Friday, May 22, 2015



centurionF said...

pic 1: the boss of the Silver D ranch liked his men to watch when a cowhand took the whip

most stripped off their shirt and relaxed. Jeans came next. Jacking off was crossing the line though, and risked punishment. There were plenty of hard-ons though, and sticky knobheads started dripping cum as the whipping proceeded. A severe punishment would bring off most of the guys. They might normally not have been with a woman for some weeks. So the sight of a cocky, muscular young cowboy like Randy, stretched out between the posts, stripped and whipped, would empty any healthy guy's balls. And if that didn't then the boss walking up behind Randy and jacking him off from behind certainly would. He'd jack him tunnel fashion to catch most of his muck, then walk up to one of the guys, usually the favourite of the day, and offer his palmload of Randy's milk to his mouth. To lick off. A male sacrament out on the prairie

bdsmjack said...

Great pics and LOVE CenturionF's stories!