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Daily Porn...Bareback Latin Bois

Nightshift Part Two

The alleyway and the brick wall opposite the restaurant’s is softly lit in spotlight by the security bulb screwed in over the doorway. There you stand in that nearly staged lighting, stripped down to all but your grayed, well worn tank top which is so sweat soaked that it is nearly see through. The single, soft, white light glistens against the drops and streaks of sparkling sweat that embrace themselves at your strong, muscled arms and swelling chest. My eyes immediately gaze down at the huge swinging cock that hangs temptingly, deliciously from your sweating groin. The shadows behind and below it only serve to emphasize its enormity. I don’t remember shutting the door behind me.

I look back up at your face, handsome and hard. Your stance is that of bored distain and your brilliant green eyes stare back at me with contempt. But, somehow, that very disdain, that seemingly unreasonable contempt inexplicably makes me want to serve you more desperately then ever, if such a thing were possible!

My mouth forms words that never escape my lips as you hold a finger up to silence me. You raise your hand to me to approach, and hypnotically I do just that. Only three steps away from you and each step forward increases my trembling and quickly dissolves any reserve I tried to create. Your hand touches the side of my face and you speak to me. Your voice is deeply resonant, certain, but I am shocked that the words are not English. You too are Eastern, like our boss and the cooks. I quickly understand now that it was always just to me that they spoke English.

Hard Working Men

Hungary Passes Anti-Gay Law

Hungary officials recently passed a new pro-family law, despite receiving harsh criticism that the legislation would infringe on gay rights and abortion.

The new law, which protects the "traditional family," states that married heterosexual couples that wish to raise children is an "Autonomous community...established before the emergence of law and the State" and that the "Embryonic and fetal life shall be entitled to protection and respect from the moment of conception, and the state should encourage ’homely circumstances’ for child care," reported the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute in a Jan. 26 article.

Additionally, the new law requires that the media "respect" the "traditional family" and allows parents to fully protect their child’s rights instead of relying on the State.

The legislation aims "to create a predictable and safe regulatory environment for family protection and the promotion of family welfare, and to enforce the Fundamental Law." The country’s constitution says that marriage is the "conjugal union of man and woman," and protects life from conception.

A number of human rights groups were outraged by Hungary’s new law and heavily criticized the legislation.

The global human rights organization, Amnesty International, said that the marriage law "may pave the way to the introduction of an explicit ban on same-sex marriages which contravenes international and European anti-discrimination standards...enshrined by Article 23 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)."

Human Rights Watch said that the non-discrimination clause for "race, color, sex, disability, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, wealth, birth or any other circumstance whatsoever" does not include sexual orientation or gender identity, which the Human Rights Watch says was guaranteed in the ICCPR.

Although Hungary does not recognize gay marriage it has allowed same-sex couples enter into unions since 2009. Before it was legalized in 2009, the Hungarian Parliament tried to pass a similar law but the country’s Constitutional Court vetoed it because it provided partnership registration for heterosexuals, which challenged the Hungarian constitution’s definition of marriage, EDGE reported in a Feb. 2009 article.

Hungary does not allow gays to adopt children but does permit them to serve openly in the military.

Although gay marriage is not legal in Hungary the European Union, of which Hungary is part, has recognized same-sex marriage in five countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, German, Ireland, Luxembourg, Slovenia and the United Kingdom have legalized civil unions.

NH Governor John Lynch Vows to Veto Marriage Equality Repeal

In his State of the State address today, New Hampshire Governor John Lynch vowed to veto any bill that would repeal same-sex marriage.

Republicans planning to repeal marriage equality in New Hampshire better have a veto-proof majority if they hope to get rid of it. As Brandon noted over the weekend, that may be difficult for them to achieve. More worrisome is a Republican governor that would support repeal after Lynch steps down this year.

Russian Airline Forces Gay Flight Attendant To Marry A Woman

From Queerty:

In all honesty it wouldn’t take much to convince us to not too fly a Russian airline—oligarchies tend not to put much stock in safety regulations. But LGBT activists are demanding a boycott of Aeroflot after the company forced a gay flight attendant to marry a woman in order to keep his job.

