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Daily Porn...Breeding Fuckers

All The Kings Men

It's always been a fantasy of mine to have sex while wearing armor or the other guy wearing it.
Haven't done it yet...maybe I should join the Society for Creative Anachronisms?

Failure To Please

CSU Football Players And Student Are Cited For Disorderly Conduct: Police Report Details Football Players Lied

Two Colorado State University freshmen who suffered severe beatings at the hands of their school's football players were both expressing their anger after Fort Collins Police announced their decision to charge four people with disorderly conduct.
Freshmen J.D. Haley and Donny Gocha both suffered injuries that included black eyes, a broken nose, a lacerated lip, chipped teeth and even the imprint of a bootmark on Gocha's back. Gocha's injuries were so severe in fact, that the Fort Collins Coloradoan reports police said he looked like the "Elephant Man."
Gocha posted a photo of his sustained facial injuries on his Facebook shortly after the incident with the caption, "I can literally barely see today."
Regardless, Fort Collins Police decided to charge Gocha along with CSU players, Michael Orakpo, 21, Colton Paulhus, 20, and Nordly Capi, 19, with disorderly conduct, a class 3 misdemeanor.
The fight broke out April 6 around 11:45 p.m. when Gocha, Haley and friends were leaving a party. Although 10 CSU students--six of them football players--and one non-student were involved, only four students were charged.
"I'm pretty mad," Gocha told 9News. "I can understand me getting disorderly conduct, but I don't understand how they got the same charge."
In a 90-page police report obtained by the media, Gocha claims homophobic slurs were yelled and that he yelled back before an SUV loaded with CSU football players emptied onto the street and a fight ensued.
Many of Haley's injuries came as a result of him trying to use his body to cover Gocha's head during the fight, while Gocha ended up being knocked unconscious.
However Orakpo, Paulhus and other players initially denied even being present at the fight when asked by police. Orakpo even suggested in the report that Paulhus or Capi punched Gocha, though one of his teammates told police that Gocha was taken down by Orakpo.
After the initial interviews, police obtained a warrant to search the players' homes where they found suspected anabolic steroids in Orakpo's room and Paulhus' house. In the home shared by Orakpo and Capi, police found bloody clothing and a kit to "skew the results" of marijuana drug tests.
Haley took his frustration to Facebook Thursday:

So not only did the football players lie about initially being there and then later admit that they beat us up, but once the cops search their house there are syringes, steroids, drugs, a bong, as well as cleaner to hide blood on their clothes and the marijuana in their system!.... And they are charged with the same crime as Donny who was the victim of a beating in which they stomped on his and my head.... The Fort Collins Police department as well as the D.A.'s office of Fort Collins should be ASHAMED at the blatant disregard for what is happening in front of their eyes. As a criminal justice major I looked forward to one day working for the Fort Collins police department and as soon as I can I will most certainly transfer if the University doesn't expel these students. This amazes me in every way and I can't wait for the public to find out. If more isn't going to rightfully charge them the Police are about to have a riot on their hands if I have anything to say about it.
The university is still conducting its own investigation and an internal disciplinary process which is confidential, according to University Spokesman Mike Hooker

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Sunday...Time To Worship


Last night, my oldest nephew stopped by for a visit and brought me a little gift.
It was the complete Witchblade series that aired on TNT back at the turn of the century.
It was a bit of  nostalgia for both of us, him and I sharing a love for comic books in general and this series made for television.
Watching it together last night, I remember why I liked the series...and no, it wasn't for the writing, but almost every single guy in the series was hot in one way or another:


Douche Bag Of The Week Goes Too...DJ Dominic Dieter

Dominic Dieter, a radio personality at Cleveland's WMMS, is in hot water for suggesting to a father he should arrange to have his daughter raped to turn her straight.
The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is calling on Clear Channel, parent company of WMMS, to suspend Dieter for the comment.
Dieter doled out the advice during Friday morning's Rover's Morning Glory show. Responding to a father who happened upon his teenage daughter kissing another girl, Dieter said, “You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.”
It was appalling and dangerous for this show to tell a father that he should have one of his friends rape his daughter,” said Aaron McQuade, director of News & Field Media at GLAAD. “That's essentially how Dieter responded to this listener, and this is no laughing matter in a world where people are too often the victims of violence and sexual assault based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation. And Dieter gave this vile advice to everyone who was listening, including educators, parents and children – sending the message that it's okay to physically or sexually abuse people who are perceived to be gay.”
Going with Dominics theory on sexual orientation, I think a large group of gym bunnies should snatch him up at the gym he works out in, tie him up in the locker room and let anyone and everyone have their way with him and film the whole thing and sell it online and give the proceeds to a worthy gay charity.  

