Thursday, August 10, 2017

Anti-Gay Christians Finance Legal Battle To Allow Them To Torture Gay Children

A Christian conservative group is raising funds to fight state laws that prohibit therapies that attempt to alter the sexual orientation or gender identity of minors.
Such therapies go by names such as “conversion therapy,” “reparative therapy” or “ex-gay therapy.”

Ten states plus the District of Columbia have approved such bans. The Supreme Court has refused to hear cases challenging the bans, leaving lower court orders upholding the bans in place.
In an email to supporters, the Family Policy Alliance, the policy arm of Focus on the Family, described such bans as a “dangerous scheme.”
“These bans on therapy for minors are an attempt to force acceptance on homosexuality right into our own homes,” Family Policy Alliance President Paul Weber wrote.
Weber's fundraising email is accompanied by the story of a young man who “found help” to realign “his sexual identity with his faith.”
“In fact, it was such a positive influence for Jayson that he's now providing pastoral coaching to those who are dealing with similar struggles and their parents,” Weber wrote. Of course, it goes unnoticed to Weber that this young man is not qualified to offer such advice.
The 700 Club also recently ran a story about a young gay man who “needed God's help.” Joshua, the story recounts, altered his sexuality with the help of his mother's congregation. Pat Robertson, the show's host, is an outspoken opponent of LGBT rights.

This just proves one thing, these pray for pay "ministries" have way to much disposable income.
It also proves another pet peeve of mine, they wield their religious clout politically, which should bar them from the tax exempt status these voodoo witch doctors live luxuriously with.  

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