Last summer Maxim Kupreev, 25, stated his intention to start an LGBT group within Aeroflot to protect the rights of queer employees and push for domestic-partner benefits. That’s when company brass suggested Kupreev (above) not only drop the idea, but put up a heterosexual facade by marrying his old high-school girlfriend, Sofia Mikhailova, who actually had to divorce her real husband to enter into the sham relationship.

Wow, the only thing our high-school girlfriend did for us is let us try on her prom dress. (Thanks again, Debbie!)

Moscow Pride’s Nikolai Alekseev announced the boycott would begin on with a rally on February 9. They hope to draw attention to the plight of Aeroflot’s LGBT employees and encourage the company’s dismissal from Sky Team, an international commercial-airline alliance whose members include Air France, AlitaliaKLM and Delta.
I don't know what's more fucked up...being told you have to marry someone you have no interest in to save your useless job or being so much of a pussy you actually go through with it.
Seriously, he's young, attractive and there are airlines all over the world, why fucking capitulate to that kind of bullshit when there are so many other options.


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Slave Spanked

Porn Of The Day...Slave Boot Worship

Nightshift Part One

Story by Mickey "Daddy" Ray
Artwork by Ulf

Egotistical fucker! Didn’t you think I would notice your stares? Even through the tendrils of steam that choke everything in the kitchen’s path with the smell of those acerbic Mid-Eastern spices. Spices that sting the nostrils and tear at ones eyes! Amid all that, did you really believe that I wouldn’t notice your sly, surreptitious looks and the hot, sensual scent of masculine sweat and sex that radiates from your magnificent body? I think these thoughts as my cock grows inside my pants in response to my fucked up desires.

It’s the nightshift. The cooks have already turned off their stoves and ovens and left their posts for the cleanup crew to mop, scour, scrub and put in good order for the next evening’s service. They spoke in their native tongue to one another, then in broken English to us. Their voices were high pitched and rapid in their demands as they told us what they wanted done by the time they returned to begin the whole process all over again. They leave, and with every swipe of the mop that I press to the floor, I surreptitiously glance over at you as your muscles swell and expand whenever you lift each dish filled rack to the dishwasher.

Time slowly creeps by, sadistically prodding at my impatience to be in that hour when I can finally share a few moments together with you, outside this kitchen’s stagnant inferno, and into the alley where we take our smoke breaks.

Once a confident, self-assured college jock, during the last three months, since I started working at Shalimar’s Curry House, I’d found myself suffering nightly trying to find the internal courage to ask you, no, to beg you, for even the slightest physical touch of your body to mine. I’d close my eyes and see you standing before me, beautifully naked, aroused and needing me, my mouth, my body, to release all that pent up sex you’ve been holding back and denying all other men but me. Would tonight be different? Would you again merely grunt in reply to casual conversation, never speaking a word to me, only standing there with your legs spread in a firm stance as you indifferently rub and scratch at that incredible bulge beneath your grease and dirt stained jeans shorts? I worried at these images as I watch you suddenly and forcefully remove your filthy kitchen apron, toss it across the drain board of the dishwasher and head out the back door to the alleyway. You leave—but not without a quick, hard, meaningful glance back at me and I notice that your cigarette pack still lays dormant on one of the kitchen counters.

My chest tightens, my heart pounds so loudly I am certain it can be heard outside my body. Never. Never had he looked at me that way before. I drop my mop to the floor, tear at my apron which covers only my bare chest and running shorts, then rush to the door to meet you. I stop just shortly before I get there and mentally check myself as I attempt valiantly to reign in my urgency, so as not to appear too eager, and only then do I casually open the door. My eyes bulge incredibly when I see you standing across the way.

You've Been A Bad Boi

Chris Christie Do It Yourself Voodoo Doll...You Know You Want Too.

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, facing criticism over remarks he made last week after calling for a voter referendum on same-sex marriage, in which he suggested African-Americans pursuing their civil rights would have wanted a voter referendum, sought to clarify those remarks in a press conference today.

ChristieSaid Christie last week: "The fact of the matter is I think people would have been happy to have a referendum on civil rights rather than fighting and dying in the streets in the South.”

Following Christie's statement, out gay Assemblyman Reed Gusciora lashed out at him: "Govs. Lester Maddox and George Wallace would have found allies in Chris Christie over efforts by the Justice Department to end segregation in the South."

