Monday, May 18, 2015

Watch As 2 Old Gay Men Sell Out Their Own Kind Just To Please Their Catholic Masters

It never ceases to amaze me how those who have been oppressed can then turn around and embrace those who oppress them and even take as their own, those very ideals that would limit both their own rights and those like them.
Sadly, I feel we are forced to purge this form of self loathing evil and call it out, even when it's one of our own. (especially so)
Both of these men were just sad to watch, but we can't allow their weakness to deter us from achieving equality.


centurionF said...

I'm sorry Ulf, but I don't agree

I'm old, and I don't buy into the idea of gay marriage either

what gays never seem to realise is that straights are cursed with certain disabilities at birth. Disabilities which gays don't have. One of these is marriage

we are different. This sad way 21st century gays hurl themselves into a desperate mission to be just like your mum and dad is selling out our soul, our birthright, our specialness

be free! you've got nothing to lose but your 12-inch dance records!

Ulf Raynor said...

I'm gettin' up there myself and I got news for ya, we ain't special, oppressed yes and that has given us a unique perspective maybe, but kowtowing
to heterosexual exceptionalism isn't on my to do list.
I've been with my boi for many years and I insist on the same rights as those afforded to str8's...ya know why?
Because they ain't special either.
We're all just human beings
and just because they can fuck and spew out a kid every 9 months, doesn't warrant special treatment.
If you find it so, that's you, not the rest of us, your viewpoint doesn't make you special or more enlightened.
In the end, believe what you will, but if you stand against against us, expect some boot prints on your backside as we shove your ass out of the way.

Ingeloak said...

honestly, im getting tired of hearing that gay marriage is going to hurt the population by denying children a mom and dad. marriage has nothing to do with procreation. marriage is a ceremonial joining of 2 people who are in love and want to be together. it has certain privileges in today's society that have been denied to LGBT. we want the same rights that straight people take for granted. nothing more, nothing less.