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Trump Administration Argues In Court That Discrimination Against LGBT People Is Legal

From Pink News:
Officials from the Department of Justice appeared in court yesterday to argue that discrimination against gay employees is legal.
Under President Obama, the Justice Department regularly intervened in court battles to argue for civil rights protections for LGBT people.
But under Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Justice Department has abruptly shifted its stance.
The DOJ has made an uninvited intervention in a workplace discrimination case, with officials this week appearing before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit.
The Manhattan court is currently hearing the case of Donald Zarda, a former skydiving instructor who alleges that his old company, Altitude Express Inc, fired him because of his sexuality.
But in its surprise intervention, federal government officials sided with the employer – arguing that it is entirely legal to discriminate against gay employees on a federal level.
Zarda’s lawyers had cited civil rights protections from the 1960s in their case.
But the Department of Justice now insists that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlaws discrimination in employment based on sex, does not provide any protection for gay people.

As Republicans in Congress have long blocked efforts to pass a specific LGBT anti-discrimination measure, a ruling against Title VII would leave little federal protection for LGBT people facing discrimination at work.
Deputy Assistant Attorney General Hashim M. Mooppan appeared before the court this week to argue against gay rights protections.
Mooppan insisted: “Employers under Title VII are permitted to consider employees’ out-of-work sexual conduct.
“There is a commonsense, intuitive difference between sex and sexual orientation.”
The DOJ had insisted: “Discrimination based on sexual orientation does not fall within Title VII’s prohibition on sex discrimination because it does not involve “disparate treatment of men and women”.

“Rather than causing similarly situated ‘members of one sex [to be] exposed to disadvantageous terms or conditions of employment to which members of the other sex are not exposed’, differential treatment of gay and straight employees for men and women alike.”
The DOJ also argued somewhat circularly that it was clear that existing civil rights law doesn’t protect gay people, because Congress remains opposed to “proposed legislation that would prohibit discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation”.
It said: “When adopting Title VII’s ban on sex discrimination in 1964, and especially when amending it in 1991, Congress was well aware of the distinct practice of sexual orientation discrimination and chose not to ban it also.

“To be sure, there have since been notable changes in societal and cultural attitudes about such discrimination, but Congress has consistently declined to amend Title VII in light of those changes, despite having been repeatedly presented with opportunities to do so.”
 Sarah Warbelow, Human Rights Campaign Legal Director, told PinkNews in a statement: “Attacks against the LGBTQ community at all levels of government continue to pour in from the Trump-Pence Administration.
“In one fell swoop, Trump’s DOJ has provided a roadmap for dismantling years of federal protections and declared that lesbian, gay, and bisexual people may no longer be protected by landmark civil rights laws such as the Fair Housing Act, Title IX, or Title VII.
“For over a decade, courts have determined that discrimination on the basis of LGBTQ status is unlawful discrimination under federal law.
“The [DOJ’s actions are] a shameful retrenchment of an outmoded interpretation that forfeits faithful interpretation of current law to achieve a politically-driven and legally specious result.”

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Steve Bannon's Anti-Gay Agenda

Donald Trump’s former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon secretly corresponded with representatives of an anti-LGBT hate group.
Bannon, who runs far-right news service Breitbart, served as chair of Trump’s election campaign, and was the Republican President’s Chief Strategist from January to August this year.

But according to Buzzfeed News, Bannon has secret links with figures inside the Family Research Council – which is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-LGBT hate group.

Buzzfeed published extracts from emails that Bannon exchanged with FRC official Chris Gacek, who aids the group’s work fighting against LGBT rights and liberal values.
In the emails, sent in August 2016, Gacek and Bannon hatch a plot to use Breitbart for an apparent attempt to infiltrate social media giant Facebook by flooding company’s job vacancies with far-right applicants.
Gacek suggests an opening is “perfect for Breitbart to flood the zone with candidates of all stripe who will report back to you with INTEL”.
Bannon loops in then-Breitbart columnist and ‘alt-right’ figurehead and pet faggot puppet Milo Yiannopoulos, asking him to “get on this”.
On the same email thread, Yiannopoulos forwarded Bannon’s request to a group of contracted researchers.
It is unclear whether the plan was ever put into effect.

The Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT hate group, is run by Tony Perkins.
Perkins, an extreme evangelical fundamentalist, has called for the US government to be ‘purged’ of gay people and LGBT allies.

The group has a history of spreading disturbing anti-LGBT propaganda and comparing gay people to Nazis.
Perkins has made a number of extremely disturbing claims about gay people in the past, insisting Christians are “going to find ourselves being loaded in cattle cars like it was when the Nazis took over before we realize we are in such terrible danger”.
He claims that Christians are being sent to “camps”, and that soon gays are “going to start rolling out the boxcars to start hauling off Christians”.
He has also compared gays to pedophiles, saying: “While activists like to claim that pedophilia is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two. It is a homosexual problem.”

Ahead of the Supreme Court court ruling in favor of equal marriage, Perkins threatened a “revolution” in the United States over the issue.

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New Rule: The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

Hypocrite Anti-Gay Lesbian Nazi Elected Co-Leader Of Far Right German AfD

Germany’s populist far-right party led by a lesbian enters parliament with the third largest number of votes.
The Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) elected Alice Weidel in April to lead them in their election campaign.
Weidel is an out lesbian and lives with her partner and two sons.
Angela Merkel remains the head of German government but had hoped for a ‘better result.’
She leads the alliance between Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU).

The alliance saw its worst result since 1949, when national elections were held in Germany for the first time since World War Two.
Her party is very anti-LGBT.
AfD is against LGBT families also, stating: ‘We oppose all attempts to expand the word “family” in article 6, paragraph 1 of the constitution to include other companionships’ this includes civil unions.
They believe the definition of marriage is that of union between a man and a woman.
The AfD also does not  ‘promote’ LGBT issues during sex education classes.
They claim it is an ‘improper intrusion’ into the development of children and the rights of parents.
Discussing homosexuality or trans issues in class could ‘confuse’ and ‘overwhelm’ children.
‘In school, our kids cannot become the game balls of a loud minority’s sexual inclinations,’ said a program draft approved by Ms. Weidel.
‘The gender ideology marginalizes natural differences between the sexes and acts against the traditional values and specific gender roles in families.’
The AfD also opposes same sex adoptions.
Weidel is a member of the party’s federal executive board. She will have been involved with the program draft and fully supports it.

Yes, you read correctly, Weidel stands opposed to most gay rights, stating they are a waste of time.
Yet Ms Weidel wasn't opposed to using her "out" lesbianism as "proof" of her parties inclusiveness, despite the parties virulently anti-gay stances (which she helped draft and fully supports)
and yes, it worked, lots of stupid xenophobic faggots threw their support and votes to this party because of her.
Say hello to the beginnings of the new 4th Reich.
Proving gay Germans are every bit as stupid and self destructive (except in greater numbers) than gay Americans who voted for Trump.


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