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Bill Nye, former 'Science Guy,' warns creationism threatens US science

The man known to a generation of Americans as "The Science Guy" is condemning efforts by some Christian groups to cast doubts on evolution and lawmakers who want to bring the Bible into science classrooms.
 Bill Nye, a mechanical engineer and star of the popular 1990s TV show "Bill Nye The Science Guy," has waded into the evolution debate with an online video that urges parents not to pass their religious-based doubts about evolution on to their children.
Christians who view the stories of the Old Testament as historical fact have come to be known as creationists, and many argue that the world was created by God just a few thousand years ago.
"The Earth is not 6,000 or 10,000 years old," Nye said in an interview with The Associated Press. "It's not. And if that conflicts with your beliefs, I strongly feel you should question your beliefs."
Millions of Americans do hold those beliefs, according to a June Gallup poll that found 46 percent of Americans believe God created humans in their present form about 10,000 years ago.Nye, 56, also decried efforts in recent years by lawmakers and school boards in some states to present Bible stories as an alternative to evolution in public schools. Tennessee passed a law earlier this year that protects teachers who let students criticize evolution and other scientific theories. That echoes a Louisiana law passed in 2008 that allows teachers to introduce supplemental teaching materials in science classes.
"If we raise a generation of students who don't believe in the process of science, who think everything that we've come to know about nature and the universe can be dismissed by a few sentences translated into English from some ancient text, you're not going to continue to innovate," Nye said in a wide-ranging telephone interview.
In the video he tells adults they can dismiss evolution, "but don't make your kids do it. Because we need them." Posted by Big Think, an online knowledge forum, the clip went viral and has 4.6 million views on YouTube. It has garnered 182,000 comments from critics and supporters.
It drew the ire of the creationism group Answers in Genesis, which built a biblically based Creation Museum in Kentucky that teaches the stories of the Old Testament and has attracted headlines for its assertion that dinosaurs roamed alongside Adam and Eve.
The group produced a response video featuring two scientists who say the Bible has the true account of Earth's origins, and that "children should be exposed to both ideas concerning our past."
Nye, who is prone to inject dry humor into scientific discussions, said Earth is about 4.5 billion years old.
"What I find troubling, when you listen to these people ... once in a while I get the impression that they're not kidding," Nye said.

California bans gay-to-straight therapy for teens

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation that prohibits a form of therapy said to help minors transform from gay to straight, the Los Angeles Times reports officials said earlier today.
The state legislation was introduced by state Sen. Ted Lieu, a Democrat, who believes that conversation therapy, as it is called, can be dangerous because some patients have committed suicide or later experienced mental and physical anguish, according to the Times.
"Gov. Brown should be commended for protecting LGBT youth by ending this kind of quackery," Lieu told the Times. "Anyone who forces a child to try to change their sexual orientation must understand this is unacceptable."
The measure has been supported by the National Center for Lesbian Rights and other advocacy groups, but opposed by Republican lawmakers, who see it as an intrusion by the state into how parents should raise their children, the Times reports.
"In our view, it's an intrusion beyond what the government has done before," Matthew McReynolds, staff attorney for the conservative Pacific Justice Institute, which opposed the bill, told the Times. "The privacy concerns are fairly significant."

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 Jan Mickelson, Iowa Radio Host, Endorses Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Anti-Gay Stance
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have sparked the ire of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates when he slammed homosexuality as an "ugly behavior" that "ceases procreation" in a recent interview, but he's found an unlikely supporter in a conservative Iowa radio host.
As Media Matters for America reports, Jan Mickelson of Iowa's WHO-AM 1040 sounded off on Ahmadinejad's controversial exchange with CNN's Piers Morgan.
"I think it is absolutely fascinating that a moment of international tension -- where literally nuclear exchanges could occur -- incendiary comments about the legitimacy of countries and the roots of the legitimacy of Israel have been challenged and they're going to be eliminated," Mickelson observed. "What does CNN ask? 'Hey, what if your kids are gay?' That is a demonstration of the absolute moral, intellectual bankruptcy of the Western mainstream media and that particular values can be so topsy-turvy."
He then continued, "And the weird thing is, you know, on that exchange I've got to go with that Iranian fellow. Did I ever think I would be in a position to actually agree with a potential serial-killing, nuclear-crazed hood?"
Of course, as the site notes, this isn't Michelson's first anti-gay proclamation. The Iowa Independent cites comments the radio host made at a 2010 fundraiser for the Iowa Family Policy Center as follows:
"Personally, I think two guys pretending to be sexual mates are making a mistake. More than that, they are violating the design of their bodies. More than that, they are sinning against their maker. More than that, they are likely to shorten their lives in this world and impair their destinies in the next."
Thus giving further proof that the religious Christian right is no better than Islamic terrorist.
Seriously, does this really sound Christ like to you?
Is there truly no depth of depravity and moral bankruptcy you won't wallow in, to impose your hate on others? 

