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Don’t shout Islamophobia if you hate gays

According to a report in The Malaysian Insider the Al Jazeera America presenter Wajahat Ali was speaking at an event in Malaysia and told the audience “I think it is deeply hypocritical.
“I think instead, and this is something we have learned… if you stretch American values to accommodate the freedoms of marginalized communities, it is actually better for all minorities.
“If it stretches to encompass the African-Americans, the Latinos, Muslims and the LGBT,
“it actually becomes a richer and more fulfilling narrative experience.”
The event, titled “Conversations: Who is Entitled?”, took place at the George Town Literary Festival in Penang, Malaysia and focused on the topic of civil rights and American values.
He also warned Malaysia that restricting the freedoms of some citizens would have repercussions for other citizens, saying “It polarizes the rest of us.
“That is something Malaysia will learn from, because we are learning it in America.
“If we stretch to increase freedoms, it helps not just your community but others as well.”
Ali presents the Al Jazeera American social media show The Stream and has also written on the subject of the American Muslim experience, including a critically acclaimed Broadway play about a Pakistani-American family in post 9/11 New York.

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An Egyptian reporter who orchestrated a raid on a ‘gay’ bathhouse has been sentenced to six months in jail.
Mona Iraqi was also fined EGP10,000 ($1,277; €1,207) by a Cairo court on Thursday (26 November) for defamation and spreading false news.
In December last year, Iraqi tipped off police to an alleged gay hammam – which she claimed was a ‘den of male sex’ – and filmed as 33 men were arrested and paraded naked out of the bathhouse.
The footage was then broadcast on the Al Kahera Walnas channel and made international headlines.
Twenty-six men, including the bathhouse owner and four employees, were tried for debauchery but later cleared due to lack of evidence – although not before they were forced to undergo intrusive and humiliating anal examinations and one man attempted suicide by setting himself on fire.
Same-sex sexual activity is not explicitly banned in Egypt but gay men are routinely arrested for debauchery, which is punishable by up to 17 years in prison with or without hard labor and fines.
Iraqi has refused to apologize despite widespread condemnation.
A lawyer for the men said they intend to sue her for compensation.

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What Would You Do if Your Child Was Gay?

Its interesting that the three Muslims interviewed had completely negative reactions to their child being gay, ranging from forced reparative therapy to killing him/her.
On almost every single liberal media outlet (and yes, I consider myself a moderate liberal) people are being lambasted when they speak out against Islam for being extremely homophobic.
Truth is, it is, every bit as much as any other Abrahamic religion, so please explain to me why I should, as a moderate liberal, cut them any slack whatsoever?
As vile as some Christians can be towards homosexuals and some even calling for them to be murdered (yes I said murder, because that's what it is) it's not the fucking law of the land, not even in Russia, even tho 80 percent of Russians think homosexuals should be murdered or at the very least isolated.
Yet, in almost every Muslim controlled country, they have such laws, whether they enforce them or not, they are still there.
Islam is NOT a religion of peace, it is a hateful diseased death cult that even surpasses Catholicism in the vile things it has done in the name of a blood thirsty monster they call God. 

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Str8 Guys Kissing For A Cause

From Pink News:
Two of Brazils biggest actors kissed live on TV on Thursday – dedicating their embrace to all of the “macho card carriers.”
Bruno Gagliasso and João Vicente de Castro locked lips at Brazil’s annual GQ Men of The Year Awards in Rio De Janeiro.  
Gagliasso later shared the picture of himself and de Castro on Instagram – before explaining the reason behind the kiss.
The actor – who has a long history of supporting LGBT rights in the country – said that the men wanted to use the awards as an opportunity to challenge the nation’s views on what it means to be “macho.”
He dedicated the kiss to “all the macho card-carriers, hypocritical and prejudiced”, before saying he wanted to show that there was nothing wrong with “showing our affection and love” for another man.
The image of the pair kissing has quickly gone viral, with LGBT activists in Brazil championing the pair for highlighting the issue and pressures placed on both straight and LGBT men alike.
The actor has previously spoken out about the “macho” image often portrayed in the media – as he says it has an unhealthy effect on both young straight and LGBT Brazilians.
Although LGBT Brazilians receive many of the same rights as non-LGBT people – same-sex marriage was officially legalized in 2014 – crime against the LGBT community still remains worryingly frequent.
Last year, an estimated 216 LGBT people were murdered due to their sexuality.
The stats showed that over 200 gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender people were murdered between January 1 and September 29.
35% of victims were trans people, while 59% of those were gay, and 4% were lesbians.
Though homosexuality is not a crime in Brazil, it is notorious for having one of the highest murder rates for LGBT people – and transgender people in particular – in the world.
However, according to the Guinness World Records, the São Paulo Gay Pride Parade is the world’s largest LGBT Pride celebration, with 4 million people in 2009.                                                            

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