Sunday, April 23, 2017

Scottish UKIP Politician Wants To Make Scotland Great Again

Scottish political hopeful Gisella Allen believes the LGBT community should no longer exist.
In a bizarre comment in the The Clydebank Post, Allen said being LGBT is ‘none of anyone’s business.’
As a member of the right wing UK Independence Party (UKIP) Allen also has some other terrible proposed policies.
She would like to reintroduce the death penalty, saying: ‘It doesn’t necessarily need to be hanging.
‘You could have the guillotine,’ she suggested.
‘I think the public is entitled to protection, she added.
Allen believes China and India are the greatest dangers in the world, and the educational system in Europe is collapsing.
She wants to abolish golf courses, plastic bags, sex education and free bus passes, as well as increase the age of retirement to 70.
Bizarrely, she wants horse riding to be a popular thing for children.
She writes: ‘I will support riding stables – it’s very important children work with horses and ride horses.’
She also believes nurseries for children shouldn’t get financial support and women should stay at home.
Allen wrote: ‘Women with small children should stay at home and look after their own children.’

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