Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Anonymous said...

Which do you find most 'stimulating'?
For me it's definitely #3! God* - I can just see my dick doing that! What a turn-on! Holding that uber-masculine head! Fucking away in that fine face! feeling those lips driving me daffy! Getting my nuts NUTS!

*I DON'T use so-called 'God's 'name' in vain. God for me is a much easier to use one-syllable, 3-letter word (as opposed to ALL the complicated concepts we have about the entirety of the Universe that would take paragraphs to cover!) Instead of trying to list all those ideas re Life & reality, crying out "God!" comes readily to my vocal chords - as I CUM! Bcs a rocking, rocketing orgasm represents one of the greatest pleasures a human can experience! And as Jesus said, God IS Love (UNconditional Love!) & since those who believe God created the world - & that certainly includes SEX! - what better word to yell in appreciation for such a gift. Of God...or Nature.