Monday, January 26, 2015

Yet More Facebook Homophobia

The above pic, of two policemen about to kiss, has gotten one of my favorite gay photographers a 30 day ban from Facebook for it's content.
Now, I know Facebook is a public forum, but I have seen literally hundreds of pics of str8 couples being far more intimate than this pic is and they weren't even cautioned, let alone banned for 30 days.
It's this all pervasive homophobia, that just oozes from Facebook, that has stopped me from using the forum and with incidents like this continually happening, I doubt my stance will change anytime soon.
A petition has also been started at, which calls on Facebook to change the policy for reporting pages and people’s profiles, in order to prevent harassment and bullying.

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Unknown said...

I deleted my FB account over two years ago and don't miss it at all and spend way less time on-line.