013.
Police are now looking into whether Hernandez had been taunted by Lloyd about having an affair with a male acquaintance who testified before the grand jury in the case.
Investigators are looking into whether Hernandez killed Lloyd in order to hide his bisexuality from his girlfriend.
According to a co-defendant in the Lloyd murder case, Hernandez had been called a “schmoocher” by Lloyd, which he had interpreted as an anti-gay slur.
Wallace is serving at least four years in jail for helping Hernandez dispose of the murder weapon used to kill Lloyd.
He was also heard speaking to Hernandez’s cousin to say he would not have helped him hide the gun if he had known that he was a “limp wrist”.
Hernandez left three notes before he killed himself.
One was written to his fiancée, one to his daughter and another to a lover he met in jail.
The third letter was written to a prison lover, who was not identified by authorities, but who is believed to be the last person he spoke to before he hanged himself.
According to, Hernandez was found with a Bible left open on John 3:16, which he had also written across his forehead in a marker.
The verse reads: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
According to the website Hernandez had been planning to kill himself for weeks.
“Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Henry N. Nields performed an autopsy on Mr. Hernandez on Wednesday and concluded today that the manner of death was suicide and the cause asphyxia by hanging,” stated Massachusetts District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr. in a statement on Thursday.

I know that many of the news sites are stating he was bisexual, but that assumption is just stemming from the fact he was engaged to a woman who he had a child with.
No, I don't believe he was bisexual, I believe he was a man desperate to hide the fact he was gay.
How many times have we seen men go to such unimaginable lengths to conceal their homosexuality?
That it was believed he maintained a homosexual relationship on the DL while engaged to be married, before he went to prison, but look how quickly he began a new one once inside, so much so he left that person a goodbye note?
Why even acknowledge that relationship at all, unless he cared for that person?
This is the action of a man who couldn't face "his" world as he truly was.
As horrible as his actions were, who really is to blame, what kind of society have we become, that makes being gay so unimaginable, that they would rather kill someone than let it be found out that they were gay.


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Chechen Leader Vows Eliminating All Gays Before Islamic Holiday

From Pink News:
The president of Chechnya has issued a chilling warning to gay men in the region.
Britain’s deputy foreign secretary revealed the terrifying threat from the Chechen leader while taking an urgent question on the situation in parliament.
 Sir Alan Duncan, Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, told parliament: “Human rights groups report that these anti-gay campaigns and killings are orchestrated by the head of the Chechen republic, Ramzan Kadyrov.
“He has carried out other violent campaigns in the past, and this time he is directing his efforts at the LGBT community.

“Sources have said that he wants the [LGBT] community eliminated by the start of Ramadan.”
The minister added: “Such comments, attitudes and actions are absolutely beyond contemptible.”
PinkNews has spoken to the Foreign Office, who verified that President Kadyrov had made the threat in local Russian language media, seen by the UK government.
Ramadan starts on May 26 this year, and is widely celebrated in Chechnya, which is a predominantly Muslim area.
These allegations have been supported by human rights groups, and led to the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights, UK and US governments to call for the Kremlin to investigate.
Foreign secretary Boris Johnson’s deputy, who is gay himself, labelled the reported abuses of gay men as “utterly barbaric” and “despicable” in a strongly worded statement to the Commons.
Mr Duncan revealed that he spoke directly to his counterpart, Russia’s deputy foreign secretary Vladimir Titov, to challenge the Russian Federation on human rights abuses against LGBT people.
British Embassy representatives have also spoken directly to the Russian government to raise the issue.                

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