Sunday, January 11, 2015

Irish Catholic Priest Comes Out Gay; Receives Standing Ovation

A Catholic priest received a standing ovation when he came out gay to his Dublin congregation.
According to The Belfast Telegraph, Father Martin Dolan of the Church of St. Nicholas of Myra told his congregation about his sexuality during a speech in which he called for passage of an upcoming referendum which seeks to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in Ireland.

“I'm gay myself,” Martin told his congregation on Saturday.
The Roman Catholic Church opposes the referendum. Bishop Liam MacDaid recently described it as “a grave injustice” and a threat to children.
“In a same sex union, children would be deprived of what a man and woman can give to children in a stable marriage,” he said.
“We are all very proud of Martin,” Liz O'Connor, a church community worker told The Irish Sun. “I wouldn't like to see him being moved for the statement he made. That would be horrendous.”
“Martin has always been an advocate of people's rights, and even spoke about the child abuse in the Church.”
“There's not many [clergy members] that would come out because they're afraid of the bishops and that, but Martin is his own man. That's what he believes in,” she added.
According to a recent Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll, 71 percent of respondents support marriage equality.
However, some worry complacency and low voter turnout could work against passage.

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