Friday, February 5, 2016

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Anti-Gay Christian Judge In Texas Vows Not To Perform Gay Marriages

Because of his ‘faith in God as a devout Catholic’, a Texas judge will not be performing marriages for same-sex couples.
Bill Metzger, a Republican justice of the peace in Dallas County, Texas, took to Facebook yesterday, stating that he will ‘only be conducting traditional marriages’.
In his post, he referred to an opinion issued by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, which claims that ‘Justices of the peace retain religious freedoms, and may claim that the government cannot force them to conduct same-sex wedding ceremonies over their religious objections.’ Metzger claims that because of this opinion, it is ‘not true for someone to say they are required by law to conduct a non-traditional wedding’.
According to Metzger, this opinion also ‘came as a result of a request from Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’.
However, within the same state of Texas, Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan has a different view. Addressing the same issue, he concluded that even though a judge or justice of the peace is under no obligation to perform a marriage, ‘once the judge elects to undertake the performance of marriages, the service must be offered to all (including same-sex couples) in a non-discriminatory manner’.
CEO of Resource Center, Texas’s largest LGBT community center based in Dallas, Cece Cox, agrees with Ryan.
“If he chooses not to marry a gay couple, he’ll be in violation of the law,” Cox told WFAA-TV.
Retired Dallas County District Judge John Creuzot is also on the side of Cox and Ryan.
‘He’s (referring to Metzger) not on solid legal footing, either by the laws of the state of Texas, or the Constitution,’ said Creuzot.
He added: ‘It’s a bad signal to be a judge, even if it is a justice of the peace, and then make an independent decision that you’re going to follow the law for some folks and not for others.’

Whats clear here, is that this judge has just openly confessed he is incapable of being a judge.
Judges have to maintain a level of impartiality, by stating his belief in Christianity forbids him executing the duties of his office, clearly shows he is biased and unfit to be one.


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Thursday, February 4, 2016

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What It’s Like To Be Gay In The Military

The Clown Car Dwindles By Two

Rick Santorum and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on Wednesday suspended their campaigns for the White House.
Both Republicans had unremarkable showings in Iowa. Paul placed a disappointing fifth, while Santorum was tied with Jim Gilmore at the bottom of the pack.

Santorum, 57, announced the end of his own campaign on Fox News, where he endorsed the campaign of Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who came in third in Iowa.
Santorum, who won the Iowa caucuses in 2012, but lost the GOP nomination to Mitt Romney, is best known for his conservative stances, such as opposition to marriage equality and abortion rights. Those are views GOP frontrunners Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Senator Marco Rubio also embrace.
The 53-year-old Paul announced he was dropping out in a video uploaded to YouTube.
“Across the country, thousands upon thousands of young people flocked to our message of limited government, privacy, criminal justice reform and a reasonable foreign policy. Brush fires of liberty were ignited, and those will carry on, as will I,” Paul said.
In June, Paul suggested that the Supreme Court's finding that gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry would impinge on religious liberty and free speech.
“And can the government do its main job in the aftermath of this ruling – the protection of liberty, particularly religious liberty and free speech?” he rhetorically asked in a Time op-ed.

You lost Rand Paul just because your a two faced liar, espousing your libertarian bullshit while also pandering to the homophobia of the religious right ...just like every other Republican stooge.
Always screaming less government so long as it benefits white heterosexual males, but all for big brother government impinging on any minorities rights that you don't, or won't try to understand or feel an ounce of compassion or allow the slightest dignity.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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Obama Sings Pokemon Theme Song


Guess God Was Just Havin' A Laugh When He Told The Huckster To Run For Prez

Former Arkansas Governor turned Fox News talking head Mike Huckabee has announced he has ended his bid to become the 2016 Republican presidential nominee.
Huckabee tweeted the news just after 10pm on Monday night, writing, ‘I am officially suspending my campaign. Thank you for all your loyal support. #ImWithHucK’
Huckabee had received less than 2 percent of the vote in the Republicans’ Iowa caucus where Senator Ted Cruz finally crawled ahead of former front runner to be the Republicans’ presidential pick. Donald Trump
Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, had been arguably the most outspoken anti-LGBT candidate in a field rich with anti-LGBT candidates, warning that the US Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states risked God visiting a punishment on the United States like the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah and comparing it to slavery.
Huckabee also suggested that if he was still in school he would pretend to be transgender just to spy on young girls in change rooms and bathrooms and attacked the idea of transgender people being able to serve openly in the US military, saying ‘The military is not a social experiment.’
Huckabee held a rally in support of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis after she was jailed for refusing to perform the duties of her job after same-sex marriage came to her home state, welcoming her on her release from prison.
Of the remaining candidates former senator Rick Santorum and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson are probably the most outspoken in their intolerance towards LGBTs in the remaining Republican field.
Santorum received about 1 percent of the vote in the Iowa caucus. However Carson received 8 percent of the vote, putting him in fourth place behind Cruz, Trump and Senator Marco Rubio in third.