Christie sought to clarify his remarks in a press conference today: “The political climate in the South didn’t give them the option to have a referendum back then. They wished they would have had the option, but the political climate did not permit it, meaning they would not win.”

He also hit back at Gusciora:

Christie said “numbnuts like (Assemblyman) Reed Gusciora should be ashamed of themselves” for comparing him to Maddox and Wallace.

JohnlewisMeanwhile, today Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver and Congressman Rush Holt will be joined by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), a Freedom Rider and then student activist who was beaten for leading protests against racial discrimination, at a press conference today to discuss Christie's remarks.

Holt condemned Christie's comments ahead of the presser:

“I just thought it was unbelievable, unreal,” he said. “He’s a lawyer, governor and not to know that putting the issue of civil rights – segregation and racial discrimination in the American south – to a vote? We would have never made it during the 40s, the 50s or the 60s. Most of the governors except for a few of the states were outright segregationist. And most of these states in the old confederacy, people of color could not register to vote.”

The Muppets Attack Fox News

I still love the muppets.

TN Senator Stacey Campfield Reportedly Thrown Out of Restaurant Over His Anti-Gay Remarks

From The Towleroad:

Knoxville, Tennessee restaurant Bistro at the Bijou is receiving boatloads of support on Facebook after reports began surfacing that it refused service to state Senator Stacey Campfield out and asked him to leave.

Campfield is also getting blowback from local news outlets in Tennessee over his remarks.

CampfieldCampfield, who has been in the news again recently because he's still trying to push his heinous homophobic "don't say gay" bill in Tennessee, gave an interview last week to Michelangelo Signorile in which he asserted that bullying of gay kids "is a lark", compared homosexuality to sex with animals, asserted that homosexuality is "glorified" in the media, and that it's "virtually impossible" for heterosexuals to contract AIDS.

An unfazed Campfield told BuzzFeed in a brief telephone interview that "I went in there and the lady started calling me names and wouldn't serve me." The hostess told him he was a homophobe and that he hates homosexuals, he said.

Campfield said that on the contrary, he has no problem with gays. "In my business I do rental properties and I've rented to homosexuals, mixed-race couples, black couples," he said. "And about every single group you can think of has been in my office."

There's also a petition online to fire Campfield and a Facebook page to recall him.

Folks, ya just can't make this kinda shit up, if this man wasn't so tragically stoopeed one might actually pity him...nah.

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Big Dick Fuck


Bois In The Woods

Balls In Play

It's Sunday...Time To Worship

Maddow to Media: Ask Romney About Antigay Donations

Michele Bachmann isn't the only Republican presidential candidate tied to so-called reparative therapy. The money that Mitt Romney's foundation donated to the Massachusetts Family Institute is raising questions from Truth Wins Out and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

Disclosure of tax filings this week for the Tyler Charitable Foundation found that it had donated $10,000 in 2010 to the MFI, which The Advocate previously reported paid for a public awareness campaign that paints trans people as sexual predators.

MFI also backs "ex-gay" organizations such as Exodus International and promotes the use of therapy as a supposed cure for homosexuality.

Maddow spoke to Wayne Besen, executive director of Truth Wins Out, about the donations during her show on Thursday. At the end of her report, Maddow called on the media to ask about Romney's beliefs on this kind of therapy.

"If anybody has the chance to ask Mitt Romney a question on this — I never do, they never return my calls — you might just say, 'Hey, your family foundation has been funding the promotion of pray-away-the-gay organizations, do you believe that homosexuality can be cured through therapy or praying?'" Maddow suggested. "You could just ask. Wouldn't take long. Might not kill you."

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Bill Seeks To Ban Gay Marriage On Military Bases

A bill that would bar gay and lesbian couples from marrying on military bases and would allow chaplains to refuse to officiate over such unions was introduced last week in the House, Military.com reported.

Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp is the Republican sponsor of the bill.

“It will also protect the freedom of those in the military to express vocally the tenets of their faiths. And it will make certain that our military facilities are not used in contravention to the federal Defense of Marriage Act,” Huelskamp said in a statement. “Military installations exist to carry out the national defense of our nation, not to facilitate a narrow social agenda.”

With the repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” the Pentagon issued guidance which stated that chaplains may officiate over the marriage and civil union ceremonies of gay couples in states where it's legal, including those taking place on base chapels. No chaplain is required to perform the ceremony.

