Sunday, October 27, 2013

Asshat Of The Week: Star Parker

Christian conservative Star Parker has suggested that President Barack Obama's support for gay rights is turning Americans into “a bunch of zombies.”
Parker, the founder of the Washington, D.C.-based Christian ministry Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), made her remarks in an interview with Joseph Farah, the editor and founder of WND.
“[W]hat this president has done to damage the Christian community to where – and the laws that are coming out of places like the state of California and others. You know, in California where you've got the boy going into the girls' bathroom,” Parker said, a reference to a recent law that allows transgender students access to the bathroom and locker room of their choice.
“But the laws, um, the laws that are pushing homosexuality out into society. When, when, when you have this type of vileness exalted, the wicked go on the prowl. That's what the Proverbs says, so in that the wicked can now go on prowl, people with the resources will now pull away, and so they become much more private.”
“So while you have ill activity now in the public square, you have those decent people in quiet communities becoming much more, you know, refined, and more closed. And that's not healthy for us as a society because when you go start walking out in the public square and nobody talks to each other, that's what they do in Europe. They're just a bunch of zombies and we don't want that as Americans,” she added.
So what is your agenda Ms Star...march us all into ovens or throw rocks at us until we are dead or just have us chemically euthanized to protect your delicate sensibilities?
So called Christians like you sound like petulant little children, holding your breath and kicking your feet on the floor in a temper tantrum because your not getting your way.
We've put up with your self induced stupidity for thousands of years and the world is no better for it.
The fruits of your religious practices have garnered only death and destruction, violence, intimidation and war.
What you whiny little bitches need, is a time out until you learn how to get along with others.

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