Monday, October 20, 2014

Teacher in Sweden fired immediately after calling a student ‘fag’

The unnamed Helsingborg schoolteacher was asked to take pictures of the new classes earlier this month.
According to Dagbladet, he allegedly shouted at one of the students: “Fag number one, you can stand over here.”
The principal told the paper: “When I found out what the photographer said, I felt that this required immediate action.
“He did not respect our values ​​and offended a student. As an adult, you must think about what you say to students.”
The man, who taught photography at the school, was summoned to the principal as the boy phoned his parents.
On a later meeting on the same day alongside the photography company’s CEO, the principal fired the teacher on the spot.
The CEO said: “He apologized to me but it did not help. I decided he must be let go immediately, which he understood.

“He broke the company’s rules ​​by speaking inappropriately. We can only apologize to the student involved. The matter is now settled.”

And that is how it's done.  Kudos to this Swedish school!

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