Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Protesters Arrested Over Anti-Gay Law In North Carolina

Fifty-four demonstrators were arrested Monday in Raleigh, North Carolina protesting a state law that targets the LGBT community.
The protesters interrupted House lawmakers as they returned to work.

“No business but the people's business in our house! Repeal House Bill 2!” they demanded.
Earlier in the day, the coalition group TurnOUT! NC delivered nearly 190,000 signatures calling for repeal of House Bill 2, which prohibits cities and towns from enacting measures that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and bars students attending public institutions and state workers from using the bathroom that does not conform to their gender at birth.
Republican leaders, including Governor Pat McCrory, have defended the law.
House Speaker Tim Moore told ABC affiliate WTVD that he's prepared to stand firm.
“We're not going to do a repeal of House Bill 2. It makes common sense. There may be some minor tweaks,” he said.
On Monday, Moore joined a rally outside the legislative building in support of House Bill 2. ABC 11 estimated the crowd at more than a thousand supporters.

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