Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Gay Russians Coming To America

According to figures released by the Immigration Equality, 161 gay Russians have claimed asylum in the US in the first 10 months of this year.
This is up dramatically from just 68 two years ago, and 127 in 2013.
The rate of growth far outstrips the growth in normal Russian claims as a whole – with 969 Russians total seeking asylum in the US, up 34 percent from 2012.
The Department of Homeland Security does not release official figures about gay asylum cases.

Aaron Morris of Immigration Equality told AP that most cases came from gay men in their 20s and 30s, who had been the victims of homophobic attacks in Russia.
Anti-gay sentiment continues to rise in Russia, after the country passed an anti-gay law banning the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality.
Gay couple Andrew Nasonov and Igor Bazilevsk are just two of the numbers that fled Russia, to escape the daily persecution they were subject to.
Mr Nasonov told AP: “We were finally able to say that we are a real family — there are not enough words to describe how wonderful these feelings are.”

Andrew Mironov, a man who fled after he was brutally beaten by a homophobic mob in a gay bar, said of his new life: “Which is more important: happiness or success? I would say happiness. I feel no fear here.”

Saturday, November 29, 2014

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Catholic Church And Another Hate Group Convince Slovakia To Hold Referendum Against Gay Rights

Slovakia President Andrej Kiska said Thursday that a referendum on gay rights would take place in February despite heavy criticism from human rights groups.
Earlier this year, lawmakers approved a constitutional amendment excluding gay couples from marriage.

Saying the amendment wasn't enough, conservative group the Alliance for Families (AZR) and the Catholic Church gathered 400,000 signatures in support of the public vote.
Slovaks will weigh in on marriage and adoption rights for gay couples and whether children can opt out of sex education classes, according to the AP.
Turnout is key to passage. To be legally binding, turnout must be more than 50 percent, which has happened only once since Slovakia gained independence in 1993.
Voters will head to the polls on February 7.

Gay Romance On The Originals Begins Between A Vampire And A Werewolf

The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals has made its mark with a same-sex storyline between a vampire and a werewolf.
It began with gay vampire Josh (Steven Krueger) flirting online with gay werewolf Aiden (Colin Woodell) - something that is quite forbidden in a world where vampires and werewolves are not compatible.
In the show's most recent episode, Josh and Aiden shared their first kiss.
Woodell says when he got on the show, he was told by one of the head writers that this romance was in no way about the gender of these two people. 'It’s about the factions that they come from and who they are really, their species more than anything,' the actor tells The Backlot. 'So right from the get-go, I was told "don’t even worry about the fact that this is a gay relationship. That does not matter whatsoever." 'It’s more about this is a Romeo and Juliet scenario where there’s a lot at stake and bad things can happen, not because of two guys being together, but because of one being a werewolf, one being a vampire.'
Woodell says the best is yet to come. 'You will see a lot more and I’m very, very excited about that,' he said. 'You always want what you can’t have. And that’s also what fuels our attraction to each other is that [Josh is] something that so off limits and so am I. 'We have so much in common and it’s a really awesome thing because, yeah, it’s very scandalous. And I think when those stakes are really high, it makes a love interest that much more passionate.'

Friday, November 28, 2014