Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hillary Clinton Supports Texas Bill That Sardonically Limits Male Masturbation And Reproductive Rights

Hillary Clinton has praised a bill that would fine men for masturbating.
The proposal, introduced in the US state of Texas, would fine men $100 for masturbating, unless they do it in an approved medical facility.
Secretary Clinton, who is the most voted for woman in American history, spoke out about the proposal at an event in Houston, Texas.
“The bill may be satirical but the message sure resonated,” she told an assembled luncheon for Annie’s List.
The Man’s Right to Know Act, as it’s known, would mean Texas men can only masturbate under supervision and inside approved health care facilities.

The provocative bill made it past the first phase to becoming legislation after its first reading in the House of Representatives last week.
“When you seriously try to kick millions of women and families off their health insurance,” the former First Lady said, “when you believe it would be the right thing to do for your political base to defund Planned Parenthood even though the majority of America disagrees with you, that is not empowering women, that is just meanness, that is cruelty,” Clinton told the crowd of about 2,500 assembled at a Marriott Marquis in downtown Houston.
The bill was introduced by Representative Jessica Farrar in response to debates around women’s reproductive health across the US.
 It will come as a relief to men in the state that Farrar, a Democrat, isn’t being entirely serious with her proposal.
Intended as a satirical attack on the way that male politicians try to make judgments on women’s bodies, the bill would restrict men in the same way that some seek to restrict women’s access to abortions and contraceptives.
Her proposal says that any: “unregulated masturbatory emissions outside of a woman’s vagina, or created outside of a health or medical facility, will be charged a $100 civil penalty for each emission, and will be considered an act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life.”
The bill also calls for men to have a rectal exam before they can be prescribed Viagra or be given a vasectomy.
Of the 50 states, Texas has some of the most restrictive laws on abortion.
“A lot of people find the bill funny,” Farrar told the Houston Chronicle.
“What’s not funny are the obstacles that Texas women face every day, that were placed there by legislatures making it very difficult for them to access healthcare.”
Farrar said she couldn’t take anymore when she came across a bill which would have forced women to bury or cremate an aborted fetus.
 “An attending physician must administer a medically-unnecessary digital rectal exam and magnetic resonance imagining of the rectum before administering an elective vasectomy or colonoscopy procedure, or prescribing Viagra,” it reads.
According to Bill 4260, “masturbatory emissions” will be collected at medical facilities to be used for conception.

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