PepsiCo Unit Accused Of Promoting Homosexuality In Russia

A PepsiCo Russian subsidiary is being accused of promoting homosexuality to minors.
Anti-gay activists object to food and beverage giant Wimm-Bill-Dann's Jolly Milkman (which also translates to “gay milkman,” but is not a reference to homosexuality) marketing, which includes a colorful rainbow.
According to The Moscow Times, the St. Petersburg chapter of the group People's Council (Narodny Sobor) has filed a complaint with city officials. They accuse Wimm-Bill-Dann of violating a local ordinance which prohibits the “promotion of homosexuality to minors.”
“It [the rainbow] is the international symbol of the homosexual movement,” Anatoly Artyukh, head of the group, told Interfax on Friday. “I consider it to be blatant propaganda of vice.”
Wimm-Bill-Dann is Russia's largest food and beverage company. It was purchased by PepsiCo in 2010 for $3.8 million.
Reuters reported that the group is also planning protests against the company.
“In the near future we are planning to picket the shops and hand out leaflets informing people that the money they spend on this milk will be used to finance gay propaganda,” Artyukh is quoted as saying.
Sooo, let me get this right; according to Mr. Sobor and the right wing religious zealots, if a rainbow appears over St. Petersburg, he and his associates (The Peoples Council) will then demand that God be arrested for promoting homosexuality and will pass out antigay pamphlets and speak openly against God and condemn his creation as an overt act of gay terrorism aimed at corrupting the minds of the children of Russia?
How do you say moron in Russian...дебил?

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Mitt Romney Favorability Lower Than George W. Bush

From The Huffpost:

If Mitt Romney was hoping to distance himself from former President George W. Bush, a new poll has some news that might trouble the Republican presidential nominee: Bush posted higher favorability ratings than Romney.
The national survey, conducted by Bloomberg News and released Wednesday, found that Bush received a favorable rating of 46 percent, while Romney's favorable rating was 43 percent. Forty-nine percent of respondents gave Bush an unfavorable rating, compared to 50 percent of respondents who gave Romney an unfavorable rating.
Bush's favorability ratings also bested those of the Republican Party at large (41 percent favorable, 46 percent unfavorable) and Vice President Joe Biden (42 percent favorable, 45 percent unfavorable).
A wave of recent polls has shown Romney struggling to keep up with President Barack Obama. A lower favorability rating than Bush, who was recently named the most unpopular living U.S. president, shows how difficult it has been for the GOP nominee to resonate with voters during his current presidential bid.
Romney has avoided mentioning Bush's name while campaigning across the country, often referring to the former president only as Obama's "predecessor." Bush was also noticeably absent from the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August, but has stated his support of Romney.
"I'm interested in politics. I'm a supporter of Mitt Romney," he said in an interview in July. "I hope he does well. But you know, he can do well without me."

Regnerus Anti-Gay Scandal: Clear Evidence Of Misconduct

By Scott Rose:
We have been reporting on a politically-motivated hoax “study” of supposedly gay and lesbian parents, funded through the National Organization For Marriage (NOM) linked Witherspoon Institute and carried out by Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas at Austin (UT).
Regnerus and Witherspoon repeatedly have alleged that Witherspoon had no involvement in the design, conduct or analyses of the study.
Regnerus makes that false claim in his published study.
Witherspoon makes it in the stand-alone site created to promote the study:
One element of evidence we already had, proving that the claim is false, is a Regnerus study consulting contract — for data analysis — issued by UT and signed by Witherspoon’s Brad Wilcox; Wilcox’s contract is the second one viewable at this link.
As a follow-up to the discovery of Wilcox’s Regnerus study consulting contract for data analysis, this reporter sent an Open Records Act (OPA) request to UT for all Regnerus study-related communications between Regnerus and Wilcox.
In response to that request, UT sent a letter to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, asking for  OPA exceptions to get out of having to comply with the document request.
In that letter, UT revealed that Regnerus’s funding agency representative — Witherspoon’s Wilcox — collaborated with Regnerus not only on study data analysis but also on data collection.
The first two pages at this link are UT’s letter to Attorney General Abbott, with the description of Wilcox’s involvement in Regnerus study data collection and analysis highlighted on the second page; the third page shows Regnerus’s shameless lies about his funders not being involved in data collection and analysis for his study.

Wilcox is Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, and Regnerus in his published study says that a “leading family researcher” from the University of Virginia was on his study design team.
Regnerus’s deliberate lie — written into his published study — wherein his funders were said not to be involved with the conduct of his study, irrefutably constitutes misconduct.
Be sure to note that the UT letter to the Texas AG states that the Open Records Act request should not be fulfilled because the data of the Regnerus study “can be used to validate the original survey instrumentation,” in other words, it can be used to determine whether Regnerus and Wilcox committed fabrication and/or falsification.
To sign a petition telling Elsevier to retract the Regnerus study from publication in that company’s journal Social Science Researchgo here.

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