The Need For Speed

Today, I have a confession...I'm an addict.
You see, I'm a gear head.
My addiction started as a kid, one that developed from helping my dad work on the various family cars we had throughout the years, and came too fruition as a teenager.
I was fortunate enough to foster friendships with others that shared my passion and we would spend countless weekend hours working on and supeing up the various vehicles we could get our hands on.  
I learned the art of the barter during this time, exchanging anything of value and rendering work services for desired parts.
This addiction continues to this day, but has molded and refined itself into a passion for muscle cars and the ever elusive need for speed and power.
That said, I offer you my impassioned list of dream machines:

First up... the Maclaren F1 set a speed record for its day back in 1998, reaching 242.95 mph, achieving 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. Only about 106 were produced between 1992 and 1998. It is known for its batwing doors, as well as its 627 horsepower, V12 engine.
Second...The Koenigsegg Agera R, built by the Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg, and has been tested to reach 260 mph, reaching 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. It displaced the company's CCX model also on the list of world's fastest cars.
The Agera is powered by the company's own Koenigsegg aluminum 5.0-liter V8, which produces 1,140 horsepower. 
And my all time fave, drool inducing passion...the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.
The Veyron boast a quad turbocharged W-16 engine and produces a remarkable 1200 bhp peaking at 6400 rpm and 1106 lb.-ft. of torque from 3000 to 5000 rpm.



Friday, April 27, 2012

Trucker Fuckers

Why I Love My Truck

Vatican: Catholics Should Unite with Jews and Muslims to Form United Front Against Gays

The Pope's Nuncio in Britain, Archbishop Antonio Mennini, suggested that Catholics unite with their anti-gay counterparts in the Jewish and Muslim faiths to oppose gays who want marriage, the Telegraph reports:
Addressing English and Welsh bishops at their plenary meeting in Leeds, Archbishop Mennini, warned them they faced a “lengthy and probably difficult campaign”.
“I wonder if we shouldn’t ask for and look for more support among other Christian confessions and indeed, persons of other faiths,” he said.
“It seems to me that, concerning the institution of marriage, and indeed the sanctity of human life, we have much in common with the position of the Jewish community, the Chief Rabbi and many of the more significant representatives of Islam.”
Speaking in London yesterday the second most senior active Catholic cleric in England and Wales, Archbishop Peter Smith, of Southwark, said there had been no “formal” contact with Jewish groups to form a united front on the subject of marriage. But he said: “We will work with anyone who agrees with us that to redefine marriage is not a good thing for society and will lead to more confusion.”
Last week, the Vatican launched a crackdown on American nuns for not advocating the church's anti-gay message forcefully enough.

Wow, that's awesome..we've accomplished what no one in the history of the world could do..get the fat man inna dress surrounded by opulence and luxury fostered from the endless suffering and sacrifice of the poor, trying to unite the religions of the world in an epic forging of bigotry and hate.
Just so he can stop us from expressing our love.
Way too go your Rotundity. 

‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Sponsor Complains That His Bill Is Misunderstood

Missouri Rep. Steve Cookson (R) — the sponsor of the state’s “Don’t Say Gay Bill” — is complaining that his legislation to prohibit discussion of sexual orientation outside of health class is being misconstrued as an attack on gay people and insists that he is merely seeking to shift the discussion of sexuality from the classroom to the family. In an interview with a local CBS affiliate, Cookson reveals that he has received death threats and hateful email concerning the legislation:
COOKSON: I just think those are better left outside of the curriculum…I want to bring families back into education, and for those that don’t have that support, we’ll deal with those…. We need to keep the focus on [math and science] for the student body, and not on other things that can be distracting.

But as Mark Jones, the political director for the Missouri National Education Association explained, banning discussions of gay people — who exist in the schools whether Cookson likes it or not — would only “further ostracize children who are exploring their sexual orientation.” “This would really tie the teacher’s hands when they go to help children when they are being bullied because of their sexual orientation,” he said and noted that since students spend numerous hours a day with teachers, educators need the freedom to discuss any problems they encounter.
The American Academy of Pediatrics has also condemned Cookson’s bill as “clearly harmful to the best interests of the children of Missouri.” “All children and teenagers need to feel safe in their schools, and HB 2051 takes that assurance away from them.”

Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Daily Porn..Cowpokes

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Horny Cowboi

Cowbois I Wanna Ride

Nebraska Asst Football Coach Ron Brown Says It Would Be an Honor to Be Fired for His Anti-Gay Christian Beliefs


Nebraska Assistant Football Coach Ron Brown, who has faced calls for his firing since testifying against an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance that passed in Omaha in March, gives an interview to the AP in which he portrays himself as a victimized Christian.
Writes the AP:
Brown acknowledges that he uses his position as a platform for his ministry. He sprinkles in football metaphors during his many speaking engagements and sometimes references the players he’s coached. He said the risk of losing his job pales in comparison to the price others have paid for standing up for their beliefs. Christians throughout the world, he pointed out, have been murdered because of their faith.
In his March testimony, Brown told the Omaha City Council what they were doing was "not Biblical".
Since the "not Biblical" ordinance passed, residents can now file complaints with Omaha's Human Rights and Relations Department if they are fired over their orientation, suffer other workplace discrimination or are refused service at restaurants, hotels or other places that serve the public.

Said Brown: "The question I have for you, like Pontius Pilate, is: 'What are you going to do with Jesus?' For those of you on this council who have a relationship with Christ, and only you know if you do, you will be held to great accountability for the decision you make."

Blogger Aksarbent, who shot video of Brown's "sermonette" to council members, wrote: "Brown has made a career of foisting his reactionary brand of Christianity on football players and of ignoring separation of church and state in his attempts to proselytize in public schools under the guise of campaigning against alcohol abuse, drunk driving and other problems which are quite solvable without religion."
Says Brown to the AP:
“To be fired for my faith would be a greater honor than to be fired because we didn’t win enough games. I haven’t lost any sleep over it. I realize at some point, we live in a politically correct enough culture where that very well could happen.”
Lincoln, Nebraska is considering a similar LGBT non-discrimination ordinance to that passed in Omaha. A hearing may be held on May 7.
"Brown said he is 'praying about' speaking in opposition if his schedule allows."

I say grant his wish and send him on his way to his martyrdom. After all, it's what he really wants isn't it?

Jeremy Faison, Tennessee Representative, Says Suicides Caused By Bad Parenting, Not Bullying

A Tennessee-based lawmaker raised more than a few eyebrows this week after suggesting that children who were committing suicide were doing so because they "were not instilled the proper principles" at home.
As The Tennessean is reporting, State Rep. Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby) spoke up against a proposed cyberbullying bill, and may have been alluding to the recent suicides by Phillip Parker and Jacob Rogers, both of whom had allegedly complained of being bullied over their sexual orientation in the state.
"We can’t continue to legislate everything," he said in his speech. "We’ve had some horrible things happen in America and in our state, and there’s children that have actually committed suicide, but I will submit to you today that they did not commit suicide because of somebody bullying them. They committed suicide because they were not instilled the proper principles of where their self-esteem came from at home."
Faison continued, "Now, instead of sending children to the principal's audience, we're sending them to the criminal court...there's people in this room right here who, at one time in their life, were a bully. But you didn't grow up to be a bad person."
A spokesperson for the Tennessee Democratic Party decried Faison's comments on the group's official blog. "What a disgrace," the spokesperson wrote, slamming what they described as Faison's "boys will be boys" mentality. “It is unfortunate that some in the Republican Party have become the protectors of bullies. Of course, it is not terribly surprising, because as a legislative group they are nothing but bullies, disparaging and demeaning those without power in this country in order to build themselves up."
Faison reportedly issued a statement in which he apologized for his "poor choice of words, The Tennessean notes. "My true intent was to protect children from becoming criminals," he wrote. "Suicide has touched my family, and I would never want a parent or family member to feel they were responsible for such an unimaginable tragedy."
Earlier this month, the state's infamous "Don’t Say Gay" bill reportedly advanced in a House committee by a vote of 8-7 on Tuesday and will now "go to the calendar committee before a floor vote," according to ThinkProgress. That bill would reportedly make it illegal for educators to discuss any sexual behavior apart from heterosexuality with students in kindergarten up through the eighth grade.

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