Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gay Couples Begin Marrying In Scotland On New Year's Eve

Gay and lesbian couples have started marrying in Scotland.
A gay marriage law approved in February by the Scottish Parliament took effect earlier this month, but a 15-day waiting period meant the first weddings didn't take place until December 31, known in Scotland as the Hogmanay. Couples in existing civil partnerships were able to convert their unions into marriages at the law's start. More than 250 couples have already done so.

According to the Guardian, Joe Schofield and Malcolm Brown, both 42, and Susan Douglas-Scott, 54, and Gerrie Douglas-Scott, 59, were the first to marry on Hogmanay at the stroke of midnight. Both ceremonies took place in Glasgow.
“We are very proud to be one of the first couples in Scotland to be able to officially call ourselves husband and husband,” Schofield and Brown said in a statement.
“This is an amazing chapter in Scotland's history which we are all witnessing and can be proud of.”
“Scotland is leading the way in fairness and equality for all, and we would like to thank all those who campaigned so tirelessly for this change,” they added.
The Douglas-Scotts have been together 18 years and raised five children. They entered a civil partnership in 2006.
Scotland's two largest churches, the Catholic Church and the Church of Scotland, opposed passage of the law. But other religious groups, including Quakers, Buddhists and the Pagan Federation, supported passage.
Scotland introduced civil partnerships for gay couples in 2005.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Daily Porn...Bois Being Bois


Stay Awhile

Eat More Ass Tuesday

Santa Sux

I asked Santa for just one thing this year...Stephen Amell naked under my Christmas tree.
Seems the old fat bastard decided to keep him for himself.

Chuck Hagel (A Republican) Steps Up And Shows Some Balls

Ol' Chuck includes a pic of a gay sailor proposing to his boyfriend in his Christmas message.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Daily Porn...Likes 'em Young And Hung


Military Bois

Indiana prepares bill to allow businesses to exercise ‘religious liberties’

Conservative politicians in Indiana are currently putting the final preparations to a bill that they hope will allow small businesses to exercise ‘religious liberties’.
Critics of the bill say that it would, in effect, allow business owners to refuse providing services to LGBT people on the grounds of their religious belief.
Social Conservatives in the State have been working on the bill since a federal judge’s decision in June to allow same-sex marriages to go ahead in the State – a decision later backed by the Supreme Court.
One of the most vocal supporters of the planned legislation, which could be introduced at any stage after the Indiana General Assembly reconvenes on 6 January, is State Senator Scott Schneider.
‘The focus has been on same-sex marriage because that's the hot topic right now, but it goes far beyond that,’ the Republican said of the bill. ‘It's important to have some religious freedom and protection.’
Beyond allowing certain business not to cater for same-sex weddings, the Indianapolis Star reports Micah Clark, director of the American Family Association of Indiana, as saying that the legislation would also allow adoption agencies to refuse to place children with same-sex couples.
Speaking out against the bill, Chris Paulsen, president of Indiana Equality Action, said: ‘We feel any public business should treat everyone equally and should not discriminate against anyone … We would obviously vigorously oppose anything that allowed discrimination against the LGBT community.’
Others believe that there is no need for such a bill. ‘We are not being prevented from exercising our faith, nor are we being forced to do something we don't want to do,’ said State Rep. Ed DeLaney (an Indianapolis Democrat). ‘It's kind of sad, really.’
The fate of any proposed legislation is difficult to predict. Although similar proposed legislation in other States has often been vetoed or thrown out, legislation offering some degree of religious exemption has been accepted in Michigan and Georgia. The fact that the Indiana General Assembly currently has a high number of conservative Republicans would suggest that the bill might have many supporters.

Ryan Anderson...Still An Asshole

Ryan T. Anderson of the conservative Heritage Foundation argues in an amicus brief before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals that everyone's for marriage equality, but allowing gay couples to marry would hurt marriage.
In his friend-of-the-court brief, Anderson sides with Florida officials who are appealing a federal judge's ruling striking down Florida's 2008 voter-approved constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual unions.

While the Eleventh Circuit and the Supreme Court have refused to block the ruling from taking effect on January 6, Florida officials continue to defend the ban in court.
“This case is not about whether to expand the pool of people eligible to marry,” Anderson writes. “Everyone is for marriage equality – for recognizing all marriages, properly understood. This case is rather about who, in our constitutional regime, gets to decide what marriage is, and about which possible definitions are constitutionally permissible.”
“Law shapes culture, which shapes people's behavior. Marriage law shapes what people expect of themselves and others with respect to marriage. So if the law defines marriage as, essentially, romantic-emotional union, people can be expected to internalize this view. But because this view removes any basis of principle for norms like permanence and exclusivity, and promotes an ideology of expressive individualism that prioritizes personal emotional fulfillment, its prevalence is likely to further destabilize the institution of marriage across society. This would harm the interests – primarily having to do with children's well being – that involve the state in marriage.”
Anderson adds: “But none of these harms is caused by recognizing infertile (opposite-sex) marriages, which cohere with the conjugal view.”
The Eleventh Circuit is expected to hear arguments in the case early in the new year.

In the never ending attempt by right wing (supposedly) religious conservatives, to demonize homosexuals, they continuously fail to see the elephant in the room.
Once again, they refuse to take responsibility for their own actions...if heterosexual marriages are in such dire straits, then why don't they do the one thing they *NEVER* mention?
Make it harder for heterosexual couples to get a divorce.
That, of course, wouldn't allow them to blame someone else for their own problems.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Daily Porn...Big Dick Breeding


Feeding Time

It's Sunday, Time To Worship

This Is So Wrong

Despite the fact it's really in bad taste, when a lesbian friend of mine sent this, I couldn't stop myself from laughing...just a little.