Sunday, June 12, 2016

Anthony Jeselnik–Tragedies (Thoughts and Prayers)


Cy said...

This guy is a little sick. And so is his laughing audience. I don't say everyone should break down and cry, but compassion for those involved in mass murder seems to be called for. Everyone likes a good laugh, but laughing at someone else's misfortune seems a little cold hearted.

Ulf Raynor said...

Come on Ciro, your missing the whole point, like many of us, he's sick of conservative assholes offering fake prayers and giving lip service to the real suffering that they could prevent but won't because they would lose the big money they make off NRA lobbyist.
You should be more offended by all the deaths that could have been prevented, not that he's rubbing it in conservatives noses.

Cy said...

I am upset by all the death that could have been prevented. However, I don't think making fun is either funny or helpful. We always have a lot of hand wringing and tears when something like this happens. Unfortunately, no one sits down and writes their congressmen to get off their asses and do something about it. American citizens are very complacent about voting and keeping their elected officials in check. Once they vote (if they do) they just forget about it. Maybe a recall petition will get them to take notice of these politicians inaction on important issues. However, the NRA supports a lot of gun crazy politicos who will never vote against the NRA. As C3PO said, "We are doomed."