Aubrey Sarvis, executive director of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), a group which advocates for the rights of gay troops, criticized the bill.

“Here they go again with another round of resistance tactics that have already been rejected by Congress and the American people. There is no need for the so-called 'protections' in this bill or the proposed regulations. No chaplain today is being required or pressured to marry anyone, straight or gay. Period. The bill's ban on use of military facilities and chaplains officiating at ceremonies for gay and lesbian service members is nothing more than plain, old-fashion discrimination. There is no place for that prejudice in our armed forces or in our country,” said Sarvis in a statement.

Genetic or Not, Gay Won’t Go Away



That has long been one of the rallying cries of a movement, and sometimes the gist of its argument. Across decades of widespread ostracism, followed by years of patchwork acceptance and, most recently, moments of heady triumph, gay people invoked that phrase to explain why homophobia was unwarranted and discrimination senseless.

Lady Gaga even spun an anthem from it.

But is it the right mantra to cling to? The best tack to take?

Not for the actress Cynthia Nixon, 45, whose comments in The New York Times Magazine last Sunday raised those very questions.

For 15 years, until 2003, she was in a relationship with a man. They had two children together. She then formed a new family with a woman, to whom she’s engaged. And she told The Times’s Alex Witchel that homosexuality for her “is a choice.”

“For many people it’s not,” she conceded, but added that they “don’t get to define my gayness for me.”

They do get to fume, though. Last week some did. They complained that she represented a minority of those in same-sex relationships and that she had furthermore handed a cudgel to our opponents, who might now cite her professed malleability as they make their case that incentives to change, not equal rights, are what we need.

But while her critics have good reason to worry about how her words will be construed and used, they have no right to demand the kind of silence and conformity from Nixon that gay people have justly rebelled against. She’s entitled to her own truth and manner of expressing it.

Besides which, there are problems with some gay advocates’ insistence that homosexuality be discussed and regarded as something ingrained at the first breath.

By hinging a whole movement on a conclusion that hasn’t been — and perhaps won’t be — scientifically pinpointed and proved beyond all doubt, they hitch it to a moving target. The exact dynamics through which someone winds up gay are “still an open question,” said Clinton Anderson, the director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns Office of the American Psychological Association. “There is substantial evidence of various connections between genes, brain, hormones and sexual identity,” he said. “But those do not amount to a simple picture that A leads to B.”

One landmark study looked at gay men’s brothers and found that 52 percent of identical twin brothers were also gay, in contrast with only 22 percent of nonidentical twin brothers and 11 percent of adoptive, genetically unrelated brothers. Heredity more than environment seemed to be calling the shots.

Other research has posited or identified common anatomical and chromosomal traits among gay men or lesbians, and there’s discussion of a gay gene or, rather, set of genes in the mix. The push to isolate it is entwined with the belief that establishing that sexual orientation is like skin color — an immutable matter of biology — will make homophobia as inexcusable as racism and winnow the ranks of haters.

But bigotry isn’t rational. Finding a determinative biological quirk, deviation or marker could prompt religious extremists who now want gays in reparative psychotherapy to focus on medical interventions instead. And a person’s absence of agency over his or her concentration of melanin has hardly ended all discrimination against blacks.

What’s more, the born-this-way approach carries an unintended implication that the behavior of gays and lesbians needs biological grounding to evade condemnation. Why should it?

Our laws safeguard religious freedom, and that’s not because there’s a Presbyterian, Buddhist or Mormon gene. There’s only a tradition and theology that you elect or decline to follow. But this country has deemed worshiping in a way that feels consonant with who you are to be essential to a person’s humanity. So it’s protected.

Our laws also safeguard the right to bear arms: not exactly a biological imperative.

Among adults, the right to love whom you’re moved to love — and to express it through sex and maybe, yes, marriage — is surely as vital to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as a Glock. And it’s a lot less likely to cause injury, if that’s a deciding factor: how a person’s actions affect the community around him or her.

