Thursday, June 1, 2017

Just As Everyone Knew He Would (Except For His Homo Supporters) Trump Ignores Gay Pride Month

President Donald Trump appears to be ignoring LGBT Pride Month which began today.
Trump broke the tradition of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who had issued proclamations kicking off the month in June during each year he was in office.
It’s not that Trump wasn’t busy signing other proclamations today.
He did find time to sign proclamations declaring June National Homeownership Month, National Ocean Month, African-American Music Appreciation Month and Great Outdoors Month.
Obama had also made a tradition of opening the White House up for several celebrations with the LGBT community.
That also appears to have been done away with.
‘There is no reception on Trump’s agenda, and the absence of a Pride Month proclamation is quite conspicuous,’ Zack Ford at ThinkProgress writes today.
Ford points out that Trump ‘could have become the first Republican president to acknowledge Pride Month with a proclamation, but he didn’t — and the silence is deafening.’
During his campaign for the presidency against Democrat Hillary Clinton, Trump stated that he would be the most pro-LGBT president ever.

He also tweeted less than a year ago: ‘Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.’ (pretty sure he was referring to himself)

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Anonymous said...

Duh -why would anybody believe this pathological liar of a man? He puts one foot on the floor every morning and thinks about how many lies he can tell in a day and how many suckers he can con. To give Trump the benefit of the doubt in anything means you should doubt your own sanity.