Thursday, May 29, 2014

Strap'n Bois

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Anonymous said...

The hot couple (3rd pic), doing it (or miming it) on that oversized chair - who knows their names? That pic has been around at least 5? years...
IMO they're the class of this assorted ass buffet.
And altho they'd not be my first choice in the backside-battering-battle of the sexily built butt beauties...STILL, if either or both were still as hot - or improved, which = more muscular! (ϾϿ) - if nothing better was underfoot, I'll have a go at 'em - get past their gluttonous glutes & into their shitty shooty-chutes, ram them, rut them, screw them, slut them - happily unload my fuck liquid into the depths of ‘em!
Then, polite fucker that I am, I'd thank them - something like, "It's been a pleasure to get into you, get to know you was great for me! How was it for you? Wait! don't get any ideas! I don't take it up the tush. But, if either of you need a blow job...? I give great head! - so they all say! Just $250/per. That’d make your final bill a mere $1500 total – a bargain at today’s prices, you’d hafta agree…and that special price is just a courtesy because we’re in the same business...more or less."