I USE the words “moved to love” in an effort to define the significant, important territory between “born this way” and choice. That solid ground covers “built this way,” “oriented this way,” and “evolved this way”; it incorporates the possibility of a potent biological predisposition mingling with other factors beyond anyone’s ready control; and it probably applies to Nixon herself. In a Daily Beast interview after the Times article appeared, she clarified that she has experienced an unforced, undeniable attraction to individuals of both sexes. In other words, she’s bisexual, not whimsical. She just happens not to like that term, she said.

In any case, concentrating on how she ended up like that misses the point.

“Most people’s sexual attractions are pretty much fixed” once they take root, said Jack Drescher, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who has written extensively about homosexuality. In light of both that and the unanswered questions about what fixes them, there’s more wisdom and less harm in accepting and respecting homosexuality than not.

We don’t need to be born this way to refute the ludicrous assertion that homosexuality poses some special threat to the stability of the American family. We need only note that heterosexuality — as practiced by the likes of Newt Gingrich and John Edwards, for example — isn’t any lucky charm, and yet no one’s trying to heal the straights.

We don’t need to be born this way to call out Chris Christie, currently trying to avoid responsibility for a decision about same-sex marriage in New Jersey, for being a political wimp. Andrew Cuomo showed courage and foresight in fighting successfully for such legislation in New York. Christie, who fancies himself a dauntless brawler, should do the same in the state next door.

I honestly have no idea if I was born this way. My memory doesn’t stretch to the crib.

But I know that from the moment I felt romantic stirrings, it was Timmy, not Tammy, who could have me walking on air or wallowing in torch songs and tubs of ice cream. These feelings gelled early, and my considerable fear of society’s censure was no match for them.

I know that being in a same-sex relationship feels as central and natural to me as my loyalty to my father, my pride in my siblings’ accomplishments and my protectiveness of their children — all emotions that I didn’t exit the womb with but will not soon shake.

And I know that I’m a saner, kinder person this way than trapped in a contrivance or a lie. Surely that’s not just to my advantage but to society’s, too.

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Hardcore Playtime With His Boi

Here's the deal, this guy plays pretty tough with his boi, butt for your own sanity, the fucking laughable music track with this vid will spoil the whole thing for ya...my advice, watch this one with the sound off
You've been warned! (unless of course your into audio torture as well)

Daily Porn...Cumshots

Deeper Bitch

Cowbois And Injuns...

As a  kid, I always liked playing cowbois and injuns...as an adult, I still wanna play.

Navratilova asks if Court had gay feelings

MELBOURNE — Martina Navratilova on Friday questioned whether Margaret Court had had "feelings for women" as she renewed her attack on the Australian great's staunch opposition to gay marriage.

The 18-time major-winner said Court's statement that homosexuality was a choice suggested she may have wrestled with the issue. Court's stance against same-sex unions has drawn threats of protests at the Australian Open.

"You say it is a choice to be gay; do you mean to say you had feelings for women as well as men and chose men? That might explain your certainty on the issue," Navratilova wrote in the Herald Sun newspaper.

"You frame the whole gay issue in religious terms and quote the Bible," she added. "While I am not a theologian, I do know these same Bibles have been used in the past to justify slavery, to deny men of colour the right to vote and to try to deny inter-racial couples the right to marry."

Court again defied calls for protests to visit the Australian Open, where she has a stadium named after her, on Friday. Court, who is a church pastor, provoked anger before the event with her conservative views.

"I have spoken to her years ago, but, you know, she was all about Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," Navratilova said earlier.

"She repeated that about four or five times, so I just felt I couldn't get through to her. Maybe she thought she could get through to me."

Zinnia Jones: "Nothing Personal, Santorum"

Simply put...just brilliant!

Musical Interlude...Gentle Giants: "For Nobody"

Cop, Preacher Among Men Nabbed In Police Cruising-Ground Sting in Tampa

From Queerty:

Police in Florida are not having it when it comes to public sex. We recently reported on a massive operation involving the arrest of some 600 men in parks around Palm Beach. Now comes word that four men in the Tampa Bay area were arrested yesterday for soliciting sex in Peace River Park.

This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the Republican National Convention will be in Tampa this summer, does it? Naaah.

If it did, it’d be pretty ironic considering some of the guys who were nabbed: Evangelical minister Matthew Preston Clark (left) and retired police officer Carl Robert Kitchen.

Why, it’s the very sort of people who enforce good wholesome traditional values!

