Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Bigot Judge Won't Do His Job If It Involves Homo's

A Kentucky family court judge has announced that he will no longer hear adoption cases involving gay men or lesbians because he believes gay people make bad parents.
According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, Judge W. Mitchell Nance announced this week that he would recuse himself from all such cases.

Nance said in an order released Thursday that “under no circumstances” would “the best interest of the child be promoted by the adoption by a practicing homosexual.”
The conservative Family Foundation of Kentucky applauded Nance's decision.
“If we are going to let liberal judges write their personal biases and prejudices into law, as we have done on issues of marriage and sexuality, then in the interest of fairness we are going to have to allow judges whose personal biases and prejudices are different to recuse themselves from such cases,” said Martin Cothran, an analyst with the group.
Chris Hartman, executive director of the Fairness Campaign, called on Nance to resign. “If he can't do the job, he shouldn't have the job.”

I say fire him, it's not because he recused himself from hearing gay cases, it's because he just had to go into this bigoted religious trope while doing so...fuck him and his religion...DO YOUR JOB or get shitcanned asshole! 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Anti-Gay Homosexual Group Give Trump A- For 1st Hundred Days

Anti-gay GOP Group Log Cabin Republicans is praising President Donald Trump's first 100 days in the White House.
Trump's hits the 100 day mark on Saturday.

While most LGBT rights groups have criticized Trump's record in office, Log Cabin Republican President Gregory Angelo praised the president's performance, giving him an A-.
“Trump’s first 100 days in office have been something of a mixed bag in regard to LGBT issues, but that was to be expected considering his concurrent outreach to evangelicals and to LGBT voters during his campaign. There has been a lot of hand-wringing about a number of ‘non-troversies’ over the past three months – fake news stories about the White House ‘erasing’ gay people from the Census and the White House website, which were nothing more than fundraising ploys to rile up dejected LGBT liberals still reeling from Hillary Clinton’s loss,” Angelo told the Washington Blade.
Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, gave Trump a failing grade.
“Since the moment he walked into the Oval Office, Donald Trump has attacked our progress and undermined the rights of countless Americans, including LGBTQ people,” Griffin said. “From his anti-LGBTQ appointees and nominees, to rescinding protections for transgender students, to his Muslim ban, to his draconian deportation orders, to now considering a taxpayer-funded license to discriminate, Donald Trump has broken his promise to be a president for all Americans.”
Also failing Trump in his first 100 days are Rea Carey of the National LGBTQ Task Force, Mara Keisling of the National Center for Transgender Equality, Jessica Stern of Outright Action International and Aisha Moodie-Mills of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.

By "fake news" Angelo was inferring that these events never happened, which is the real fake part of his conversation, because Trumps administration DID do those things.
It begs the question, how deeply does one have to hate themselves so much that they are willing to throw every other gay person under the bus just for a few crumbs from a conservative group that has never supported them in any way at all, that have in fact written their complete and utter contempt for you, right into their party platform.


Olympian Gold Medalist Shawn Barber Comes Out As Gay

World champion and Olympic pole vaulter Shawn Barber on Monday announced in a Facebook post that he is “gay and proud.”
“Gay and proud!” Barber wrote. “Thank you to my parents for being such a great support. I continue to grow as a person and have a great support group. My parents are my greatest support and have helped me through a lot recently. To my friends, you are always my friends and i love you too!”

Barber, 22, is the current reigning world champion in pole vaulting, a title he earned at the 2015 World Championships in Athletics in Beijing, China with a stunning 5.90 meters jump. He is among the 21 athletes in the “six meters club,” which consists of pole vaulters who have reached at least 6 meters. He finished 10th at last year's Rio Summer Olympics.
Born in Canada, Barber holds U.S. and Canadian citizenship. He graduated from high school in Houston and attended the University of Akron in Ohio.
According to Outsports, Barber's announcement makes him “one of the highest-profile and most successful current openly gay athletes in the world.”
Besides his 3AM Facebook post, Barber has not made any additional comments on social media or to the media about his sexuality.

Watch As Russian Official Deflects Katie Couric’s Questions On Chechnya's Persecution Of Gay Men

Thursday, April 27, 2017

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Out Politician Brian Sims Calls Trolling Bigots Grandmother

One troll has learned when you write homophobic racist language online, you’re going to be exposed as an idiot.
Pennsylvania state representative Brian Sims, who is gay, decided to give a troll a lesson he’ll never ever forget.
Earlier this week, the bigot posted ‘n*gger f*aggot* on the politician’s Facebook.
Instead of ignoring the message, Sims decided to look through the troll’s Facebook page and found something hilarious.
‘David, I can’t tell if you’re just a really dumb little boy or an angry bigot but I know for sure that you shouldn’t have posted your grandmother’s telephone number on your Facebook page,’ the representative wrote.
‘She and I just had a very disappointing chat about you. We’ll talk soon…’

Democrats Seek To Pass Bill That Would Ban Conversion Therapy

Democrats on Tuesday introduced a bill that would ban therapies aimed at altering the sexual orientation or gender identity of a person who identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.
Introduced by Washington Senator Patty Murray, the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act of 2017 is nearly identical to a bill introduced last year by Democrats and shelved by Republicans.
“The Trump Administration has laid out a hateful, damaging agenda to undo hard-won progress, divide our communities, hurt our friends, neighbors, and family members just because of who they are or who they love,” Murray said in a statement.
The bill makes it “unlawful” for any person “to provide conversion therapy,” or claim in an advertising that “such efforts are harmless or without risk to individuals receiving such therapy,” or “to knowingly assist or facilitate the provision of conversion therapy to an individual if such person receives compensation from any source in connection with providing conversion therapy.”

Democrats, however, appear divided on the issue. With only 22 co-sponsors in the Senate, fewer than half of the chamber's Democrats have signed on. Backers include Senators Cory Booker, Tammy Baldwin, Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken. Similar legislation in the House has 67 Democratic co-sponsors, or slightly higher than a quarter of Democratic representatives.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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