Saturday, October 18, 2014

Catholic Church scraps plans to ‘welcome homosexuals’ (Like We Didn't See That Coming)

From Pink News:
Bishops are currently holding an ‘extraordinary synod’ to consider the church’s future approach to families values, amid fears that it has become out of touch with modern Catholics.
In a second draft, watered down to appease more conservative bishops, the section originally titled “welcoming homosexuals was re-titled “providing for homosexual persons”, and the overall tone of the document became less accepting.
However, even with the changes, the proposal today failed to pass through the synod with a two-thirds majority, and were stripped from the final report – meaning that the Church will maintain its current policy.
According to AP, the measure was overwhelmingly rejected, by a vote of 118-62.
Current Catholic doctrine teaches that homosexuality is ‘intrinsically disordered’.

Another landmark reform – allowing divorced and remarried Catholics to receive communion – was also rejected, while there will be no changes to most substantial policy matters.

So basically, they accomplished absolutely nothing and just reaffirmed they are and will continue to be a hate group.

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