Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Double Proposal By Same Sex Couple On Emmerdale

Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden – known to fans as Robron – have become engaged after surviving a scary car crash on Emmerdale.
It turns out Robert (Ryan Hawley) was uninjured in the crash but Aaron (Danny Miller) landed in the hospital with his injuries and nearly dies.
It was last week that Robert told Aaron that he is not gay but bisexual and assured his love that that did not mean he was going to cheat on him.

When Aaron wakes up in the hospital, Robert is right there and again seeks to reassure a skeptical Aaron that after all their break-ups and the twists and turns, he knows who he wants.
‘You think I’ll want other people? I promise you I won’t,’ he tells Aaron. ‘You’re enough. I’m sure. And I love you. So what are we waiting for?’
Aaron, still not convinced, says: ‘I’m not exactly easy to love. How do we not mess this up?’
But he takes a leap of faith and proposes to Robert who jokes that he needs time to think about it before saying ‘Of course I will’ and sealing it with a kiss.

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