Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dipshit At Newspaper Pranks Reporter With Offensive Name Change But Doesn't Get Fired

An employee at the Santa Barbara News-Press deliberately changed a writer’s byline to ‘Paul Gayzalez’ instead of Paul Gonzalez.
The employee also changed his title to ‘News-Press Faggoat’.
Gonzalez wrote a story on Monday (25 December) about last-minute Christmas shopping. But little did he know a colleague changed his byline and title to the homophobic slurs before it went to print.

As a result, readers opened their papers on Christmas morning to see the bizarre byline and title.
The Santa Barbara News-Press issued an apology on Wednesday (27 December) and explained the situation.
Director of News Operations Donald Katich said in a statement: ‘In Monday’s News-Press, one of our employees changed another employee’s byline to reflect an offensive slur.
‘The News-Press has taken immediate and swift action with this employee; we do not tolerate any form of harassment in the workplace.
‘We apologize to our readers,’ he said.
He also told the SF Gate: ‘It was a very poor decision made by an employee who is no longer in a position to make that same mistake. The employee is no longer in the building.

‘There is a process we are obligated to follow when it comes to discipline or termination,’ he said.

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