Monday, May 18, 2015


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centurionF said...

pic 7: I hear my boy getting in at 2pm on Sunday afternoon

I walk into the lounge and he’s taken up the position

`who was it?`

`Tom Falconer boss`

a flush of rage welled from the pit of my stomach up to my face. Of all the guys in this city, he had to go with him

`what did he do to you?`

`fuck me boss`

`how many times?`

`not sure boss .. he was up there all night. He came at least twice`

`did you suck him?`

`no, but I sucked Grove Govan`

`what! was he there too?`

`he came in before I left. He forced me down on him when Tom was still up there. Then he gave me one too when Tom was in the shower`

`you’re gonna get it for this, you fuckin` slut`

`I know boss. I’m ready for that Canadian prison belt now. Gimme it hard and long boss. I wanna get this out of me`

he heard me take the handcuffs out of the drawer, and I caught his look of dismay. I took out the roll of duct-tape as well. He kept the position as I cuffed him and stuck a stretch of tape over his mouth. He had spunk in his hair and I smelt a strange cologne when I ran my hand over his muscular back. His beautiful arse had been towelled dry, but my belt would beat Falconer and Govan’s muck out of him. No doubt about that. I went over to the locked cabinet and heard him quietly whimpering into his gag