Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Gay Video Games

A gay video game developer plans on making virtual reality so gay it’ll scare homophobes away.
Robert Yang is a well-known indie game developer whose games explore gay sex in all nuances, and with a lot of artistic vision.
Yang’s games include Hurt Me Plenty, about consensual spanking; and Radiator 1, about ‘stargazing, gay divorcing, and Emily Dickinsoning’.
Rinse and Repeat, which you can see below, allows you to rub down a naked guy who rates you on your performance.
Yang’s latest games collection, called Radiator 3, is already available – and this one supports virtual reality (VR).
In a recent blog post, he said he was against VR as an ‘empathy machine’.
‘I am against it forever,’ he wrote.
‘How do you know this is actually empathy you’re feeling? Do you really need to wear a VR headset in order to empathize with someone?
‘Can’t you just fucking listen to them and believe them? You need to be entertained as well? Are you sure this isn’t about you?’
His hope behind making VR ‘obscenely gay’ is to make homophobes quit playing VR games.
’It’d be beautiful if I managed to convince them that VR was for gay people,’ he said.
‘And so these gross people stay away from VR entirely.’
In another blog post from 21 March, Yang outlined his greater visions for gay VR.
‘Let’s flood VR with gay stories, gay ideas, gay images, gay bodies, gay feelings, gay systems, and gay interactions,’ he said.
‘Some of that will be making gay games and gay VR art, but some of this work will also involve talking about VR and developing a theory of gay VR.’
To do so, he wants to ‘combine two improbable utopian projects like mass collective gayness and VR’ – in the hope that ‘the worst of toxic gamer culture will stay far away from it’.
His work has been featured on YouTube gaming channels, including jacksepticeye – who has over 15 million subscribers.
The uber-famous YouTube star called Yang’s games ‘messed up’ and warns viewers so they don’t ‘vomit all over the floor’.

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