Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whose thirsty?

Anyone who knows me, also knows I have a weakness for Marines.
It dates back to my childhood, my Dad was stationed in Norfolk and we lived across the street from a Marine base.
During the Cuban missle crisis, the base went on high alert and they stationed armed Marines up and down the streets of the military housing project we lived in (I was just a little Ulf then)
but I remember vividly my brother and I looking out our bedroom window late one night and there was the most perfect specimen of manliness just a few feet away, his back too us.
We must have been loud enough for him to hear, because he turned, winked at us and mouthed the words: "Everythings okay, go back to sleep."
I have never in my life felt safer than I was that night, but it burned an indelible memory into my young psyche and for this fag, there ain't nuthin' in this world hotter than a Marine in (or out) of his dress blues.

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