Monday, June 19, 2017

A Frank Discussion Of Sexuality On Doctor Who, Season 10, Episode 10

In last weekend’s episode of Doctor Who, there was an amazing LGB moment.
Series 10, episode 10 saw the Doctor and his two companions Bill (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas), caught in the middle of an ancient battle.
Separated from the Doctor, Bill finds herself in a conversation with some Roman soldiers halfway through the episode.
A Centurion guard, named Lucius, is seen comforting Bill, who came out as gay in her first episode.
Another guard, Vitus, then approaches and makes a joke at Lucius’s expense: ‘Don’t worry. Lucius will look after you’

Lucius then gives Bill a flirtatious smile and Bill immediately feels the need to explain she is a lesbian – something which she doesn’t expect the ancient soldiers to understand.
‘There’s something I should explain, this is probably a really difficult idea. I don’t like men that way’ she starts.
‘What? Not ever?’ the guard replied.
Bill explains, ‘Nah, not over. Only women’
Lucius ‘gets it’ and understands Bill is like Vitus, who only likes men.
‘Some men,’ Vitus clarifies. ‘Better-looking men than you, Lucius.’
‘I don’t think it’s narrow-minded. I think it’s fine, you know what you like,’ Lucius says.
After being asked by Bill, Lucius then confirms he likes both men and women.
‘I’m just ordinary, I like men and women,’ he says, with Bill adding the situation is ‘all so modern’.

The soldier then makes a jab that Bill is ‘restricted’ for only liking women but they can be friends regardless.

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