Sunday, April 27, 2014

Truckstop Tramps 2 Pt 11


Daddy said...

That is amazing what you've done to make that cum so realistic!

centurionF said...

milk that ballsac son, milk it. He knows he got a premature ejaculation out of this 40-ish trucker, and his bollocks are churning with more good stuff. So he'll just put his mouth round the guy's knob, let him strengthen up again, and start some soft featherwork with his tongue round the glans. In a short while there'll be a grunt of dismay from the other side and his boy will be rewarded with a blast of ballmuck from hell. Shuddering and grunting, his man will unload everything he's got for this talented little fucker. He'll withdraw, zip up and go home to his unfaithful wife a happier man