Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pope Francis Backs Church Hatred And Intolerance Towards Gays

Pope Francis on Saturday appeared to call on French lawmakers to repeal the country's nascent gay marriage law.
After a raucous debate which included massive demonstrations and an increase in homophobic attacks, France last month became the 14th nation to legalize marriage for gay and lesbian couples. The Roman Catholic Church in France strongly opposed passage of the law.
Speaking to members of the French Senate and Assembly at the Vatican, Francis told lawmakers that their “duty … involves proposing, amending and abolishing legislation.”
“However, it is also necessary to instil something extra in them, I would say a spirit, a soul, that does not limit itself to reflecting the modalities and ideas of the moment, but which also confers upon them the indispensable quality that elevates and dignifies the human person,” Francis said, according to a transcript provided by Vatican Radio.
Francis defended the church's role in influencing public policy.
“The principles of secularism which governs the relations between the French state and the various religious denominations should not imply that there is a hostility towards the religious reality, or an exclusion of religions from the social sphere and the debates which enliven them. One can rejoice in the fact that French society is rediscovering proposals made by the Church, which, among other things, offer a certain vision of the person and his or her dignity in light of the common good.”
The pope also danced around the issue of marriage equality on Friday, when he received Archbishop Justin Welby, the head of the Church of England.
Francis urged Welby to continue affirming “the importance of the institution of the family built on marriage, a value that you yourself have had occasion to recall recently.”
Welby had in fact condemned a proposed marriage bill being debated in England.
“The concept of marriage as a normative place for procreation is lost. The idea [of] marriage as covenant is diminished. The family in its normal sense, predating the state, and as our base community of society, as we have already heard, is weakened,” Welby told colleagues on the floor of the House of Lords.
The new Pope believes religion *should* make laws oppressing minorities and that they have an inherent right too do so through the use of their pulpits.
Saying: "One can rejoice in the fact that French society is rediscovering proposals made by the Church, which, among other things, offer a certain vision of the person and his or her dignity in light of the common good.” is him convolutedly stating he believes the church has a moral right to oppress minorities.
"One can rejoice" he states? You call the often violent oppression of homosexuals through religious dogma a reason to rejoice?
Your vision is nothing more than the continuation of a nightmare of hate that the church has sponsored/promoted for over a millennium. 
Where is our "dignity" Pope?  Oh, that's right, we shouldn't even be allowed to exist in your new world order.
Your words, in my book, now make you personally accountable for ever violent act committed against any and all minorities done in the name of your "moral right." 
Every man, woman or child battered, beaten and/or murdered for being gay rest upon your shoulders.
Each and every act, blood on your hands, in the name of your religion.
Yup, Pope Francis has drawn first blood...wonder where his reign of terror will lead?


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Just found out today how evangelical my step-sister has become. She literally stated that she and her husband are teaching their son that the ONLY thing you can trust in this world is the Bible and that it is infallible. #batshitcrazy!


Ulf Raynor said...

Then there's hope Dad forced me to attend Bible school all summer long as a kid.
I was also made to attend weekend morning study classes sponsored by the church on various religious topics.
When I reached adolescence, he came to regret this religious education as one by one I would sweep away his arguments using what I was taught.
Catholics and fundamentalist are just easy targets, most don't have a clue what the scriptures say, they can only repeat what some addled brain simpleton spouts as part of some preplanned litany and almost all of it geared at getting people to drop coin in the collection plates and has little to do with the teachings of Christ at all.