Thursday, March 15, 2018

What A Dumbass

A Philadelphia drag queen has caused uproar after donning a Nazi-inspired costume.
Satine Harlow, real name Eric Ziker, turned heads when she unveiled her latest drag costume – a shocking pink cape with a Swastika emblazoned on the back.
Performing at iCandy, the look was reportedly inspired by Mel Brooks’ The Producers, reports Philly Mag.

Taking to Instagram stories, in a now deleted post, Harlow posted the image with the caption ‘Heil Hitler’ in bold text.
One offended audience member said: ‘When I checked Satine’s Instagram page, how they promoted themselves was a different story.’
One incensed fan reportedly posted in the comments thread: ‘What the fuck kind of bar allows THIS type of shit to walk in the door let alone get onto the stage?
‘Oh right, THE FUCKING RACIST ONE. (icandy)
‘Even if Satine’s entire number was dubbed over with “this is wrong” and “nazis fuck off” it doesn’t matter.
‘Cos Satine uploaded a photo to FB without any explanation and threw a hate slogan over it for good measure.’

But Harlow pointed out that the stunt was a joke and that she identified as Jewish in a follow up post on Tuesday (13 March).

Harlow posted a video to Facebook the following day and apologized for offending people with her choice of outfit:
‘I’m sorry if anyone is upset or offended. That definitely was not my intention.
‘I wanted everyone to know from the bottom of my heart that I’m a good person who I guess made a mistake.

‘I am a human and I can take this as a learning experience. And I’m sorry.’

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engelmatze22 said...

Taking in consideration, that the color is the only resemblance to the symbol of the nazis, all the furor is totally understandable. Everyone who actually learned something about WW2 and the NSDAP would know, that the Nazis used the other direction and put it in a 45 degree angle on one of the corners.
This already told you that the whole number is a joke!!