Thursday, August 3, 2017

Haiti Poised To Join The Caribbean Cesspool Of Anti-Gay Christian Hate

A vote by the Haiti Senate has banned gay marriage.
The approved bill says any ‘parties, co-parties and accomplices’ of a gay marriage can be jailed for three years and fined $8,000. The state approved the text on Tuesday.
Senate President Youri Latortue told AFP: ‘All senators are opposed to same-sex marriage, so this simply reflects the commitments they made during their campaigns.’
Latortue also stressed the commonly held belief in Haiti that homosexuality is a Western practice only.

Haitian law already defines marriage as a partnership between a man and a woman.
The Senate is now also calling for a ban on any ‘public demonstration of support for homosexuality.’
Charlot Jeudy is the president of the Kouraj group, which defends the right of gay and trans people in Haiti.
They said: ‘We see this as an attack on the LGBT community in this country. This text divides our society. It reinforces prejudices and discrimination.’
The countries two gay rights groups already receive daily threats and abuse.

This bill is now in the Chamber of Deputies for debate.

Haiti, just like Jamaica and the Bahamas are barraged by anti-gay evangelical ministries.
The low income, low educational standards on these islands make them ripe for these American hate ministries that blame homosexuality for all their societal problems with the only cure being the complete purging of  anything homosexual.
Fine, leave them to their hate, stop supplementing their homohysteria with your tourist dollars.
I'm willing to bet, if all LGBT people stopped going to the Caribbean, refuse bookings on cruise ships that visit these destinations, limit their tourist dollars to inclusive venues, this attitude will change.
Money talks, bullshit religious bigotry walks.

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