Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Go Mountaineers! West Virginia Kills Religious Exemption Bill

Fairness West Virginia Executive Director Andrew Schneider released this statement:
“With the help of fair-minded legislators in both chambers and both parties, along with thousands of LGBT advocates and allies, we successfully fought off attempts to dismantle equality in the Mountain State.
As evidenced by the overwhelming public opposition to discriminatory legislation, it’s clear that West Virginia is no place for intolerance and hate. We look forward to continue working with our allies in the WV Legislature to ensure that West Virginia is a more inclusive and attractive place to call home.”

I've made West Virginia my home for many years, mostly because of how beautiful the state is.
Living close to West Virginia University, I can personally attest to this area being very progressive.
Three anti-gay bills were introduced to the states legislature and they just simply ignored them and allowed them to die, a fitting fate for these attempts to legalize hate!

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