We don’t think anyone should have the book thrown at them for a little public hanky panky, but the hypocrisy is so fresh you could smear it on a bagel.

“It never ceases to amaze me when professionals such as preachers and law enforcement officers are engaged in such outrageous behavior,” in a statement, Sheriff Grady Judd said. “That type of behavior is not going to be tolerated in our parks. We want to ensure that all of our parks are safe for children and their families to enjoy. ”

Just make sure no GOP delegates wander into the park come August, sheriff. Those people are freaks!

Baltimore's Catholic head uses atrocious "blacks vs. gays" argument against marriage rights

Edwin O'Brien, Baltimore's soon-to-be Cardinal, used a speech this week to denounce marriage rights for Maryland's gay and lesbian couples. He angrily attacked the pending passage of marriage bills in the House and Senate. Maryland's Governor, Martin O'Malley, is a strong supporter of marriage equality and he helped to introduce the bills this past Tuesday.

On Wednesday, O'Brien put his own spin on one of the most heinous arguments put forth by social and religious conservatives -- that gay people's civil rights are an affront to black people and the rights of black people. He stammered through his divisive proclamation, saying (Catholic Review):

"We are going to be strong in upholding the institution of marriage as a bond between one man and one woman, open to life. It's been not only our teaching, but it's been the core of our Western culture for as long as anybody can remember. And to think that a fiat of a legislature can turn that over without damage being done is naive and highly political.

"So, we will do everything that we can on our own, in conjunction with other religious groups --. Our African-American community, I think, is very strong on this issue as we are. And I think, to some degree, they're a little concerned to call this a matter of discrimination.

"Racial discrimination is discrimination because of the pigment of the skin [rubs back of hand]. And it can't be tolerated. But marriage goes far deeper than the pigment of the skin. It goes to the very roots of our culture. And we are in it to -- for keeps.

"I think in 30 areas of the country, 30 states where legislatures have passed this, the people's vote has voided it, has knocked it down. And we believe that we have a strong grassroots coalition here, that will uphold the sanctity of marriage in the traditional teaching and long-term practice of marriage between man and a woman."

Political maneuvers like Obrien's are frequently used by the opponents of gay equality to alarm and anger African Americans. He may have singled out African American voters for special appeal because black residents represent about 29% of the population of Maryland (more than twice the national percentage).

O'Brien's small-minded argument completely ignores the fact that: 1) there are people who are both black and gay, 2) not all African Americans agree with O'Brien's anti-gay political beliefs, 3) many churches in Maryland want to perform legal marriage ceremonies for gay couples, and 4) a large portion of Maryland's Catholic parishoners disagree with the Church's discriminatory stance.

These manipulative foes of gay rights seem to be conveying a devious message that goes something like this: "Homosexuals are abhorrent and have been disliked throughout history. Today homosexuals are trying to attach themselves to the accomplishments of black people. If black people allow this association to happen, it will drag down black people's position in society and diminish all the civil rights for which they have fought so hard. Gay people cannot be victims of discrimination because they choose to be different through their behavior. However, black people are discriminated against because of their skin color. And skin color is not a choice; it is not changeable -- yet sinful behavior is, right? Therefore, we anti-gay preachers think you proud African Americans need to rail against homosexuals now, because they are going to be ruinous, not only to your lives and religious freedoms, but to all of civilization itself. Proof is in the Bible, right? 'Marriage = man and woman. Gays = abomination. Sodom = destroyed.' And we all know that, 'The church is the heart and soul of the black community,' right? So, then, since we're all in this together, let's vote for our tried-and-true tradition of denying gays legal rights and social equality. We're not bigots. We don't hate anybody. It is not hate -- it is God's Word."
Okay dammit, which one of you fags let our secret out?
Yup, the gay agenda is too bring ruin to heterosexual marriages and to destroy the family structure and to bring back slavery.
Edwin, your kind of Christianity is what brought around the dark ages, the Crusades, thumb screws, iron maidens, the rack and a whole host of other tools used by the Catholic church to bring about spiritual enlightenment.
Lets see, they also use to burn heretics for saying the world was round and not flat.
Guess what Edwin...the fucking church was wrong, the world is still very much round and the sun still doesn't revolve around the earth, despite your best efforts.
Cath-o-lic the devotional candy for the intelligence impaired.

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