Saturday, January 31, 2015

More Fake Christian Empathy

Idaho State Rep. Linden Bateman voted against passage of an LGBT protections bill after giving an emotional speech in which he vowed to be kinder and more compassionate.
After hearing more than 20 hours of public testimony over three days, the Idaho House State Affairs Committee on Thursday voted 13-4 along party lines, with Democrats voting in the minority, to kill the so-called “Add the Words” bill, which sought to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, education and public accommodations.

The hearing took place after 9 years of intense lobbying by supporters, who far outnumbered opponents at the hearing. Many supporters openly wept during a silent protest that took place after the vote.
“My heart has been touched by this hearing,” Bateman said, holding back tears. “I've gotten to know you, and I know from this point on – forever – I will be kinder and I will be more compassionate to those who bear a heavy burden.”
“Somewhere in Scripture it says that if we are not kind to the needy, and to the lonely, and to the afflicted, and to those who bear a heavy burden, our prayers will not be answered.”
“I will be kinder, and I will be more compassionate. While I will support the original motion [to block the bill], I'd like to go on record that I will support a compromise,” he added without elaboration.

Compromise?  Exactly how does one compromise on equality?
Your words and crocodile tears are as empty as your soul.
I've had Christians curse and swear at me for pointing out the falseness of their behavior and say I don't need special protections because we are all governed by the same laws...yet they insist on special laws and legislation protecting their religious beliefs on both the national and state level.
Not to mention, they already are guaranteed religious freedom under constitutional law. 

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Unknown said...

This is what my Nana used to call "talking out of ones ass."