Friday, December 30, 2011

Daily Porn...Boi takes a beating

Muscial Interlude For A Boi I'm Getting To know

Slave Boi Steve's: "Deep Down Into The Pain" video and lyrics.

So naive, so innocent
Thrust in a world too intense
Flesh is weak but the soul is strong
And you will bleed but you'll carry on

Yes you need your pain
Life is pain
I could hold your hand
But you must take your pain

I don't need sacrifice, I don't need advice
This hurt surrounds me like a dissonance
Anger is power
I use it to protect myself from insanity

You gotta go down deep down into the pain
Let it purge your soul like flesh to a razor blade
Dig down deep into the pain
Surrender surrender
Drift into euphoria

Time may never heal the wounds
Hearts bleed hard even the sun cries moon
Fate is tragic just for heaven's sake
The good Lord giveth and taketh away

'Cause you need your pain
God gave us pain
I can hold you in my arms
But I can't take away your pain

I am not long for this world
Please save me from myself and my discipline
Lashing out with tight fists in despair
My plight is running from reality

Put yourself down deep into the pain
Embrace the bliss of pure sensation
You can't escape from ultimate pain
So let your senses drift into euphoria

Blood is thickest when love is bold
But blood runs thin when the heart grows cold

So you need your pain, we all need pain
We were born into this world
To feel the joy of all our pain


The falling will be gentle and soothing but the awakening will be as riveting as an explosion. Eyes open to total darkness, body floating in encompassing tranquility, and then the voice came.

"Hear this voice and know that it will be with you always".

Phantoms of opulent auras emblazon in a repulsively lush turmoil of incomprehensible vastness, dance in a sea of timeless infinity.

Is this the voice of my God?

This is the voice of liberation.

All The Way Pussy Boi

Must Be Friday Because Ulf Is Horny

Tonight's delectable cutey is Remy Delaine...
I've had a man crush on this French-Polynesian/Austrailian
cutey for some time.
I'm not sure whether I preferred him in his younger days, when he was less beefy or now in his more furry cub physique. 
Then again, who cares, either way I'd fuck his furry mancunt so hard in bed he would leave a permanent indention in the mattress.
I'd spend hours abusing his foreskin and even more eating his hairy hole, sucking on it until it was all swollen and puffy;
delighting in his squeals as I forced my fist into his ravaged hole and muffling his cry's with my hairy hole jammed tightly against his pouting lips.
With his hole a huge gaping maul, I'd stand over him, his ass head over heels and fill it with my hot piss before mounting and fucking him to a glorious eruption.
with my cum and piss dripping from his abused twat, I'd shove his own sizable endowment into his hole and fuck him with it until he spewed his load in with mine.
Spent and exhausted, I'd haul his ass onto my face and suck the contents from his gooey cunt cherishing every drop.   

Compete to Be Mr. Gay USA

Making a resolution to do more for your community? Wanting to get fit and stay that way? Why not bring both of those desires together and audition to become Mr. Gay USA!

The United States arm of the Mr. Gay World is not only holding auditions for the Mr. Gay USA 2012 competition, the organization is also hoping to turn the US run into a reality show. According to the press release, on January 21st gay men from across the country are invited to New York and audition to be a finalist in the Mr. Gay USA competition; callbacks will be held on January 22nd. From there organizers (and, we assume, the reality show producers) will select the top 20 finalists, all of whom will be invited to compete in the first round of the competition. From there it runs like a standard America's Next Top Model-style show: 10 men will be eliminated, and the remaining guys will move into the NYC-JC Guest Suites from January 27 through February 4. They will undergo a week-long competition that will ultimately lead to the selection of Mr. Gay USA 2012.

Last year was the first official Mr. Gay USA competition, and online voting played a part in swimmer and philanthropist Michael Holtz (pictured here) being given the title. He went on to the Philippines to compete in Mr. Gay World, where he was named First Runner-Up. For the 2012 competition, Mr. Gay USA founder Jarl Haugedal teamed up with film producer and television personality Michael Billy, whose primary credit is working on the PBS show In the Life, to create the reality show component. There's no word on where the show will actually air so it may not be sold to a network yet; however, the press release states that contestants will be put through numerous challenges, "from runway competitions, to cooking contests and political debates... The judges will be looking for the man who shows an interest in the world and people around him; displays patience; has a compassionate and considerate nature; embraces change, or things and people different from his own frame of reference, experience, or cultural background; can articulate his thoughts and conduct an intelligent conversation; has a basic innate charm and sparkle; and has poise and is secure with himself."

