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Self Loathing Anti-Gay Log Cabin Republicans Go After Clinton

As presidential Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton makes a final push before the Iowa caucus, she faces fire from the Log Cabin Republicans.
The LGBT GOP organization’s web ad takes the candidate to task for her stance against marriage equality. In various clips, from 2002 to 2004, Clinton expresses disapproval of same-sex marriage.
The ad ends with a clip of Senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s opponent in this year’s primary, noting in a 2015 interview that ‘it’s important to stand up when the going gets tough.’
‘Democrats and members of the LGBT community have given Hillary Clinton a pass on past transgressions and even allowed her to rewrite the history of the gay rights movement; Log Cabin Republicans will not,’ Gregory T. Angelo, LCR president said in a statement.
Candidate Clinton’s stance on LGBT rights has been a much discussed topic this bruising primary season. This past November, in a Democratic Party debate, the candidate acknowledged her past, specifically in the 1990s during the conversation of the Defense of Marriage Act (signed into law by then President Bill Clinton).
She has maintained the past is the past, and that now she fully supports marriage equality and LGBT rights.
In 1996 when DOMA was being considered, Sanders, who was in the House of Representatives, voted against the legislation; it passed the lower chamber rather easily, 342-67.
Despite her history, Clinton recently received the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT civil rights group in the US.
‘All the progress we have made as a nation on LGBT equality — and all the progress we have yet to make — is at stake in November,’  HRC President Chad Griffin said in a 19 January statement.
As for the Republican presidential candidates some pine for the days of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the military policy that blocked gay, lesbian, and bisexual troops from openly serving. Others have stood up for Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issues marriage certificates to LGBT couples.
All are against marriage equality.

The Iowa caucus is this Monday, 1 February.

As disappointing as the Clinton's have been to the LGBT community in the past, at least they aren't homosexuals who support, fund and promote a political party who collectively would legislate a form of Christian Sharia law that would make Ugandan laws seem like a walk in the park.
I have absolutely no respect for LGBT people who vote against their own kind just so they can protect their own bank accounts and appease the haters in their families.
I sincerely hope your the first ones they march into the gas chambers.  

Catholic Church Sponsors Anti-Gay Rally In Rome

A demonstration Saturday in Rome to protest a proposed bill that would recognize gay and lesbian couples with civil unions in Italy attracted tens of thousands of people.
According to The Guarding, the rally, dubbed “family day,” was backed by the Roman Catholic Church.

Italy is the only major Western country that offers gay couples no recognition.
The Senate began debating the gay-inclusive civil unions bill on Thursday.
The following day, the Italian Bishops Conference said that it was concerned about the “process under way of putting marriage and civil unions on the same level – with the introduction of an alternative to the family.”
The Senate is expected to vote on the legislation in February.

But I thought the church only had a problem with the gays using the word marriage, that they aren't against same sex relationships and  have even asked why we can't just accept civil unions (as in this case) and that the church really is inclusive and loves all gay people?
Guess they were lying huh?

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Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – Lies Are the New Truth

Straight Parents Answer Questions That Gay Parents Get Asked

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New Poll Suggest 68% Of Germans Support Gay Marriage

A survey released Thursday found that a large majority of Germans support broadening the nation's marriage laws to include gay and lesbian couples.
The YouGov poll found that 68 percent of German voters support marriage equality, a 3 percentage point increase from last year's poll.

Germany has since 2001 recognized the unions of gay couples with civil partnerships.
Chancellor Angela Merkel last year reiterated her opposition to allowing gay couples to marry, saying in an interview that while she supports civil partnerships, marriage “is the coexistence between a man and a woman”
Thursday's survey found Merkel, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), to be out of step with her voter base. Sixty-one percent of Christian Democrats told pollsters they support marriage equality.

Here's my issue with the poll, it's absolute rubbish.
Saying you are for something and voting for it are two separate things.
Germans, despite what they publicly state, overwhelmingly vote hyper religious conservative, it's exactly why Merkel is still in office and it's why she and her party feel shamelessly opposed to marriage equality and adoption rights.
Germans can say anything they want, but it's all superficial *politeness* if they don't back it up with true equality, not just in marriage but adoption as well.
In this, they are trailing way behind the rest of the civilized world and seeming less a leader in the free world, and more like an oppressor of it's own LGBT citizens.

Editor writes open letter to anti-gay lawmaker who was on Grindr

A Republican member of the Virginia House of Representatives with a record of anti-gay votes was caught using the gay hook-up app Grindr over the weekend.
The unnamed lawmaker was not publicly outed by the editor of a local gay news site who instead decided to write an open letter to the man in the hopes that it would be a teachable moment.
Brad Kutner, editor of wrote in part:

I’ve looked up your voting record and there’s a number of things you voted against which makes me wonder;Do you ever want to have kids? You voted to make it harder for same-sex couples to adopt by allowing state funded adoption agencies to deny adoptions to people that violate their moral “conscience.”
Even if you don’t want children some day, you have made it damn near impossible for the people you’re trying to sleep with to do the same here in Virginia.
I know you’re obviously not out at work here at the General Assembly, but I have to ask why you would vote against a law which would have protected LGBTQ Virginian’s for being fired for who they love.
It’s not often that these bills offering these kinds of protections make it to a full house vote, but you managed to take the opportunity to put your own people down.
Self-hatred is not cute, by the way and is thoroughly an unattractive character or personality trait.
Speaking of self loathing behaviors, why did you vote against the appointment of an openly gay Judge? That vote was less-than-subtle on why and how it was targeted – with several conservative Senate members walking out rather than voting him in – but again, you sat there quietly and let the broader anti-gay sentiment at the GA take the driver’s seat.
Now I really wasn’t aiming to embarrass you with this letter, but I just want you to know we’re out there and we aren’t gonna blow you when you blow your chance to do some good for the community.
Coming out is a personal choice, but when you’ve been given the kind of power you now have, it’s pretty disappointing.
So why not publicly out the closeted case?

Kutner writes in an editor’s note: “Outing” someone is not something to be taken lightly and often comes off as tacky or vengeful. The legislator we’re addressing with this letter has a voting record which would make an openly gay man shake their head in disgust, but he hasn’t been specifically vocal on LGBTQ issues. This is one of the reasons we’re choosing to leave them anonymous, however we hope this message reaches their desk and they’ll consider the words below if and when they have a chance to vote on LGBTQ related bills in the future.

If you live in Virginia and you find this as reprehensible as I do, maybe you should email Delegate Will Morefield (R. Virginia) and ask him if he can get to the bottom of this!

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