Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arnel Pineda

Yipee, my second post and already I have something I want to post that just amazes me, that being Journey's incredible new singer Arnel Pineda.
Arnel hails from the Philippines and was discovered by Journey's guitarist while searching Youtube for a new singer.
Now, I'm not a huge Journey fan, they have a few songs I like, but when I heard Arnel sing, it sent shivers up my spine. What can I say, I have a weakness for a crooning tenor and Arnel delivers on all fronts.
Look him up on Youtube playing with his cover band: "The Zoo", some truly note worthy vocal stylings from Pineda doing everyone from Robert Plant, Sting, Freddie Mercury and even Geddy Lee.
Talent is the only word which springs to mind when ya hear this guy sing.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Street punk

Where to begin, I've thought about doing this for a long time and finally, here it is.
Being inherently lazy, I have to wonder if I can sustain interest in writing with any consistency my thoughts about my art.
Basically, I guess the answer to that question will unfold as I do this.
Rest assured tho, I will post new (and sometimes older) artworks on a regular basis.
I guess this is where I should warn those new to my artwork, that I can at times, be a little um...graphic in my depictions. Okay, let's face it, it can be very hardcore.
If you happen to find graphic depictions of hardcore gay sex not to your liking, then boy did you come too the wrong place. *snicker*
Hopefully, most who come here get exactly what you were expecting and hopefully a few little surprises as well.
Having started this blog, I sat here debating exactly which of my pics should I post first.
Believe me, it was a daunting task and quite frankly, in the end I just picked one at random.
I quite literally have thousands of pics I've done over the years and of course, each pic I look at, I can only see the flaws or what I would now do differently.
Of course, I can't redo ever piece I've ever done and even attempting to fix what I find wrong with each, would mean I would never post anything.
Decidedly, I chose not to drive myself nuts and just post 'em as is and hopefully people will enjoy 'em.
If ya don't, then go somewhere else.
I will also from time to time be posting things I find of interest and may not have anything to do with art at all. (consider yourself warned ; )