Thursday, May 4, 2017

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Anonymous said...

C'mon, now! Who can tell me whose bull ass is being fingered in number #1?
AND -who? WHO? is number 3! that great blondish beauty who looks like he was trying to jerk off when the camera so 'innocently' discovered him? He looks a bit like Lukas Wyler? (maybe tho a few years ago?) My kind of handsome! With such a succulent grabbable ass! Hairless body, too! Just like I prefer. Sure, he could be more muscular & defined, but he & his beaut of a butt would certainly do to screw! Besides, he looks like he'd be super appreciative the harder & meaner he were boned! Let me at 'im & in 'im!
Yuh hear me, boy, I'm a-cummin' for to carry you home -to Heaven -with me!