The winner of Mr. Gay USA will be sent to South Africa in April 4-8, 2012 to represent the United States in Mr. Gay World. To learn more and see how you can enter, visit the Mr. Gay World USA website.

Hmm, maybe I should enter this contest...I would give one hellova talent contest especially if I can *use* some of the other contestants...fuck it, I'll bring my own bois.

Priests Do Battle At Site Of Jesus's Birth

From the Towleroad:
The Christmas spirit was nowhere in evidence last weekend at Bethlehem's Church of The Nativity, where clerics of the Greek Orthodox and Armenian churches came to blows on Christmas Eve while cleaning the building in preparation for holiday services. According to Reuters, about 100 "holy men" duked it out with brooms and fists, fighting over territory in the 1,500-year-old building.

According to tradition, a silver star in a cave beneath the church's "Basilica of The Nativity" marks the place where Jesus was born.

     Fundamental Christian principles at work, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

David Bates Says Repealing New Hampshire Gay Marriage Would Be Historic

David Bates, the Republican state representative behind a bill that would repeal New Hampshire's 2-year-old gay marriage law, says passage would be historic.

“This vote has national ramifications. If we're able to restore traditional marriage here, it will be the only time anywhere ever that a legislature has reversed its position,” Bates told the Nashua Telegraph.

While Maine's gay marriage law was repealed with a “people's veto” and Proposition 8 uprooted a California Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage, New Hampshire would be the first state to legislatively overturn a gay marriage law.

Lawmakers have said they expect to debate the issue sometime after the January 10 presidential primary.

Bate's bill would replace the law with civil unions for any unmarried adults, including relatives, and would allow anyone to refuse to recognize such unions.

“The rest of the country is watching,” said Ray Buckley, chairman of the state Democratic Primary. “What I feel sorry for is the nearly 2,000 couples that have married here. … These are families sitting on the edge of their chairs wondering, 'Are we going to be a family next year?'”

Noting that gay couples who have married under the law would be grandfathered in under the new bill and remain married, Bates insisted no rights were being taken away.

“This isn't taking rights away from anybody,” he said. “It's trying to draw a bright line and make a distinction between [marriage and civil unions].”
Yeah, it would be historic, historic in the same sense as the opening of Auschwitz.
These people have no morals, no compassion and are completely bereft of any notable form of humanity.
This battle will never be won through politics and/or politicians, this is a battle that must be fought in the arena 
of awareness.
People fear what they don't understand and getting them to see beyond the *us vs them* jargon spewed by vote hungry, fear pandering imbecile politicians, is the real battle that must be won.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Muscle Bareback

Lets Play

Did You Say Something?

Horny Cowbois

Gay Lithuania...Um, Not So Much

A new poll of Lithuanians claims that a shockingly low 4% of the Baltic country’s citizens are in favor of same-sex civil unions.

The statistic was released as part of a recent survey of more than a thousand Lithuanians by market research group RAIT. If it’s true that gays make up about 3%-5% of the general world population, then not a single straight Lithuanian is supporting his LGBT countrymen. The same poll says that a whopping 70% of Lithuanians would like to see civil unions recognized—but only for heterosexuals.

As for same-sex marriage in Lithuania, forget it: Many believe that the country’s constitution already forbids it, while conservative politicians are attempting to go the way of neighboring Latvia and explicitly amend the constitution to outlaw gay nuptials.

Ron Paul Campaign Boasts Of Phil 'Death To Gays' Kayser Endorsement

The Ron Paul campaign on Wednesday boasted of the endorsement of Rev. Phil Kayser on its website.

“Dr. Kayser says, 'Ron Paul's strictly Constitutional civics is far closer to Biblical civics than any of the other candidate's on a whole range of issues,” staffers wrote under the headline, “RON PAUL ENDORSED BY EMINENT PASTOR REV. PHIL KAYSER, PH.D.”

In his 2009 book, Is The Death Penalty Just?, Kayser, a pastor at the Dominion Covenant Church in Omaha, Nebraska, argued that gay sex should be criminalized and that the death penalty was a possible punishment.

“This would have a tendency of driving homosexuals back into their closets,” he wrote. “I think I have demonstrated how even capital punishment can be restorative.”

Kayser confirmed to that he continues to believe that gay sex should be criminalized and supports the death penalty for offenders.

The item had been deleted from the campaign website as of late Wednesday night. However, gay blog Joe.My.God posted a screengrab.

Robbie Williams Would Go Gay For Brad Pitt

Singer Robbie Williams has said he would go gay for actor Brad Pitt, but other men would need to pay 2 million British pounds to bed him, UK's The Daily Mirror reported.

During a two-hour chat with close friends and wife Ayda Field broadcast on the Internet, Williams, 37, half-jokingly asked: “I've got a controversial question. How much would it cost for you to sleep with a man? It's got to be your minimum if a man comes to you and says name your figure.”

Williams undercut his male friends, who mentioned figures of around 5 million pounds, with a 2 million pounds price.

“You never know what could come of this, babe you could be having a new car in the New Year,” wife Field said.

“You never know, let's keep our fingers crossed,” Williams replied. “I'm the cheapest.”

He then went on to state that he would sleep with Brad Pitt for free and was even willing to pay him.

“Brad can negotiate. It's 2 million pounds for Santa, but it's a freebie for Brad Pitt,” he said, then added with a smile: “How much would I have to pay him?”

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Deep Fucking A Baseball Bat

Catch Of The Day

I Love Baseball...Maybe It's Just The Bat And Balls

Will L.A. Be The First City To Mandate Condom Usage In Porn?

A measure that would require actors in porn films to wear condoms qualified to be on the ballot next June in L.A., the adult-film capital of the United States.

The AIDS Healthcare Center collected around 71,000 signatures for the measure, almost double the 41,000 needed to get on the ballot. Although condom usage is fairly widespread in mainstream gay porn, most major straight-porn companies don’t use them consistently.

Rising tensions about AIDS in the porn industry have reached a fever pitch in the past year: An AIDS scare based on a positive result from star Derrick Burts put a halt on the entire U.S. porn industry this August. Just a few weeks ago, the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, a testing center partially funded by the porn industry, was shut down after being criticized by Burts and called a “sham clinic” by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

The ballot initiative has its detractors: L.A. City Atty. Carmen Trutanich says she believes the issue is for the state to regulate, not the city or county, and has filed papers saying so.
I'm betting if this measure passes, LA won't be the porn capital of the world for long.

'I'm Not Gay I'm Just a Sissy' Cartoonist Defends Calendar, Says He's Bullied, Calls AIDS an 'Elective Disease'

By Andy Towle

Following my post yesterday about the homophobic Joe King calendar on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, blogger Chris Love brought it to the attention of DailyKos, and Americablog, and King has responded on his Facebook page:

Hoo-we! Hell hath no fury like a he/she scorned... The telephone tree of tantrums is lit up like a Las Vegas marquee for "Boy-Lesque" today with hate mail, threats of boycott and even the risk of Jesus spitting on me for my "Sissy" calendar. I SAID I WAS A SISSY UP FRONT. Ironic who the real bullies are isn't it? Let's see if I get a call from Oprah's people or even Anderson Cooper...

Like most bullies bluffs, the facts outweigh the fists: with almost 100 hissy- fits being thrown today only a couple of my calendars are in actual circulation. All the hysteria is coming from those nice folks who haven't bothered to actually purchase and read my collection. Stranger still - these are REPRINTS of nationally distributed work several years old. No outcry then. Even funnier, reprint rights were obtained by "Q" one year- Utah's largest gay paper. GUESS WHAT THE "Q" STANDS FOR?

King adds:

The "truth" is that AIDS is an "elective" disease.
It STOPS the day guys quit sticking it to each other.
And for the tragedy of women and children infected...
THAT stops the day their gay husbands and fathers stop cheating on them.
Anyone need MORE education, science or funding to understand THAT?

The gays are using some online blog to muster enuff negative comments to have my calendar pulled. One of the weirder points of contention is an editorial cartoon from 2005 when the marketing motto that year was "WE ALL HAVE AIDS". I AM BEING ACCUSED OF MAKING THIS STUFF UP. Apparently being gay involves some type of selective memory as well.

Bottom line: Andy has a hard on for me.

Cause nothing gets me hard like a self-loathing 'Christianist' a-hole with victim syndrome.